Friday’s QOD

If you had a movie named after your CrossFit Journey, what would it be called?

9-15-9 reps
C2B Pullups
Box Jumps (30/24″)
Ring Dips
SDHP (95/65#)

So close!

53 thoughts on “Friday’s QOD”

  1. WUX1

    Strenght Cleans x3

    9-15-9 reps
    C2B Pullups(Bands Black and Purple)
    Box Jumps (12″)
    Ring Dips (Paralettes)
    SDHP (45#)

    Time: 7:38

  2. QOD
    Discover yourself

    or to sell some box offce tickets somehting like:
    How deep can you go

  3. Comedy – The Skinny Girl’s Guide to Kicking A$$
    Romantic Comedy – Barbell Affair
    Drama – Sweat, Blood and Tears
    Horror – Death by Obsession

  4. WUX2

    Strenght Push Press x 5

    9-15-9 reps
    C2B Pullups
    Box Jumps 30″
    Ring Dips (small band)
    SDHP 95# / Had sloppy form on most reps.

    Time: 9:41

    Nice to do some ring dips, need to add them in warm up.

    QOD: It’s About Time!

  5. Is anyone planning to do Games WOD 12.5 today?
    If so… please post in the comments.
    Sonia, Rob and I are coaching the classes this evening.

  6. WUX2

    Strenght Deadlifts x5 95-115-125-135-140

    9-15-9 reps
    C2B Pullups(Green band)
    Box Jumps (24#) – yikes 🙂
    Ring Dips (Paralettes)
    SDHP (45#)

    Time: 8:35

    I liked this one! Although, I swear my pull ups are getting slower lately??

    QOD : Girl with the Bruise on Her Shins

  7. Great pic of Darsey! Nice capture, Mr. Photographer. That was definitely one of the “moments” from 12.4 I will remember for a long time. 🙂

    1. Sole reason we went to see it in theaters, someone said: “Well with a name like that, its gotta be good!”

      True story

  8. QOD-
    They all fall down (horror)
    That didn’t take long at all (XXX comedy)
    Why does it hurt so bad? (Dramatic tragedy)
    Muscles…..the journey (my own personal mockumentary) lol

  9. WU x 2
    Games WOD 12.5
    Pullups with blue band (had to add the tiny band in the middle of the wod)
    Total : 73, only 3 thrusters count for the games

    QOD – They’re not really about my personnal journey but I let my creativity flow:

    The Nightmare on Alcock street
    BJ’s & Snatches
    The WOD book

  10. QOD
    The Fit and the Furious.. (with fitness as a goal and fury over lack of ability to perform DU!lol)

    1. Hahaha funny! Could apply it to all of the Romero zombie flicks… i.e. Day of the Dead-Lift

  11. WUX2
    Strength: Front Squats
    95×5 – (X1)..105 – 115 – 125 – 130

    WOD: 9 – 15 – 9
    ~ Pullups (sm+med purple bands)
    ~ Box Jumps 18″
    ~ Parallette Dips
    ~ SDHP 50#

    TIME: 8:44 (I think)

    Really liked this one 🙂

    1. QOD: for me, it might be … “Work in Progress”; or, “Sweet Smell of Success”

      For others, theirs might be….
      ~ “The Race Against the Clock”;
      ~ “Head Over Heels for a Jerk”
      ~ “Grunts of the Wild”

  12. WOD Rx

    9-15-9 reps
    C2B Pullups
    Box Jumps (30″)
    Ring Dips
    SDHP (95#)


    First Rx workout since coming off the injured list. Love that feeling.

  13. WU x 2

    WOD 12.5 = 3 Reps!!

    I can wait for next year and hopefully I’ll be able to do more movements that this year, great experience for sure, Good luck everyone tomorrow 🙂

    9-15-9 reps
    C2B Pullups scaled Pull ups with medium yellow band
    BJ (20″)
    Ring Dips scaled Paralette Dips
    SDHP (65 lbs)


    Happy with the time 🙂

  14. WU x 2

    Back Squat x 5


    WOD Rx
    9-15-9 reps
    C2B Pullups
    Box Jumps (30″)
    Ring Dips
    SDHP (95#)

    Time: 12:22

  15. WU x 2

    Back Squat x 5

    Pull Ups: Rd 1, no bands, Rd. 2 1st 7 with no bands/8 with 1small band, Rd 3, 2 small bands
    Box Jumps 24″
    Ring Dips, small band
    SDHP 65#
    Tiime: 12:30

  16. wod: 6: 25
    black band, paralettes, #35 lbs, 12 inch box

    strength: front squat singles 70, 85, 100, 115, 120 (pr!)

    My story is The Long Road to Victory, part one. Stay tuned, I am excited for the sequels.

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