Friday’s QOD

If you were able to see all of the month’s workouts in advance, would you want to know? Why or why not?

5 rounds of:
1 Press
1 Strict Pull Up
1 Press
3 Strict Pull Ups
1 Press
5 Strict Pull Ups

Compare to July 7/11

Marc is putting meat on his bones
Marc is putting meat on his bones

92 thoughts on “Friday’s QOD”

  1. Good job son!! Nice photo.

    Thanks Kevin and the other coaches who work with Marc. He really enjoys Crossfit!

    1. Nice pic Marc. It is awesome to see you and your Dad working so hard together. CFM is lucky to have you.

  2. Great picture of Marc! When we were running in yesterday’s wod I could hear someone catching up to me way too fast, and then went past me like I was just standing there. Sure enough, it was Marc πŸ™‚

    Love todays’s QOD! Can’t wait to see the responses.

  3. ValΓ©rie Arseneau

    Mob + WU x2
    Strength Front Squats
    5x 75-75-80 3x 85 -90
    Oh my legs hate me.

    WOD @ 50# and small blue band
    5 rounds of:
    1 Press
    1 Strict Pull Up
    1 Press
    3 Strict Pull Ups
    1 Press
    5 Strict Pull Ups

    Time : 8:03

    Should of went with 55 or a smaller band.

  4. Mobility

    Strength: Overhead Squats x5
    45 45 50 55 45
    Still working on my form for these, thanks for the coaching Amanda!

    5 Rounds (6 in my case, because I fail at counting)
    1 Press (85#)
    1 Strict Pull Up
    1 Press (85#)
    3 Strict Pull Ups
    1 Press (85#)
    5 Strict Pull Ups

    Did the first round with purple band, and the last 5 with blue band.
    Time: 11:36

    Great workout, I love pullups πŸ™‚

  5. QOD: I’d like to know in advance (though a month in advance is excessive, day before would be fine). Why? Because I do other fitness stuff outside of Crossfit, and occasionally the programming doesn’t match up well with what I’ve already done.

    A good example: a few weeks back, in 4 days I had done a 10k run, rest day, 5k run, 5k run. When I went to crossfit the next day, I was hoping for anything not running oriented, and the workout was 4 800m sprints -.-. If I had known the workout beforehand, I could have moved my rest day to that day and done another (less running oriented) WOD later in the week! Doing too much running volume at once (especially sprints) is an easy way to injure your legs!

    It’s rarely an issue, but in the cases when it is, it’s a pain in the butt.

  6. WOD

    5 rounds
    1 press @ 70#
    1 strict pull-ups
    1 press
    3 strict pull-ups
    1 press
    5 strict pull-ups

    Time = 14:08

    Press felt light, could’ve went heavier. Last few rounds of pull-ups I had a little kip to them. Need to keep strict during my warmup. Thanks for the push towards the end.

    1. Correction, it wasn’t a kip, you were starting them with your arms slightly bent instead of from a dead hang. BUT, that was only near the end and the rest of them were good. Great job on the pullups, I’m glad you stuck with them. Well you didn’t have a choice but good job anyway. πŸ˜‰ Like I said, form wasn’t bad enough and you didn’t have enough failures to warrant going to a band.

  7. I don’t want to know. It would make it too easy to cherry pick the WOD. I suspect I would avoid the stuff I find harder and not improve. Not knowing forces me to take what I get and work on those things I don’t like or find difficult.

  8. Mob + WU x2
    Strength Shoulder Press
    5x 35 40 45 50 55

    WOD @ 45# and ring rows (Im close to a pull up)
    5 rounds of:
    1 Press
    1 Strict Pull Up
    1 Press
    3 Strict Pull Ups
    1 Press
    5 Strict Pull Ups


    Nice sharing the bar with you Ginette and meeting new people at 6am!
    Thanks Amanda for all the advice this morning.

    1. Great job this morning Brianna, you’re very strong, and you’ve got great form on your presses!

  9. So crappy I missed this mornings WOD! I’m so sorry Coach Amanda…50 Burpees for me and well deserved. Slept right threw and woke up at 6:12 and thought OMG my WOD!!!! lol Sorry guys!

    QOD: I’m torn, I would like to know but then again I think I would cherry pick my WOD’s thinking I wouldn’t be able to do some of them. And today not knowing what they are I show up thinking there is no way I can do this and then I do and I’m like hell ya! So I guess I would say I like the fear of the unknown. πŸ™‚

  10. QOD: I would not want to know, I do actually like the element of surprise. Also, I’m not sure if I trust myself enough not to cherry pick. I don’t think I would intentionally..but I may think “oh I’m too sore to do this one” where maybe if it was one I REALLY wanted to do I’d go for it! So I need to do all of them (minus rest days off course) so I can get better where I struggle.

  11. Wux2
    Strength x1 push press
    95-120-135-145-150pr -155pr
    WOD 5 rounds of:
    1 Press. Did 90 lbs
    1 Strict Pull Up
    1 Press
    3 Strict Pull Ups
    1 Press
    5 Strict Pull Ups
    Rob Brydges

  12. QOD: I would not want to know. My rest days are fairly consistent due to current situation, so its bad enough to see what I missed out on rest days (like today’s Wod) let alone seeing all the missed Wods for a month. Its nice to check the site before heading to the box every morning, gives me that little extra get up and go.

  13. WU x2
    Squat Cleans x 3
    95-100-110-115 and back to 110 to figure out why I’m not landing properly as per coach Amanda and as per my own observations. I feel like my elbows are not fast enough, so to compensate I do not reach full extension in order to be able to flip them around and land in a squat. hm.

    5 rounds:
    1 Press (85#)
    1 Strict Pull Up (Black and purple)
    1 Press
    3 Strict Pull Ups
    1 Press
    5 Strict Pull Ups

    10:17 … Last time I did 14:07 but the scale was double the pullups if you were using a band… not this time. So I don;t think it’s a fair comparison to declare a PR.

    QOD: No. I know that I would find excuses not to come (i.e. I’m too sore in this area, I don’t like this move cough cough box cough jumps, I’m not fast/strong enough…etc) By not knowing, it makes me show up regardless. Hence why I like to go in the morning – I don’t have all day to ponder on the WOD. I just wake up and GO!

  14. WU x2
    Lacrosse Ball… fun times

    5 rounds:
    1 Press (45#, a little light, shoulder still isn’t right)
    1 Strict Pull Up (Blue band)
    1 Press
    3 Strict Pull Ups
    1 Press
    5 Strict Pull Ups


    Qod: Absolutely not! I would definitely cherry pick πŸ™‚ Not knowing has allowed me to do things I would’ve never done on my own. Often the workouts I am most afraid of are the most rewarding.

  15. Shawn Johnson


    Strength: Cleans x5
    Still working on jumping low under the bar. Had a couple that felt right but definitely not consistent.

    5 Rounds
    1 Press (110#)
    1 Strict Pull Up
    1 Press (110#)
    3 Strict Pull Ups
    1 Press (110#)
    5 Strict Pull Ups

    Did the first 3 rounds no band, used the small purple band the last 2 rounds.
    Time: 12:45

  16. QOD: i’ve always preferred knowing the day of, any earlier just seems unnecessary. Some days on the hard wods im glad i only looked last minute. Those goats will get you every time.

  17. ValΓ©rie Arseneau

    QOD: im split on this. If I would know more in advance I could better plan the mix of my WODs (upper body, lower, cardio). Some weeks like this week when my legs are absolutely dead, I would do more upper body ones (like today).

    But at the same time, if you dont know in advance, it takes out the temptation to skip super hard or just plan crazy WODs.

    1. Kevin DOES plan the mix of wods…it’s not a coincidence that this morning was all upper body, after some tough leg work earlier in the week. πŸ™‚

  18. Heather Colleen

    QOD: I’m with the majority, and don’t want to know in advance – finding out in the morning is perfect for me. I stick to my schedule no matter what the WOD is, but there have been days where dreading the workout has been a huge distraction for me. I’m not sure what my daily productivity would look like if I had a WHOLE MONTH of WODs to worry about! πŸ˜‰

  19. m x1 + wu x2

    Strength – cleans

    WOD – 5 rounds @ 80% ( 60 lis)
    1 press
    1 pull up (ring row)
    1 press
    3 pull ups (ring row)
    1 press
    5 pull ups (ring row)

    Time 6:50

    I had some crossfit magic this morning – went in feeling pretty rough with another bad sleep night, but left feeling great…thanks Kevin:)

  20. QOD: I like seeing the wod in the morning when you’re wod’ing in the evening, but when I used to go at 6am, I hated not knowing what it was until I woke up an hour and a half before the wod. I used to check them when I got up in the night to go to the bathroom.
    I like to mull the wods over in my mind…strategize, etc. Most of the time, the anticipation of a wod is a lot of fun for me. πŸ™‚
    I’m not a ‘panic canceller’ as a certain someone likes to call it, (lol, I love the term), and I don’t cherry pick, so knowing the wods ahead of time isn’t a problem for me. In fact, the harder it is or the more I think I’ll hate it, the more I want to go.

    I feel the same as Michelle – the more difficult the defeat, the bigger the victory πŸ™‚

    1. There have been wods that, while sitting at work, I would just start sweating from fear, triggered by the thought of the upcoming wod that evening, but I would never have cancelled it.
      Tabata Double Unders does that to me! That’s a scary one for me.

    2. You would get up AN HOUR and 1/2 before your 6 am wod??!! WOW!

      I like to get up 25 minutes before πŸ™‚

      1. Yes, I had to eat before the gym, and I needed almost an hour to digest! I had to get up that early! I don’t know how you last minute risers do it. I could never get up and go right to the gym!

  21. QOD: It’s like Chritmas every day. Always looking forward to my daily presents πŸ™‚
    Don’t cancel Christmas!!

  22. Another noon quickie in the backyard….


    WOD: 200 burpees
    Time = 17:50

    Sweaty! Sets 1-50 and 101-150 were unbroken. I feel like sub 15 min is possible…

  23. MOB + WU (changed pull-ups to MUs – was able to string two together for the first time!)

    No strength. Did 5 x 20 DUs

    WOD @ 105 -> Time:10:35

  24. I am working nights so I just went to the gym parking lot to do the Funny Run Wod.
    Other then people driving by thought I was using the bathroom outside, during the squat portion, it was fun. It was the first time I ran a mile in my life. I was slow but I was happy I did not walk any of it.
    Today is my 1 year anniversary at CFM. Thank you to Kevin, Joanna and all the coaches (Corinna in particular) for putting up with me.
    Funny Run:
    Tabata squats 99
    1 mile run 10:52

    1. This was a tough wod Laura! Sorry you did it all by yourself but you did great on it. HAPPY 1ST ANNIVERSARY!! You are such a treat to have at the gym, and you have such a great attitude. I’m so happy you are with us. Here’s to many more years!

    2. Happy 1st Year Anniversary Laura! You are a bright light and a comic relief for me and for many others at the gym. I am very proud of you for stepping way outside your comfort zone and giving Cross Fit a try! I hope we can celebrate many more Cross Fit Anniversaries together! I love you sweetie! xoxo….smiles…

    3. Happy Anniversary! I so enjoy having you at the gym. You are always smiling and making us laugh. And, ahem, I believe you are HOOKED on this Crossfit thing. Doing the “funny run” WOD by yourself in the parking lot? And saying it was fun? Nothing says addicted (or crazy) more than that! LOL

    4. Happy 1st year Laura. You are such a great addition to the cft family. Can’t imagine CFM without you!

  25. 800m jog
    Mob / WU (managed 4 or 5 consecutive butterfly pull-ups)

    DU practice – Managed 4 in a row. Arms still flailing out to the sides.
    Thank you Ron for your patient coaching and help. It really complimented my impatience and ineptitude…

    WOD @ 105#
    Time: 9:17

  26. Ideally, it is better to only find out about the WOD once arriving at the gym. Crossfit is about the unknown and unknowable and being prepared for it. Knowing the WOD’s in advance (even the night before) allows people to cherrypick, take extra days off and game the WOD’s.

    1. I don’t want to give him any ideas, but Kevin once didn’t post the wods on the site for a week so we could get a true feel for that (and to teach the cherry pickers a lesson maybe? lol). That was interesting. I used to be terrified not to know, but I’m fine now to show up at the gym and not know. And maybe it’s because he did that, that I’m ok with not knowing…I survived, and the fear is gone. Just like everything else we do at the gym.

      I just LIKE to know what it is before I get there. πŸ™‚

      1. WUx2

        Foam roll Friday…legs still hurtin’ from Tabata squats.

        5 rounds
        1 press
        1 strict pullup
        1 press
        3 strict pullups
        1 press
        5 strict pullups

        35 lbs. Was going to use 40 and should have.
        Green band


        Question: why is the workout on Friday called a QOD? I couldn’t find it in the lingo anywhere.

        I like not knowing the workout. Everyday is hard for me, so getting worked up about the WOD doesn’t really help. In my case, ignorance is bliss!

  27. Mobility

    Strength – Front squat x5
    60 – 70 – 80 – 85 – 90

    WOD @ 40#/Ring rows
    Time: 6:59

    Great workout!

    QOD: I like waking up and seeing what the day’s WOD is, and getting myself psyched up for it.

  28. Power Snatch x2

    Snatch Pulls x3

    WOD @ 100#

    (old pr was 7:58 @ 95#…very happy with that!)

  29. Mob
    Wu x 2

    Ohs 1 rm to 80# (5# pr)

    Wod with 75# and blue band

    QOD: Sometimes would like to know as i do other trainning outside crossfit but in general i think being ready for the unexpected is a big part of crossfit’s life teaching

  30. wux2

    WOD @ 120#
    5 rounds of:
    1 Press
    1 Strict Pull Up
    1 Press
    3 Strict Pull Ups
    1 Press
    5 Strict Pull Ups

    time: 10:24 PR of 4:22

    1. I saw a few of your OHS tonight Frankie – looking much better than last time I saw them, nice improvement on your form!

  31. Mob

    50 “No-Show” Burpees w/ 20# vest = 3:11


    Foamie Rollie Goodness

    WOD @ 125# = 10:24

    Good job every one! Great energy at the box today! Love it!

  32. Mobility
    WU X 2

    Foam rolled

    WOD @ 155# and black band

    Time – 1 pullup left @ time cap. 4 or 5 no reps during last set.

  33. WUx2
    Foam Rolling + Lacrosse ball on shoulders
    Practiced DU’s and starting to get consistency in them, was able to string 6 in a row πŸ™‚

    WOD @ 100#
    Time–> 5:45
    I was at 6:00 with 5 rounds 1 Press and 1 Pull-up then Marie-Noelle said I was ahead of her so I was done.
    Thanks! Would have done one extra round!

    800m run

    Great work 5:45 class!

    Have a great weekend fella CrossFitters!

  34. mobility

    Foam roll friday!

    WOD @ 135 #

    time 11:24

    I liked this WOD first one doing strict pull ups!

    QOD : I like the way it is.. I enjoy waking up in the morning having my cofee and checking out the work out of the day.

    Great Class Corinna !

  35. Mob Wu x1

    Deadlifts x 5

    WOD @105#
    Time: 10:00

    Cashout 800m Run

  36. Mobility
    WU X 2
    400m Run

    Strength: Very tired today. Lacrosse ball and did 2 rounds of front squats 70 & 75# (just to take away muscle soreness)

    5 rounds
    1 press 80#
    1 strict pullup (blue band)
    1 press
    3 strict pullups
    1 press
    5 strict pullups


    800m Run
    400m Run

  37. QOD: For me knowing the morning of is plenty of time. I just need to know in time to make any wardrobe adjustment (need a drawstring in my pants if we’re skipping

  38. Wu x 1

    Squat cleans

    Did 6 rounds in 11:10


  39. QOD:
    If I saw a month of workouts, my brain would explode.
    And, I would have no reason to hit my refresh button at 12:01 on those late nights….nothing to check but pesky “world events” in the morning!

    I’d like to see a week of “surprise” WODs sometime, but since I am at the box almost every day it’s all good.

  40. Wod @ 65 lbs
    11:20 I think, left my book in the truck.
    My arms were hurting for 15 minutes or so afterward, loved it, went with the pain in my legs from yesterday’s WOD πŸ™‚

    QOD: I like getting up each morning to see what the WOD is, the unknown definitley keeps it interesting, wouldn’t want it any other way!

  41. Strength: shoulder press to find 1RM
    1x 45-55-65-75-85

    WOD @ 70#

    Time: 14:54. Just under the wire but really happy I got it done! Thanks to the whole 5:45 class for helping me get through my last round!

  42. MOB

    Foam Roll Friday!!

    WOD: @ 100#

    Time: 12:47

    Great work 4:15 crew!
    Have a great weekend ya’ll!

  43. took the week off and wasn’t planning on coming back till monday night but starting to get excited for xfit again ( bit of burnout going on i think?)

    WU x 2

    wod @135
    13:37 ended up losing count so used the “your next number is one” (thanks Kevin! lol) and restarted at the point where I was sure I’d completed which was round two.. note to self “take some pennies dumbass” !! lol..

  44. mob wux2
    foam rolling
    1 press 100#
    1 strick pull up
    1 press
    3 strick pull up
    1 press
    5 strick pull up
    time 9:28

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