Friday’s QOD

Who’s been the most influential person in your life and why?

Last day to sign up for the Body Composition test tomorrow.

AMRAP in 7 min
Hang Power Cleans (145/100)
Toes to Bar

93 thoughts on “Friday’s QOD”

  1. Hi Everyone,
    I will be putting an order sheet on the whiteboard for sausage orders.

    This is a fund raiser for my son Nick’s PeeWee AA Hockey team. Sausages are hand made by Old Fashion Meat Market on Mountain Road. If you have any questions please email me [email protected].

    1. Chantal Guerette

      Merci Ron pour les commentaires positifs tantôt 🙂 Ça fait toujours du bien de savoir que quelqu’un remarque nos efforts et notre technique !! Vraiment apprécié 😀

  2. mini warmup (I don’t know what my problem is lately but I hate warming up… this is stupid I know)


    group HPC refresher

    Fooled around with sumo DL
    95 x 10
    135 x 5
    165 x 3
    195 x 1
    215 x 1
    235 x F… pretty disappointing since I was doing 235 for 5’s a couple weeks ago. I definitely failed this one before I even tried to pick it up.

    AMRAP in 7 – 1, 2, 3… of:
    Hang power clean (75#)
    = 9 rounds plus 6 HPC. Fun WOD!!

  3. WUx1

    Strength OHS x 5
    35-45-55-65-70 (been awhile since I’ve done these, I really missed them!)

    WOD @ 65#
    9 rounds + 10 HPC

    Fun I like T2Bs..I like anything on the bars actually makes me feel like a kid lol and I forgot to climb the rope!

  4. Wux1
    Strength front squat x1
    95 115 140 160 180pr

    AMRAP in 7 min
    Hang Power Cleans (145/100)
    Toes to Bar

    – 9+1 hpc
    Rob Brydges

  5. Warmup
    HPC refresher
    Front squat (3) 45-95-115-125

    WOD @65lbs
    8 rounds
    This was a rough one on the forearms!
    Thanks for the encouragement, Amanda!

  6. Wux1

    Push Jerk x5

    AMRAP in 7 min
    Hang Power Cleans 75lbs
    Toes to Bar

    Rounds = 10+4 hpc
    (Did T2B until round 8 then switched to situps- couldn’t continue T2B)

  7. Mobility
    Warm-up x1

    Strength : HPC

    65×5 (PR)

    WOD :

    AMRAP in 7 min
    Hang Power Cleans 55lbs
    Toes to Bar (Scaled to Toes tru Rings)

    Rounds = 9

    Happy Friday Everyone!!

  8. Wux1
    Push Press x5 50-55-60-65-70 (Yeyye! Matched my PR for reps from June… finally!)

    Amrap in 7 minutes

    1-2-3-4-5 etc..
    Hang power cleans (65#)

    11 + 7 V-snaps

  9. In Survivor+Crossfit News:

    Crossfitter Carter Williams and his tribe made it to merge, which means all participants now compete individually. First individual challenge was holding on to a rotating bar. The bar had a rope, held by a peg, wrapped around 2-3 times and tied to a bucket holding 25% (i think) of a competitor’s bodyweight. If you let your grip on the bar go, the rope unwinds, moves off the peg, the bucket crashes down.

    Carter held on for 25 minutes and won the challenge. We can see how a workout like today’s (T2B + HPC) totally transfers to a task like the one the Survivor contestants did this week. I for one am quite interested in seeing how his Crossfit training will carry him through the game.

    1. I think Kevin should introduce puzzles in the WODs so we can be ready for anything survivor might throw at us!

    2. hahaha, yeah as soon as I saw the challenge I knew Carter would win it :P.
      If you watch the amazing race there’s a team of crossfitters in there as well

      1. Cool! Although I don’t watch the show, I’ve always wanted to do the Amazing Race with Patrick!

      2. The Amazing Race is something Jeff and I would LOVE to do also! Haven’t watched that show in a while. I think I might tune in on Sunday and try to get “caught up”.

  10. QOD – I know there will be some virtual moans, but the most influential person in my life is my hubby, Dave. There are millions of reasons why, but I will list just a few. I am a stronger, more confident woman since meeting him. I take more risks and have found a great sense of adventure. And, in all honesty he is one of the smartest, well spoken person I have ever met. Also, his constant push for his dream is inspiring.

    1. awww. I undecided if this makes him the perfect husband or you the perfect wife…maybe a bit of both.

    2. No virtual moans here. Love reading things like this. Sounds like he has brought out the best in you. And I’m sure he would say the same about you 😉

  11. Mobility
    WU X 1
    Strength Push Press x5
    75,75, 80, 55, then just the bar. (fixing my technique. Thanks Rob & Patrick)

    AMRAP in 7 min
    Hang Power Cleans (145/100) 55#
    V-Snaps in place of T2B

    – 8+4 HPC

    800m Run

    QOD – my Mom.…she raised 3 kids under 5 while putting herself through nursing school and working a part time job. I doubt it got any easier once she finished school.….lol. She’s my Hero.

  12. I’m going to say my mom has been the most influential.
    Osteopenia? Not going to keep her from working out.
    Crohn’s disease? Screw off. You ain’t stopping her.
    Arthritis? Get the hell outta here. She can still squat!

    Nothing holds her back and that’s awesome to see, especially when most people would have given up. Thanks for being an inspiration!

  13. Basically my mom raised me and inscribed the family values that I hold true to today. For a few years she battled cancer and sadly lost her battle almost 2 yrs ago. She probably had the most influence on me throughout my life.

  14. WU x 1

    Cleans x 5
    135-145-155-165-170 (PR reps)

    AMRAP in 7 min:
    — Hang Power Cleans @ 115#
    — Toes to Bar

    8 rounds + 4 T2B

    Nice to see the box packed on a Friday!

  15. Mobility
    WU x 1

    Practiced overhead squats with 15 pound bar.
    (taking this one slowly cause it hurts my back)

    AMRAP in 7 min:
    – Hang Power Cleans @ 40#
    – Sit ups and did maybe 5 V-snaps

    10 rounds

    Great job everyone and thanks coach Jeff!

  16. Chantal Guerette

    WU x 2 (Yes… times 2…that’s why I was soooo behind Rob !)

    Strength : Back Squat
    5 x 75-80-85-90-95

    AMRAP in 7 min.
    1-2-3-4-5… etc.
    – Hang Power Cleans (55lbs)
    – V-Snaps

    Score : 10 rounds and 5 HPC

    Had fun tonight ! Good job everybody 🙂

    1. Nice work on the WOD Frankie.
      Thanks for pushing me to do that last set of back squats tonight, too. I was on the fence. You pushed me off…

  17. Mob
    WU x 1 (wall balls instead of squats, hspu instead of push ups, T2B instead of sit-ups)

    Strength: messed around with Hang Power Cleans 95-105-115-125-135

    WOD @ 95#
    10 Rounds + 5 HPC

    Woooooo! Good to be back!!! :d

    1. You flew through those T2Bs! You did at least 3 for every 1 of mine! Great score. The “de-load” week served you well.

    2. Man, you killed this one! I wish I could have seen your toes-to-bar…maybe learned a few things.
      Nice work!

    3. Thanks guys.

      Yea, that de-load week helped… Was really hard to stay away and Maria was a trooper cause I was a cranky SOB 😉

  18. Mobility
    Wu x 1
    Push press
    65/ 95/ 115/ 135/ 145

    Wod at 115lbs
    9 rounds and 3 hpc

    Great workout,very deceiving. Also very happy to do another shoulder workout with no pain. (yay)

  19. Mobility
    WU x 1

    Strength: Back squat (x3)

    WOD as Rx
    Hang Power Cleans @100#
    Score = 7 rounds + 4 HPC’s

    Grip killer!!! Great work 5:30 crew! 🙂

  20. QOD: hands dowm my MOM!!! she made me who I am, and I am so PROUD of who she is!!, she is the most wonderful human being I know, if I can be 5% of who she is, I’ll be more than happy!! Happy holiday everyone!! 🙂

  21. mobility
    WU x 0.9 (no pull ups and t2b didn’t feel too good on my tired and achy shoulder from wednesday’s inverts)

    foam roller… could have done that all day!

    WOD scaled @ 65# and V-snaps: 9 + 2 hpc
    hadn’t done v-snaps in a while… felt a little awkward…

    happy weekend!!

  22. QOD: No one in particular. However, I read Aron Ralston’s story and I gotta say I’ll never looked at a “bad situation” the same way. No matter how shitty things are, it can always be worse.


    Warmup x1

    Backsquat x1 to 215lbs

    WOD Rx’d: 8rounds + 3 HPC

  23. QOD: My parents definitely are the most influential people in my life. My mom is the most giving person I know, she would do anything for anyone. My father taught me the value of work ethic, he always wanted more for his children then he had growing up.

  24. Mob
    WU x 1

    Foam roller Friday !! 🙂

    Clean / Hang power clean practice

    Hang power clean @ 50#

    9 rounds + 3 hpc

    Lacross ball on upper back 🙂

    Great class Lora!

    1. QOD : My older cousin who is more like a big brother to me since I don’t have any siblings. I grew up looking up to him and knowing that he would always have my back. He’s a truly inspirational middle school teacher (don’t know how he does it!!), a great dad and just a great guy all around. Now i’m looking forward to being a godmother to his youngest son… he’s pretty awesome too! 🙂

  25. QOD: I would have to say my mom as well :). She is the most caring, loving and giving person I know and made me who I am today. She is always there for me. I’m gonna stop now before it gets overly cheesy lol 😛

  26. QOD:
    My Mom. She showed me what it meant to work hard and keep a positive attitude when facing adversity. She lost her battle with cancer last January, but her determination over the years continues to inspire me every day.

  27. QOD –
    My person is Kevin. He has flipped my life upside down, twisted it backwards, shaken it up and gently put me back down since we met. I mean all of that in the best way possible. I would not be the person I am today without him. I’ll spare you the sappy love story details 🙂 just know that I think he’s the cats pyjamas.

  28. Valérie Arseneau

    QOD : my dad. I’m a true daddy’s girl! He’s always there for me! He saw almost every single ringette game I’ve played. Was at the rink with me at 6AM on Saturday when I figure skated. He just never stops giving. Does a lot of volunteer work and even did a peace mission with the UN last year. He’s always the first I call when I need advice on anything. 🙂

  29. Chantal Guerette

    QOD :My parents… My mom is probably the most giving person I know. She always put my sister and I before her own self and she would do anything for the ones she loves. My dad is the quiet type. He was and still is such a great model for me and I don’t even think he knows how much I look up to him. He’s hard working, perfectionist, wise and he always give good advice. My mom is the person I can tell anything, she’s my best friend. My dad is the person I learn from every day. 🙂 I have the most amazing parents 🙂

  30. WUx1

    Strength – Cleans X5
    Daily planks to 5min

    WOD @ 120#

    8 Rounds + 3 HPC

    Foam Rolling

    Great job 5:30 crew!

  31. mobility
    wu x 1
    foam rolling
    Practice Hang power cleans

    WOD : AMRAP in 7 min.
    Hang power cleans (125#)

    Total rounds = 7 rounds & 4 T2B

  32. AMRAP 7 mins
    Hang power cleans 35lbs
    Sit ups ab mat
    11 rounds +5situps
    Weight was to light and just about Ready for v-snaps

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