Friday’s QOD

If you could have any other job, what would it be?

30 Sandbag Lunges
10 Toes to Bar
20 Sandbag Lunges
20 Toes to Bar
10 Sandbag Lunges
30 Toes to Bar

Aren’t you loving these sandbags?!

Mid-WOD run
Mid-WOD run

164 thoughts on “Friday’s QOD”

  1. MOB
    WU x 1
    44 birthday burpees…Happy birthday Ginette!!!

    Foam roll everything.

    30-20-10 Sandbag Lunges
    10-20-30 Toes to Bar (scaled 20-40-60 kickouts)

    Time: 13:58

    Kickouts were a killer! I couldn’t have done it without the encouragement of the 6amers. Thanks gang. I wasn’t feeling too good there for a moment.

    QOD: Owner of an inn in the south of France or Italy. Croissants anyone?

    1. Last croissant I ate was in Paris and may have been the best thing ever to pass my lips so I’ll be your first customer!

  2. The Amanda show!
    Wu x 1
    44 birthday burpees! Happy birthday Ginette πŸ™‚
    Strength: push press
    135/ 155/ 175/ 195 x 2/ 195 x 2 thanks for analyzing the lift Amanda it’s great to see what I need to work on.
    Sandbag lunges
    Rx : 4.48
    First 2 rounds were very fast third round after 10 T2B had to do them 1 at a time.
    Fun Wod!
    Great class Amanda
    Great work 6 amer’s! πŸ™‚

    1. Shane, don’t take your amazing degree of fitness for granted. You are so inspiring. Way to go!

    2. Thanks everybody, I don’t take anything for granted anymore. I have had some eye openers in the last couple years.
      QOD: funny question as of lately I really haven’t been happy at all with what I am doing. I would love to have had the opportunity to have been a professional athlete but I was never pushed for anything like that. Another passion was racing, drag racing or formula 1!:-)
      Also with the new founded love for crossfit being a trainer/coach would be a lot of fun.

  3. Mobility
    WuX2 plus 800 meter run with Jackie and Kelly
    Foam roll Friday

    30-20-10 sand bag lunges
    20-40-60 kick outs

    Time: 14:05

    Kick outs were definately the killer!!!!!!!

    Have a great weekend everyone, thank you for the many burpees 6 amer’s and all the best Chantal in Toronto……you are gonna do great!

  4. Mobility
    WU x 1

    Strength: Cleans

    5 x 80-90-95-100-105


    Sand Bag Lunges
    Toes 2 Bars

    Time: 8:04 Rx

    QOD: Full Time Ski Patrol in the Rockies

  5. Mobility
    WU x1
    44 birthday burpees – Happy Birthday Ginette!
    800m run with Ginette and Jackie
    No strength – foam rolling

    30-20-10 Sandbag Lunges
    10-20-30 Toes to Bar (scaled to Toes to Rings)

    Time: 9:10

    Great job everyone!

  6. Went in this am to do mobility – I had the pleasure to add 44 b-day burpees for Ginette! Have a great day!

    1. That was nice of you to do the birthday burpees even though you weren’t working out. πŸ™‚

    2. I can’t beleive you wen’t in at 6am lol. I’m excited we will be sharing the experience this weekend!

  7. Christine Bachmann

    First I would be a professional supermodel…and then when I’m too old to do that, I would be a professional organizer…the organizer comes from me being OCD!!! πŸ™‚ Happy Friday!

  8. The QOD of the day comes at an interesting time for me as I’ve been thinking a lot about my career. I’ve always struggled with not knowing what to do with it. I only knew that I wanted to help people. I ended up in IT because I didn’t know where else to go. Time was passing by so I had to do something, and IT seemed a safe bet. I’ve even been to career counseling twice.
    Now here I am at 37 and I’ve been in IT for 13+ years. I like what I do, but I had no idea how much I would love being a CrossFit coach and I’m finding myself looking forward to my vacation in a couple weeks so that I can spend more time coaching. So as of somewhat recently, I can finally say that I know there is another job out there that I would love to have. Full time CrossFit coach. I just don’t know if it would ever be feasible or not so for now I will enjoy it part time. πŸ™‚

    1. ValΓ©rie Arseneau

      kinda the same for me. Since Chris is military, we’ve been discussing the possibility of moving and I’ve been looking at it as a chance to redirect my career. I do what I do because I studied 6 years to do it. It was kinda pulled out of a hat and by luck. I like my job and its pretty neat at times but I can’t say I am passionate about it.

      I am just finishing off a certification for work then I want to get my level 1 as soon as its dond

  9. QOD: Owner/Trainer of a CF Box. Laura says she would like to be the wife of a CF Box owner and a stay at home puppy mommy. We would make a pretty awesome team!!!

  10. Mobility
    WU x 2

    Strength: Back Squats x 5



    Sand Bag Lunges 40#
    Toes 2 Bars (scaled to 20-40-60 kick outs)

    Time: 9:17

    800m Run.

    Thanks for coaching, Marie-Noelle!!

    QOD; While I love owning a real estate company, if I ever had the opportunity I think I would love to be a CF Owner/Trainer.

  11. QOD: If I could make a living helping people to get healthier, trainer/dietician that would be awesome. My two passions aside from my two kids are diet and exercise. One step closer to acheiving my to Toronto today for my Level 1 cert πŸ™‚

  12. Congrats to Maria, and Chantal for tackling your level 1. You two will do awesome. Someday I would like to do that. I think. Lol

  13. Back Squat x5
    65 75 84 95 105

    Sandbag lunges 25# (sandbag resting on a bench not on floor)
    Toes 2 Rings (belly in the way for t2b and kickouts, rings was able to manipulate enough to make it work)


    QOD – Travel writer/blogger

  14. QOD: Last year one of the masters women who did really well at the Games was a former trapeze artist. Maybe that’s what I should be doing! (Interesting how many QOD answers relate to Crossfit. What a great comment on how much we love being at CFM.)

    If the trapeze thing doesn’t work out (I may be allergic to sequins), I really love the writing part of my job and could imagine myself tackling that full time if I could develop enough discipline.

  15. QOD:
    Probably a chef/nutritionist, cooking/food relaxes me and feeds my OCD πŸ™‚ If that failed probably an organizer. πŸ™‚

  16. Well, I don’t want to jinx anything. Nor lose my current job. So, HUSH.

    But, maybe if more people know my goal, then more people will help give me the extra push mid-wod to achieve them…

    Although I love my career as a graphic designer, I’m in the midst of applying for the RCMP. Long story short, I’ve wanted to be a police officer since I was could ride a bike and pretend it was a cop car … I grew up loving art and being fairly good at it and being a tomboy playing sports and begging my parents to put me in army cadets, special combo, i know…. But after high school, I chose the artist route to attempt first and gain some life experience… its been 5+ years I’ve been seriously debating RCMP and I am finally going for it.


    1. I should probably mention thanks to crossfit, I finally feel ready to apply (since my injury)… So thank you CFM πŸ™‚

  17. WOWZERS this was a tough one!

    Mob WU X1 44 Burpees for Ginette! HBD!

    Did kick outs instead of t2b.
    Time 12:49 would of been even longer if I didn’t have the support of my fellow 6am er’s. Thanks everyone for the push to get it done.
    QOD: I would have my own little farm and a doggie daycare….since I can remember it’s always been my dream job. Play with dogs all day and have my own garden that is big enough to help out the community…that’s my dream. I hope I will get there one day. πŸ™‚

    1. You and Laura would get along so well.. 4 Paws Resort will be selling their business in the near future. I will buy it and you two can run it okay? smiles…

  18. Heather (Mum) Wood

    I already love my job of counselling. I also love teaching the Master’s class. Life is great for me.

  19. mob wux1
    + 44 birthday burpees happy birthday Ginette
    foam rolling
    30-20-10 sand bag lunges
    time 7:56
    good luck Chantal &Maria

  20. Opted for lots of foam rolling

    WOD Rx’d

    T2B got hard very quickly. Need to stay on the bar longer.

  21. Mob, wu, foam rolling

    T2B (as toes thru rings)


    Haven’t been doing toes thru rings lately since I’ve been trying to save torn hands and old shoulders for pull-ups and I kinda missed them (see trapeze comments above). So had to break the last round of TTR a bunch of times but the lunges were good once I got the sandbag balanced. Next time T2B for sure.

  22. QOD: Being a professional race car driver or a stunt pilot would be fun careers. But a personal goal of mine is eventually to be self employed at something I love doing which has yet to be nailed down.

  23. Mob, WUx2

    Strength – Overhead Squat x5 from floor
    35 – 40 – 45 – 50 – 55
    Haad some trouble at 50#, but got some great tips from Kevin (thanks!!) and did a few extra reps before moving to 55#, and hit 4 reps there. I feel confident now I can hit 5x @ 55# solid next time

    30 – 20 – 10
    Sandbag lunges
    10 – 20 – 30
    T2B – Scaled to 2x kickouts

    Total: hit 15 minute cap with 28 kickouts left. This one killed me, but thanks to everyone who was giving encouragement, it helped me push through as many as I could!

    QOD: A certified tea master and own a tea house, especially in Japanese tea/chado (tea ceremony)

  24. Mobility
    Strength Cleans
    95-110-125 all x5
    140 clean pulls x3 + clean x3
    155 clean pulls x 3 + clean x1 – failed at next attempt
    140 clean pulls x3 + clean x 3

    Sandbag lunges
    Kick outs (scaled from T2B)

    Time: 11:56

    120 kick outs eh?

    Even though I grumbled a lot I did like this workout. I did notice I am a weak lunger. I am all wobbly like I am trying to do a sobriety test after a few too many.

    QOD: earlier I posted and stated Trophy Wife, and as I still stand by that answer (for real) I feel I have worked hard to become a teacher because I do love it. I look forward to the day I actually get my own class πŸ™‚

  25. Mobility
    Strength dead lift x5: 50, 55, 60, 65, 75
    30-20-10 sandbag lunges (25 pds)
    20-40-60 kick outs
    12:53 minutes

    QOD: chef, with my own little bistro, all fresh seasonal and local food – weekly feature driven by local farmers… On the side, food critic for restaurants all over Europe…

  26. Killer first day back. It has been a long 3.5 months, but, I feel great and my shoulder and elbow are back to normal. And the abuse from the sidelines picked right up where it left off. lol

    MOB WUx2

    Strength Shoulder Press x 5
    45, 65, 85, 105, 85

    30 Sandbag Lunges
    10 Toes to Bar
    20 Sandbag Lunges
    20 Toes to Bar
    10 Sandbag Lunges
    30 Toes to Bar

    Substituted the Toes to Bar for Kick Outs

    Time 10:44

    See you Monday…if I can walk.

  27. Mobility
    WUX2 (strict pull ups)

    Strength: Cleans
    65-70 (stayed at 70 for the rest and practiced form/landings)

    Sandbag Lunges #40
    Kickouts (these are killer)

    Time= 10:41

    Thanks for pushing me everyone!!

  28. WOD rx’d: 9:13.

    My hat goes off to those of you who did the kick outs today…they looked brutal and you all put up a good fight. πŸ™‚

    I was wondering who has been inspired to start working on their Toes to Bar? πŸ™‚

    1. OH RIGHT!! I’m quite proud of my planks so yes I will mention them. I don’t know how I forgot. I did a 1:24 plank with Lora (because she made me) and then I did another 1:00 plank with her (because she bullied me).
      I am thankful to have pushy friends, they keep me healthy and happy. πŸ™‚

  29. – Mobility
    – WUx2

    Strength: OHS, 5x…
    – 45-45-50-60-70 (x2 then fail, shouldn’t have tried to keep up with my bar buddy)-65

    – 30-20-10 sandbag lunges 40#
    – 20-40-60 kickouts


  30. Mobility

    Strength: Shoulder Press

    35,40,45,50,55(PR) x5


    Sandbag lunges @ 40#


    Time: 7:25 RX’d

  31. Qod: Personal trainer/nutritionist

    Strength: press x 5
    95,115,135,155 (push press)


    6:20 RX’d

    Thanks cfm for being there today. Was super stressed and as soon as I walked in I immediately felt better. What a beautiful thing.

  32. Mob
    WU x 2 (strict)

    Strength: Foam rolling

    30-20-10 Sand bag lunges (40#)
    10-20-30 Toes to bar

    Time: 10:24 rx

    Cashout: bangin’ the drum or whatever Corinna called it. It was tough but a lot of fun!

    QOD: A glass blower…no joke

  33. Mobility

    Strength: Overhead Squat / Snatch

    65, 85, 95, 100 Corinna Came over and showed me how to snatch the weight up, it was f’n incredible! so much so, I decided to just work on the snatch instead :D. Thank you very much for that Corinna!!

    Snatch 95X3, 95X3, 95X3


    Sandbag lunges @ 40#


    Time: 6:34 RX’d Couldn’t string together more than 2 T2B’s toady :S.
    QOD: I think that if I could do it all over, I would study History and be a curator at a gallery or museum

  34. mob

    strength Front squats

    wod rx

    6:07 ?

    I’ll answer this one honestly, all you guys with your “wanna be a gym owner”, “I want to be self employed”.. all bullshit.. dream job Porn Star! yup I said it, didn’t say i’d be good at it (beat most of you to this one! lol ).. honestly, had a great arm as a kid and always dreamed that i’d chased pro ball as a career, second was Jenn B with RCMP, or firefighter right there too! but very happy with my life as it is! no regrets!

      1. Wow, you’ve really thought this through. Not sure if it wanes on the hilarity side or slightly creepy side..either way, it’s good to have dreams I guess!

  35. WOD: RX


    Thank you Terry B for the great tips for my toes to bar. I will use this tip in the future from now on when I am no longer to do multiples. I shared this with the 2 classes I coached later and it helped them as well. Thank you!

  36. Mob Wu
    Foam rolled. I am a tad bit sore from my attempts at strict pull ups this week.
    30 20 10 lunges
    with a 25lb sandbag
    20 40 60 kick outs
    Nice working out next to you Jolene.
    Thanks to Corinna for your awesome coaching. Thanks Marie-No for the count down in the 60 kick outs.
    QOD: I would like to join a circus.

  37. Mobility

    Burgener WU

    Snatch practice to 75#
    *have to work on getting under bar faster. Its all about the speed.

    WOD @ Rx
    Sandbag lunges @ 40#
    Time = 7:38 (and a lovely blood blister as a bonus!)

    1. Oh and after Figure 4 cashout, did a fun little 2min plank + 1min plank with Amanda. It was fun, right Amanda???

  38. QOD — Two passions cooking & working with dogs, if someone comes up with an idea that fits this let me know…

  39. MOB
    Strength = OHS x 5

    WOD: 10:37 Rx

    Great work 3:15 crew!
    Have a great weekend ya’ll!

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