Friday’s QOD

How strong is strong enough? Or how fast is fast enough? Is there such a thing?

“The ย Century Club”

25 Shoot-throughs
25 Pullups
25 Double Unders
25 Handstand Pushups

Working on a goat
Working on a goat

85 thoughts on “Friday’s QOD”

  1. Valรฉrie Arseneau

    WUx2 (+ a lot a yawning)
    Strength – Shoulder press
    5x 35-40-45-50
    3x 55
    felt very weak. Could feel that I havent been to the box in 2 weeks.

    The Century Club
    25 shoot-throughs (last 20 on knees)
    25 pull ups
    25 DU
    25 HR push ups

    Push ups are still one of my goats. Need to get to the box more regularly to get my upper body strength up.

    Oh boy 6am is early!

    1. it was nice to see you & Christine this morning! I love it when evening people try the early morning classes!

    2. Valรฉrie Arseneau

      oh and my time was 9:42.

      Ate like crap yesterday and I really felt it in today’s WOD

  2. WU x 1

    Member challenge = 49 burpees
    I would have gotten 50 if I hadn’t stopped but I thought I might puke! Lol

    WOD scaled
    75 singles
    HSPUs with 25# plate and ab mat

    Time = 14 something, didn’t right it down.

  3. WU x 1

    DU practice and box jump practice

    WOD: “Century Club”

    25 Shoot Throughs
    25 pull ups
    25 DUs
    25 HSPU

    RX’d in 9:12

  4. WU x 2

    Foam roll / lacrosse ball …. do I get a paleo point for this, or does it have to be done on a non-WODing day ?

    The Century Club (last time I heard this it was back in university and it had to do with beer, a shot glass and drinking EMOTM for 100 minutes ๐Ÿ˜€ )

    25 Shoot throughs (I consider mine half jump throughs)
    25 Pull ups(black)
    25 Double Unders
    25 Hand release pullups

    TIme: 8:53

    Nice to see some evening peeps show up at 6 am ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. It would be on a non WODing day.
      You get 1 bonus point for either doing a WOD or mobility (which is today’s topic on the paleo blog) up to a max of 5 bonus points per week.

    2. *Note for next time: Pushups on shoot throughs (only) were from the knee

      AND I’m pretty sure only a ninja can perform hand release pullups ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. QOD: As long as you don’t neglect the other components of fitness as well as proper technique, I believe that in Crossfit there is no such thing as too strong or too fast.

  6. What CFT trainer says/demos:
    First using the paralettes perform a plank push up, then in one fluid motion swing your body through the paralettes and position yourself to perform a perfect dip with textbook extension at the top. Finally reverse the fluid motion and return to the push up position. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ (Happy faces would be butterflies if I knew how to make them!!)

    What cft member hears:
    Start with one of my goats and make it worse by doing it on the parallettes; stumple my amply proportioned lower torso between narrowly spaced parralettes; if arms are still working drop my ample bottom to the floor; recover from that and get myself back where I started so that I can take another shot at it; thus the term “shoot throughs”. Hmmm sounds like “fun” :s

    WU x 2

    Foam roll / lacrosse ball/band/Amanda ๐Ÿ™‚ hamstrings, shoulders, wrists

    The Century Club (so named because you’ll feel 100 years old when you are done)
    25 Shoot throughs (planked the first 10)
    25 Pull ups(blue)
    25 Double Unders (unbroken)
    25 Hand release pullups

    TIme: 10:40 (?) which felt like forever!! Took almost exactly half the time to do the shoot throughs. Tough movement.

    Have a great weekend everyone!!

    1. Great job Heather! I want you to show me how to do 25 Hand Release Pullups! This might come up as a member challenge ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. WU x 1
    Deadlifts x 5
    25 shoot throughs
    25 pull ups
    25 du( 75 singles)
    25 HSPU( 45#plate& ab mat)

  8. mobility
    wu x 2
    no strength foam roll Friday

    WOD : The Century Club
    35 shoot-troughs (screwed up forgot to dip on my first 8-10- reps but did the first 15 plank)
    25 Pull ups ( 2 blue band should have used 1 blue on purple)
    scale – 73 single
    scale – HR Push ups

    Time = 8:32

  9. mobility
    wu x 2
    no strength foam roll Friday

    WOD : The Century Club
    25 shoot-troughs
    25 Pull ups
    25 Double unders
    scale โ€“ HR Push ups

    Time = 8:22

  10. WU x 2

    25 Shoot throughs – from knees (Shot through some, seemed like I crawled through others)
    25 Pull ups(blue band)
    25 Double Unders
    25 Hand release pullups

    TIme: 9:13 (I think, or was it 53!… can’t remember the seconds and don’t have book on me)

    HAve a great weekend! My arms/ shoulders hurt!

  11. Warmup
    Cleans (5) 55-85-105 (felt terrible…ugg..and technique was worse) 85

    WOD with abmat
    Pull-ups felt great. I think I found my rhythm again. HSPU were rough after all those shoulder killer movements. Great job 6amers. Loved seeing some new faces. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Mobility WUx1

    EMOTM Squat Cleans

    5 mins 3 reps #135
    5 mins 1 rep every 30 Secs #165
    5 mins 3 reps #135

    9:19 RX

    Good coming in with the 8:30 crew. Didn’t have my bacon and eggs before going though didn’t feel right. Need bacon.

      1. We each add up our benchmark times. Lowest total wins. Losers does 100 burpees + 20 burpees for every second off the winner’s score.

      2. that sounds dangerous specially since at the moment you have me beaten by 5 secs ill think about it ๐Ÿ˜›

      3. I only got your row by 1 i was 7:48 you were 7:49 and you had 3:27 on the burpee KBS i had 3:33 6 sec difference so it’s 5. Getting way to into the math on this rofl.

  13. Mob
    Foam Roll and Lacrosse ball work
    Took a day to rest ( kinda )
    Rowed 2k – 8:09
    Skipped for 2mins

    1. Yep, why I totally eliminated sugars in all it’s forms. Feels much better since I did as well ๐Ÿ™‚
      Great post.

  14. WU x 2

    Got my first Bar Muscle Up!

    Push Press x 5
    Always a pleasure sharing the bar Eric!

    โ€œThe Century Clubโ€
    — 25 Shoot-throughs
    — 25 Pullups
    — 25 DU (scaled to 75 Singles)
    — 25 HSPU (Rx for 1st ten, abmat + 10# plate for last seven)
    92 reps… got to the HSPU with time but…died.
    Looking forward to hitting this one again…later

    AMRAP in 5 min of Double Unders:
    35 reps … no gas left in the tank.

    Fun Workout!

  15. Played with some clean and jerks up to 215.

    WOD rx’d

    Shoulder burner. Note to self, don’t go too fast at at the start. You’ll regret it later.

  16. Mobility
    WU x 2

    Foam rolling instead of strength

    WOD: “The Century Club”

    25 Shoot-throughs (aka ‘crawl throughs’ after about 10 of them)
    25 Pullups (Ring Rows)
    25 Double Unders (Singles)
    25 Handstand Pushups (HR Pushups)

    So…scaled everything and finished over the time cap (12:49).

    However…HUUUUGE thank you to Coach Corinna for making me finish the WOD!

    Now I have a whack of goals for next time! ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Mobility
    WU x 2

    Strength : Front Squats x 5


    WOD as Rx 10:16

    Got to the wall at around 4:16 – Those HSPUs were brutal tonight !!!! Lol

    Great job 4:15 and nice sharing the bar with you Blake !

  18. Mobility
    Wu x 1
    practiced du’s
    wod almost rx’d
    got to the wall in under 3 minutes and shoulders had no strength left, did 10 hspu rx the rest with abmat. just couldnt get that last bit of extension, kind of dissapointed in that…
    on a good note I was able to string together 5 and 6 du’s at a time.

  19. WUx2

    Member Challenge 46 burpees in 2 minutes

    Foam Rolling + lacross ball on shoulders

    โ€œThe Century Clubโ€

    25 Shoot-throughs (So so)
    25 Pullups (Fast)
    25 Double Unders (Brutally slow)
    25 Handstand Pushups (Scalled to hand Release Pushups)

    Time–> 9:56

    Excellent work 5:45 crew!

    Have a great weekend fella CrossFitters!

  20. Mobility
    Wu x 2

    lacrosse ball on the shoulders

    โ€œThe Century Clubโ€

    25 Shoot-through’s (scaled to walk through )
    25 Pull ups
    25 Double under’s (scaled to 75 singles)
    25 Handstand push ups (scaled to pike push ups)

    Timeโ€“> 8.16

  21. mob
    WU x 2

    foam roll, lacrosse ball, shoulder stretching.

    25 shoot throughs
    25 pullups
    25 DU (75 singles)
    25 HSPU

    13:14 struggled mightily with the HSPU.. need to get back to practice on these.

  22. Strength: back squats
    5x 110-120-140-150-165

    WOD with ab mat and two 25# plates

    Had 3 HSPU left at the buzzer (12 minutes cap). Fun wod!

    Good QOD today, it sparked a very interesting question over supper. For me, for right now, so long as I know I’m doing as much as my body can do without pushing myself to injury, it’s enough.

  23. Mob, Wu x 2 Blue Band
    WOD: Century Club Scaled
    25 Shoot-throughs…lets be clear.. there was not a whole lot of shooting through going on in my paralette bars.
    25 pull ups green band
    25 kbs 15 lbs
    25 hand release push ups (some toes some knees).
    Nice working out next to you Kelly. Welcome to CFM.
    Thanks Corinna for another great class. I love starting the week end hanging out with crossfit buddies.

  24. Chantal Guerette

    WU x 2

    Strength : Back Squats 5 x 65-75-85-95-100

    WOD “The Century Club”
    – 25 Shoot Througs
    – 25 Pullups (tiny band)
    – 25 DU
    – 25 Pick Pushups
    Time : 8:26

  25. mobility
    wu x 2

    shoulder press 5 rm to 75#

    25 shoot throughs (tough)
    25 pullups (not bad)
    75 singles (restful)
    25 hspu with ab mat (tough and slow)

  26. Mobility
    WU x 2

    Strength: Deadlifts x 5

    WOD: Century Club
    25 Shoot-throughs (walk-throughs…)
    25 Pull-ups (black)
    25 DUs (75 singles)
    25 HR Push-ups

    Time: 9:54

  27. WOD:
    25 Shoot Throughs
    25 pull ups (med. blue band)
    25 Du’s
    25 HSPU with ab mat + 25# plate
    Time = 11:35

  28. Mobility
    WU x 2
    Foam Rolling Friday

    WOD ” The Century Club”

    25 Shot Throughs
    25 Pullups
    25 Double Unders
    25 HSPU(first 10 where with abmat and 25# plates and
    last 15 where with just abmat)


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