Friday’s QOD

What’s the farthest you’ve ever run?

Bring running shoes.

Jackie is happy for running
Jackie is happy for running

40 thoughts on “Friday’s QOD”

  1. Longest was 5k, again today.. Lol
    1:27 slower but I felt better doing it and u had a better average pace. Just need to speed it up!
    Thanks for the class Kevin, great job morning crew!!!

  2. QOD: 26.2 miles/ 42 K (marathon distance)


    PR over last year by 3 minutes.

    Thanks for running the last 200 M with me Gabe. You are always my finishing line buddy!

    1. You are such a great role model! Well done Jackie and ANOTHER smile on your face this morning as you finished!

  3. Longest is 10k 🙂

    Did 5k today in 28:20. No PR, but longest run since may 2015 I believe.

    Thanks Kevin!

  4. QOD: I had to run 5 miles back at the Academy and almost passed out…

    Today: 5 Km in 29:54.

    Thanks Coach Kevin!

  5. Longest run 21.1kms

    Did 5k to set baseline before starting my race training.
    Pr’d my last race time by 30 seconds.


  6. QOD:
    Actual “running”? 10 km a couple times.
    The funnest time actually running was the Hopewell Rocks 8km Multi-Terrain Race. I’d actually recommend that to anyone.

    The Spartan Beast was 21+ km, but there wasn’t a lot of actual “running” per se.

  7. Great pic of Jackie!!

    Longest I ever ran was the Hopewell Rocks 8k race. Really fun race, looking forward to it next year again.

  8. farthest I’ve ever run. Hmmm, probably 12K… over 2 days. haha! I think it’s 7K and it was by mistake.

    WOD: 5K
    26: something. I forgot to look at what time I was given. I know I came in right after Jes. Thank God she was there. 1. for the company and 2. I was so f’n clueless as to the route. Especially on Salisbury road, I had no idea that Edinburgh intersected there. that stretch was brutal.

    Great job everyone!
    Thanks Kevin!

  9. WOD

    49.24 (3:48 slower than last time back in Sep 14, 2012) Was not aiming for a PR but most importantly I wasn’t as sore as I remembered it.

    QOD Revised: 10k. Twice. Never want to do that again, but it all depends on a few variables and I might…..again.

  10. Open Gym
    500m row wu
    1500m row 7:46

    The furthest I’ve ever gone, without stopping, is 6km. I did it three times on my own, back when I was in much better shape 😛

  11. In the spirit of today’s run, I was watching the Women’s 10,000m race. The winners time was 29:17.45 I am always just in awe of those runners.

  12. MOB WU

    5K Run – 34:xx…like the new route.

    Longest run is 5K…working on doing it without walking

  13. Did 5k at 7 a.m. this morning which thankfully was before the rain started. Look at me finding something positive about running! It was slow going but knee didn’t bother me until the last of it so that’s a huge win. Also like the new route – nice thing about bringing up the rear is you can follow the pack without getting lost.

    Sadly forgot to write down my time but did do a bunch of stretching (and sharing stories with the girls 😊) so if someone could let me know that’d be great. Otherwise I’ll have to assume I was only slightly off the Olympic pace!

    1. Completely forgot… Saw a deer eating apples from a tree while I was running Salisbury Rd this morning. Can’t see that while you’re laying in bed!

  14. Mobility & WU

    Ran 3k – 22:23 via the new route. I like it better 🙂

    Right calf was giving me trouble right from the beginning, but even with this I saw major improvements over the July run.
    – Much less winded, and way more focus.
    – Only broke running twice (broke at least 5+ times in July after never running more than 400m)
    – 37sec PR
    Great start to a Friday!! 🙂 Thanks Kevin!

  15. Brought rowing shoes instead
    5k row- 22:13
    Every km 10 DB Snatch 20#

    Messed around with the heavy balls. Almost got 150#

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