Friday’s QOD


Who’s someone you haven’t been able to convince to try CrossFit? What’s their excuse(s)?

3 x 500m Row

Here’s what our athletes have to look forward to tonight!


79 thoughts on “Friday’s QOD”

  1. Argggghhhh! My husband! Stated reason? Bad back and chiropractic says no to weightlifting. Real reason? Hmmmm still working on that.

    But… Now have all 3 of my kids, both my sisters (go Tracy 🙂 ) and 4 of my students!!

    1. Heather, I am on the same page with you, I can’t convince my husband either. His excuse is his time schedule. I’m not giving up though.

      1. We need to come up with a strategy…I’m toying with “fundamentals” from the kids for Father’s Day. Harder to say no to the kids 🙂

      2. Oh Heather….that is a great idea for Father’s Day. Fundamentals or even Prep Course (if his schedule will allow). With the Prep Course he will at least get to experience classes and WODs first hand….and get hooked like the rest of us have!

  2. I’d like to take a video of Kevin attempting to walk down the stairs so all our athletes know what they have to look forward to come Sunday lol

    Good luck tonight everyone! May your balls hit the wall, may the double under gods be with you and should you get to the muscle-ups find your inner monkey and swing yourself to the top (don’t forget to lock out when you get there).

    And for some practical advice…drink lots of water today (and the next few days), take some fish oil, if you have compression shorts/pants wear ’em and if you’re brave enough go get yourself a bag of ice and take a nice freezing cold bath tonight.

    Here’s to kicking 12.4…er…I mean 13.3 in the balls!

  3. Strength OHS x 5 to 80#

    WOD 1.54.8; 1.57.8; 1.57.2

    Thank you Val for the encouragement on that last row. It would definitely have been slower without you.

  4. Valérie Arseneau

    QOD : my parents. They live SUPER close to the one in Beresford. They say they are too old, I say I work out with people their age and older. They say its too hard and intense, I say its scallable and intense is what brings results. Maybe someday I’ll do a WOD with mom. Or at least a home WOD!

    Strength shoulder presse
    5x 35-40-45-50-50


    Supper happy on the consistancy.

    1. 🙁 (As Chantal would point out if she was here) some of us are the very same age as your parents – but what’s probably more important is that we started when we were already old, fat and decrepit! It’s not that the “old folks” were aging athletes in good condition trying a new thing, many of us were in the worst shape of our lives when we started and now are in the best shape, doing things we didn’t/couldn’t do in our 20’s. So parents, don’t make get in my car and drive to Beresford!!! Good luck Val.

      1. Valérie Arseneau

        Also trying to get my brother to join. He admits that he would really like it but its a money issue for him. He currently works out in his basement. He lives 400m from Crossfit Exclusive in Beresford!

  5. Mob
    Strength Back Squat

    Wod Row 500mx3 rest 5min between
    1:39, 1:50, 1:46

  6. MO
    WU x2

    strength – push jerk @ 35-40-45-50-55

    WOD – 500 m row x3

    Good luck to all tonight!

  7. QOD:
    “I have too many knee/back/body part> problems to do that!”
    “It looks hard”
    “It’s too expensive”
    “Double Unders are too hard” … oh wait that’s MY excuse.

    I have pretty good (I think) responses to each of these, but in the end it takes the will of the person involved to take that first step. We can do a lot to make that step as easy and less stressful as possible though but I personally hope that by sharing my experiences I show that they can do this too and can be part of something special that might change their lives.

    1. Nicely said Blake. It is important that new members come because they see the value to their lives, not because they are tired of the nagging.

  8. Strategies for “Karen” (I’ll worry about DUs when I get there)?
    15 x 10? 10 x 15? 50-40-30-20-10? Unbroken?
    Some 40-20-20-15-15-10-10-10-5-5 combo?

    10-15 sec rest max., Squat clean your first rep(s), Elbows in, chest up…and don’t hit yourself in the face. Yes it takes your mind of your legs but not in a good way.

    1. I didn’t finish Karen last time (126 reps), and I am determined to get through them this time.
      Does anyone else wish the Muscle-Ups came before the Skipping…no? Hello
      But you can’t hide from your ‘goats’ in CrossFit, and I will be celebrating rep 151 more than most.

  9. Probably most of your parents are younger than me. Crossfit can be adapted to anyone’s level of fitness. My Masters class is proof of that for sure.
    Good luck tonight everyone.

  10. Mob
    Strength: Front Squat x5

    Wod Row 500mx3 rest 5min between
    1:49.8, 1:53.5, 1:52.9

  11. QOD: A good friend of mine that is unhappy with his physical health. Ironically, his reasons why not is that he must lose weight and get healthier before he can join.

  12. QOD: One of the excuses I hear most often is “I will try Crossfit, once I get in shape”. My response? “Crossfit will get you in shape!”. I think its easy to get intimidated when you see photos and videos of the elite Crossfit athletes doing their thing. I love how Kevin posts photos and videos of us average folks doing OUR thing. It proves that this sport truly is for everyone, regardless of age, weight, shape, fitness level or ability 🙂

  13. Mob
    Foam Rolling Friday

    Wod Row 500mx3 rest 5min between
    1:35:8 – 1:38 – 1:38:2

    Thanks for straping in my feet Amanda!

  14. MOB

    Strength = Snatch Practice x 5
    Worked technique at the lighter weights and so when I got to 105 they were going up very smoothly.
    Happy with my Snatch today!

    Row 500m x 3
    1) 1:51
    2) 1:55
    3) 1:57
    Total = 5:43

    Great work 4:15 crew!

    Good luck with the Open Wod tonight folks!
    When you’re done come down to Théâtre l’Escaouette (170 Botsford St.) and let me make you laugh! I’m in a really funny show called Nurse Jane Goes to Hawaii.
    Door open at 7:30, Curtain’s up at 8pm.
    We run tomorrow night at the same time and finish with a Sunday Matinee at 2pm.
    If you’ve no plans…. there are worse ways to spend $18.50 and 2 1/2 hours of your time.

    Happy Weekend!

  15. Mob

    Front squat x5 each

    3x500m 5 min rest


    My best prior to this was 2:06 so huge pr for me today! Felt so good to have all 3 under 2 mins.

  16. WOD 13.3

    152 reps

    Well as much as I dislike wallballs, I was happy to give this WOD a go. I missed it last year due to an injury. I didn’t think I would even touch the rope. I can say I was super pumped even though I caved under pressure and I could have gotten more DUs.
    Really fun night! Impressive performances!

  17. WOD 13.3

    Thanks for judging Sheldon, you kept me at a good pace and encouraged me to keep going! 🙂 Feeling it already hahah 🙂

  18. I guess I’ll post mine here with everyone else. Did it on Wednesday.

    252 reps

    Wall Balls – 6:07
    DU – 7:43
    MU – 12 in the remaining time. I haven’t done any since the shoulder injury at the beatdown, so happy to match last years score.

  19. WOD 13.3
    Score: 156 reps (PR of 30 reps)

    I had a plan and actually managed to stick to it. Happy to have no “no-reps” as it helped me keep a goopd rhythm. I didn’t have high hopes for the DUs but was happy to get to them. Lots of great PRs and firsts! Nice job CFM peeps!

  20. 13.3
    217 reps
    did wall balls in sets of 5 (except last one-10… didn’t get to that leg burning state)
    finished wall balls in 9:38
    than got 67 DUs… next time I hope to touch the rings

  21. 13.3
    240 reps
    Finished wall balls at 9:11
    Finished the DU at 11:45 and was able to jump on the rings for a little MU attempt. Lost the false grip on the first swing.

    Fun WOD. Thanks for the push, Rob. Totally helped!

    QOD: My dad. Past runner, football and hockey player. Strong as an ox and very competitive. He would love crossfit. He always tells me if he was 15 years younger, he would be all over it… sigh. 🙁

  22. 13.3 – 150 with 11 seconds to try for a DU but no luck.

    30 rep PR over 12.4 so I’m happy.

    Quads are already nice and sore….having flashbacks of the days that followed 12.4…..scared for the days to come.

  23. Kevin, thanks for verifying so quickly again. Now I have to go to bed before anything changes!!

  24. 13.3

    166 reps

    Made it into the second movement so Pr of 16 du from last year. Next year into the mu??

  25. 13.3

    117 reps

    Really happy with that… had only done wallballs once before with a 6#. We’ll see how happy my legs will be tomorrow.

  26. Had fun watching everyone on the 13.3. I am your biggest fan.
    Mob, WUx1,
    800 m 5 min 13 seconds
    Row 1 2:13.2
    Row 2 2:15.9
    Row 3 2:12.5

    Have a good week-end. Go easy on the stairs.

  27. Open WOD 13.3
    Score–> 164

    PR of 4 reps from 12.4
    Note to future Gabe: Cut down on WB Inefficiency. over 20% No Reps are way too many

    Excellent job CFM!!

    Thanks for the excellent judging Patrick!

    Have a great weekend fella CrossFitters!

  28. Open WOD 13.3 >>> Score: 58 Wall Balls

    The most I’ve used is the 6# ball, so this was another first for me! Thanks for judging, Marie-Noelle!

    Everyone did such an amazing job! That’s one of the best things about doing this in heats. Typically, during a regular workout, I’m still doing the WOD and everyone else finishes first, so I don’t get to see others and cheer them on. But this has been so great! I’m in awe of every one of you and SO inspired, too! 🙂

  29. WOD 13.3

    134 reps
    PR of 11 from last year
    I so wanted to reach 150 WBs, took too many rest breaks
    A lot of great performances last night!

  30. WOD 13.3

    193 reps
    150 wall balls @ 10:37
    43 DU’s
    Last year just finished the wallballs before running out of time, so happy for the PR.
    Completed WB in sets of 15-15-15-10-10- and then 5’s for the rest of them. Next time I’ll try Natacha’s strategy of 5 at a time & take shorter breaks.

  31. 13.3

    Score: 90

    Pretty happy with that score. Had no idea what to expect as I’d never used the 14# ball before….only the 6# and once with the 10# and I really struggled with it. Loving the Friday night atmosphere!

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