Friday’s QOD and Newsletter!

How many CrossFit shirts do you own?

Also, check out Angela Sturgeon on this month’s newsletter!

AND, it’s the beginning of Hero’s Month. There’s also an article outlining the meaning of Hero WODs.Β 

A fellow Canadian…

For time:
10 Handstand push-ups
15 Deadlift (250/175#)
25 Box jumps, 30 inch box
50 Pull-ups
100 Wallball shots (20/14#)
200 Double-unders
Run 400 meters with a 45/25# plate

*40 min cap

Compare to Aug.8/13

LieutenantΒ Andrew Richard Nuttall, 30, from the 1st Battalion Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry (1 PPCLI), based in Edmonton, Alberta, serving as a member of the 1 PPCLI Battle Group was killed by an improvised explosive device that detonated during a joint foot patrol near the village of Nakhonay in Panjwaii District, about 25 km southwest of Kandahar City on December 23, 2009.


134 thoughts on “Friday’s QOD and Newsletter!”

  1. Really enjoyed reading about you in the Newsletter Ange, always fun when your at the gym and I love your intensity during the WOD’s.

  2. Great newsletter! Loved the opening article and reading about Anger. It has been so awesome to watch you get so strong.

    Eek….I love to hate this WOD. Excited!

      1. it’s true – I do display lots of Anger…easy mistake. Also I’ve been called much worse. πŸ™‚

  3. Great newsletter! I’m always happy to see you come in on Sundays Angela:) The 90s jams are going and it’s always fun!

  4. Great Article Angela! It was fun working out with you over the past few months.

    QOD: 8 shirts and 2 hoodies.

    1. QOD update: forgot my Atlantic hopper volunteer shirts and Blizzard Beatdown shirt.

      New total 11 shirts-2 hoodies.

      1. Heather Colleen

        Wait! I didn’t include my Hopper shirts either! Cool! 3 shirts, 2 hoodies. πŸ™‚

  5. Love the Newsletter! So Happy you are part of CFM Ange, I always love WODing with you and hear your swearing and giraffe screams….. hehehe and I Love the picture of Amanda with the KB… cute πŸ™‚

    WOD: Nutts … first time doing this one, I actually ‘enjoyed’ it

    10 Handstand push-ups * 20 HR pushups
    15 Deadlift (175#)
    25 Box jumps, *20 inches
    50 Pull-ups
    100 Wallball shots (14# – 10′)
    200 Double-unders
    Run 400 meters with a 25# plate

    time: 35:02 … was glad to finish this one πŸ™‚ Have a great long weekend everyone!

    QOD: withouth going through my drawer….probably 7 or 8

  6. WOD as RX-S
    … the “S” is for “stupid” as when I read 250 / 70% I went and put 270# on the bar. Duh!

    — 10 HSPU
    — 15 Deadlifts @ 270#
    — 25 Box Jumps @ 30″
    — 50 Pull-ups
    — 100 Wall Balls @ 20″
    — 200 Double Unders
    — Run 400, w/ 45# plate

    TIME: 26:25 rx

    DL were 5/5/5, rebounded all my Box Jumps
    Pullups were 10/10/8/7/5/5/3/2
    Wall Balls were 10’s except for last set
    DU were anywhere between 20 and 2, but mostly 8-12
    Run was … awkward.

    I couldn’t find anywhere indicating I had done this before, I was just happy to finish!

    Nice job 7 AM-ers!

    1. Nice time Blake, especially for doing it Rx +. I hope to tackle this one Rx the next time around.

      1. Thanks, the DL weren’t the big challenge anyway. As Mario said “The Wall Balls are the ‘main course’ of this one.”

  7. M+WU @ 15 reps

    Nutts: 40 min cap
    20 HR pushups
    15 deadlifts (70%) @ 95lb
    25 box jumps @ 24″
    50 pullups w/ green band
    100 wall balls 6 lbs @ 9″
    600 single skips (tried to do sets of 100, but when I stumbled after 50 allowed short pause)
    400m run w/ 25lb plate

    Time: 33:38

  8. Heather Colleen

    β€œNUTTS” (scaled)
    β€” 20 HR push-ups
    β€” 15 Deadlifts @ 145#
    β€” 25 Box Jumps @ 24″
    β€” 50 Pull-ups (blue& purple)
    β€” 100 Wall Balls @ 14#
    β€” 200 Double Unders
    β€” Run 400, w/ 25# plate

    TIME: 27:51

    Pull-ups were sets of 10.
    Wallballs were sets of 10 until 50, then sets of 5.
    DUs did sets of 25 to keep from burning out – worked well start to finish.
    Run was a shuffle/waddle/switch position every 4 steps debacle.

    Last year was 26:19, but so scaled (100#DL/black band/20″BJ/6#WB/SUs) it was a completely different workout.

  9. Heather Colleen

    QOD: 1 shirt 2 hoodies…I feel like a CF fraud…

    And Ange, you’ve been my inspiration, my competitor, and when I needed it, my peer pressuring bully.
    Thanks for being you!

  10. WOD

    β€” 10 HSPU (Unbroken)
    β€” 15 Deadlifts @ 210# (10/5)
    β€” 25 Box Jumps @ 30β€³
    β€” 50 Pull-ups (5/5/5/5/3/3/1/1/1/1…..all breaks were short.)
    β€” 100 Wall Balls @ 20β€³ (sets of 5 throughout)
    β€” 200 Double Unders
    β€” Run 400, w/ 45# plate

    TIME: 33:36

    1. wait…forgot my competition shirts…I think I must be up to around 13-14 now. Thanks Trent πŸ™‚

  11. Let’s play a game for my QOD. How many CrossFit shirts do I have? (Joanna – you can’t guess).

  12. WUx1 15 reps


    β€” 10 HSPU (Scaled to 20 hand release push ups)
    β€” 15 Deadlifts @ 225#
    β€” 25 Box Jumps @ 24″ (scaled to Step overs due to left calve)
    β€” 50 Pull-ups
    β€” 100 Wall Balls @ 20β€³
    β€” 200 Double Unders (scaled to 600 singles, about 200 regular and the rest with my right foot)
    β€” Run 400, w/ 45# plate

    Time–>: 30:07

    Great work 6:00am peeps!

    Awesome newsletter and congrats Angela for all your hard work!

  13. Mobility
    WU x 1 (15 reps)

    WOD: Nutts

    20 HRPU
    15 Deadlifts @ 145#
    25 box jumps @ 20″ (10 jumps, 15 step ups)
    50 pull-ups (green for first 10, green and purple for last 40)
    100 wall balls @ 10#
    500 singles (about 499 too many with my sore shins…but I was stupid and kept going through the pain…)

    Stopped somewhere around 36 minutes

    Grrr….wanted to finish so bad and do better than last year. I should be stopped earlier. Everything went really well until the stupid skips. Lots of ice, tape and mobility for me this weekend. πŸ™

  14. Nutts
    For time:
    10 Handstand push-ups
    15 Deadlift 160#
    25 Box jumps 24″
    50 Pull-ups
    100 Wallball shots 14#/10′
    200 Double-unders
    Run 400 meters with a 25# plate (this should read travel 400m as there was no running involved)

    28:40-:45 didn’t really notice the seconds on the clock when I came in. Either way 3 min PR from 2012 with same weights etc.

    FUN (and HOT) nooner!

    1. That’s a HUGE PR!
      I guess that’s CrossFit for ya…keep working hard, keep making gains!

      1. Because 42 is the answer to life, the universe and everything! And also why my guess for Kevin’s QOD is 42.

  15. Mob + 1/2 WU (slightly late)
    WOD: Nutts

    10 HSPU (ab mat) not sure why i did it with ab mat, habit i guess.
    15 DL @ 250
    25 Bx Jumps @ 30
    50 Pullups
    100 Wall Balls
    200 DU’s
    400 M with 45 lb plate:
    Time: 25:05

    That was a lot more fun than I expected :). Pr’s on almost every movement!! πŸ™‚ did HSPU this time, had 95lbs PR on DL’s, did DU’s instead of singles and still finished just under 2 mins faster!! I think doing the DU really helped with the time! Still… what a difference a year makes!!

    Great Coaching Steph, Thanks!
    Happy Friday fun class!

  16. WOD: Nutts Rx = 28:10

    First time doing that, pretty much turned out how I expected. Good job nooners!

    Get to the WBs quickly, sets higher then 10 reps on WBs, and power through the DUs and the run… That should give you a nice PR.

  17. Mob+WU

    β€œNUTTS” (scaled)

    β€” 20 HR push-ups
    β€” 15 Deadlifts @ 100#
    β€” 25 Box Jumps @ 20β€³
    β€” 50 ring rows
    β€” 100 Wall Balls @ 8#
    β€” 200 Double Unders
    β€” Run 400, w/ 25# plate

    Time: 28:25

    Cashout: not puking while driving πŸ™‚

    Great class!! Thanks Steph!!

  18. Warmup (more so mobility and stretching)

    WOD rx’d
    PR of 1:50 seconds. So excited with this

    HSPU: 6-1-1-1-1
    Deadlifts: 5-5-3-2
    Boxjumps: steady
    Pull-ups: 10-8-5-5…than 3s, 2s, 1s (so sore from yesterday)
    Wall balls: did 6s and 4s most of the time
    Doubles: lots of breaks
    400m run: light light job, walked, wobbled. ..

    Great class, Steph!
    Loved the nooner!

  19. Nutts
    For time:
    10 Handstand push-ups w/abmat
    15 Deadlift 155#
    25 Box jumps 24β€³
    50 Pull-ups
    100 Wallball shots 14#/10β€²
    200 Double-unders
    Run 400 meters with a 25# plate

    time = 27:38

    Super happy! Last time I used 135# for my DL and time was 31:10. Again, wallballs were the bottleneck but my DU’s were also sluggish.

    Happy to just finished this one. Great job nooners!

    QOD: I have at least 10 CF shirts, gym clothes make up the majority of my wardrobe, pretty sure I have more lifting socks than regular socks lol

  20. Mobility
    WU x 1 (15 reps)

    WOD: Nutts

    20 HRPU
    15 Deadlifts @ 140#
    25 box jumps @ 20β€³
    50 pull-ups
    100 wall balls @ 10#
    600 singles
    Run 400 meters with a 25# plate


    Last time used 35# for deadlifts, green band for the pullups and only did 60 wallballs. Time was 32:22

    1. Its a no wonder why you took 1st at the hopper. You’re a Teenage Super Ninja Crossfitter. Amazing progress!

  21. For the sake of having to comment on everyone’s post… CFM IS CRUSHING IT! Wow wow wow, I Love to see all those improvements! πŸ˜€

  22. Great newsletter Ange!!! Love wod’ing with you! πŸ™‚

    WOD: 37:24
    5 minutes slower than last year. Did my DL’s 25# heavier but that wasn’t the problem.
    It was my 5th wod day in a row in a challenging week, that may have contributed to it. I’m sore everywhere! πŸ™‚

    Happy to have lots of pullups lately!

    1. Side note: It was a GREAT week of wods, and next week is going to be awesome too! Looking forward to it!

  23. Mobility and Wu x 1
    I knew going into this one was going to be tough as my legs are not functioning at 100%.
    Wod rx’d 23:15, 1:28 slower. Wall balls were terrible and I had to walk most of the run.
    If I had been up to par I think I would have had a decent pr!
    Great class Mario and great work 6 amer’s!

  24. Heather Allison Touchie

    WOD: NUTS!!!!!

    20 HR Pushups!
    15 x Deadlifts 70lb!!
    25 Box step over (yellow box)!!!
    50 Ringrows!!!!
    100 Wall balls 8lb!!!!!
    600 Singles!!!!!!
    Run 400m with a 25lb plate!!!!!!!

    Time: 35:59


  25. great article Angela!
    deadlift wu

    WOD (scaled)

    20 HR pushups
    15 Deadlift (250#)
    25 Box jumps (24β€³)
    50 Pull-ups
    50 Wallball shots (20#)
    600 Single unders
    Run 400 meters with a 45# plate

    time= 31:03
    PR of 2:29! third time doing this WOD

  26. Nutts

    Last time it did this was
    10hspu 45# + abmat
    15 deadlift 175#
    25 box jumps 24β€³ box+2 45# plates
    50 pull ups blue band
    100 wall balls20#
    200 du
    400m run45#
    Time 29:49

    This time
    10hspu (4 kipping full depth,6 25# plate + an mat)
    15 d.l. @ 250#
    25 box jumps @ 30″
    50 pull ups
    100 w.b. @ 20#
    200 d.u these were so frustrating tonight
    400m run with 45# plate
    Time 30:01

    No pr on time but I did a a little more work this time. Next time I will get those hspu

  27. For time:
    10 Handstand push-ups (20 hand release)
    15 Deadlift (250/175#) 135#
    25 Box jumps, 30 inch box. 20in
    50 Pull-ups. Green and red
    100 Wallball shots (20/14#). 10#..F’in’ wall balls…
    200 Double-unders. 600 singles
    Run 400 meters with a 45/25# plate

    *40 min cap

    Man… My calves cramped so bad on the singles. Murder.

    1. Nice work Vanessa, suppose u might know someone who could help with those tight muscles…

  28. Well that was NUTTS!!

    10 HRPU
    15 DEADLIFTS 95#
    25 BOX JUMPS (20′)
    100 WALLBALLS (9LBS)
    400M RUN WITH 25#PLATE


  29. WOD: 32:25

    10 HSPU (ab mat)
    15 Deadlift #185
    25 box jumps 30″ (at 5’6″ this frog can jump)
    50 Pull ups
    100 Wall balls #16
    200 DU
    400m run w/45# plate

    After 2 months of consistent 3 to 4 WOD’s a week, and before only going 3 or 4 times a month for a 1yr and then some, I am really happy with today’s results. Following the options and not trying to go Rx has paid off. No injuries and every week there is progress.

  30. Wod-Nutts
    37:40 Rx
    Was so hot at noon. This really sucked alot. The company however was great. Good job to you all. Very inspiring watching you all rock this workout. Great coaching Steph. Thanks Joanna for the push at the end.

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