Friday’s QOD

Have you ever had an injury but still worked out around the injury? Post experience to comments. 

Continuing to CrossFit while you have an acute injury can actually promote healing, Kelly Starrett told participants at a one day seminar at CrossFit Santa Cruz on November 9, 2008. Starrett is the owner of San Francisco CrossFit and a Doctor of Physical Therapy.

“You had a surgery on Friday? Take a couple of days off. See you on Monday,” Starrett said. The key is modifying the program. Grace can be done with dumbbells. If a limb is injured, don’t use it. But keep working out. It’s best to train  around injures. Otherwise, the “ghosts” of injuries can remain for years and negatively affect athletic performance.

Check out this video for more information – “Training Through Acute Injuries Part 1” by Kelly Starrett, CrossFit JournalPreview – video [wmv] [mov]

No matter if you have a disabled shoulder or a bummed knee, CrossFit Moncton will work with you on what you CAN do.

Run 800m
1 Set Max Rep Front Squat at 1/2 Bodyweight
Enough Pullups to equal 100 reps total, including Front Squats.
Run 800m

Compare to Oct.18/10

Denise was unable to hold a barbell due to pain in her wrists. A quick modification with dumbbells allowed her to safely perform the workout.

115 thoughts on “Friday’s QOD”

  1. Mobility
    WU x 1
    500m Row – 1:46
    Foam Rolling

    Truck Pull with Chantal: 1:10

    – 800m run
    – 1 Set Max Rep Front Squat at 1/2 Bodyweight (90#)
    – Enough Pullups to equal 100 reps total, including Front Squats.
    – Run 800m

    Time: 20:03

    30 Squats, 70 Pullups.
    Not. a. good. ratio.

    1. I’m trying this one later…hoping my legs hold up for front squats because the pullups will do me in :-).
      Great job Vincent!

  2. mobility
    wu x 1
    Foam roller
    Truck pull with Gilles Time = 1:14

    WOD ; Deck of Death
    25 min cap
    Hart = Burpees
    Diamond = Sit ups
    Spade = Squats
    Club = Pull ups
    Joker = 500m Row

    Score = 9 reps (2 cards left PR 34 reps)

  3. mobility
    wu x 1
    Foam roller & lacrosse ball
    Truck pull with Rachel Time = 1:14

    WOD ; Plank 10 min
    6:05 (PR 50 sec)
    Total score = 9:30 (PR 28 sec)

    1. Congrats on a fantastic plank time, Gilles. I don’t know how you morning folks do it. 🙂

    2. total score of 9:30….that is just sick. I can’t believe you wanted a do over on this one Gilles, cause you killed it last time. Great job.

  4. mobility
    wu x 1
    Foam roller
    Truck pull with Leslie (it’s Leslie right?) Time = 2 min and some..
    Nice work partner that was tough!!!

    WOD ; Deck of Death
    25 min cap
    Hart = Burpees
    Diamond = Sit ups
    Spade = Squats
    Club = Pull ups
    Joker = 500m Row

    Score = 420 m left to row + 29 reps (6 cards left). Last time I had 4 cards left.
    That truck pull sucked the life out of me! Pukie was hanging around. A long weekend is much needed after this week, love it!

    1. Nicely done! Deck of Death is a different workout every time! Hard to compare from attempt to the next. Enjoy the long weekend!

  5. mobility

    250m row


    Truck pull with Heidi: 1:22 Fun!

    Chose June 22nd WOD:
    5 Two-handed Kettlebell Cleans (53lbs)
    10 Pistols (alternating)
    15 Double Unders

    Score: 8 rounds flat

    1. QOD: Been working around injuries since I started Crossfit 3 years ago. Bad injuries can get in the way of a good workout though. Back injuries are hard to work around, but not impossible. If I’m sick, I don’t workout. Sick=resting!!!

    2. I’m afraid I let my partner down on the truck pull Pat….I think I should have faced forward. I’m with Maria…the truck pull was yukky!

      1. I faced forward and it sucked pretty hard! Thinking the way you did it looked way better…(FYI Kevin posted a video on facebook…its awesome!)

  6. Even before getting to crossfit…I accomplished something HUGE! I got out of bed at 5am to make a 6am class! That’s big in my books, mornings are a struggle.


    Truck pull with 10min Planker- Maria – 2+min
    Ouff! tough but fun, we were the only chick team.

    Change for change: Deck of death (What was I thinking, Ouff!)

    15 cards left, 119 reps. Got the 1000m rowing in.
    Looking forward to tackling that one again and blowing that number to smithereens.

    Hats off to all you diehard 6am’ers. It was great working out with you!

    1. It was nice to have a “” in this morning. Its a lot of fun setting the tone for the day’s WOD. Come back and join us more often!

    2. It was fun working out with you, come back again soon 🙂 I couldn’t figure out how to incorporate my planking skills on the pull!! Haha

    3. Glad to have you with the Morning Crew Leslie. Stick with us for a few WOD’s & you soon see it’s a great way to start the day AND avoid the afternoon heat.

  7. wux1

    2 min skipping

    Truck pull with Elba – 51 sec (49 secs on Aug 23, last year) but we both agreed we felt better this time around. Must have been the extra weight from Carly.

    June 1 – 10 rounds of 100 meter sprints.

    Modified to 6 rounds
    13:28 – 13:93 – 15:72 – 15:96 – 16:03 – 14:25

    1. Those are some great sprint times Trent! I found that workout very deceiving…way more difficult than I anticipated!

  8. QOD – In the fall of 2009, i did a lot of WODs with an air cast on. And, I have worked out with a hip/back issue.

    CW x 1
    Foam roller
    Truck pull with Darcy. So, so sorry Darcy about my truck pulling ability. My legs were like jello and I just could not get a pull system in place. I owe you a beer or burpees.

    WOD – 16:20. (Kevin is that correct?)
    Got in 45 consecutive front squats
    This month was awesome. Great programming!

    1. Nice work on the WOD Gillyon. 🙂
      I’m doing this one later….kind of excited…kind of scared. LOL

      1. I actually liked it. Some strategy is needed. I was fighting through my front squats…trying to get 5 more in and then realized 5 more pull ups would be faster. You’ll like it. Good luck!

  9. MOB

    WU x 1

    DU practice for 5 minutes

    Foam Rolling

    Truck Pull with Nadine = 1:00

    Change fo Change WOD Jun 27 150 KBS

    I am still trying to build up shoulder strength so I scaled to Russian KBS @ 53lbs

    Time = 8:56

    QOD: I am the poster boy for doing it the wrong way. When I hurt my shoulder in March I ignored it for the first month and made the injury worst. I ended up having to take 6 week off in total based on the recommendation of an orthopedic surgeon. I think the best thing to do is to see your doctor and get a proper referral based on their diagnosis. Self diagnosis is dangerous and can lead to a prolonged recovery.

    1. this was “old man sheldon” talking.. where is the “balls to the walls” sheldon who started xfit with me in october? lol.. “more weight, i need more weight!! snatches? MU? no problem, i don’t need no stinking form” or that could have been me? hell i gave myself a full 2 days off after knee surgery before jumping (literally) right into games wod 12.1, i was only going to do ONE burpee to keep my name “alive” in the open, 87 later… I/we need to be protected from ourselves! lmao the old adage “just walk it off” is a much longer walk at 40+ than it was at 30 something.. starting to “temper” my enthusiasm for new/dangerous stuff too, like “hell if i do that, i might not be working out for 3 days after” .. see, an old dog can learn some new tricks! thanks for teaching us something besides lifts along the way for the past 8 months coach!

    2. Sheldon, that is a really good time with 53# KBS. How do your forearms feel? LOL.

      Good advice about self-diagnosis…sometimes we are a little too stubborn for our own good. 🙂

  10. Valérie Arseneau

    QOD : I pissed off my knee at a frisbee tournement about a month ago. The following weeks, I still went to Crossfit and Kevin would change things around so I didnt have to put too much stress on the knee (which was swollen for like 2 weeks). (ex : did burpees instead of rowing)

    Going a few weeks without playing frisbee almost drove me to insanity! So I was really
    happy I could at least work out safely at Crossfit without impacting my recovery. 🙂

    The knee is doing just dandy now!

  11. QOD -In mid Jan, a couple of hours after a Saturday Wod, I was showing Elba my super awesome amazing fast burpee……and hurt something in my shoulder. Come to find out later it was torn muscle tissue. Took it easy and modified the wods and it healed. Ripped again not too long after the Games doing cleans (probably from poor technique as I was pulling the bar hard from a resting position). Took it easy again when called for, sought medical advice but continued to show up to class. Can still fill a small pain when I have to reach and lift medium weighted objects but thankfully it has not affected any lifts at the gym.

  12. Truck Pull X 2
    1st Rd w/ Gillyon
    2nd Rd w/ Tom
    Best time: 49sec
    My legs were shot after the second attempt

    June 28th Wod AMRAP 14min
    7 DL, 7 H. Sq Clean, 7 Push Jerk at 95#
    Total 6 Rds

    1. What?! You chose yesterday’s insane WOD for change for change?! Great work! How are your forearms? Lol

      1. Oh man They were burning during and after the wod!! I wasnt expecting that much pain. Feels great now, prob super sore in 48 hrs.

  13. mobility
    wu x 1
    Truck pull with Jill Time = 2 min 45..
    Great work partner that was tough!!!

    Change for Change 4 x 400m with 2 min. rest between each
    Fastest: 1.37 Slowest 1.45

    Those last 2 were killer! I am proud/ jealous that Greg beat me… and that it just seemed to get easier for him as we went along. 🙂

    Have a great July everybody, we’re back in August!!

    1. You are such a fast runner Michelle! Must be those long legs. 🙂
      Have a wonder July. We will miss you guys!

    2. Great running Michelle. This WOD I found was equally fun and sucky at the same time…confusing statement, but for me it really was a love/hate thing. Have fun on your adventure & see you in August.

  14. QOD: I have been fortunate for not having serious injuries. But, for the 100m sprints I pulled my hamstring so bad that it actually got badly bruised. It took about 2 weeks for it to feel normal again, I still worked out but I scaled back the intensity on certain movements.

  15. Mobility
    WU x 1
    Foam Rolling

    Truck Pull with Denis: 1:05 Great work Denis – I’ll pair up with you anytime!

    – 800m run
    – 1 Set Max Rep Front Squat at 1/2 Bodyweight (80#)
    – Enough Pullups to equal 100 reps total, including Front Squats.
    – Run 800m

    Time: 24:45

    30 FS; 70 PU

    I really wanted to do more FS and fewer PU but after the truck pull and the running, my legs were not interested!

    QOD: Oh Yeah 🙂 Injured right hamstring just before the Games this year and was just a bit cranky about that (some of you may remember the whining). With a push from Kevin (“Get yourself in here”) and lots and lots of modifications in the WODS, things have gradually improved.

    Big lessons learned: Listen to your body; listen to your coach; once you find what works, don’t stop doing it when you start to feel “normal” and most important doing a modified/scaled WOD isn’t failing – a work out is a work out and the trainers will get you where you need to go.

    1. Nice work on the WOD Heather! I’m hoping for more FS and fewer PU’s too…but judging from what I see here so far today, I might be in trouble. EEK! Maybe Kevin will have his motorbike at the gym this afternoon instead of his truck, and we can pull that instead. Kevin, are you reading this???

      1. can we just pull (walk) carly on her leash? i think that would be fine. maybe on a skateboard?.

  16. WU x 1
    Foam roller

    Truck pull with Trent – 51 sec (49 secs on Aug 23, last year), it felt better today!!

    June 23
    50 Burpees
    50 Pull ups
    Time: 7:53

    1. You paid extra to do burpees today?? We need to talk! LOL

      Nice work on the WOD…crazy girl. 🙂

  17. wu as posted
    truck pull with daresey 49 secs

    WOD as posted
    800 meter
    48 squats
    52 pull ups
    800 meter
    22:49 i think.
    not 100% happy with my results today as i know some squats were not full down and some pull ups were not fully arm extensions.
    glad to finish but need to get proper reps.

    QOD, ha ha now that i am in my fifties if i stayed away from the gym when injured you guys would never see me.
    i have learned and still have more to learn regarding modify the WOD, rest the injured part, switch it up, keep going but allow yourself to properly heal. and yes, listen to your coaches they are there to help you not hold you back.

  18. I love today’s QOD..

    I sprained my wrist on a clean last summer because I was trying to go for a PR, which I had no business doing because I had bad form. Let me tell you why that sucked, so that maybe new folks can learn from my mistake(s). As a result, I had to take some time off from the gym, which I HATE, and then I had to modify my workouts after that for a few weeks – which I also hate. So…lesson learned, increase my weight only when I’ve earned the right to – by learning good form before jumping to bigger weights. A year later, my clean form has improved a lot and now I’m going after PRs and I’m not worried that I’m going to hurt myself!

    Other than that, I’ve got some minor ongoing issues (shoulders..) which I believe would be less troublesome if I would take the time to stretch more and properly.

  19. QOD: Oh my…what HAVEN’T I injured?

    Had bad shoulder issues about 3 months after starting Crossfit (poor posture and flexibility issues PLUS I was a little too eager to lift heavy and try things like pullups without bands, etc., before I was ready) and was advised by physiotherapist not to put anything overhead (including my arms! LOL) for 6-ish weeks. With Kevin’s help I was still able to work out with modifications. This was good for my physical AND mental health (HA!). Also had an Achilles strain last fall that “benched me” from running for several months. I got very well acquanted with the rower during that time.

    Recovering from injuries in my 40’s has been brutal. So, lesson learned: listen to your body and don’t push through the pain. Also, take time to mobilize and stretch. Mobility class has been a godsend. I rarely make time on my own to do mobility and with this class, I know I am a getting at least 30 min per week. Not enough, but its a start 🙂

  20. I started crossfit two months ago. I arrived with inflammation of the Planter Fascia (connective tissue on the sole of feet). It hurts like heck. Keven and Joanna have helped me adapt my workouts. I have to row instead of run. I have to do KB’s instead of DU’s (I was not too heartbroken about this!). .
    I am still having problems, but they say it takes up to five months to heal the heel!
    I am just thankful I can still work out.

    1. So happy you haven’t let the plantar fasciitis keep you away. Love having you around the gym 🙂

  21. mobility
    wu x 1
    Foam roller
    Truck pull with Chris, Time = 56 seconds

    WOD ; Deck of Death
    25 min cap
    Heart = Burpees
    Diamond = Sit ups
    Spade = Squats
    Club = Pull ups
    Joker = 500m Row

    Score = 36 reps (7 cards left). I think this was the worst one I have ever done. Thankful my rows were at the beginning. Came very close to meeting pukie during this one!!!

    1. Nice work Sarah. Deck of death? Fun or torture? It depends on how the cards fall. You did awesome!!!

  22. wu x 1
    foam rolling

    truck pul with Lora
    time = 1:11 great job Lora!

    WOD – change for change
    mini murph
    800m run
    50 pullups
    100 pushups
    150 sqauts
    800m run
    T + 24:08

    Thanks for the push at the end Marcel

    QOD: Have you ever had an injury but still worked out around the injury? I haven’t had a serious injury since joining crossfit but I had the most annoying pain in my right shoulder the past few months. I still work out through the pain and scale certain movements like ring dips with pushups.

    Have a great and safe long. weekend everyone!

    1. Great work on the truck pull! I hopped on the truck with Kevin and Carly when you weren’t looking!

      Nice work on Mini Murph too!

  23. Mario Arseneau

    Mob, WUx1, Foam Roll + Back Stretches

    Truck Pull w/ Julia S. = 1:09

    WOD: “Crossfit Open 11.1” Rx
    AMRAP 10 mins
    – 30x Double Unders
    – 15x Power Snatch @ 75#
    Score = 4 rounds (PR by 10 reps)

    Truck Pull w/ Jeff S. = 0:43

    400m Run = 1:27

    I think that’s enough for today. Had hard time keeping the single-double-etc rythmn down today. Power snatches are as sucky with light weight as they are with heavy weight.

    As far as acute injuries, I’d say spraining both wrists is a bit of an odd situation to work around. Makes the presses and front squat tough to handle at moderate weight.

    1. you were a tank tonight mario.. your 400m run was awe inspiring, you are freaking fast my friend!

    2. and we have to try that truck pull again when we are fresh.. thinking we can beat the 41 sec record for sure!

    3. Nice job on Open 11.1 Mario. Congrats on your PR 🙂

      That 400m run was super fast! WOW!

  24. mob
    truck pull with eric.. 54 secs.. nice job partner!
    watched one truck pull
    truck pull with marcel.. sorry buddy but my legs went to jello at the halfway point! 59 sec?

    mini murph (no vest this time as i girled out with the heat! no offense girls! lol)

    stick around to watch 6:30 truck pulls.. ended up truck pull with mario.. 43 seconds!
    400 m run for time with mario (i’m starting to think mario is turning into super mario again with a certain girl there watching! don’t worry mario i’ll tell her you work out like a mad man like this each and every day! lol)

    awesome job 5:30 class.. and 6:30.. and oh ya i guess i watched 4:15 too.. lol.. great job everyone!

      1. thanks terry, was much harder in the vest for sure, i’ll try again on a cooler day! i didn’t see your posted workout on here yet? lol..

    1. Mario Arseneau

      Thanks for the truck pull, the race, and I see you have my back, good stuff! 😛

  25. Mobility
    WU x 1
    Foam rolling

    Truck pull with Frank the Tank! It was all you tonight Frankie 🙂
    Time = 1:11 (plus a souvenir rope burn on my back to boot!)

    WOD as posted
    800m run
    1 set max rep front squat at 50% BW (82#)
    then pullups to equal 100 reps total
    800m run
    Time = 21:00

    Ended up with 50 FS and 50 PU. Had a goal of 70 FS when I started but rack position very painful on shoulders tonight. Wanted to drop the bar at 40 reps but somehow squeaked out 10 more. Pullups were slow and painful (as usual..ha!)

    Great work 5:30 crew! Everyone gave it their all tonight!

    Happy Canada weekend!

    1. nice work on another tough wod lora.. and you cannot call pullups a goat anymore cause you just roll right through them! 🙂

    2. 50/50 split is a great way to do this one Lora. I did this one that last time round and remember that I had ambitions of lots more FS than PU’s, but I ended us with like 40. Sometimes that goal goes out the window in the heat of the WOD. Nice work.

  26. mob, WUX1, Foam Roll
    Truck pull with…….Stephanie??.. i think??. Great job tonight!!!! it was a blast.

    WOD @75# (60% of max front squat)
    run 800m
    1 set max reps of FS
    pullups to = 100 reps (purple band)
    run 800m

    just WOW… 20 FS… 80 pullups. marie, if i almost hit you with my kipping. i’m sorry..:)
    thanks a lot to Jeffs who ran the last 800 with me. kept me going man. i had some wicked cotton mouth. really appreciated it man.
    great job tonight everyone. great night everyone. 5:30 and 6:30

    1. Well done! 80 pullups and you still managed to beat my time?! Must have been the AWESOME set up you had for Front Squats. Best real estate in the gym right there! LOL!

      All kidding aside, you did great tonight. I’ve never seen a finer display of grace and poise as I did when you reached over to get your towel, with your foot still strapped in the pullup band.

    2. awesome job McD.. perseverance paid off, 80 pullups is no joke, you should have just done’ more front squats first! 🙂 and i haven’t seen a ballet move like you did since my hockey tourney in montreal in 2011 and she was a professional! lol

    3. i screwed up.. 30 FS and 70 pullups purple band…. and yes.. i’m graceful like a gazelle. at least i didn’t slap myself in the face with the band this time on my dismount…

  27. MOB
    WU x 1

    Truck pull w/ Jeff S. :54

    “mini Murph”
    800 m run
    50 pull ups
    100 push ups
    150 squats
    800 m run
    T: 20:22 (broke it up in 10 round of Cindy)
    Was gunning for sub 20 but really happy with this!
    Happy long weekend all! Be safe!!!!

    1. Great job tonight buddy. Mini Murph is Medium at best.(so far anyways, until we hit the Full Murphy).. Good job. great push till the end

  28. Truck Pull with Pat @ 1:22.

    I missed yesterday’s WOD so opted for that:

    14 Min AMRAP of:
    7 Dead Lifts
    7 Hang Squat Cleans
    7 Push Jerks
    Weight @ 65#
    No dropping bar between rounds.
    6 Rounds + 6 HSC

    Well… that one really did suck. At the end of my 2nd round, I was wondering why the hell I paid $5 to do this WOD. Forearms & grip were killing me as well as my traps on the HSC. At the end or the day, gratifying to have done it.

    Working through injuries: 2 summers ago I had some funky thing going on with my forearm where I couldn’t lift cleans or do pull ups. I modified WOD’s for pretty much the entire summer, ring rows for PU’s (which was fine by me), but for any WOD’s requiring lifts, I was doing front squats from the rack. I was quite sick of doing front squats that summer …but man, my legs & ass were awesome. Hee Hee 🙂

    1. Great work on the WOD Heidi! I can’t believe you paid $5 to do that either!

      “I was quite sick of doing front squats that summer …but man, my legs & ass were awesome”….LOL…gotta love squats 🙂

  29. Wu x 1
    Foam roll
    Truck pull with Brigitte 1:01


    Run 800m
    Did 25 FS at 70#, 45 unassisted pullups and 30 with purple bands.
    Run 800m

    No idea what my time was. Right behind Marie.
    Thanks to Marie for passing me and makin me run.


  30. Wu x 1
    Foam roll
    Truck pull with Brigitte 1:01


    Run 800m
    Did 25 FS at 70#, 45 unassisted pullups and 30 with purple bands.
    Run 800m

    No idea what my time was. Right behind Marie.
    Thanks to Marie for passing me and makin me run.

    Qod: currently I have a back injury related to a 4 foot fall onto some stairs while sleepwalking. Been going to a chiropractor 3 days a week. Still gotta crossfit. Also have a tear in my ac tendon in my shoulder that I have yet to go to physio for. I have found that it is getting stronger since crossfit.

      1. Thanks. I was a bit disappointed that I couldn’t do all 75 unassisted but I got to the point I was doing sets of 2 and it would have taken me forever so I gave in to the band.

  31. WU x 1

    Practiced Power Snatches

    45-65-75 (all X 5)
    80-85-90-95-100-105-110-115 (all X 2)
    120-125-130(f)-130-135(f) (all X 1)

    WOD – Isabelle (change for change)

    30 Snatches @ 95#

    Time – 2:40

  32. mobility
    wu x 1
    Foam roller
    Truck pull with Sheldon – 1:00

    WOD ; Deck of Death
    25 min cap
    Hart = Burpees
    Diamond = Sit ups
    Spade = Squats
    Club = Pull ups
    Joker = 500m Row

    Score = ??? I didn’t understand how Kevin told me what my score was… do you remember Kevin?
    I don’t understand what I had that much cards left… but whatever! What a workout!! That and the truck pull… what a way to start on my morning classes…haha

    REALLY fun morning!
    I think it was Jill who took a video when we were pulling the truck… would LOVE to see that! 🙂

    AWESOME job everyone!

  33. Mobility, WUx1

    Truck Pull w/ Kevin McD = 1:16

    WOD scaled
    – 400m Run
    – Max Set Front Squat 35# = 50 reps
    – Pull-ups = 50 reps (15 w/ green band, 35 w/ 4″ band)
    – 400m Run
    Time = 12:42


  34. Better late then never…

    WU x 1
    Truck Pull with Vince 1:10

    WOD : Accumulate max planking time in 10 minutes

    Time: 5:20

  35. It was an interesting month for Change for Change choices! I’ve enjoyed reading what everyone picked today!

  36. WU x 1
    Skipping practice

    Truck pull with Bev, 1:13

    Run 800m
    Only managed 25 Front Squats @ 95#…not comfortable at all, 75 hand-tearing pull-ups
    Run 800m

    Time: 17:39

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