Friday’s QODs

Today’s questions are for all the Paleo Challengers.
1) What was the hardest part of the challenge?
2) What was the best part of the challenge?
3) Will you be continuing this lifestyle after today and why?

AMRAP in 7 min
7 Pushups (HR)
7 Squats
7 Grasshoppers

Take THAT ball!

131 thoughts on “Friday’s QODs”

  1. 1. Hardest part was the first week when i didn’t have any sweets at all. Then i made some paleo sweets and that problem was gone.

    2. Best part was about halfway through seeing all the progress in only 3 weeks and how much energy i had.

    3. I’m going to continue this lifestyle because it is far to beneficial not too the progress in the gym and amount of energy i have is amazing.

    1. Congrats on all your hard work Lance. Your story echoes mine from last year.

      Being in my mid-30s and having twice the energy that I had at half that age is an amazing feeling.

      I still struggle with sweets and, though I’m an 80/20 kind of guy, it works for me in the sense that I never feel restricted.

      Cheers to your decision to keep on going!

  2. Hi everyone,

    This is off topic but I wanted to let you know that my work is having a draw for a FABULOUS GIFT BASKET valued at $670. All the proceeds are going to the participants of At Home | Chez soi, a project on mental heath and homelessness.

    Basket includes : 4 seats at the Capitol for a show of your choice, a night at a ChΓ’teau Moncton, Dinner for 2 at McSweeney’s, a pedicure at La Spa Salon and Spa and more! (See complete list on the board at CFM.)

    Tickets are $10 for one and $20 for three. Come see me for tickets, or if we don’t have a class together, let me know of your interest and I can arrange something else!

    To all the Challengers, CONGRATULATIONS, you are an inspiration! I am personally still struggling with my addiction to DQ Blizzards. :S

    Have a great week end everyone! πŸ™‚

  3. Mobility
    400m run

    Push Press x 3
    95-110-125-130 (Shoulders were too tired to continue, goal was 135)

    WOD: AMRAP 7mins
    – 7 Hand Release Pushups
    – 7 Squats
    – 7 Grasshoppers

    Score: 7 rounds + 5 Squats

    1. Vince, I was so impressed with your persistence to keep good form on your pushups through the entire wod, even when they got hard toward the end. Great job.

  4. Strength push jerk x 5

    WOD Rx
    9 rounds + 7 push-ups

    Nice work on the benchmarks this morning girls! You rocked those burpees!

  5. QOD:
    1.- Hardest part was my alcohol tooth but I was able to manage the craving lol!!
    2.- The results we get in our performance is unbeliavable.
    3.- I am glad to say I’ve been eating healthier for a year now, Eating paleo has been one of the greates changes on my life, if anyone out there is still hesitating just DO it!! the way you feel is just AMAZING πŸ˜‰


    5 min Burpees: 70 (9 PR) super pump!! πŸ™‚

    1 mile Run= 8:21 (29 sec PR)

    Max Pull ups: 30 (8 PR)

    So happy with my results this morning, I was really nervious on my way to the gym, Good luck to everyone doing the benchamrks today!! Enjoy the last day of the challenge!!

    1. Congrats Elba! Awesome results!! You should be very proud of you accomplishments.

      Now you can DROWN your alcohol tooth, if you want!!

  6. 1. Hardest part was fitting paleo into social settings when others are cooking/hosting. Example – bringing my cabbage rolls to my BF’s parents place when his mom was making lasagna and ceaser salad for his birthday….and cake. It made for great conversation at the dinner table though.

    2. Easiest part was the fact that I love the food choices/options I get to have.

    3. I will be continuing Paleo for most of my meals. I am planning on getting some kitchen gadgets to make meal prepping easier and a little less time consuming!

  7. QODs
    1) Just being prepared all the time. I feel like this time doing it with another person in the household adds an element of logistics to it.
    2) Just eating great tasting food that will help with Crossfit. Plus a lot of little things physically (i.e no PM crash, etc)
    3) Groceries and meals will be paleo with an occasional treat and/or alcool here and there, try to stay 80/20 at best, with perharps once in a while a week or two completely strict.

  8. Run 400m
    WU x 1

    WOD amrap 7 mins
    7 pushups HR
    7 squats
    7 grasshopper (scaled)

    6 rounds total.


    1- The hardest part for me was the day my boss brought in some Lindor chocolates (for Halloween). This was the second week of the challenge. One of the reasons I was unable to finish the challenge last year was because of those treats that was always around in the office. As soon as I saw the chocolates I had to send an IM to Amanda because I knew I didn’t have the mental toughness to resist. THANK YOU Amanda for helping me say no (and this is only one example that she helped me with:) ) So, I haven’t had a chocolate and they’re all gone, but I m must admit there is one hidden in my desk drawer for Halloween day πŸ™‚

    2 – The best part of the challenge is seeing the results, feeling better about myself, and receiving compliments from co-workers, family and friends. I hope I can inspire some people to make better choices. Another thing I am very proud of is that I’ve learned to say NO.

    3 – Yes I plan on continuing. I know this is another tough part for me since I’ve said this before and I’ve fallen off the paleo wagon before (2010 challenge), but I’ve seen some inspiring people at the gym getting great results. I have a goal in mind and I know the paleo lifestyle will help me achieve it. I even plan on keeping my food journal going for a while!

    See you all at the party tomorrow !

    1. I am SO PROUD of you, Chantal!! I knew you were going to be successful this time around because you went into it with a different attitude – you had decided you were going to be successful at it and you were. You look awesome and are kicking ass in the wods, all because of your hard work. I’m so excited to see where the next year takes you and what kinds of successes you’re going to see. Thank you for keeping me updated on your successes each week, I’ve really enjoyed watching you succeed through this challenge. πŸ™‚

    2. Very impressed with “no cheats” Chantal. You were very determined from the beginning. Congrats!

    3. You are definitely an inspiration, Chantal. Your positive attitude and determination are what really stand out for me. Congratulations on a very successful Paleo Challenge. Keep up the great work.

  9. Mobility
    Paleo Benchmarks:
    As many burpees in 5 minutes: 72 (PR of 10)
    Run 1 mile: 7:48 (PR 18 seconds)
    As many pull ups: 19 with blue band (PR of 5)
    1-for sure the no booze…I felt awkward the first weekend when I went to a party and I was the only one not drinking! However now, I don’t want to drink at all…I feel guilty..I’m sure it will pass. The no sweets were hard for me as well however I discovered the paleo cookies that Laura and Corinna made and I swear they are better than the “regular” cookies!!
    2-where do I begin!! I actually fit in my pre-kids jeans and they are even getting too big!!! I have more energy and I am making amazing gains at the gym..that translates into a happier me! And for that matter a happier husband and kids! At the beginning I was really cranky (no comments Terence) but after about a week, I started to calm down..lost 13 pounds and last week, I tried on my wedding dress and it fit!!! Yay!!! After having two kids, gained 80 pounds for each, and not being able to lose the last 20 pounds for the last 5 years, I can finally say that I am back to my old self again!!! πŸ™‚
    3-YES and why wouldn’t you?!?! LOL

    1. Congrats to all of you who participated in this challenge!! It challenges you to become a better you and all of you succeeded exponentially!!! πŸ™‚

    2. nice work on the paleo challenge Christine, you did awesome couldn’t imagine you going 6 weeks without a drink, especially when you were going to parties too!! jeezus i’m impressed. great job on the benchmarks too.. awesome

  10. Mobility
    400m unbroken run (small victory but I’ll take it)
    wu x 2
    foam roller and ball

    WOD Rx’d
    10 rounds + 1 grasshopper

    so inspiring to see the paleo challengers do their benchmarks and kick some rump…great spirit!!

    1. WOW Natacha! That is an incredible score!
      And congrats on your unbroken 400m. That is a HUGE victory in my books πŸ˜‰

  11. Benchmarks:

    Benchmark day… sooooooo nervous

    5 min Burpees: 62 (3 PR)
    1 mile Run= 7:03 (7 sec PR)

    Max Pull ups: 20 (4 PR)

    Progress is progress!

  12. ValΓ©rie Arseneau

    400m unbroken run
    wu x 1
    5 min row (physio’s orders)
    foam roller and ball

    WOD Rx’d
    7 rounds + 7 push ups

    The push ups were definately what was slowing me down. They still need work.

  13. QOD’s
    1 – Hardest part for me was DEFINITELY in social situations (parties, get togethers).
    2 – The best part for me is having looser clothes (vain, I know), and feeling I have control again, as opposed to often feeling guilty.
    3 – The fact that the challenge was 6 weeks makes me feel that it was long enough to be habit forming, at least that is my hope. I am conscious of the fact that the real challenge begins now. For me, I really want to continue eating LIMITED amounts of sugar, no snacking and grains once in a blue moon.
    I really enjoyed the challenge!

  14. QOD:
    1: the first and second week was hard. the first week I had issues with portion sizes , there was some days I just didn’t have enough food with me and was to hungry by the time I got home. The second week at the office there was food brought in every day all week for the staff none was Paleo friendly.
    2: Best Part for me is the energy Gain and the PR I seen on Wed when I re did the bench marks. I was able to cross something off of my personal cross fit bucket list. Only bad part about that is I now have a new item added to my list.
    3: I will be staying Paleo with the exception of the occasional beer and I am going to introduce some dairy back in mostly just cheese.

  15. QOD:
    1) Honestly the hardest part was staying true travelling to a conference in Nashville, and continuing the food log after I had established a solid “paleo routine”.

    2) Realising I can eat better, have MORE variety in my meals, lose some excess fat AND feel stronger. What an eye opener!

    3) I told my wife that it was the last day of our Paleo Challenge (she’s been paleo all the way with me) and she replied “No, it’s the first day of the NEXT challenge”. I plan to modify things a little, but overall we definitely plan to continue with our paleo success … this Saturday notwithstanding.

    1. At a conference right now and even the “easy” meal (breakfast) that usually is no problem to get eggs/bacon has been a bust – the conference bufftet has been fruit and pastries!! I even went to the restaurant yesterday on a break and ordered scrambled eggs!! So much harder than it needs to be πŸ™

  16. QOD,

    1. With out a doubt it was the purging after every cheat so I didn’t have to write it in the journal. Lol. I did not find it hard, just less convenient at times. Vacation last week completely derailed it for me, but, I am back on track now.

    2. Watching the weight come off while I was chewing on a piece of bacon. I did experience an increase in my fitness, however, I was also more committed during the challenge, either way, it’s a win-win.

    3. I will be continuing because for me the challenge doesn’t end until I reach my target body fat percentage. I will especially continue with the food journal as I think it helps to keep you honest.

  17. Very cool to see everyone’s responses today. Believe it or not, you ARE inspiring others. Many more people will start eating this way because of the steps you’ve taken. So thank you!

    1. Corinna and I have made some positive changes in our diet thanks to all the CFM Paleo people.
      We are feeling better because of it, and will continue to incorporate theses changes in our meal planning/snacks/sweets etc. Hats off to all the challengers. Your time and effort has paid off. You guys look and sound great.

  18. As some of you already mentioned, this is the beginning of a new challenge and in my opinion, probably the hardest part since we don’t have to be accountable to anyone but ourselves. During the challenge, I randomly found those two articles by Crossfit Lisbeth and thought they were pretty motivational. I actually printed them and taped them inside the cover of my journal and referred to them many times during the challenges. I hope they can help you as well:


  19. 400m Run
    WU x 1

    Shoulder Press x 5

    WOD as Rx’d
    9 rounds + 4 squats

    Nice work 4:15-ers!

  20. mobility
    400m run
    wu x 1
    strength – dead lifts x 5
    135, 225, 275, 295×4, 315×2, 325×1 (PR 5#)

    WOD ; AMRAP 7 min RX

    Total rounds = 8 rounds & 7 squats

  21. Shoulder press x 3
    95-115-125-130-135 pr of 5 for reps
    Wod Rx
    9 rds 10 grasshoppers
    Just getting over a cold so very happy with score.

  22. Mob

    WU x 2
    10 wall balls
    10 Good Mornings
    10 Pull ups
    10 HSPU’s
    10 T2B
    10 second Sampson Stretch

    OHS X 1

    WOD rx’d : 9 Rounds + 4 Grasshoppers

    Great job 5:30 – Have a great weekend

  23. congrats to all challengers!

    400m run t=1:23

    Push Press x 5
    110-125-145-160-180 (PR for reps)

    WOD: AMRAP 7mins
    – 7 Hand Release Pushups
    – 7 Squats
    – 7 Grasshoppers

    Score: 6 rounds

    1. Hey, you forgot to mention your first HSPU , strict I might add!!! Way to get out of you comfort zone man !

    2. I just realized your 5RM for push presses, is my 5RM for front squats. That sh*t ain’t right! LOL! You’re a beast!

  24. Mobility
    Wu x 2
    Strength (push press) first shoulder exercise in weeks!!
    45, 65, 95, 115, 115 felt really good and didn’t bother my shoulder (yay!)
    Wod rx’d – 10 rounds

  25. Chantal Guerette

    400m run
    WU x 1

    Strength – Deadlift 5 x 105-110-115-120 andddd I stopped there because I still have trouble with my technique….. πŸ™

    AMRAP in 7 minutes
    – 7 Pushups (HR)
    – 7 Squats
    – 7 Grasshoppers

    Score : 8 rounds plus 4 Pushups πŸ™‚

    OMG Thank you sooooo much Rob for the tips on pullups !!! I was able to do 6 unbroken WITHOUT ANY BAND !!!!!!!!!! Still can believe it !! Ive done one pullup once a couple of weeks ago and I looked like a frog doing it haha !! Today, they were actually looking good… I think πŸ˜› YAY !!!!!!!

    1. That was pretty cool…the excitement in your face was priceless πŸ™‚ Congrats!!!! Big day for you! πŸ™‚

  26. The hardest part of the challenge for me was the snacking as we have kids and everything in the cupboards are cereal bars and granola bars. I would just grab anything out of the cupboard when I was hungry.
    The best part is the way I feel, I can’t get over how good I feel and the energy I have gotten back! Also I am starting to feel really good about the way I look. I am still in denial on how much weight I lost in such a short time.
    I will definitely be continuing this for as long as I am capable! Why would I go back, as far as I see it everything was a gain with no losses.

  27. Paleo Benchmarks

    AMRAP Burpees 5 mins – 67 (PR of 11)

    Mile Run – 9:51 (PR of 1:24)

    Max rep pullups with black band – 7 (PR of 4)


    1. Giving up coffee and being in social situations with non-paleo people…lol

    2. Best part was seeing the crazy results and weight loss during the challenge.

    3. Mel and I are continuing with Paleo probably 90-10 after we get back from St. Lucia that is πŸ™‚

    1. I’m not sure who was more excited about these results…me or you? I am very proud of what you have accomplished in such a short time! Keep up the great work!

  28. mobility

    Paleo Challenge Benchmarks
    Pull ups: Before-10 After-20 (10 Rep PR)
    1 Mile Run: Before- 7:22 After- 6:50
    5 Mins Burpees: Before- 77 After- 81

    Pretty damn happy with my progress for the burpees last time i had a full days rest before doing them this time i only had about 15 mins and still beat it. Destroyed my previous pull ups super happy:D and felt like i was flying on the run. Thanks for all the cheers on the burpees everyone helps a lot. Great job Paleo challengers on your Benchmarks great job everyone:D

  29. Hats off to all the Paleo Challengers! Lots of great comments!
    2 years ago I took the challenge and will never go back to the bad eating habbits I had before that challenge. Hope you keep on doing it, beleive me it gets better and easier as times goes by.
    Again congratulations to you all!! πŸ™‚

  30. Mob
    Run 400m

    Strenght – Back Squat X5

    Daily planks to 5min

    WOD as Rx’d
    7 Rounds 6 Push Ups.

    Cashout: lacross ball under knee(2min/leg)

    Then did a 500m Row
    Time–> 1:35.5 (PR of 6.5 seconds) January 2012 did 142.

    Thanks for the push guys, it made a difference I know!

    Great job 5:30 crew!

    Have a great weekend fella CrossFitters!

    1. Awesome PR man! You pushed HARD on that row! Tried to record it, you were too fast for an IPhone πŸ™‚

  31. Congrat to all of you paleo people. Your comments are all really inspirational.

    I didn’t participate in the challenge, (I just don’t have that much will power), but took the opportunity over the past 6 weeks to be “paleo friendly” most of the time….er, except for the weekends πŸ™‚
    For the most part, being more aware has brought me back to better eating habits. Hopefully they will stick.

    WU x 1 + 400 m run

    Dead Lifts x 5: 135-155-175-195

    WOD: Rx’d – 7 Rounds + 1 grasshopper

  32. Paleo QOD

    1) What was the hardest part of the challenge? Writing in my journal. I hate paperwork. Another hard part was not having enough Paleo friendly food on hand. At first I was always hungry and then I made sure there were lots of nuts and sunflower seeds in the house. Paleo takes planning and preparation. Many of my meals lacked creativity because I was not organized.

    2) What was the best part of the challenge? Starting something and finishing it without cheating. I rarely made meals for the family but on the challenge I spent more time cooking than I ever have. As a family we spent more time talking about real food and my children ate better.
    3) Will you be continuing this lifestyle after today and why? Yes, I will but probably not be so strict.

    Downside: My strength went down on the shoulder presses Upside: my cardio has improved a lot.

    Paleo Challenge Benchmarks

    5 Mins Burpees: Before- 74 After- 81
    1 Mile Run: Before- 7:05 After- 6:45 (could have improved that if I ran with/against someone)
    Pull ups: Before-18 After-20

    The final test of whether Palio worked will be determined next week when I have my cholesterol checked.

  33. Mobility
    WU x 2

    Strength: Front squat (x3)

    7 min AMRAP
    7 hand release push ups
    7 squats
    7 grasshoppers (the devil’s spawn)

    Total = 7 rounds + 1 push up

    *I kept getting messed up on the grasshopper counting. I did 18 reps (or 9 complete grasshoppers) on the first round (duh) and there was another round in there I did 16 or 17. Oh well, I need the practice πŸ˜‰

    Cashout – lacrosse ball love on shoulders

    Great work 6:30 crew!

  34. Mobility
    WUx1 and 400m run

    Strength: Front squat (x5)-75

    WOD- AMRAP 7 min

    7 hand release push ups
    7 squats
    7 grasshoppers

    Total = 8 rounds + 3 push ups

    I loved this work-out! First time doing grasshoppers, they were fun!

      1. Hahah, I know…when I was shown what they were, I thought uh oh, this are going to be tough, but I think my shortness pays off for πŸ™‚

  35. QOD

    Hardest part of the challege is eating when I don’t have control of the menu (like I’m still doing at this conference πŸ™ )

    Best part of the challenge was the new cookbook and all the new recipes I tried.

    SInce I was Paleo before the challenge and was really looking for some accountability to get back in the groove, I’ll definately stay on the path. (Maye a weekly treat would be nice!)

    Hope everyone has fun at the Halloween party – see you next week.

  36. Mobility
    WU x 1 ( pull ups and ring dips with purple band)

    400 m jog

    Strength : OHS
    5 x 55 55 70 80 ran out of time for 85

    AMRAP 7 mins

    7 push ups (hr)
    7 squats
    7 grasshoppers

    Practiced kipping.
    Was able to get 6 broken kipping pull ups
    No band

  37. Love all the comments today! Congrats to all the paleo challengers, amazing how much you’ve all improved in a short time!

  38. Mobility
    WUx1 and 400m run

    Strength: Back squat (x5)

    WOD- AMRAP 7 min

    Total = 6 rounds + 4 squats

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