Friday’s QOD

The Open starts next Friday! Give us your best prediction for 18.1.

*Reminder of the CrossFit Total for tomorrow, 10am-12pm. Get your name on ZP (we’ll bump you off the wait list). Test your max Squat, Press, and Deadlift in a high energy atmosphere. Check yesterday’s post for a good strategy.

Every 90 seconds for 30 min
1 Clean and Jerk


34 thoughts on “Friday’s QOD”

  1. 18.1…is….18.0.
    With a 6 min to Establish a 1 RM Clean & Jerk after the completion of your time!

    Every 90 seconds for 30 min
    1 Clean and Jerk

    Stayed light as my technique needs some fixing!
    seem to work ok, working on getting elbows around quick in clean, and getting under the bar quick in Jerk.

    Thanks for the Class Mario
    Good Job 6 am crew!

    1. Lindsay Sherwood

      Have you done any of these movements in classs yet? Even if you haven’t, there will be a coach there so I would just try to chat with them briefly before the work out to figure out where to start πŸ˜ƒ

  2. Mainsite WOD

    AMRAP 20 mins
    5 Power Snatch 95#
    3 Muscle-Ups >> sub MU transition on low rings
    = 16+2 snatches

    1. Jumped in a later class as well…

      Every 90s for 30 mins – Clean & Jerk

  3. Every 90 seconds for 30 min
    1 Clean and Jerk
    135×2-145×7-155×2-165×2-175×4-185-195-215PR for C+J I believe. Was not planning to go up to this but they were feeling great today!

    5K row with Ronnie afterwards πŸ™‚

    Really like the 90sec intervals. Felt rushed with the EMOM snatch and cleans.

    Thanks Mario!

  4. C&J every 1:30 ❀️❀️❀️

    Doing 5 cleans at 200+ had me dying so went for a solid light lift to finish off πŸ™‚

    Thanks Mario

  5. WUx1
    Every 90 seconds for 30 min
    1 Clean and Jerk
    The remainder were mostly power clean and push jerks as right knee has issues that got accentuated by the Split.
    95 for the remainder.

    Well done am peeps!

    Thanks Mario!

  6. Every 90 seconds for 30 min
    1 Clean and Jerk

    Need to work on getting lower in split position; but happy to get to 105# .
    Such fun! I hope this Friday EMOM lift class keeps going πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the tips & class Matt.

  7. Every 90 seconds for 30 min
    (1x) Clean and Jerk

    C&J PR @ 200#

  8. Every 90sec C&J for 30 min
    95(3)-115(2)-125(2)-135(2)-155(2)-165(2)- 185(2)-205(2)-215(f)-215(c-)215(b+)

    Thanks Matt and Cara.

  9. Lindsay Sherwood

    Clean and Jerk every 90s for 30 mins:
    Started at 35 and worked my way up to 110# (PR! Old PR was 90 I think)

    Still a lot of work to do on my form but happy with the progress 😁

    Thanks Matt!

  10. Every 90 seconds 1 clean and jerk
    Worked up to 235. Pr for weight since the shoulder surgery

    Thanks for the class Matt

  11. wux1
    group wu

    Every 90 seconds 1 clean and jerk
    started at 95# and worked up to 220#

    I had about 6 failed at 225# attempts. I cleaned 1 rep @ 225# but failed the jerk as the bar hit my chin lol
    My PR is 225#
    not bad for an old fella with a bum knee and shoulder πŸ™‚

  12. Every 90 seconds for 30 min
    1 Clean and Jerk

    55-60-65-70-75-75 for a while-80-85 for a while-90-95 for remainder

  13. Every 90 seconds for 30 min
    1 Clean and Jerk

    65-75-85-95-95-105-115-125-125-135-135-145-145-155-155-155-165-175-175-185(cleaned it well, fail on the jerk).

    175 is a new PR for C&J.
    185 PR for squat clean.

    I’m happy with this!

  14. Every 90 Seconds:


    Not a PR but I was super happy about this, since I struggled hard with my cleans two weeks ago when I was struggling at 105 & failing at 110. Probably should have tried 115 for my last lift but wanted to make sure in ended on a successful lift. LOVING this new Friday strength format

  15. mob wux1
    every 90 sec for 30 min
    1 x clean & jerk
    120-120-125-125-130-130 f -130-135-135-135

  16. WU x1
    Group workout!

    Then WOD: clean and jerk ever 90 seconds for 30 mins.

    Lost count of how many reps of each but used :

    Fun Class. Glad there was a 6 added!

  17. The Open starts next Friday! Give us your best prediction for 18.1..
    I predict cardio… I think this year each wod will get heavier and more complicated! As much as i don’t want to see it, i definitely see lots of thrusters and lunges(more than once)..

    Every 90 seconds for 30 min
    1 Clean and Jerk
    I am enjoying the Friday emom sessions.. They are forcing me to tackle the difficult things and focus on them..
    Thanks to Mario for great tips and coaching! I am sure you’re not the first coach to tell me, but I think today I was ready to hear It!
    I started at 55# and added 5# as i went.. I did a few more than once because I wasn’t feeling the jerks.. After a few tips, I felt it safe to add weight. I ended up at a confident 105.. I know I can do it again and I am excited to try bigger lifts!

  18. Clean and jerk technique
    Usually I like to power things up but today did full clean as told. Working on better hand placement on bar and thumb grip

    Started at 135 for a few reps
    145 for a few reps
    155 for a few reps
    175 for 2 reps
    185 for a rep
    205 for a rep but failed as my hands were in bad placement so I followed my instinct (and listened to Mario on my adjustment ) went to 215 and succeeded and it felt just fine

  19. QOD: One arm OH DB lunges and C2B Pullups

    Started at 65# and added 10# every set. Finished with 265#, which may be a PR or match my PR. Not sure. Either way, felt good.

  20. Every 90 seconds for 30 min
    1 Clean and Jerk
    40# x 2
    50# x 3
    55# x 2
    65# x 4
    70# x 3
    75# x 3
    80# x 2
    85# x 1

    Didn’t think I was going to be able to do the full squat clean as baby was sitting low and then felt horrible during warmup & practice. Decided to still give them ago and they actually felt good so continued with them. Matched my PR. Happy with that at 22 weeks pregnant today. 😊

  21. Every 90 sec for 30 mins
    1 clean and jerk

    SOOO EXCITED to life this weight, pain free! It’s been a lonnnnng time! πŸ˜†

  22. Every 90 sec for 30 mins
    1 clean and jerk
    85 x 4
    95 x 4
    105 x 4
    115 x 2
    120 x 2
    125 – 135 – 145(F) – 145(F) – 145 (PR for squat clean)

    Nice class Matt!!

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