Friday’s QOD

What’d you think about the no music, no water challenge yesterday?

EMOTM for 20 min
5 Hang Power Cleans

*May increase in weight
*Post max load

Gilles gets his chest to the bar
Gilles gets his chest to the bar

52 thoughts on “Friday’s QOD”

  1. No water, no music – not a problem (once the heavy breathing starts who can hear the music!?!). Not being able to set my own pace and take a break along the way? That was the hardest part. Also pretty funny that so many people hate bucking furbees and more or less “chose” to do them by stopping their wall balls πŸ˜‰

  2. QOD: Don’t have time for water during any WOD so no problem there. Music on certain WOD’s will actually be worst like when doing skipping or other movements. Breaks my inner tempo.

  3. QOD: I prefer the music, I’ve always liked working out with music! I find it gives me something to focus on. Water, could easily do without. Any workout for time there’s not really time to drink anyway.


    Strength: Deadlifts
    75, 105, 125, 145 (last set would have been 165 but ran out of time before WOD).

    WOD: Hang Power Cleans EMOTM (every minute on the minute). Sets of 5, weight can go up each round.
    65×2, 75×4, 85×5, 95×8, 105×1

    I really enjoyed this workout, I find these very tough to do correctly. Thank you Marie-No for the help with the deadlifts and cleans! I’ve got notes written down for next time πŸ˜€

    I’m off to the south, returning on Wednesday next week! I’ll have about 20 extra lbs to lose so I’ll have to quick slacking off πŸ˜€

    1. Have a great time down south. You are only going for a week so hopefully it won’t be 20 lbs. I did gain 18 on my trip but I was there for 16 days. It was very worth it though. πŸ™‚

  4. WU x 1
    2 min skipping

    Strength: Shoulder press x 5

    95,115,135,145,150×4 (1 rep PR from last week)

    WOD: EMOTM for 20 minutes


    This was great. Until the rips came and psyched me out for my last rep. Had a temper tantrum and then I was fine.

    Thanks Marie-Noel for great class once again.

    1. Thanks guys.

      My hands are well aware how heavy they were. Blisters under calluses and tears everywhere. Rough but fun.

  5. QOD: Music, is it really needed – No. But is it really needed to watch a movie or a tv show? Its part of the atmosphere and sets the mood. I don’t need music to do dishes/clean either but it sure helps makes the task a little more enjoyable. Personally it doesn’t really matter if there is music or what type of music that is playing as I’m pretty well focused on the task at hand, but giving a choice I would rather have something I like playing in the background.

    As for water it really depends on the Wod. I don’t feel the Wall Ball challenge was a true test for the water part of the mission as there wasn’t that much opportunity to think about water. Today’s wod looks to be more of a test for a no water or wod that involves some running.

  6. QOD – I dont drink water during WODs, so no need for that. As for the music, I can never tell what song is playing when I workout, it’s just something to block out the silence, once the heat is on it doesnt really matter. I think the music is more for the benefit of those cheering. πŸ™‚

  7. Wux2
    Foam roll rx
    EMOTM for 20 min
    5 hagn power cleans
    Rob Brydges

  8. I was surprised that I really didnt need the music I’m all in my head anyway. Water breaks meh ko like u said not gonna die of dehydration in 15mins. The not able to rest thing killed.

  9. QOD-About the water, I don’t drink much but usually just a sip to wet my whistle (or an excuse to take a little break) πŸ˜‰ …and the music, once the WOD started last night, never even noticed. I did notice, however, Kimmy, Jeff, Mario, Chris, and Nick (I think not sure of name) doing my last 20 burpees with me! A better ‘high’ than music! Thanks everyone! πŸ™‚

    1. No problem! Jeff did it for me so I was paying it forward! I know it helped me get them finished.

  10. M x1 WU x2

    Strength – front squat

    WOD – EMOTM for 20 minutes
    1 @ 25
    1 @ 35
    10 @ 45
    7 @ 55
    Failed on 3rd of last set of 65#…..grrrrrrrrr………thought I had 60#…..

    Note to self for next time….learn to add!!!!

    Loved this WOD….

    1. Sorry little sis’ can’t help you with the math. Apparently addition problems are a family issue!!

  11. Mobility
    WU x2
    Strength Overhead Squats x5
    EMOTM 20 mins
    5 Hang Power Cleans

    Those got heavy fast even though the weight went up slowly! Nailed myself right in the trachea in the 3rd minute so I spent the rest of the WOD concentrating on not doing that again. I didn’t fail on any sets so I feel I could have pushed myself with a bit heavier weight. Still a good workout!
    QOD: I stopped bringing water over to my WOD area a while back when Kevin had another water restricted WOD day. I realized how I used it as an excuse to take breaks…as for the music, I didn’t miss it in yesterday’s WOD because there were no breaks( well no scheduled ones πŸ™‚ ) but today’s, where there was some time each minute, I was glad to have something else to focus on other than my wheezing and heavy breathing. I do like the music to drown out the sounds of everyone around me when the gym is busy that way I don’t focus on what they are doing but my own movements.

  12. Wux2
    Strength: Deadlift x5
    135-165-195-205-215 (getting heavy, harder to grip)

    EMOTM for 20 min
    5 hang power cleans

  13. Wux2

    Foam rollin’

    EMOTM for 20 min
    5 hang power cleans
    55-55-55-60-60-60-65-65-70-70-70-70-75-75-75-75-80-80-85 (dropped at 3)-85 (dropped at 4)

  14. Mobility + WU x 2

    Strength – Deadlift
    5 sets of 75, 85, 95, 105, 115, 125 (working on form, only 2nd time doing deadlifts as my strength, could have did more weight, next time)

    EMOTM for 20 Min
    5 Hang power cleans


    I was unsure about this WOD when I read it this morning, but I am glad I did it, I am suprised that I enjoyed it that much πŸ™‚

    Great coaching, learned a lot from Marie-Noel , thank you.

  15. What a great picture of Gilles!!

    QOD: I’m fine with no music and no water. I used to take too many water breaks and Kevin rewarded me by taking it away during a wod and I panicked. Soon after, I learned how to keep myself hydrated properly and if you’re properly hydrated, you don’t need it during your wods.

  16. WU x 2
    Push press
    5 reps EMOTM 20 min
    95-95-95-105-105-105-115-115-115-125-125-125-135-135-135-135f-135-135f-135-155(4 failed 5th)
    Score 135

  17. Mobility, WU x1, 800m run

    Strength – overhead squat – first time with weight!

    EMOTM / 20 minutes, hang power clean x 5
    2 @ 35
    3 @ 40
    2 @ 45
    5 @ 50
    5 @ 55
    3 @ 60

    Cashout – leg stretch (2x30s per leg)

    800m run for cool down

    Thanks Rob for the tips on my overhead squat!

  18. QOD: I don’t drink water during WODs, but I do like having music, not sure why because I can’t remember what was even playing after the workout is over. Must just be the background noise it’s soothing :).

  19. Mob
    Foam Roll Friday

    Emotm 20mins Hang Power Cleans
    Max load 135

    Cash out stretches and 800m run

  20. Had a great day at Trimble showing the rugby team the magic of CrossFit. Did a couple tests with them.
    DB Swings (35)

    25 burpees

    Then went to the 4:15 class (thanks Rob)

    EMOTM for 20min
    5 H.P.Clean

    (16025# in total)

  21. WU x 1 / Run 800m

    Back Squat x 5 (low rack)
    135-175-185-195-215-220 (PR Reps)

    WOD: “Epic Fail” (Just my own title)



    145(2)-x-x-x-x (left shoulder felt very odd/sore so I stopped in the 16th round

    Too much too fast. The hooked grip saved me, but my hands felt slippery and I finally started ripping. Learned a but from watching Coach Kevin finish the WOD. Great turnout and great effort by everyone (else)!

  22. WU x 1
    800m run

    member challenge
    20 burpee deadlifts @ 155#
    time= 57.58 sec

    WOD: EMOTM for 20 minutes

    Good workout, hook grip was key, ripped a callus halfway through WOD

  23. mob wux2
    foam rolling
    wod EMOTM for 20 min 5 hang power clean
    115- 115-115-125-125-125-135-135-135-135

  24. moibility
    Wux1 800m run

    EMOTM Overhead Squats

    5 mins 3 reps #105
    5 mins 1 rep every 30 secs #135
    5 mins 3 reps #105



    Next time maybe a little heavier on the last sets probably could have gotten a bit more weight. Great job tonight everyone!

  25. Emotm for 20 mins
    5 hang power cleans
    65 65 65 65 75 75 75 75 85 85 85 85 95 95 95 100 105 110 115 120

    Could have went a bit higher but didn’t want to increase too quick. That was fun πŸ™‚

  26. WU x 1

    800 m run

    Foam Rolling Fun!

    95 100 105 110 110 110 115 115 115 120 125 125 130 130 130 135F 135 135 140 145

    Great WOD lots of grunting!

  27. Mobility
    WU x 1
    800m run

    Strength: Front squats (x5)
    PR for reps πŸ™‚

    EMOTM for 20 minutes
    5 Hang Power Cleans

    Miscalculated weight. Thought I had 140# on the bar but it was 150#. When I attempted 155#, I thought it was 145#. My 1RM clean is currently 155#. This WOD proved to me that my mind (confidence) is probably my worst enemy when I get near my max weight.
    Hook grip saved me throughout this WOD (but my thumbs are a little raw right now)

    Great class Corinna. Awesome work 6:45 crew πŸ™‚

    1. Your a friggen beast! So inspiring to watch that yesterday! You should miscalculate weights more often!

  28. Back Squats x 5


    I think I was a litte too conservative with adding weight. I didn’t want to go too heavy too soon, but think I over compensated. Note for next time, I think I could have gone another 10#.

    Enjoyed this one.

    Water – depends on the WOD. The really quick ones I try not to drink. Otherwise, I am usually a heavy sipper during the work outs. I would miss it. As for music, I like having it, but I really only hear it early in the WOD, and then it zones out once I get going.

  29. Mobility
    WU x 1
    Run 800m – thanks for the company Jackie!

    Strength – Push Jerks

    EMOTM 20 mins
    5 Hang Power Cleans

    Was hoping to get to 85 but the 80 wasn’t going so well lol

    Fun wod! Thanks Corinna!

    QOD: I can go without water for the wod, but definitely need the music!!!

  30. Mobility
    WU x1
    Run 800 m

    No Strength

    EMOTM 20 mins
    5 Hang Power Cleans

    Sorry for my tourettes at that end of that one.. my 5th one slipped out of my hands!!!!!
    At least everyone can laugh at me πŸ˜‰

  31. Mobility
    WU X 1
    800m Run

    Foam Rolling

    WOD – EMOTM 5 Hang Power Cleans for 20 mins


    Just like Chris I failed the last rep of the final set. Very upsetting πŸ™

  32. WUx1
    800m Run

    Member Challenge – 20 Burpee Deadlifts for time (155#)

    Strength – Front Squats X5

    EMOTM 20 mins
    5 Hang Power Cleans

    Great work 5:45 crew!

    Have a great weekenf fella CrossFitters!

  33. WU x 1
    800m run

    Worked on false grip, but it was tough!

    WOD: EMOTM 5 HPC’s for 20 minutes

    Here is my funny experience of tonight’s WOD!

    Started out great! I had a plan and darn it I was going to stick to it!

    65-70-75-80-85-90-95-100-115. ” What do you mean there is not one single 2.5lbs or 5lbs plate in the gym?” Corinna throws two 10lbs plates on each side and jumps from 115-135 on the 10th set!! (failed the 5th rep)-135 (got all 5 reps) Jesus this is heavy and I still have 9 sets to go!!!!

    Corinna scans the gym…still no more 2.5lbs or 5lbs plates available!!! Gosh darn it! Oh well, I will take off my 2 10 lbs plates and stay at 115 until I can steal some lighter weights!! lol! 115- 115-115-115-120 (2.5 lbs plates became available! Thank you Jenna! I actually felt like I was stealing from you! lol!

    Three sets to go! Still no more smaller weights in the gym! Oh, screw it, I will throw my two 10 lbs plates back on and see how it goes! 140-140-140

    I said tonight that my highest weight was 135, but my crazy story helped me correct my math error.

    Despite everything, I loved this WOD!!!

  34. Mobility
    800 m run

    Back squat x5 55-60-65-70
    I was running low on time so I missed my last set.

    WOD Hang power cleans EMOTM for 20 min
    Started at 20# finished at 60#.

  35. Mob
    800 M run 6mins πŸ™‚
    Strength: Push Press 50-55-60-65-70

    Wod EMOTM for 20 mins
    5 hang power Cleans
    Started @ 45 to 80 NR on 85 last round.

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