Friday’s QOD

You discover that your wonderful one year old child is actually not yours because of a mix-up at the hospital. Would you want to exchange the child to correct the mistake? Would your answer change if the child was 5 years old?

Floor Press x5
5 sets @ 60-65% of bench

3k Run

Compare to Oct.29/14


49 thoughts on “Friday’s QOD”

  1. Cody Jorgensen

    Could never exchange but would want my child a touch situation.

    Great am, lots of moving and running tips.

    Run- 13:24

    Cashout 50 strict pull ups. Slow!

  2. Qod: Like Cody said, don’t think I could give up a child but would also want mine. Be the same after 5 yrs.

    Floor press, shoulder wasn’t feeling it this morning.

    Wod 3k run.
    First time doing a 3k,and first time doing that distance and not walking!! Actually felt pretty good!!

    Thanks for the class Kevin, great work 6 amer’s!!

  3. MOB + WU (clapping PUs)

    Group WU

    Floor Press x5
    5 sets @ 60-65% of bench
    WU – 95#

    3k Run
    TIME: 19:18

  4. The QOD is a little deep today Kevin 🙂

    Speaking from a non mother… I wouldn’t want to switch them, I think no good could come of that for the kids involved. I’d just need to know my baby that is with someone else is okay I think..

  5. Great pic of Stacey!
    But I’d also like to add to it that Stacey recently started progressing from ring rows to pullups! Her hard work is paying off!!

  6. Floor press
    40# – 45# – 50# – 55# – 55#

    3K run

    My first 3K run was in September at 25:02. Haven’t done any running since then (other than a few wods and about 6 cashout 400m).
    I think this CrossFit thing works! PR of 4:28.

    1. A year ago you have my angry looks for having to do a 400m run in the drop-in hahaha

  7. Warm up & Mob x1 plus 10 clapping push ups
    Group Warm up
    Floor press (x5) @ 60%

    3k run (scaled to 1k)
    Time 12:25
    Cashout 200 m walk with some high fives….
    Awesome class thanks Kevin. Have a great weekend everyone

  8. Floor Press (WU 5×5 @ 60%)

    3K run (scaled to 1.5k)

    Thanks for the class, Kevin.

    I’d still rather row 🙂

  9. Mob, WU (with clapping push-ups)
    Group mob

    Floor press 5×5 @ 70#

    Running skills

    3km run – 18:05

  10. Wow this is a tough QOD! It’s like something from a TV movie.
    I don’t know how to answer, you fall in love with your child right from day 1..I don’t think one year or 5 years would change my answer.

  11. QOD: I don’t have kids but if the scenario applied to my nieces, I wouldn’t trade them for anything! But would want to meet to other kiddos as well.

    Floor press x5
    35-55-75x 5

    3k – 18:26
    Goal was to be under 20min and to not stop at all during the run…check!

  12. QOD: What an awful situation that would be 🙁
    It would be too painful to give up a child I’d raised and loved as my own, but I would want my own biological child too. Ideally, both families would work together and figure out some sort of co-parenting or visitation schedule. I honestly can’t think of a better resolution to this dilemma. I think everyone loses in some way.
    Hopefully they’d get a huge settlement from the hospital for their incompetent blunder and could buy houses next to one another.

  13. MOB +WU X1 (with clapping push-ups)
    Group mob

    Floor press 5×5 @ 120#

    Running skills

    3km run

    Time – 21:09 (25s PR from April 24th open gym and 5:21 PR from First 3km run Sept 4,2015)

  14. Wux1 tried clapping pushups from floor…no go

    First floor presses built up to 35lb.

    First mile 12:15 😀

  15. Floor Press x5
    5 sets @ 60 – 65%
    35# WU – rest all at 55#

    3K run
    Time: 13:40
    (just checked my book from 2014. That’s a 1 min and 17 second PR!!!)

  16. Floor Presses x 5
    WU Sets @ 35 & 55
    5 sets at 65#

    3 Km. run – 17:21….10 second PR from Oct 2014……That’s two pretty consistent WOD’s in a row. It’s hard to know how to pace on the runs to achieve a PR. I ran at a pace that I could maintain throughout the run….I didn’t want to gas out & walk. I guess a my note for next time is to do the same, but turn it up a wee notch from what feels comfortable. I’d like to get this sub 17:00.

    What a great morning for a run. Looking forward to running season!

  17. WU x 1
    Group MOB

    Floor press @ 45#
    3 K run @ 18 minutes something ( my book is at home). Not a PR but a fun morning just the same.

    QOD: Tried to write an answer, but I really can’t say for certain what I would do.

    Have a lovely weekend all!

  18. Wod
    3km run

    Qod: have you been watching switched at birth?? And just like most of people said I would like to keep them both, is a hard situation.

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