Friday’s QOD

Have you ever competed in anything (CF or non-CF related)?

Reminder that the gym is closed this weekend. We have 14 people competing in the Blizzard Beatdown in Dieppe atΒ Ecole St.Therese. Show time starts at 9am on Saturday (we have 4 guys in the first heat). Come out and cheer on your fellow CrossFitters.


AMRAP in 5 minutes
3 Consecutive Pullups

Rest 2 minutes

AMRAP in 5 minutes
3 Consecutive Pushups

Compare to May 29/12

Dominque puts up some big weight for her first week
Dominque puts up some big weight for her first week

117 thoughts on “Friday’s QOD”

  1. ValΓ©rie Arseneau

    QOD : All my life! Competed in figure skating as a kid, competed in ringuette as a teen (2 nationals and canada games), competed (and still competed) in ultimate frisbee (my goal is to go to a national someday).

    And I plan to sign up for Hopper this summer πŸ™‚

  2. oooh, I like the QOD. I haven’t been overly athletic but I LOVE to compete. Win or lose, I love it.

    So.. on my list of most memorable competitions:

    I was in high school wrestling in grade 11, and I competed at the provincial level.

    I have competed in some national softball tournaments (but let me clarify…I’m the worst player on the worst team. I’m no softball superstar, I just love to play)

    I competed in a Fear Factor challenge at one of the bars downtown shortly after I moved to Moncton.. I ate worms, maggots, raw eggs, and a cold wet cow tongue. Our team won!

    I competed in Shediac’s Surf-ivor event in 2005, and I won it.

    I compete in the Hoppers – my favorite competitions! I got a DNF in 2010, and last year I did it RX’d and finished under the time cap. Very proud of that.

    It’s not competing against other people that I enjoy, because I want the other people I’m competing with to do well as well..which is why I love Crossfit…it’s the only competitive thing I’ve done that allows me to cheer for the people I’m competing against without being seen as a weirdo. I do it because I love the spirit of competition.

  3. Strength frontsquats x 5

    Pull-ups 18 (same as last time)
    Push-ups 27 (1 round more)

    QOD: I never played on any sports teams as a kid, I was active though. I did compete in a public speaking contest in junior high and was a finalist! And I was in a bowling league for 2 years lol

  4. Competition is in my bones. Been doing it all my life.

    12 years of BMX racing
    Overnight treks in Scouts
    2 years of wrestling
    Sprint triathlons
    Adventure races (run+bike+kayak)
    Shediac Surf-ivor champ in 2007
    Road races (including a shitty marathon)
    All the Hopper Events
    All the CrossFit Opens (5 years)
    Made it to Regionals twice (individual and team)
    Catan board game master πŸ™‚

    Love the challenge!

  5. QOD:

    Played the following sports competitively
    Cross country ski
    Touch football
    Golf used to play 70-80 rounds a year and tournaments
    Curled one year

  6. QOD:
    Baseball (as a kid)
    Chess (throughout school years)
    Soccer, indoor & outdoor (highschool & 2012)
    100m sprint, 4x100m relay & 110m hurdles (Jeux de l’Acadie)
    Wrestling (brief stint in college)
    Legs/Literacy 5K (2011)
    Crossfit Moncton Hopper (2011-12)
    Crossfit Open (2011-12)

    1. While we’re at it, I also played competitive Magic:TG (collectible cards) for about a year in my early 20’s, stopped when I realised it was a money pit.

  7. Warmup x 1
    Foam rolled

    WOD rx’d
    22 sets of pull-ups (Amanda, I am taking away another round…my chin on my 3rd to last set was not over the bar)
    18 sets of push-ups
    PR! Last time my score was 17 & 17

    QOD: all my life!
    High school basketball, soccer, volleyball and track
    Competed provincially and nationally for track (800m, 1500m and high jump)
    Women’s league soccer and basketball
    2 crossfit hoppers
    2 crossfit opens
    Competed regionally as a team in the crossfit games 2011

    Love reading the answers to the QOD today. πŸ™‚

    1. lol suit yourself. I’m happy that you’ve been in a lot of my classes lately, I’m learning which areas I need to push you. πŸ™‚ You are a treat to coach!

      1. I appreciate your feedback and cheers so much. I hopped on the bar a few extra times because of it! Thanks!

  8. QOD:

    Track & Field
    Air Cadets (Competed in band competitions as a snare player and drill dream contests)
    The Crossfit Opens in 2012

    More recently and ongoing; Kyokushin karate. Not sure how much actual competing I’ll get to do but we’ll see.. Just showing up is a competition in itself…lol

    1. After reading Mario’s post, I forgot that I competed in the “Jeux de L’Acadie” in gymnastics as a kid though my career as a gymnast was quite short-lived I assure you…lol

  9. QOD:
    Softball (as a kid)
    Intramurals sports in Junior High
    Cross Country (through Junior High, Finished 3rd provincially in last year)
    Track (through Junior High and High School)
    Football – High School
    Rugby – High School
    5 x 5k races in the last 3 years
    The odd Slow Pitch tournament through work.
    1 Crossfit Open
    1 Crossfit Moncton Hopper

    AND last but not least, racing Amanda to the box in the morning, but there is no real competition there. Just when I think I have won, she passes me.

  10. QOD:

    I’ve always been involved in some kind of activity but never really got to a competition level… Swimming, Karate, Girl Guides, Middle school Soccer, Middle School Volley Ball, High School Hockey, CF Games open 2011 and 2012.

    I think I’m the wrong kind of competitive person. All those activities were ‘just for fun’ because I knew I wouldn’t win or get too far. I only feel like I’m competing when I have a chance of winning or making a good impression. OOPS.

  11. QOD:
    Throughout school: Soccer, Orienteering, Hockey, Basketball

    Post High-School: Ultimate Frisbee (three national tournaments), Softball, Pool, CrossFit Open 2012, CrossFit Moncton Hopper 2012, Luck Sevens Half-Marathon Relay (2012), Catan Jedi.

    I think the main difference now is that even though there are competitive environments, my biggest competition is myself. When I competed in the Open and Hopper last year, the crowds, pressure & the cheering really helped me dig deep and achieve more than I expected. Without CrossFit Moncton, I don’t think I would have tried any of the things I did in 2012.

  12. WU x 1
    3 min DU practice
    Foam roll
    WoD RX
    22 pull up
    23 push up
    Had 12 pull up with med. band last time and 19 push up….pretty happy with my PR

  13. QOD: All my life!!!!

    Female athlete of the year in my Grade 12 year. My high school was pretty small so let’s say my chances were good to win! smiles….

    Competed on the Provincial and National Newfoundland and Labrador broom ball teams. How many of you actually know what broom ball is? lol!

    Played University Hockey and Volleyball ( I was pretty much a project for both my coaches!) I was the bench warmer! lol!

    Played recreational volleyball, soccer, ball hockey, badminton, and basketball for most of my twenties.

    Laura taught me how to play tennis in my thirties…smiles. She beats me all the time!

    Completed a full Marathon in PEI (no hills) 4hrs 8 minutes and a half marathon in Saint John : 1:43:52 ( lots of crazy hills that just about killed me!!! )

    4 years of Cross Fit

    2 Hopper Events

    Regional Cross Fit Team Member in Toronto in 2011

    Attempted tree-go and had to be rescued from the zip line that held everyone help for 45 minutes at least while I dangled in the air thinking I was going to die. p.s. I have a huge fear of heights!!!

    Competing at the Bizzard Beatdown this week-end in the Master’s Category!

    1. We had broomball at UNB. Our residence was filled with newfs and we were the broomball champions 2 years in a row!

    2. I know what broomball is!! Alot of people from my hometown represented the NB team for Nationals! LOL

  14. QOD: I love all sports. I enjoy watching others compete but not really my cup of tea. I have participated in:
    Moncton League Ladies Tennis
    Moncton League Ladies Touch Football
    Highschool Field Hockey (no surprise lol)
    Enjoy Hiking and Biking a lot.
    I feel like I am doing a write up for an on line dating site lol.

  15. Pre-CrossFit I never really participated or competed in anything.
    Since starting CrossFit:
    The last 3 years of hopper events
    Last 2 years in the CrossFit Games Open
    Competed as part of the CFM team at Regionals in 2011

  16. QOD: High School Football

    3 min DU practice


    AMRAP in 5 minutes
    3 Consecutive Pullups – 8 w/ blue band

    Rest 2 minutes

    AMRAP in 5 minutes
    3 Consecutive Pushups – 14

    Cashout: Rowed 2k for time 8:29
    20s slower than my PR

  17. Mobility

    WU X 1

    1 min DU practice
    10 box jumps 12″ box
    10 box jumps 18″ box


    AMRAP in 5 minutes
    3 Consecutive Pullups – 13 w/ green band

    Rest 2 minutes

    AMRAP in 5 minutes
    3 Consecutive Pushups – 17

    Ran 400m.

  18. Gymnastics from Grd 2-7, competed @ provincials won silver.
    played volleyball in high school and a bit of field hockey in Junior high

  19. QOD: Synchronized Swimming for 13-14 ish years. Went to Provincials, Atlantics, Nationals and Canada Games. Won at Provincials and Atlantics many times….but never Nationals. (We didn’t swim 40 hours a week like they do in Quebec…)

  20. mobility
    wu x 1 add figure 4 & KBS @ 40 x 2
    3 mins practice
    DU got one
    Box jumps up to 18″ still not comfortable with that hight

    WOD : AMRAP 5 mins
    3 consecutive pull ups (2 blue bands) = 25 sets
    rest 2 mins
    3 consecutive push ups = 20 sets

    cash out – back stretch & Mackenzie push ups

  21. mobility
    wu x 1
    3 mins practice DU
    strength – foam roll Friday

    WOD : AMRAP 5 mins
    3 consecutive pull ups = 18
    rest 2 mins
    3 consecutive push ups = 30

  22. QOD

    Loved to read about everyone’s interests, talents and achievements.

    Soccer (from the age of 6 until today, play in Codiac Soccer’s indoor, summer and fall leagues.
    X-Country Ski (completed a 90km race, “Vasaloppet”)
    Floorball (a Swedish sport)
    Table Tennis
    Volleyball (university)
    Chess (still playing)
    Math (3rd place in a grade 8 German national competition – nerd lol)
    Jeopardy – every week, but tend to lose…

    And now I compete against myself every time I go do a WOD and that really motivates me!

    1. I’m happy to learn about your nerdy side, Sebastian!! A national math competition, that is impressive!!

  23. I didn’t work on skills, I was having fun with everyone else’s. Good job on the box jumps today, girls!

    WOD RX’d:
    Pullups: 22 rounds
    Pushups: 19 rounds

    I want to do it again because I’m having a hard time believing that I did that many pullups.. I counted my pennies twice and then Eric counted them and it all came out to 22 rounds, but it still seems like a lot..

    If it’s right, I got a 4 round pr on my pullups, and a 1 round pr on the pushups.

    I loved this wod. It was a great week of programming!

  24. Figure skating 7 years. I was brutal
    Basketball for my high school and Team PEI
    Volleyball for my high school and Team PEI
    Track and Field for my high school. I threw stuff. Never ran.
    Rugby for my high school, university and for both PEI(U19) and NB(senior)
    Inter murals all year at university…I too played Broomball
    I currently play basketball twice a week and have recently started playing flag football once a week. Love it.
    Form March-Oct I play rugby for Moncton. Thinking of tackle football this summer instead….
    And I am entering the Hopper this year! Commitment made.

    41 birthday burpees
    Strength Push Jerks x5
    105-115-125-130-140 (PR 10#)
    Ring Rows: 17 rounds
    Push Ups with 2 skinny purple bands: 18

  25. WU x 1
    Speed Ball Practice (ankles not up for DUs or box jumps)

    Cleans x 5
    Not a PR, but my form felt better overall (always stuff to work on though)

    WOD as Rx’d
    — Pullups: 26 rounds
    — Pushups: 24 rounds

    Fun WOD! Can’t wait to go at it again…check that, i CAN wait, but it will be fun!

    Great job 4:15-ers!

  26. WU x 1
    praticed DUs

    push jerk x5
    120-135-155-175-195 (3)

    AMRAP 5 mins
    – 3 Consecutive Pullups: 20 – not sure if I got a PR as I messed up my count last time.
    – 3 Consecutive Pushups: 23 PR of 1 round

    good luck to all the competitors this weekend!

  27. Mobility
    Wu x 1
    3 minute of DU practice Old PR was 10 now it’s 19
    Foam rolling friday

    WOD Rx’d

    28 rounds on both

    Pr of 13 rd on pullups
    Pr of 8 rd on pushups

    Really happy with this.

  28. Mobility
    WU x 1

    3 minutes of double unders
    (109 on the first set – PR of 8 reps)
    Strength: Backsquats x 5
    115-130-145-160-170 (PR of 10# for reps)

    24 rounds of Pull-ups
    29 rounds of push ups

    Great job 4:15

  29. MOB WUx1
    Double Under practice

    Foam Rolling instead of strength.

    WOD as Rx’d

    20 rounds of Pull Ups
    22 rounds of Push Ups.

    Grip fatigue was a major factor after last nights toes to bar session.

  30. Sooo many competitive athletes in the house!! But for the rest of us “mere mortals” I haven’t played a competitive sport since middle school…until crossfit! Participated in the CFT Games last year and I’m so glad that I did! I declined an invitation to participate in my first year at CFT and I shouldn’t have. Games 2012 was a great experience – I did things I had never done in the gym.

    So even if you aren’t a former “all star” it’s not too late to challenge yourself to compete.

    And to those competing in Beatdown tomorrow, good luck even though you don’t need it πŸ™‚

  31. @ Home (noon)

    EMOTM 5 min Backsquat 45# = 100 (20-20-20-20-20) 100 reps/4:50
    (Mega leg burner…)

    @ CFM (5h45)

    DU Practice >> WOD “Flight Simulator” (10m cap) = 50’s+12reps (PR from 40’s(up)+Xreps)

    Box Jumps: up to 41.25 in (very close to my PR if not mistaken… have to check older book)

    WOD Rx = 30 + 27 (PR from 25 + 20)

    Today was a good day for me… hadn’t gotten any PRs in a while, especially on anything DU related.

    Good job 5h45!!

  32. Mob Wu x 1
    Practiced a bit of Skipping and Box jumps to see how my heel holds out.
    Strength OHS 20 x 5 25 x 5 30 x 5 35 x 4
    AMRAP 5 min 3 consecutive pull ups green band
    22 rounds
    AMRAP 5 min 3 consecutive push ups from toes on blue band
    22 rounds
    Enjoyed reading everyones posts today. Good luck Blizzard people. Can’t wait to to watch you guys in action.

  33. Chantal Guerette

    WU x 1
    Practiced box jump for 3 minutes… Thanks Evan for the tips πŸ˜‰ PR 31 inches !!

    Foam Rolling Friday felt amazing haha

    AMRAP 5 mins
    – 3 Consecutive Pullups: 23 (with tiny band)
    Rest 2 minutes
    AMRAP 5 mins
    – 3 Consecutive Pushups: 26 (knee pushups)

    QOD : Yes I competed in dance a long time ago. I didn’t really like competition at that time but for some reason, I love compition now !! Looove competing against myself annnnnd others at Crossfit πŸ˜€

    Good luck to everobody who will compete tomorrow in the Blizzard Beatdown ! I might drop by for some serious cheering πŸ˜›

      1. I had as much fun just watching you! Loved your excitement about the box height. Great job πŸ™‚

  34. Mobility
    WU x 1

    3 minutes box jump practice >> tonight was the first time I jumped the 12″ box (I’ve previously used 2 45# plates or that long gray box…not sure of the height).

    That was exciting! πŸ™‚

    Foam Rolling + Lacrosse Ball work

    WOD: β€œTrio”

    AMRAP in 5 minutes 3 Consecutive Pullups >> Sub: Ring Rows

    Rest 2 minutes

    AMRAP in 5 minutes 3 Consecutive Pushups >> Knees

    SCORE: 15 + 17

  35. QOD: I was in Soccer and Badminton that had competitions and in other things that was just for fun, no competition πŸ™‚

    3 mins of practice double unders
    Foam roll and lacrosse ball

    AMRAP in 5 mins of 3 consecutive pulls ups : Score: 15 rounds
    AMRAP in 5 mins of 3 consecutive push ups: Score 17 rounds

    Good job everyone! And good luck to everyone competing this weekend!

  36. Mobility
    41 birthday Burpees
    Foam Roll Friday – my back has been really bothering me, maybe time to do physio or visit a chiropractor?

    AMRAP 3 min
    3 pull-ups (green band)

    Rest 2 min

    AMRAP 3 min
    3 pushups (up on knees, down in plank)

    11 + 14

  37. Mobility

    Warm Up

    OHS 5x
    120-130-140×2-135×2 …hmm I was suppose to go up to 155. Back to the drawing board I guess.

    WOD Rx: 25 rounds on both

    Nice work 4:15 class! That was fun!

    1. Good job man you got me going on those push up a couple time i was thinking i cannot then i saw you going for a round so i was like i have to go lol

  38. mobility
    wu x 1
    3 min of singles and a few DU

    WOD Rx’d: 20 and 29

    QOD: volleyball (Juvenile Nationals), track and field (Jeux de l’Acadie), field hockey, soccer, ultimate frisbee (one national) mainly…

    good luck to all tomorrow!

  39. Mobility
    WU X 1

    Box jumps to 24 inch plus 2 45#plates – didn’t measure for accurate height.

    Dead lifts X 5

    *tried traditional stance and back still rounds just before touching, rest at sumo stance.


    Pull ups with black band – 8 rounds (18 rds ring rows last time)
    Push ups – 21 rounds (19 rounds last time)

  40. QOD
    softball, baseball, volleyball, basketball, hockey, golf (scratch at one point), tennis, squash, cycling, triathlon (highlight in 2008 Ironman Florida), (and I’m sure I’ve left out a bunch of stuff) and now Crossfit.. my list is longer than most as I had sports ADD, lol.. oh something shiny over there! lol.. Triathlon and Golf are the longest running spanning decades and I believe that Crossfit will outlast them all.

    1x WU
    speed ball work for 5 minutes

    23 rounds of pullups (pr of 3)
    26 rounds of pushups (exact same as last time but felt way worse this time! πŸ˜‰

    great job coaching tonight Corinna.. awesome job 5:45

    Good luck to all the Beatdown peeps over the weekend, we’ll be there tomorrow morning cheering you on!!

  41. QOD:

    Softball and volleyball team in Highschool
    Provincial Math Competitions in Highschool
    Intramural everything in University
    “Patient Counselling Champion” in 1992 at Dal Pharmacy
    Lots of 5 and 10K races
    Figure Competition (its like a Fitness Competition without the gymnastics routine) in 2008
    Sprint Triathlon in 2011
    Duathlon in 2011
    CrossFit Games Open in 2012
    Crossfit Moncton Hopper in 2012

    Yeah, so… I guess I have a competitive personality. I like to think I am quietly competitive…not an “in your face”, “eat my dirt”, “you’re going down” kind of competitive. Competition motivates me and I know I get more out of myself when its there πŸ™‚

  42. Mobility
    WU x 1
    Practice DU’s for 3 min
    Lacrosse ball love on lev scap and pecs

    Pull Ups – 14 rounds
    Push Ups – 20 rounds

    PR of one more round for each. Had 13 and 19 in May. I’ll take it πŸ™‚

    Great work 5:45 crew!

    Best of luck to all the Beatdown Competitors tomorrow! Your nerves will dissipate as soon as you hear 3-2-1 GO, and the adrenaline will take over. Its just like any other WOD you would tackle at CFM, but with lots more cheering. Feed off it πŸ™‚ Have fun and enjoy the ride!

    1. Great work tonight Lora. Wish you were competing along side me tomorrow. You quiet competitive personality pushes me to work harder! I will miss you tomorrow!

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