Friday’s QOD

What’s your favourite foreign word to say?

*Reminder – we are closed for the weekend for a Level 2 seminar.

Good Mornings x10
3 sets

AMRAP 20 min
Run 400m
Max Pullups

Compare to July 21/17

Big crew from CFM at Mascara and Muscles

20 thoughts on “Friday’s QOD”

  1. Good Mornings x10
    65 – 85 – 95

    Nicole (scaled)
    AMRAP 20 min
    400m run
    Max ring rows

    21 + 15 + 15 + 15 + 16 = 82

    PR **30** reps over 7/25/2016!!!

  2. WUx1+CS

    Good Mornings x10
    3 sets

    “Nicole” as RX’d
    AMRAP 20 min
    Run 400m
    Max Pullups


    Got to an extra round this time but nothing left for it. Fast pullups then steady runs was key.
    (Miscounted an extra round of 12 this morning so not 104 that is on the board)

    PR for Nicole of 3 reps from July 2015
    Also PR for unbroken Pull-ups of 30. Previous was 29 also July 2015

    Great work morning peeps!

    Thanks Shane!

  3. Good Mornings x10

    Nicole Rx
    15+15+11+11+11 = 63 Reps

    PR of 1 rep over 2014
    Last set of pullups were around the 18:00 minute mark. I should have left for one more run but I didn’t think I could make it back in time to do any pullups so my wod brain said stop. I should not listen to wod brain.

    Nice work 6amers!

  4. Good mornings 3 sets x10

    AMRAP 20 mins
    200m 40#(45?) sandbag carry
    Max Ring rows

    Total: 82 reps

    Thanks for the running substitution Shane! It worked out much better than rowing would have in this WOD. Great work 8:30!!

    “Mi casa es su casa” which is something Dan says to annoy me when I don’t want to share with him🙄

    But my favourite is probably something I say when we’re late and Dan is taking way too long:
    “Come on, hales tes fesses!!”, which essentially means “Haul ass”😂😜

  5. Nicole Rx:

    10-10-10-10-12-15 + 200m run

    July 2014:
    Pullups with green band: 63
    July 2015:
    Horizontal ring rows from box: 67

    Thanks Shane!

  6. WUx1+CS

    Good Mornings x10
    3 sets

    AMRAP 20 min
    Run 400m
    Max Ring Rows


    Time to get off the ring Rows….thanks Shane!

  7. Good Mornings x10
    3 sets
    AMRAP 20 min
    Run 400m
    Max Pullups

    Thanks Shane!

  8. Good Mornings x 10
    95 – 115 – 135.

    “Nicole” as Rx’d
    77 reps

    18 – 18 – 12 – 14 – 12 – 3
    Runs got real slow real fast.

  9. Mobility and Wu

    Weighted good morning 3 x 10 @135#

    Putting weight away stopped to talk and a 45# plate fell on my foot and pretty sure broke my little toe .. 🙁

    So that kind of spoiled my day, did the Wod with straight arm rowing and pretty well just my right leg pushing..

    Row 500m
    Max Pullups 30/25/15/20/20
    110 reps
    Was looking forward to trying to beat my old pr of 140. But the rowing kinda killed that ..

    Thanks for the class Mario.

  10. Weighted good mornings x 10


    Ran seven rounds, got eighty one.
    Got Seventy seven in 2016

  11. RX 144 reps
    First time for me. PR of unbroken pull-ups to start, was originally 21.

  12. Good Mornings x10
    3 sets – 35# (WU) – 45# – 50# – 50#

    AMRAP 20 min
    Run 400m
    Max Pullups – ring rows
    Score: 14/14/14/15/11
    Total: 69

    2015: 58

  13. Good Mornings x10
    3 sets

    AMRAP 20 min
    Run 400m
    Max Pullups (9/10/7/8/5/5/6)

    50 reps. One day I’ll be able to kip haha

  14. Good Mornings
    3 x 10

    Amrap 20 mins
    400m run
    Max pull ups (ring rows)
    =100 (9 reps less but I am sure my ring rows were more straight today than any other time, got one more run and I need that) 😉

    Great class Shane 😉

    Power snatch x 5
    105-115 (muscle snatch)

    Thank you for your tips Shane, I will start working on my snatch squat 😉

  15. Well let me tell you about my day!
    I decided to join Kevin and Jo on an adventure to ruck a marathon while carrying 45# dry weight plus water and snacks in our rucks..
    The rucks felt heavy but we felt strong.. As the day progressed we grew weary but we remained determined.. our rucks seemed to get heavy and our bodies deceived us, but we walked on.. As the miles counted down we grew hopeful, silly, cranky and needed more breaks.. The closer we got, even with tired feet, (and dying traps) we were fueled by the knowledge of how far we had gone and the more determined we became..
    With a lot of laughs, bikers(some without bells) swearing, silly dances, ice cream, freezies, shady rest stops and pine cone wars, we made it..
    Thank you guys for the invite! Thank you to Kevin for helping me dare to believe it was even possible.. Thank you to Jo for keeping it real and your ever present rational optimism..
    What a day!

  16. Open Gym
    Some Pullup Negatives x3 (bw, #15 #20)

    Upright Rows x10

    Cleans x5

    HPC x10

  17. Lisa MacLaughlin

    Good Mornings x10
    3 sets

    AMRAP 20 min
    Run 400m
    Max Pull-ups (ring rows)
    14,15,15,15,15,15 # 89 reps total

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