Friday’s QOD

What are your “crutches” in a workout? Example – being 5 feet from the chalk bucket or using the same pull-up bar.

AMRAP in 10 min
5 Deadlifts (choose your own weight)
7 Reverse Burpees
9 Plank Switches

Welcome to CFM Wendy!
Welcome to CFM Wendy!

82 thoughts on “Friday’s QOD”

  1. ValΓ©rie Arseneau

    QOD – I always use the same bar for my warm up but during a WOD I dont necessarly use that one. I don’t think I have crutches… If I do, I haven’t noticed them yet lol.

  2. Foam Rollin!

    WOD deadlifts @ 115#

    7 rounds + 2 DLs

    Ohhhh I liked this one! Plank switches are challenging. Fun Friday!

    QOD: I pace, I chalk. Repeat.

      1. Sprained my ankle last night at basketball practice. Got crutches today and it was feeling a bit better, then a ball went up on top of the folded bleachers at practice tonight. No one could get it down so I decided to climb them.…the girls suggested it wasn’t a good idea…my response, “”Frig this, I’m a crossfit guy!”…lol. Then later one of them kicked a ball and hit me in the ankle. Needless to say it’s sore again.…lol. On a more positive note my daughter observed a CF class today and will be joining soon.

  3. Mobility

    Power Clean x 5

    AMRAP in 10 mins
    5 Deadlifts (choose your own weight – 135#)
    7 Reverse Burpees
    9 Plank Switches

    Score: 5 rounds

    I think I was only successful on about 50% of the reverse burpees in the first few rounds. My feet were close to me, but not wide enough…only realized in the 4th round…

  4. Wux2
    Foam roll
    AMRAP in 10 min
    5 Deadlifts (choose your own weight)
    7 Reverse Burpees
    9 Plank Switches
    -6 + 1 rev burp
    Rob Brydges

  5. Quick warm-up between classes.

    WOD at 205#
    8 rounds + 1 DL

    RB slowed down. Need more kick-back to get momentum.

  6. Mobility

    Back Squat x 5

    AMRAP in 10 mins
    5 Deadlifts (choose your own weight – 145#)
    7 Reverse Burpees
    9 Plank Switches

    Score: 8 rounds

  7. I don’t think I have any crutches as of yet. But maybe I haven’t noticed either.
    Wu x 2 dl instead of Pullups
    Strength dead lift
    185/315/335/355 ran out of time
    Wod amrap in 10 minutes
    5 deadlift @ 225
    7 reverse burpees (weird to get used too)
    9 plank switches (harder than anticipated)
    7 rds 4 reverse burpees fun Wod.

  8. Mobility
    WUx2 Deadlifts instead of Pull ups

    Push Jerks worked on technique at 45, 65… then x 1 70-75-80-85 (PR)
    Thanks for your help Amanda… popping the knees really helps. I’ve been trying it all day!

    AMRAP in 10 mins
    5 Deadlifts (choose your own weight – 125#)
    7 Reverse Burpees
    9 Plank Switches

    Score: 6 rounds + 1 reverse burpee

    Compared to regular burpees… I absolutely LOVE reverse burpees!

  9. Foam Rollin!


    5 KB deadlifts @ 35#
    7 Burpees
    9 Plan Switches

    5 rounds

    Great Morning!! Thanks for the great coaching Amanda πŸ™‚

    QOD: I always need to use the same pullup bar for Warm Ups and Wod’s. I also like to do the WOd’s closer to the back by the pullup bars.

  10. great picture Wendy! Happy to have you with us!

    QOD: I have a few.
    1. I like to be at the front of the room.
    2. I don’t push myself very hard on my own in wods so I need people to push me. I’m just not focused enough.
    3. I have to have someone watching me do my strength or I won’t finish my sets. lol

  11. Mob
    Wux2 dead lifts instead of pullups
    Foam roll
    AMRAP in 10 min
    5 Deadlifts (choose your own weight) 115#
    7 Reverse Burpees ( reg burpees )
    9 Plank Switches
    5 rounds total

    Reply ↓

  12. WU x 2 w/ DL

    5 x 5 HSPU Rx’d
    Only got 4 in last set…doh!

    WOD: AMRAP 10 min of:
    — 5 Deadlifts @195#
    — 7 Reverse Burpees
    — 9 Plank Switches

    Score: 6 rounds + 5 DL
    Need to use hands to snap back up quicker on R.Burpees, but another fun WOD with some neat “new to me” movements!

  13. QOD: I am a chalk-a-hall-ic

    A few power cleans to work on form
    WOD @ 135lbs – 8 rounds plus 2 switch planks.

    Like this WOD but it was rough on my quads. Nice working out with the 4:15 crew. Great coaching, Rob!

  14. WU x 2

    OHS x 3: 65-75-85-95-105


    WOD: AMRAP 10 min of:
    – 5 Deadlifts @135#
    – 7 Reverse Burpees
    – 9 Plank Switches

    7 Rounds + 5 DL + 6 RB
    Really liked this WOD

    A few firsts for me today: 1) First time at the 4:15 Class. Really like this time slot & got to see some new faces. 2) First class with coach Rob. Great job! 3) First time doing switch planks. These are really tough.

    1) I like the same pull up bar, but I think that has more to do with it being the only bar at that “perfect” height for me.

    2) My weights on each end of end of the bar need to be a matching set.

    1. OMG I am with you on the matching weights….I’m ashamed to admit I’ve even changed other people’s plates if they didn’t match. Yes. I know. I have a problem…

  15. Wux2(sub pullups for deadlifts)

    Foam rolling Friday

    AMRAP in 10 min
    5 Deadlifts @ 150#
    7 Reverse Burpees
    9 Plank Switches

    9 rounds + 1 DL

  16. WU x 2 (DL I/O Pull ups)

    Front squat x 3


    WOD – AMRAP in 10 min

    5 Deadlift 185 lbs
    7 Burpees
    9 Plank Switches

    6 rounds + 5 deadlift

    Crutches I don’t like any of the bars with the big knurls or the larger diameter ones.

  17. Mobility
    WU x 2 (deadlifts instead of pull ups)

    No strength

    AMRAP 10 min
    5 Deadlifts @ 185#
    7 burpees (scaled because of neck)
    9 plank switches
    Total = 7 rounds + 1 DL

    Huge class @ 5:45. Great coaching Jeff πŸ™‚

  18. QOD: I like the older 45# bars. Not the shiny new cheese-grater ones. I also used to have a favourite pull up bar, but since the reno I’ve been forced to adapt πŸ˜‰

  19. I guess my crutch is that I like to be early for each class. Other than that, pretty easy going.
    I visited crossfit xclusive today
    Wod bobby beaudet
    Burpee box jump 24 inch
    Mnt climbers (double)
    Kbs. 30#
    Time 6:53

  20. Mobility

    Practiced a few reversed burpees.

    AMRAP in 10 mins

    5 Deadlift (40 lbs)
    7 Reverse Burpees
    9 Plank switches (had to do them on my knees)

    Score: 5 rounds and 4 reverse burpees.

    I’m glad that I tried the reverse burpees. Before starting the class I had told myself that I was doing regular Burpees but then decided to give it a try. It was awkward but I got through it! πŸ™‚

  21. Mobility WUx1

    EMOTM Front Squat
    5 mins 3 reps #135
    5 mins 1 rep every 30 secs #180
    5 mins 3 reps #135

    AMRAP 10 mins

    5 Deadlifts #205
    7 Reverse Burpees
    9 Plank Switches

    Score: 8 Rounds 4 Deadlifts

  22. WU x 2

    [email protected] 135 lbs

    7 rounds + 3 RB

    Before going tonight I did not even think I could do a reverse burpee so I am stoked that I was able o do them.

    Fun WOD.. Thanks for coaching Ron!

    Max pull-ups : 22

    1. Well done Corinna! I wasn’t sure who was ahead at the end . Made me push hard through the burpees and the plank switches πŸ™‚

  23. Mob
    Wu x 2 (DLs instead of PUs)

    Strength : OHS x 5

    Wod @ 150#

    7 rounds + 7 reverse burpees
    DLs slowed me down. Wasn’t feeling it tonight at all.

    Great job 6:45. Nice seeing you Shawn!

    1. Nice work Eric! It has been a crazy week of WODs. A little slower pace on Friday night is to be expected πŸ˜‰

  24. Mob, Wu x2
    Worked on ring dips with a med yellow band.
    Practiced dead lifts, reverse burpees and plank switches
    WOD AMRAP 10 mins
    5 Deadlifts at 60lbs
    7 Reverse Burpees
    9 Plank Switches
    Score: 6 rounds completed

    QOD; My crutches are endless. I need to be in the back, set up my equipment way before WOD start time and of course have Corinna demonstrate the WOD exercises to me 10 times…I then make her watch me practice it 10 times… If I could arrange it I would have a sports psychologist by my side also lol.
    PS. Welcome Wendy to crossfit Moncton. Great pic.
    Thanks Ron for a fun class.

    1. 6 intense, completed rounds that were done properly from start to finish = RESPECT. It’s all about what you put into the WOD and you were awesome.

  25. QOD:
    1. I have a favourite pull-up bar so when I am unable to use it, I get a little uneasy.
    2. Need to have matching weights.
    3. The handles of the box jumps cannot be facing me when I jump.. They must be to the side.
    4. Have to be on a full size mat without any gaps or spaces when I do my double under’s.
    5. Must be wearing my black headband.
    6. Need to know that the infamous white powder is in close proximity.

    I am sure that I can list many more, but I do not want anyone to have me admitted… lol!

    1. All but #5 applies to me as well, I never realized how many I had until I read your post tho!!

    2. LOL! I never thought about the handles of the box jumps before reading your post…but you can be damn sure they are going to weird me out now if they are facing me.

      1. LOL Kev!

        Corinna your list is funny! And yes I think the box handles are going to bother me now too!

    3. Why does it not surprise me that u have the longest list!!!! LOL. And I have all of them too!! πŸ˜‰

  26. WU x 2 (deadlifts instead of pull ups)

    Foam Rolling + 4 min of Planks
    Lacross Ball on Shoulders and arms
    6 easy pace skin the cats

    AMRAP in 10 min
    5 Deadlifts @ 185#
    7 Reverse Burpees
    9 Plank Switches

    7 rounds + 3 Plank switches

    Quite happy despite lack of sleep this week.

    QOD: I don;t think I have any. Just take what I have I guess and all seems to work out OK πŸ˜‰

    Great job 5:45 crew!

    Have a great weekend fella CrossFitters!

  27. Mob
    WU x 1

    Foam rolling / lacrosse balling Friday πŸ™‚

    5 Deadlifts @ 115#
    7 Burpees… not ready for reverse ones yet
    9 Plank switch… really like these

    5 rounds + 2 burpees

    Wooweee! This one took me by surprise and was more of a lung burner than I expected.

    Crutches… The only that i’ve noticed is that I only like doing my mobility and warmup in the warmup room… I’m just starting to come out of my comfort zone and venture out into the gym more often.

    1. Great work Maddy! and I have to agree with Lora….not a fan of anything revolving around planks lol

  28. QOD
    1: matching weights (and I know they say they weigh the same Kevin but they don’t)
    2: early set up for WOD same as Laura, and I watch my set up area like a hawk in case anyone encroached on my space! lol..
    3: no chalk on my pullup bar, if there is i wipe it down (chalk causes tears in my opinion, and i’ve never torn so it must be true)
    4: used to (better at this now) close my eyes when I row, much faster that way!
    5: box jumps i’m always on the big door side of the gym and I jump down hill (some of you know what I mean! lol)
    6: situps I always face the back wall of the gym, sloped floor thing again!

    and the list probable goes on.. these were the quick and easy version..

  29. ValΓ©rie Arseneau

    WU x 2

    Strength Deadlift
    5x – 95 -105-115-125-135

    5 Deadlifts @ 95#
    7 Reverse Burpees
    9 Plank switch

    8 rounds + 4 reverse burpees

    I liked this one! Reverse burpees burned my legs after 5 reps! Though but fun.

  30. Thanks so much for the welcome photo cause some day that will be the “THE BEFORE” photo πŸ™‚

    wu x2
    deadlifts : 5x45lbs
    Strengh: Front Squat
    5 deadlifts
    9 plank switches (modified)

    5 rounds in 10 mins

    Thanks Rob and Bev !!

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