Friday’s WOD

15 min to test

RKBS – 70#x10/45#x15
HPC – 135/90#x3
P.Clean – 200/140#x1
Clean & Jerk

If done early,
EMOM for the remaining time

10 min EMOM

RKBS – 45/25# x 24/22
Single Arm RKBS – 50/35# x 24/22
KB Snatch

*If time, Rings test

13 thoughts on “Friday’s WOD”

  1. Warmup & Mobility

    55(3), 65(3), 75(3), 2 attempts at 85, but no go.
    Level remains the same.

    EMOM 10 Min.
    One arm RKBS @ 35 and 22/Min.
    Level achieved!

    Sore from this week. Levelled up 4 things, so a good week for sure.

    A nice surprise this morning to have Coach Shane with us at 6 AM.

  2. Warmup & Mobility

    65(3), 95(3), 115(5), 125(3), 135(2) – failed on the last rep of 135, but happy with my progress.
    Leveled up!

    EMOM 10 Min.
    One arm RKBS @ 45 and 24/Min.
    Leveled up!

    Sore from this week. Super happy to increase my overall level.

    Agree with Jackie that it was a nice nice surprise have Coach Shane with us at 6 AM.

  3. Catherine Wilson

    Warmup & Mobility

    45 x5 x 55 x 5, 60 x 5
    Tried 65 managed to get 2, but couldn’t get any more than that.
    Have to work on getting the landing.

    EMOM 10 Min.
    RKBS @ 25 and 14/Min.


    Glad I had a massage yesterday as the testing has made me push harder than I would during a regular WOD.

    I was confused when I saw Coach Shane, i was like.. its Friday right?

    Thanks to Coach Amanda for the pointers to get the RKBS done..
    I didn’t think I could do the 25 @14/min, but both Shane and Amanda were sure I could.

    And yes, they were right lol, so trust the coaches when they say you can do it.


    QOD: Android

  4. Warmup & Mobility

    Weightlifting Test


    55# x 3, 65# x 5, 75# x 5, 80# x 5.

    Wasn’t trying to test today as I was nervous from my recent injury during HPC, but in the end achieved a higher weight than expected!! Felt great to get back into doing these lifts again.

    Thanks for all the guidance Shane and Jackie!!

    Kettlebell Test

    EMOM 10 Min.
    RKBS @ 20# and 20/Min.
    Achieved! Levelled up to Orange 3!!

    It’s been a challenging week!! Definitely feeling it!!

    Thanks Shane!

  5. Christie Neate

    15 min to test

    Did an EMOM of 125# PC after two failed attempts at 140#

    10 min EMOM

    20 RKBS / Minute w 35# – Levelled up to Brown

    Thanks Kevin!

  6. Weightlifting: HPC 75# x5 stayed same level (barely)

    Kettlebell, 10min EMOM @ 35#, 18/min
    Leveled up from Purple 1 to 3, yay!

    TGIF! Thanks Kevin.

  7. Weighlifting
    Knowing I’m kinda stuck at my level (125×1), so I practiced Squat Cleans (catching the bar lower).
    65(5), 75(4), 90(3), 105(3), 115(2), 115(2)
    No level up but good practice

    EMOM 10 Min.
    KB 35# Snatch
    Decided to practice the movement with lighter weights.
    minutes 1-4: 25# 14 times
    minutes 5-8: 30# 14 times
    minutes 9-10: 35# 14 times
    Definitely better with my right arm.

    My body is feeling the testing week, but it was great to see everyone level up!

  8. Weightlifting:
    Got up to 85. Failed 90 a few times. Need to a) out of my head and b) under the bar faster & squat lower.

    12 KB snatches/min for 10 mins at 30#

    30# felt great, so after 2 rounds I tried 35#, but couldn’t even do one, so back to the 30# I went!

  9. Weightlifting
    95×3 135×3 155×1 175×1 (190×1 Failed)
    Stayed at Purple III

    Single arm RKS with 53# 24/min
    Purple II to Brown I

    Thanks Kevin!

  10. Weightlifting – 15 min to test
    Worked on C&J: 95-135-160-185-195-205-215 (failed)

    I was all messed up… started building up cleans, then realized that I had to do C&J… dialed back the weight rushed through shitty lifts to get back up… just a hot mess.

    Lesson: Come to testing days prepared with a plan

    10 min EMOM
    KB Snatch practice @ 40# – 14/minute… felt good all rounds below 30 secs

    Dialed back from last time when I tried 53# and quickly fell apart… today was much better and something to building on

  11. Weightlifting
    Next work on my Clean & Jerk

    10 Min KB Snatch 50 lb: 14 /minute
    6(L)-8(R) done in 36 seconds for 4 rounds then reality kicked in and struggled to the end.
    More practice on KB Snatch proper form and grip.
    Just learned most of it today thanks to coach Shane.

  12. Joe McSheffery

    Skipped the wod. Pulled something in my hand yesterday with front squats
    Home WOD
    2000m row rest 1 min
    8000m total. Leisure pace. 33 ish min rowing.

  13. Weightlifting
    HPC 95×3 125×3 135×3
    PC 145×1 160×1
    Blue III to Purple II, think I can do more.

    45# RKS 20/min
    Orange III to Blue II

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