Friday’s QOD

Is there something you’ve done that you never thought you’d do? If so, what?

“Tons of Fun”

Deadlift 12,000 lbs / 9,000 lbs for time
(Athlete decides weight and reps needed to accomplish goal)

Wayne on his first kettlebell wod

102 thoughts on “Friday’s QOD”

  1. QOD – Stay up past midnight to see what will make you throw up that day

    And for the calculator Jeff, I’m lazy so 200lbs for 60 reps will work perfectly fine

  2. QOD:
    I never thought I would go to Europe for my honeymonn. Oh wait a minute…thath’s not me!! Joanna& Kevin, live it up and have a wonderful honyemoom. We’re all vacationing vicariously through you guys!

  3. WUx1

    31 Bday Burpees (Happy Biday Maria!!)

    400m run

    Man test: 53 seconds πŸ™

    WOD: β€œTons of Fun”
    Deadlift 12,000 lbs for time
    Chose 65 reps at 185lbs
    Time: 5:25

    Pretty happy with that result. I think I could have been faster at a lower weight but I’m glad I chose 185.

    QOD: If we’re talking crossfit, I never imagined that one day I would do 40 consecutive pull ups. Outside of crossfit, I never thought I would get married. I know, weird huh?

  4. WU x 1
    400m Run
    Strength OHS
    3 sets of 10 @ 35#

    WOD: β€œTons of Fun”
    Deadlifts 85# x 105 reps
    time = 6:50

    QOD: there are so many things these last few months…but running a 5k without stopping, never thought I’d ever do that.

    Great job on the burpees πŸ™‚ Sorry guys I would have said I was 12 had I not brought the kids to the gym it may have worked!

    1. You never thought you’d run a 5 Km without stopping…really???? I am surprised, you’re so speedy on your runs, I thought you were a runner. Awesome.

      Hope you had a great B-day & enjoyed all of our burpees in your honour this morning.

  5. Back squats 1x

    WOD @ 100#
    time: 7:46

    Happy Bday Maria! Have a good weekend everybody!!

  6. I loved today’s workout! I normally quite hate deadlifts in a wod but today was fun!

    31 birthday burpees for Maria
    400m run

    9,000lbs for time = 90 reps @ 100lbs

    T = 6:02

    I think I could have done 110# in less time, sort of wishing I had now.

    Nice work this morning, Gilles!!

    And Elba – 135# ! You’re some strong!

  7. Things I thought I’d never do….
    Enjoy going to the gym…and even more, enjoying getting up before dawn to go!
    Strict Pullups
    Put more than my bodyweight over head
    Compete in a fitness competition
    Be a trainer
    The list goes on and on…pretty much everything I’ve accomplished since starting CrossFit I thought I’d never do.

    I was never active in sports (and stopped participating in gym class after grade 7!) I hardly ever went to a gym, had never used free weights let alone a barbell and certainly had never tried anything remotely CrossFit related. I’m sure if you go back now and tell some people I grew up with that I’m now a trainer, compete in CrossFit competitions and absolutely love the sport of fitness they’d shake their head at you and say you must have the wrong girl.
    If I hadn’t of met Kevin I probably wouldn’t have found CrossFit and discovered what I’m really capable of, so that also goes with life goals I thought I’d never do too. Find my soulmate, love of my life, get married, buy a house. Things I always hoped would happen, but weren’t sure if they would have happened and so many other great things have come along with it. Push your limits, put yourself out there, actually do the things you never thought you’d do, you’ll discover what you’re truly capable of and grow more as a person. I sure as hell never thought I’d go bungee jumping..but I’ll be doing that in 5 days and that’ll just be one more thing to add to the list of things I never thought I’d do but afterward I’m sure I’ll be glad I did.

  8. Joanna You have me crying again.
    I too never entered a gym and never really wanted to. It took a lot of convincing from Kevin to get me through the doors of Crossfit and now I am addicted. Look at every single move and I never thought I would do any of them. I would never have imagined going to Certification. Doing Fran under 10 my first cert at age 60 was my proudest moment. Doing a strict pullup my second proudest. Glad to part of such a dynamic group.

  9. QOD: Is there something you’ve done that you never thought you’d do? If so, what?

    Maybe not things I’d “never” do, but certaily some things I’d never thought I’d be able to do within a year and a half of joining Crossfit. I remember going into my first fundamentals sessions and witnessing people doing muscle-ups. Had a very surprised look on my face the first time I pulled one off… Doing a few hand-stand push-ups… And actually enjoying and looking forward to a workout thats easily waaay harder than any other “workout” I’ve done before Crossfit.

    And outside Crossfit… I never thought I could beat the original Super Mario Bros. under 10 mins. True story.

  10. FYI… golf on Saturday. I’ve decided I won’t be joining the gang for the round at Moncton. Will take a rein-check though for next time… since many of you know I LOVE to golf!! πŸ™‚ Marc, the pressure’s off now, less chance of getting beat by a ‘girl’!!
    QOD: (ANSWER:) There are soooo many things that I never thought I’d do since joining CF a year ago. Just sticking with a gym for more than a few months comes to mind (and REALLY missing it when I was away!). I thought double-unders was an impossible task — still needs work, but I’ll get it eventually. Just weight lifting in general, was something I was skeptical about, so very surprised at how much I actually enjoy it. Doing things that are way outside my comfort zone has been something that has help build confidence in me even outside the gym. It’s all GOOD!

    Have a good weekend everyone!

    1. Nicely put Tracy. I especially see that same confidence in myself outside the gym. Who would have thought that was part of the deal?

  11. QOD – Never though I would lift heavy DL after all back issues I had in the past. I see 400lbs in the near future

  12. Mobililty
    wu x 1
    31 burpees happy birthday Maria
    Lacrosse ball (back)
    Strength – Push press x 3

    WOD – Tons of fun
    Dead lifts 9000 lbs
    6 set of 20 – 75# (lower weight back sore and concentrated on my form)

    Time – 6:50
    Cash out – back stretch and rings dips

  13. Mobililty
    wu x 1
    31 burpees happy birthday Maria
    Run 400m
    Lacrosse ball (lower back)
    Strength – Shoulder press x 3

    WOD – Tons of fun
    Dead lifts 12000 lbs
    Time –4:30
    Cash out – wall stretch

  14. QOD:

    1. I never imagined I would be so in love with a child as I am with my nephew. I didn’t even like kids before he came along. πŸ™‚

    2. I never imagined I’d be a ‘gym’ person. (technically I’m still not a ‘gym’ person, I’m a Crossfitter) If you asked me a couple years ago for me to set my alarm for 5:00am to go to a gym and workout so hard that I’d collapse on the floor afterward, I would have laughed in your face.

    3. I never imagined I would be so concerned with my health. And I never imagined I would learn as much about being healthy as I have in the last few years…my life has completely changed.

    4. I never imagined I would marry such a wonderful person. In fact, in my ‘old’ life, I didn’t even know such wonderful people even existed.

  15. wu x 1

    400 m run

    strength front squat: 75, 80, 85, 90, 95, 100 (pr)

    β€œTons of Fun”

    Deadlift 12,000 lbs / 9,000 lbs for time
    (Athlete decides weight and reps needed to accomplish goal)

    I lifted 75 lbs. 120 times in 8:59. I had wonderful encouragement from the other 4:15ers. Thanks! I missed CF this week with the start of school and our exchange student moving in.

    It is really inspirational reading these posts today. I also loved “working in” with the amazing Lora and watching her 175 # front squat!!! She inspired me to go for a 6th rep for my singles today. You are an amazing athlete!!!

    I never thought I’d find a form of exercise that I like so much. Now to find a healthy eating lifestyle that I love equally !)

  16. WUx1
    400m run
    Strength, Deadlift x 5: 125 135 145 155

    WOD- Tons of Fun
    Deadlift 12 000 lbs for time
    135lbs 89 times in 8:02

    QOD: <– This video is about what it takes to be successful, in whatever it happens to be you want to achieve. Personally I find it inspiring so I think you guys should give it a watch. Finally to get around to the qod, Crossfit makes me want to be better. No one I've talked to goes to Crossfit just to stay at the same level. It's always about moving up, getting better and that environment keeps me wanting to go back, and wanting to strive for something better for my own fitness. That's something that I've never had before, I've always thought, "wouldn't it be nice if I was in better shape" but I've never really wanted it before now.

      1. My post again…Marcel & I keep taking turns at the computer, while we’re cooking supper. Hard to keep track of who’s logged on.

  17. WU x 1

    400m run

    Strength: Shoulder Press x 1

    75-85-95-100-105(PR) 110 (fail) Pretty happy about my PR today

    WOD: 67 reps at 135 lbs

    Time: 4:51

    Three words for you today Lora” YOU KICKED ASS!”

    1. Awesome job on the Shoulder Press Corinna! I would be doing a happy dance with that one, for sure! That WOD was MADE for me (yay! found one!). Thanks for the kind words….pretty sure I’m going to feel that tomorrow πŸ™‚

  18. WUx1
    400m run
    Lacrosse ball (lower back)

    Strength- Deadlift X1
    295-315-335-355-375(f)-375(f) – Celebrating too early cost me a rounded back.
    More good mornings to work that out.

    WOD- Tons of Fun
    Deadlift 12 000 lbs for time
    65 DL @ 185# -> 3:31

    Cashout: Mackenzie pushups.

    Love this WOD. All deadlift day for me.

    Great job 5:30 crew!

    Have a great weekend fella CrossFitters!

  19. Shoulder Press – 5RM
    65-95-105-115-125 (matches PR for reps)

    Deadlift 12,000 lbs:
    73 Reps @ 165# —> 4:03

    Today is the 2 year anniversary of my first CrossFit WOD! πŸ˜€
    I want to say a huge thanks to everyone at CrossFit Moncton! Sure there’s some nice side benefits like improved strength, endurance and even physical appearance but I think the most important to me is the support and friendships I’ve made. This really has been a life changing experience for me and every one of you has played a part. Thank You!!!

    Today is also the 10 year anniversary of my Hole in One!
    Gym related… Everything I have achieved in the last two years seemed impossible when I was considering joining. I remember signing the waiver on my first day and it said “Athlete’s Name”. That made me laugh. A couple of months ago I paid a visit to a health nurse. She took my pulse and said, “Wow, you have the pulse of an Athlete!”. Guess I could sign that waiver now with a little more confidence. πŸ˜€

    1. Awesome post Jeff πŸ™‚ Congrats on a great 2 years! It’s great to have you as a trainer, fellow athlete and friend πŸ˜€

    2. Congrats on 2 great years, Jeff! You’re an excellent crossfitter and coach, I look forward to many more years of Crossfit with you!

    3. Congrats on your 2 year anniversary! You are a definite athlete now, and have become a great coach too! (no, I’m not just saying that because you’re my brother πŸ™‚ ) I’ve seen all of the positive changes that have happened over the past couple of years. The physical changes are obvious, but I think the friends you’ve found through Crossfit is awesome!!!

      … hmmm… aren’t you now overdue for another hole-in-one!!

  20. For those going to Johnny’s tomorrow night. If you have wood laying around that you are looking to get rid over, feel free to bring it over for the fire pit.

    1. I saw some wood at the gym….5 foot lengths, or so…..nice and dry. Would probably burn well….

      Just kidding Kevin! LOL! I promise, we won’t burn down the gym while you are gone….in small bits or all at once. Enjoy your honeymoon!!!

  21. Mobility
    WU x 1
    400m run
    Lacross ball on lower back (x 2min)

    Strength: Front squat (x1)
    95-125-155-170-180 (15# PR! Yippppeeeeee)
    It was fun doing front squats with you today, Hannah. I was happy to see you go for a PR….I knew you had it in you! πŸ™‚

    WOD “Tons of Fun”
    Deadlift 9000 lbs:
    67 reps @ 135# —> 2:34

    Cashout: 20 Mackenzie push ups

    Great job 4:15 crew

    1. Amazing DL Chantal. I’ve watched you since I started Crossfit and I’m constantly amazed at your strngth and persistence!

  22. wu x1
    400 m run
    Push Jerks 1’s

    90 DL #100 = 8:18

    DL are one of my favourite movements. Today I felt weaker than usual, maybe its due to soreness from the pistols earlier in the week.

  23. Mob X1
    Run 400M

    Strength: Push Jerk X5

    109 DL @110# = DNF – got to 80 and my back was telling me “no more”

    Happy I got that far, but listened to coach and put the bar down.

  24. So many great posts today πŸ™‚ Thank you all for sharing!

    CF and CFM community have helped me through some pretty tough times and have helped me become a healthier and stronger person. There was a time when I was told I would be on medication for depression for the rest of my life. Crossfitting, changing my diet to paleo and learning to listen to my body has helped me achieve what many said couldn’t be done. I am very proud to say I have now been living happily med free for the last 2 and a half years πŸ™‚ I never thought I’d have the courage to speak openly about something I have secretly carried with me for so many years. I am proud of what I have achieved and continue to achieve daily. I also never thought it would be possible to meet so many great people in one gym. I am thankful to have each and every one of you in my life and look forward to many more years of healthy and happy living. Thank you for helping to make my life so rich and wonderful πŸ™‚

    1. I’m all choked up Gabrielle. We are all lucky to have you as a member of the Cross Fit Moncton family. Always so positive & inspirational.

    2. Thanks for sharing Gabrielle. Great post! Your true calling is to work with people in some capacity because of your gentle and positive spirit. We are very lucky to have you at CFM!

    3. Awesome post Gabrielle!! I always look forward to being in a class with you. You are such a positive and caring person; such an inspiration! Thank YOU for being part of OUR lives.

  25. Now that I’m done supper, I can post….too much on the go tonight.

    WU x 1
    31 B Day Burpees for Maria
    400 meter run
    …I was already exhausted.

    Over Head Squats x 5:

    WOD: 9000 lbs in Dead lifts

    90 Reps @ 100#
    Time = 6:21
    I felt pretty good about this until I read some of the amazing times tonight. Great job everyone. I think my down fall was going to exhaustion each set and then taking long breaks. Next time, I keep the reps shorter & take small breaks.

    Things I thought I’d never do…how about 9000 lbs. in dead lifts, or rising 3 or 4 mornings a week when it’s still dark outside to go the gym. Non-cross fit related would have to be rappelling off of a 150 cliff. Glad I did it….don’t need to do it again though.

  26. Q.O.D. Never thought I’d be skipping, let alone attempting double-unders in a workout. I still remember laughing when Pierre put a skipping rope in my hand during fundementals. Also, I never thought I’d be able to do handstand push ups or muscle ups — lets face it I’m no gymnast, but hey what do you know…I can!

  27. I came in the gym with a messed up knee thinking I’d be limited to what I can do, but wanted to stay fit. I never thought I’d be doing squats, let alone with weight. Doing the proper movements day in, day out, I got more strength and flexibility in bending the leg. Although I’ve had to modify wods again since Nov., there are lots of movements I never even considered… muscle ups, hand stand push ups, 30 consecutive pull ups, etc… I love this stuff… I also never thought I’d be so ampted and motivated to work out every day… it’s the regime, atmosphere, and amazing people that drives the craving for crossfit.

    78 reps of 155#

  28. WU x 1
    Run 400m
    Lacrosse ball on lower back
    Strength: Shoulder press 1’s
    5-55-65-75-85 (shakey)-85(for real!)-90 Fail

    WOD: 9000 lbs of deadlifts
    90 reps @ 100#’s
    Time: 5:59

    “Never” QOD:
    The list is sooo long, but the thing that I’m most surprised by is the fact that Inever thought that I would stop using the words “can’t” and “never”.

  29. Mobility
    CFWU x 1
    400m Run
    Lacrosse ball on lower back

    Strength – Squat Clean x 3

    WOD – 12000lbs of Deadlifts
    60 Reps of 200#
    Time: 4:19

    20 McKenzie Pushups

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