Friday’s QOD

As a follow-up question to last week, what do you think makes a good athlete to coach?


5 Rounds of:
400m Run
15 Overhead Squats (95/65#)

Compare to July 2/11

Cheyenne rocking the pushups

47 thoughts on “Friday’s QOD”

  1. Tomorrow is Preggo Day – bring a pillow or something to stuff under your t-shirts to resemble a pregnant belly and do the WOD with it.

  2. A good person to coach is someone who is focused on learning. Someone who will take their coach’s advice on form and technique and will work on these at every opportunity so that they improve. It’s also a person who can take critical feedback and work with it rather than resent it. And it’s someone who will take the small improvements and celebrate them for the victories they are rather then become frustrated that they’re not perfect or not getting X weight in their lift.

    1. I also want to take this opportunity to thank you Kevin for coaching me through my frustration last night. I had a mental block on getting into those squat cleans and if it wasn’t for your coaching and the 5:30 class’ great encouragement, I would have given up.

      I’m sorry that I let it get to me so much, that’s not normal for me and I could give you a number of valid excuses but none of them truly count. What counts is my attitude, I should have taken this as a learning opportunity, but took it as an opportunity to sulk. I won’t let it happen again.

      1. I knew you had it in you. You knew you had it in you. But there were some roadblocks. We all come across them sometimes. I’m glad you’re taking this as a learning opportunity, because you will only grow from it.

  3. WUx2
    Strength: Shoulder Press 3’s
    WOD: Nancy
    5 Rounds
    Run 200m (scaled)
    15 OHS 45#
    Time: 20:18

  4. WU x2
    Back Squat x3
    110 120 130 145 160×2

    Mod. Nancy
    400m Row
    15 OHS #65
    19:18 (In July with running time was 17:30)

    Happy Gobble Gobble weekend!

  5. WUx2
    Strength Push Press:
    10 x 35# 10x 40# 10x 45#
    WOD: Nancy
    5 Rounds
    Run 400m
    15 OHS 25#

    Time: 18:11

    I like Nancy! The OHS felt great, back felt fine.
    Happy Friday 🙂

  6. WU x2

    Strength: Deadlifts
    5x 110-125-135-150-175

    WOD: ‘Nancy’
    5 Rounds of:
    400m Run
    15 Overhead Squats (50#)

    T = 20:16

    My running needs a lot of work 🙁

  7. WU x2

    OHS 3’s

    5 Rounds:
    200m Run
    15 Overhead Squats (45lbs)

    Time: 14:20 I think

    1 km run

  8. WU x2
    Clean 5RM: 95lbs… so so form on last one… should probably keep working on form before increasing weights… thanks for coaching Joanna and Kevin

    WOD with 35lbs on my favorite goat (OHS): 15:36

    have a good weekend all!

    1. good athlete to coach? Proud of personal victories and looking forward to the next challenges, head high and open minded.

  9. WU x2
    Strength – Push jerk x 1

    5 Rounds:
    400m Run
    15 Overhead Squats (55#)

    Time: 17:39
    cash out – any stretch

  10. WUx2

    Strength: (x10) 
    Push press 90-95-105

    * 400 meter run
    * 15 65# overhead squats (60%- 1RM)

    Time: 13:31 PR 1:01

    Last time I did this (July 2/11), 14:32 with 55# so happy with the Result! I have a cold but once the WOD started didn’t really notice – mainly the legs were sore from the jumping lunges. Happy thanksgiving everyone!

    Ps I really enjoyed watching the 315 do birthday burpees!! 

    1. Happy B-Day John. As much as we enjoy your company, thanks for not gracing the 6 A.M. crew with your presence…. After yesterday’s burpees, I didn’t need more today.

  11. WU x2

    OHS x 3

    5 Rounds:
    200m Run
    15 Overhead Squats (65#)

    Time: 16:38

  12. Been trying to text and call for over an hour to cancel myself out of 6:30.
    I don’t know if it’s just my phone (Which has been working fine all day) or the Rogers Network, but I can’t call anyone or text anyone. I can’t even dial 611 to talk to Rogers.
    Anyway, long emotionally draining week. I’m looking forward to a fresh start next week.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  13. WU x 2

    Strength: Practiced OHS

    WOD: Nancy @ Rx
    5 rounds
    400 m run
    15 OHS (65#)

    Time: 16:24

    Did this one as Rx August 2 (change for change) and my time was 19:25

    PR: 3:01 Very pleased! I am actually liking OHS!!

    Thanks for motivating me to run harder Michelle!!

    1. Fantastic PR!

      It was really fun running with/ behind/ ahead of you… you also motivated me!

  14. WU X 2
    Shoulder stretching instead of strength. Tried shoulder press, but too much pain deep in the shoulder.

    WOD: “Nancy” (Modified)
    400m Run
    15 Front Squats – due to shoulder pain
    (65# 2 rounds; 45# 3 rounds)

    TIME: 20:09
    Running is a big goat, and it took alot out of me today.

    Some of you may notice that lately I always seem have a pile of kleenex nearby during a workout….. NO I don’t have a cold. I have what is known as Vasomotor Rhinitis (aka Non-Allergic Rhinitis). Basically, my nose runs/drips when exposed to changes in temperature, humidity, strong odors, smoke, etc. I’m especially sensitive this time of year when the outdoor temperatures are dropping – which also means that running in cool temperatures is an even greater challenge. Can be frustrating at times, but I won’t let it stop me. 🙂
    So… now you know.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
    It’s a Golf weekend for me!! (and yup, I’ll have my kleenex packed for that too) 😉

  15. WOD @ 85# -> 16:02 41sec. more tgen last time but 20# more.

    Remember everyone that tomorrow is a Prego WOD so bring a pillow or something to stuff under your shirt. It’s probably Sonia’s last Saturday class so let’s show her how we can move with our belly 🙂

  16. WU x 2

    Push Press X 1:

    Really struggling with my presses. 2nd rotation in a row that I’ve missed 95#.

    Nancy as Rx’d: 17:18
    No PR for me today. 12 seconds slower than in July/11.
    Morning temperature was cold for running….ahhh, feel that lung burn.

  17. WUx2

    Deadlift x10
    190-205(PR)-225(PR)-240(PR) … finally the 10RM are catching up to the right 1RM %

    WOD 95#, 4 rounds = 18:19

    Coach stopped me after 4 rounds, back was getting sore… next time I’ll get it up to 5! 🙂 And get an awesome PR.

  18. WU x2

    Strength: OHS (x5)
    15 – 25 – 35 – 45 – 55

    WOD: Nancy – Modified
    5 Rounds
    Run 400 M
    15 OHS @ 45# (Rx = 95 / 65 or 50 – 60% of Max)

    Time = 12:30

    Tonight was the first time doing over head squats. They felt pretty good.

    Great work everyone and Happy Thanksgiving to all!

  19. WUx3

    Skipped strength today. Subbed…
    25 Burpees, Foam roll and lacross ball stretching, 400m run, and 2 min of Rowing

    WOD “Nancy”
    5 Rounds of:
    400m Run
    15 Overhead Squats (75#)

    Time –> 16:56

    PR compared with Sept 27/2010 only had 25# for OHS and time of 19:23 back then.

    Wow this was especially exausting today for me. Lack of sleep will do that to you!


    Great job 6:30 crew!

    Have a great long weekend fella CrossFitters!

  20. WU x 2
    Strength: Push Jerk (x5)
    * practiced with “rack jerks” (I think) with weight behind neck and “snatch somethings” to get used to getting under the weight. Then switched to some push jerks.
    45-65-85-95 ~ stopped because felt tweak in shoulder. No where near my previous max. Technique did feel better, however.

    WOD ” Nancy”
    5 rounds of
    Run 400m
    15 OHS (45#)
    Time = 13:30
    Next time: As Rx’d! OHS’s felt pretty good tonight.

    Streching: cross legged stretch for hips and some deep lunges

  21. WU X 2
    Push jerk 5’s

    WOD Nancy5 rounds
    400m run
    15 OHD Squats 40#

    Time 22:12 (but it felt like an hour)

    This is a double goat workout for me and I wasn’t sure it wouldn’t take me out after the first 9 squats. I was sure 40 #’s would be o.k. (and then I wasn’t sure 15 would be o.k.) Got through with 40# in broken sets (mostly 9 + 6) until the last round (5+5+5). At least the OHDS make the running seem better.

    Shoulders sore, legs tired, attitude burnt. 🙁 so I guess QOD answer would be “not me today”.

  22. wu x 2
    Cleans 10’s
    5 rounds
    400 m run
    15 OHS @ 35
    Time 17:32

    Lower weight due to pull hip flexer. Thanks Jo for the technique on how to hold the bar in the cleans. I could really see the difference today. 🙂 Last time I did Nancy was in sept 2010; 12:33 @#55. Felt weak today, maybe due to stress cause of exams or lack of water.

  23. WU x 2

    Strength: Cleans
    3 x 90,95,100,115,130

    WOD: Nancy (5 Rounds)
    Run 400m
    OHS #45

    Time: 13:40

    Question of the day – What do you think makes a good athelete to coach = An open mind

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