Friday’s QOD

If you got a new pet, and you had to name them either Clean, Jerk, or Snatch, what would you pick?

Pick your WOD

AMRAP in 20 min
200m Run
Rest 30 sec


5k Run

Compare to July 13/16


13 thoughts on “Friday’s QOD”

  1. WU x 1, 10 lengths of the gym
    Group mobility

    5 K Row

    QOD: I would name my new pet Jerk, but call him Jer for short. It might be a little odd to call for your dog on the Dobson Trail if it’s name was Snatch.

    Fellow Dobson dog walker: “Hey, whats up?”

    Me: “I can’t find my Snatch. It’s run off into the woods.”

    Just a potential issue…

    Happy Friday!

  2. QOD: Jerk because I have cats. Also I’m a big fan of the movie Home Alone and would constantly quote Uncle Frank, “Look what you did, ya little jerk!”

  3. QOD: I would call it a Jerk. It’s not ideal, of course, and I would probably end up calling it “Jerky” and then tell everyone it was an homage to dehydrated beef.

    Also, I rowed 5k today, for the first time EVER. It was mentally difficult, more than anything else.
    Time: 26:49

  4. I would call it Jerk especially if it was a cat. I posed the question to Matt and he said Snatch (of course he did!!)

  5. M+WU
    Group M+WU

    AMRAP in 20 min
    200m Run
    Rest 30 sec

    12 full rounds

    QOD: Jerk, because of the looks you’d get when you call for your dog in the park.

  6. Props to all the brave souls that came out for a run, even if it was a little wet outside. Very proud of you!

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