Friday’s QOD

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Would you bring your pet to work if you could?

Today is a double strength day. Work your way down the strength rotation.

Cashout – Try a rope climb

If you have extra time, work on a “goat” (something you suck at).


46 thoughts on “Friday’s QOD”

  1. Valerie Arseneau

    QOD: oh I wish!! Dogs bring such joy to me. 🙂 Carly and Winston were adorable this AM.

    Mob + WU x1
    + 12 KBS @ 35#
    + 12 wall Ball @ 12#
    + 12 Box jump (24” I think).

    Back Squat
    5x 85-95-105-110-115 (x4)
    Matched my PR.

    Squat Clean (starting to practice for Battle of the North!)
    3x 55-65-75-80-85(F the 3rd rep)- 85 x1

    Love double strength day! Didnt have enough time to practice HS pushups. Wanted to give those a try.

  2. I’d like to amend the QOD to “Would you bring your dog Or Cat to work….. actually, how about, Would you bring your Pet to work if you could.
    That includes everyone…. unless you don’t have a pet….. in which case…. go get a cat! *hehe*

  3. Francis Lavoie

    WU x 1
    +12 KBS @ 40
    12 wall balls @ 20
    12 24″ box jump
    +5min foam roll

    Double strength day

    Push press
    5 x 65/75/85/85/95

    Back Squats
    5 x 75/80/90/100/115

    Cash out: 4 rope climb no legs

  4. QOD: If I had a dog(which I happily don’t) I would take it to work if I was the only employee and had no customers to interact with. Other than that, I would leave it home.

  5. QOD: Its funny you ask that, at work this week we talked about bringing our dogs into work. Knowing its not possible, but all the benfits of having them there. I get doggie guilt alot when I’m not home to walk him or spend time with him.
    I would love to bring Brody to work, however he doesnt have a brain yet, his Lab brain is in high gear and would drive anyone mental.

  6. Wu x1
    10 kbs 70#
    10 wall balls 20#
    10 box jumps 24#
    (miss red 12 for 10)

    Weighted Strict Pullups x5
    20-25-30-35-40-45×4.5(first 4 were unbroken but couldn’t get the last rep)
    20 no weight unbroken kipping pullups for a cash out.

    Bench Press x2

    Nice sharing the bench with you Kevin, solid last set. Thanks Denis for stepping in to spot when Kevin had to step out.

    QOD: Personally if I “was allowed to have a dog” and he/she was well behaved I still don’t think I would bring my dog to work if it was allowed, too much extra responsibility. That being said I don’t mind other people bringing their dogs’ to work. I met a lot of nice dogs that way and the crossfit pooches being most of them.

  7. WU x 1
    12 KBS(35#), WB (14#, 10′), BJ (21″)

    Double down day!

    Deadlifts x 3

    Front squats x 3

    QOD: OF COURSE! although I may not work very well, I would be easily distracted by their cuteness. I have a dog and a cat, and I like to think they are the cutest pets of all time. I’m very jealous of Vince who works at home, and tell him all the time. And I hug my pets every day before going to work. I know, I have a few lose screws…

  8. Mobility
    WU x 1
    12 KBS (35#), 12 Wall Balls (10#), 12 Box Jumps (24”?)
    5 mins foam rolling

    Double Strength Day
    Front Squat
    5x 55, 60, 65, 75, 80
    5x 85, 95, 105, 115, 125

    800m run

    QOD: Yes, I would love to take my dogs to work. Would ease my guilt and pressure to try and make it home at lunch.

  9. I would certainly be much happier to go to work every day if I could bring Winston with me. He would sit at my desk with me, he’s such a good boy. Too bad he can’t, I absolutely hate leaving him home alone all day. I’m thankful that he’s so well behaved that I can bring him to the gym with me in the mornings. He leaves me no choice though, he knows the difference between my CrossFit alarm and my work alarm – when the 5am one goes off, he gets up and starts pacing around and panting in my face until I get up. When it goes off for work, he doesn’t budge. He may not look excited to be there in the morning classes, but he is. lol

    1. Cassie is the opposite… gym alarm at 5am – no bulge! I bet that would quickly change if she came to the gym with me – they are such smart creatures!

    2. Winston….aka Eeyore…..what a sweetie. So happy to have him as part of the 6 a.m. crew….and he was actually excited this morning to share a treat with Carly.

  10. Mob
    Extra stretching

    Snatch + OHS (3+2)

    I only did one strength today (kind of). Really slow with some mobility and stretching in between. My body feels beat up… Good thing I have my first rugby game of the year tomorrow morning!
    QOD: No. Lilly-O would not come to work with me. Mostly because she is still a puppy that needs serious training(I swear we are working on it) and the other reason is I work with kids and as if they need another distraction in the classroom 🙂
    But I would if it was feasible. I hate leaving her home all day.

  11. back squat X 5
    135 – 195 – 215 – 235 – 255 – 265

    Bench Press X 5
    95 – 135 – 185 – 205 – 225 – 245 (2)

    95 X 5
    115 X 5
    135 X 3

    Cleans need a lot of work

  12. WUx1 + 12 Box Jumps + 12 KBS + 12 Wall Balls

    50 Burpees


    Push Press (x5)
    (was not feeling it today..

    Weighted sit-ups (x10)

  13. Mob
    WU x 1
    + 12 KBS @ 30 #
    12 Wall Balls @ 8 #
    12 Box jumps @ 12 ”

    Double Strength Friday

    Front Squat X 5

    Deadlift X 5

    Finally got 10 pull ups with the black band!! Going to keep practicing those and move on to the next band!

  14. Oh ya, decided to TRY to climb the rope…not near enough upper body strength to even get off the ground…lol…that’s ok, someday I will!

  15. Mobility
    WU x 1
    12 KBS 35#
    12 Box Jump 20″
    12 wall balls 12#

    Push Jerk x 5

    Overhead Squat x 5

    Thanks for the coaching Marie-No!

  16. Push press 5x 80,85,90,95,100

    Back squat 5×95,105,115,120,125
    Nice sharing the bar with you Val and Heidi! Great work!

  17. Double strength day!

    Frontsquat x 5

    Cleans x 3
    75-85-95-105-115x 1

    Love strength day!

  18. Bench Press x 5
    125 – 145 – 165 – 175 – 195 (1 Rep PR of 10#)
    Thanks for sharing the bench Luc!

    Dead Lift x 5
    250 – 270 – 280 – 290 (PR 10#)
    Was planning to go higher but my form wasn’t perfect so I stopped.

    Rope Climbs
    1x Arms-Only
    1x Normal
    1x ‘Donkey Kong’

    Fun Day after some tough (but good) workouts this week!

  19. Mobility
    WUx1 (3x green band pull ups, remainder black band)
    12 KBS @ 35#
    12 Wall Ball @ 10#
    12 Box Jump @ 20″

    Strength #1 – Cleans x5
    65 – 75 – 85 – 95 – 100

    Strength #2 – Push Jerk x5
    65 – 75 – 80 – 85 – 90 (only 4 on the last set, my wrists were giving out)

    800m run

  20. Mobilty
    WU X 1
    12 kbs
    12 wallballs
    12 box jumps

    Foam rolling – 5 min

    Push Press X 5


    Back Squat X 5


    *questionable on depth from Coach Marie-Noelle’s angle

    **taped with coaches eye and depth was good

    Thanks Marie-Noelle for the class and taping the last set.

  21. Mob
    12 box jumps 20in
    12 KB
    12 wall balls 10lbs (9ft)

    Push press
    Back squat

    Wall balls
    Toes to ring

    Great class 5:45!
    Thanks Marie- No!! Always a pleasure

  22. Mobility
    12 KBS (40,53 & 70#)
    2 Wall balls @ 20# – 1 @ 12#(hurt my shoulder so stopped)
    12 Box Jumps (8 @ 24″ & 4 @ 30″)

    Deadlifts x 5
    135 – 185 – 205 – 225 – 225

    Push Press x 5
    75(1) – felt some more shoulder pain so stopped to live to fight another day

    2 Toes to rings

    800m run

  23. Mobilty

    WU X 1
    12 kbs
    12 wallballs
    12 box jumps

    Foam rolling – 5 min

    Shoulder Press X 5


    Front Squat X 3


    Nice sharing the bar with Gabe & Gerry great work tonight guys!

  24. QOD — No I wouldn’t bring my dog to work. Daisy is already far too needy, time apart is good. I don’t feel guilty leaving her behind ever, she has a great home with us; much better than she had at the SPCA. If anyone is looking to add a dog to their family, look no further than the pound Daisy & Carly are fine examples of the great pets you can find there.

    1. And Winston too, he’s an SPCA dog! I love the plug for the SPCA, you’re certainly right about that – they put the best dogs on the spca, and our dogs are proof of that! I’ve met Daisy, she’s a sweet dog!

  25. mob wux1
    + 12 KBS
    12 wall ball
    12 box jump
    + 5 min foam rolling
    double strength
    back squat
    135×5 185×5 205×5 225×5
    95×5 115×5 135×5 145×2

  26. mobility
    12 KBS #70
    12 Wallballs
    12 Box Jumps 30 inch

    Shoulder Press


    Front Squats

    Did a rope climb with my time remaining need to work on those.

  27. mobility
    12 KBS 70#
    12 Wallballs
    12 Box Jumps 30 inch

    Push Jerks x3
    last 2 focused on full extension of the arms before finishing up.

    OHS x37 (from ground)
    75-95-105(was on toes)-95-95-105×2

    Have a great weekend fella CrossFitters!

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