Friday’s QOD

Have you ever had to scale mid-workout? If not, was there a workout you should have scaled part way through?

4 rounds
1 minute Wall Sit
200m Backward Run
200m Forward Run

Matt chose to take weight off his bar part way through the WOD

56 thoughts on “Friday’s QOD”

  1. Few reminders:

    Today is the last day to register for the No Bread Challenge. Email will go out tonight to all participants with the recipe “book”.

    Legs for Literacy is this Sunday. If you’re running in it, let us know. We can all meet for a group shot before the race starts that morning.

    Last day to fill out the survey.

    There are only 5 spots left for the Swimming WOD.

    Sign up for the Halloween Party! It’s only a week away! You may bring significant others, but I would not recommend children. It tends to be a time where heavy drinking occurs and some people dress up in their underwear. Crazy!

  2. I’m doing 10k at legs for literacy, where do you want to meet?

    As for the question, it happened to me once that the bar was too heavy when I was just starting and didn’t really know what to expect. It was probably something to do with shoulders. Now I always figure out what I think will work best for the WOD.

    1. Do you remember the WOD with Pushpress at the old gym where you almost ended up in the office. I think you subbed some weight on that WOD

  3. WU x2
    Shoulder Press x5
    45 50 55 60

    WOD – 15:33

    Didn’t modify the running today the short distances felt alright. Happy weekend!

  4. CFWU x 2

    Overhead Squats
    5×110 Pr for reps

    WOD: 4 Rounds of

    1min Wall Sit
    200 m Backward Run
    200 m Forward Run

    Time: 16:35

  5. QOD: Kevin has taken a few pounds off just a couple times but other than that, I can generally work through it if it’s heavy…I find the percentage that is put on the board to determine our weight is usually spot on.

  6. If you’re doing Fran this evening, please un-register so other can get in to do today’s workout. Thanks!

  7. I usually go for a run on sundays… I think I’ll sign up for the 5K. Who else is going?

    QOD: Yes I have changed weights during WODs, either because in the beginning when I wasnt too experienced or whenever back acting up after coming back from a crossfit break.

    Interesting WOD today…

  8. I’m registered to run the 5km…was going to do 10 but felt I should work on improving my time on the 5km first…

  9. Just a heads up.. Dropped my 6:30 to open up a spot, keep this on the DL as I don’t want lora to know, But ive got a date with this chick named Fran, all excited, I hear she’ll leave you spent and laying on the floor crying for mercy? Sounds like a great Friday night!!! Lol

  10. No need to respond. I read yesterday’s post..smiles.. I so miss seeing everyone!! It has been two weeks since I worked out. I am hoping to do tomorrow’s WOD!

  11. WUx2

    Strength: Squat clean x 3

    4 rounds
    1 minute Wall Sit
    200m Backward Run
    200m Forward Run

    Time: 15:05

  12. Yes I have. Thought I would be able to handle one weight but found out part way in that I was being overly ambitious!

  13. I will be announcing the finishers between 9:00-10:00 at Legs, so I will give a special shout out to my Crossfit Friends! Have fun, and good luck to all the runners!

  14. WU X2
    Strength: tried a few Overhead squats to test the shoulder.
    45×5 ~ 55×5 ~ 65×1
    Stopped there, feeling some discomfort and didn’t want to make it worse.

    Decided it was a good day to practice Double Unders.
    ….and FINALLY put a few together!!! πŸ˜€
    Got a couple, then maybe 3…then 10!!.. tried a few more times and then got 16!!!
    Previous max was “1”.

    WOD: TIME –> 17:40
    Wall sits were all unbroken… backwards running was slow.. .
    Definite leg burner, but overall not so bad (although I may not be saying that tomorrow)

    Have a great weekend… and good luck to all of the runners on Sunday.

    QOD: answer: Yes, have reduced weight on the bar mid-workout quite a few times. In recent WOD’s, cleans and front squats come to mind.

  15. WUx2

    Sterngth – Push Jerk X5

    4 Rounds
    1min Wall Sit
    200m Backward Run
    200m Forward Run

    Time –> 12:55

    Wall sits all unbroken. Went better than I had anticipated. Fun one!

    Stretching and 1 min Plank

    Great job to all who did this WOD as well as those who took on Fran!

    Have a superb weekend fella CrossFitters!

  16. QOD: I had the coach take away some weight when I first joined CrossFit in the days when I was thinking itthat it was going to be no problem.
    But since those days I always ask the coach their recommnedation if I am unsure, and that works very well so far.

  17. Front Squats – 5R

    WOD —> 16:31

    Yes I have. WODs are designed for a certain metabolic response. Struggling with a higher weight and staring at the bar isn’t going to give you the expected result. Even if you realize it’s necessary part way through a WOD… scale the weight. No shame in that!

  18. Β Strength: Pushjerks (x10)

    4 RFT
    1-min wall sit
    200m backwards run
    200m forwards run
    Time : 12:37

    Then did FRAN as Rx.
    Time 6:03
    Thanks for the support Denis!! I only did this to see what score I could get taking my time through it and not getting too gassed however as I got going I just decided to go crazy and go for it!!

    Anyway it was fun and I feel great – registered for 5k as well at legs – ADVANCED HEALTH & CrossFit Moncton represent!!!!!

    Have a great weekend playas!

  19. OHS 1RM –> 95-135-155-175(f)-160

    WOD –> 15:59

    I just discovered that over a long period, drinking beer makes you slower at CrossFit! πŸ™‚

  20. CFWU x 2

    Worked on Thrusters 65-75-85-95
    & foam roller/lacrosse ball


    Rx’d Time — 7:51

    PR by 54 seconds πŸ™‚ from Feb. 24th. Last time I met up with this “lovely lady” in July my time was 10:04. Good news is I also finally stopped coughing.

  21. wu x 2
    strength – shoulder press x 1

    4 Rounds
    1-min wall sit
    200m backwards run
    200m forwards run

    Time = 16:56
    Cash out – legs stretch

  22. wu x 2
    strength – front squats x 5
    60,65,70,80 still have to work on my form

    4 Rounds
    1-min wall sit
    200m backwards run
    200m forwards run

    Time = 17:50
    Cash out – legs stretch

  23. I mistakenly thought I was going to have my way with Fran..she turned the tables on me.. 5 minutes in and she was all over me.. Should my ass be sore? Are there any easier women in the rotation?
    mistake number 1? 30k TT bike ride an hour before (lesson learned, now however in the interest of keeping things the same I have to repeat that mistake in December?? Not so smart) The result:

    Fran at 85
    Blue band

  24. Looks like there have been many people that needed to scale mid-wod. Sometimes, as Gabriel mentioned, your ego may think you can handle it, but your body says otherwise.

    I will emphasize Jeff’s comment again “staring at the bar isn’t going to give you the expected result”. Doing something as Rx’d, but really slow is not the point. You should be aiming for a certain TIME, not a certain WEIGHT. For example, Fran should be 5-6 minutes or less. If you’re over 10 minutes, you didn’t scale properly.

    Trust me, doing lower weights faster will actually make the workout feel a whole lot worse.

    Trust the coaches in their recommendations. If they say scale, listen.

  25. Wu x 2
    Dl 1’s
    100-115-130-150-165-170 PR-175 PR!!!

    WOD = 16:21

    Very happy about the PR was waiting for this fir a while πŸ˜‰

  26. WU x 2
    push jerk 5RM: 85lbs

    WOD: 16:16 (looked easy up on the board!!)

    practiced double unders: got 35 (a new PR by 5!)

    see you at the run on Sunday! Good luck all.

  27. Push press singles: 45, 60, 65, 70, 75 pr
    3 rounds: 1 min wall sit , 200 min back forward run
    Thanks for encouragement, Johnny, and Paleo tips, Kevin, Tracy, Jeff

  28. WU x 2

    Shoulder Press x 5

    4 Rounds
    1-min wall sit
    200m backwards run
    200m forwards run

    Time = 15:46
    Happy to have done the wall sits all un-broken. The running could have been faster. Those transitions between wall sits, backward & forward runs were really ….interesting. Fun WOD.
    Have a great w/e everyone.

  29. WU x 2
    Strength: Deadlifts (x5)

    WOD (scaled b/c of Achilles)
    3 rounds for time of:
    1 min wall sit
    40 backward walking lunges
    40 walking lunges
    Time = 12:00

    This whole WOD felt like one big wall sit! Legs were on fire after the first 40 lunges!
    FTR: Wall sits on rounds 2 and 3, AFTER the lunges was just plain cruel, Kevin!
    It was fun doing this WOD with you Gabrielle. Now I won’t be the only one with bruised knees πŸ™‚

    Good luck to everyone running in Legs for Literacy this weekend!

  30. WU X 2
    WOD : FRAN

    Thrusters (55#)
    Pull ups (blue band – medium?)

    Time 7:50
    Yeah Fran!
    30 seconds longer than July but with a narrower band πŸ™‚ and same thruster weight so happy with that. Interested to see what happens at the end of the 50 days!

    QOD: Have off-loaded weight once or twice (coach intervention) and have many times in the first round thought I would have to, but by second round weight seems o.k. I’m pretty sure this is mostly in my head and I need that first round to settle in the groove since it seems to happen even if I’m well warmed up on that weight.

  31. WUx2

    Strength: push press x 5

    4 rounds
    1 minute Wall Sit
    200m Backward Run
    200m Forward Run

    Time: 14:52

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