57 thoughts on “Friday’s QOD”

  1. WU and mob
    5 rounds
    400m Run
    30 Wall ball #14
    30 Box jump 20″
    Time 31:36

    Thanks Maria good job all this was a leg buster. I have a new appreciation for the NAME “Kelly” now !

    QOD: underwear! what underwear?

  2. “Kelly”
    5 rounds
    400m Run
    30 Wall ball (8#)
    30 Box jumps (20″)


    PR of 30 reps + 6:14 over last year! 😃

    Thanks Maria!

  3. WU x 1 + 15 WBs

    400 M run
    30 Wallballs @ 8#, 10′
    30 Box Jumps 18″


    Thanks for the push at the end Shaun. Great class Maria!

    1. Nice job Jackie. Keep the good results going next week in my absence awesome job over this last 2 weeks!

  4. Wod
    ” Kelly ”
    5 rounds
    400m run
    30 wall balls (20# @ 10′)
    30 box jumps @ 24”
    Rx’d 29:46
    No pr, but close. Shoulders and pukie slowed me down a bit… Lol
    Great class Maria and great work 6 amer’s!!!
    As much as I hate this Wod, great way to end off the week.

  5. QOD: nude – Interpret that as you wish…

    4 rounds 453m row
    Ran round one, rowed the rest
    8# wallballs
    18″ step ups

  6. Mobility
    WU x 1 + 15 unbroken wallballs 10#

    WOD: “Kelly” (can we rename this to something like Karen Plus???)
    5 rounds
    400m Run
    30 Wall ball @10#, 10ft
    30 Box jump @ 20′

    Time: 33:10…I think the last time I have done this was in 2013. 6:19 PR

    Great job everyone. Really wasn’t feeling it this morning. Thanks Maria!

    QOD: Depends on the outfit 🙂

  7. WOD RX

    Happy about the wall balls. Ever since the partner wod with Kevin I have been going for bigger chunks of wall balls instead of the sets of 10. R 1&2 unbroken and r 3,4,&5 sets of 20-10.

    QOD: As of right now they are gray, later on today gray with maybe a bit of brown…..

  8. MOB + WU + 15 WBs

    “Kelly” – *40 min time cap
    5 rounds
    400m Run
    30 Wall Ball – 14#
    30 Box Jump – 20″

    4 rounds + 26 WBs

    QOD: Got a range of dude colors…no racing stripes.

  9. Kelly (wallballs at 9′)

    3:40 PR from last year. What!!??

    I’ve done this wod 3 times in 6+years. One in 2010, last year and today. Last year I had to look back to figure out the last time I did it. Turned out to be 2010 and even though this is one of my most disliked wods the picture I get to look at from 2010 when I check back for my previous times makes me smile every time. If you’ve been around CFM for a while click back for a trip down memory lane and you’ll see what pushed me through the wod today <3

  10. WOD RX

    I did it last year only 3 rds(26:36), don’t ask why but I decided to do this WOD around 2 weeks ago in an open GYM, I hated but it turns out I got a PR 3 rds(23:36, thanks to Kevin MacKenzie as he ran the last 400m with me and did the box jumps as well) and today I was just hoping to go through round 4 as mentally this WOD had killed me twice I looked at the time when I was finishing round 3 and my time was 20:50 🙂 and I finished the 5 rds under time cap :)!!! great job everyone @6am, you guys killed it.

    Thanks Maria for your message yesterday because I would have “missed” this WOD if it wasn’t for it.

  11. “Kelly”
    5 rounds
    400m Run
    30 Wall ball – 6#
    30 Box jump – 12″

    Completed 4 rounds at 31:29 as per Maria’s advice. Kind of wish I kept going to see how close I would have been to finishing at the time cap… But not sure I really wanted to do more wall balls.
    Also, tripped on a box jump in round 3 and I’m developing a massive bruise!

  12. “Kelly”
    5 rounds
    400m Run
    30 Wall ball 8#
    30 Box jump

    4 rounds 31:30

    Stacey I too tripped on a box jump and am developing a bruise to match yours 😉

  13. Mob, WU, 15 unbroken wall balls

    WOD – Kelly
    5 rounds
    400m run
    30 wall balls 14# @ 10′
    39 box jumps 20″

    Time – 37:51

    I was SURE I would barely finish 4 rounds going into this, so glad I was able to complete it. But oh god it was rough.

    QOD – grey. I feel boring.

  14. WOD – Kelly
    5 rounds
    400m run
    30 wall balls 10# @ 10′
    30 box jumps 20″( modified to step ups)

    Time = 28:48

    My first time doing this workout. I hope to try it Rx next time. Maybe I should have used more weight for my wall balls…for me wall balls = fear :). I need to get over it.
    Great job nooners, I’m happy it wasn’t smoldering hot today. Thanks Blake!

  15. Aubrey Kirkpatrick

    WU x 1 + 15 WBs

    400 M run
    15 Wallballs @ 10#, 10′
    15 Box Jumps 20″
    Thanks Blake for the encouragement and pointers!!!


    1. Rockin’ good time AK. Love that you are part of CFM, and I know you will push hard EVERY time. Feels great, hey?

  16. Kelly
    5 rondes
    400m course
    30 wb (10#)
    30 box jumps (20″)

    Some great times and PRs today… Wow!!

  17. Mob
    WU x1
    15 WB(8#)

    Calf smashing

    Kelly 40 min cap
    5 rounds
    400m run
    30 WallBalls(8#)
    30 BoxJumps(Blackbox)

    Time: 37.34 (5 rounds)
    *Improvement from last time (4rounds @ 35.52)

  18. QOD: Purple and Black

    WU X1
    WOD: Kelly

    Rx’d 35:13

    That WOD is made up of nightmares. I made it to the end of the week in AM classes! PR for that.
    Thanks Maria!

    1. Great job CAM! Even though you weren’t “happy about this” you pushed through right until the end! Nice PR on the am classes too ☺️

  19. mob wux1
    5 round
    400 m run( 400 m row )
    30 wall ball 14#
    30 box jump 20 in step on

  20. Open Gym

    WOD – Kelly
    3 rounds(of 5)
    400m run
    30 wall balls 20# @ 10′
    30 box jumps 24″

    Time – 28:39

    Was feeling a little tightness on my left side so stopped at 3 rounds.

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