Friday’s QOD

Do you have any pets? Tell us about them.

Run an undetermined amount of distance.

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43 thoughts on “Friday’s QOD”

  1. WUx1

    28:01 (27:35 was previous PR)

    Pretty happy with that time considering I still feel those 300 squats from Monday.

  2. WU x 1

    5K split – 30:50
    10 K – 1:03:24

    A little slower than last year. Thanks for keeping the timer going past one hour Shane.

    I was so happy when Gabe came out to fetch me in the home stretch. Love ya buddy!

  3. 5k in 26:38

    First 5k at CFM but not my first 5k. Don’t have anything written anywhere on past running times but I’m pretty sure it is a PR 🙂

    Thanks Kevin. Good job this morning everyone!

  4. I can’t pass this QOD …

    I love my pets!!! I have 2 cats (Mollie and Java Bean), one dog Cassie (SPCA special of the month) and I currently foster a lovely golden retriever/poodle mix ‘Teddy’. I’m hoping he finds his home soon, since I have a puppy (Labrador retriever) that will be coming home the end of September – Murphy. And no, his name is not related to the workout Murph 🙂 So yeah, I’m the ultimate crazy cat – dog lady and I love it that way.

    1. QOD: Brother and sister cats, Lex and Lily. Lex is named after Lex Luthor from Superman and Lily is named after a demon Lilith from Supernatural. Lex cries alot for attention and runs away when you try to give him some.

  5. QOD: Bob and I lost our beloved yellow lab Murphy in February last year at the age of 12. Life hasn’t been the same. 🙁 We are trying to be strong and not get another pet right now because we would like to start to travel more, and pets do require babysitters. However, that said, if a pet finds us, we might be tempted…

    1. Wanna share my golden retriever? She’s very needy in spite of the gross amount of attention she gets. When people visit she cries until they pet her and shower adoration all over her. It’s pathetic!

  6. WUx1

    10k Run as RX’d
    Time–> 53:24 (PR of exactly 11 minutes from Oct 12 2011)
    Finnaly happy to have finished this beast with no real knee pain or other issues.
    This WOD was my Kryptonite.

    Split time at 5k was 25:16

    Superb job morning crew!

    Have a great long Labour Day weekend fella CrossFitters!

  7. Such a great picture of Christine, love it!! Looking good, beauty!!

    QOD: I have 3 spca pets: a dog and two cats. The cats are assholes and the dog is an idiot but I love all of them. 🙂

  8. 5 km split 31:50(ish)…don’t remember exactly
    10k 1:05:40

    It wasn’t fast, but this is my FIRST EVER 10 km, so pretty pumped about that. I’ve wanted to try it, but it is far out of my comfort zone, as I’ve never run anything over 5 km before. Debated with I myself the whole drive to the gym and even during the first 5 km whether or not I was going to do the 10. In the end, it was Jacki that inspired me to go for it… thanks for being the trail blazer Jacki. Cooler temperatures made for a great morning run.

    Marcel & I have 1 pet. An SPCA hound named Daisy. She isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, but she sure is pretty….and a big sookie that loves to be petted. She is our second dog from the pound (our first was Sydney and we had her for 15 years). Both have been awesome pets, and with so many beautiful animals that need good homes, we would never go anywhere else for a dog.

    Great pic Christine! I know you hate having your picture posted, but you look fantastic.

    Have a great long weekend folks.

    1. Yay Heidi! Your 10K time was fantastic. Enjoy those sore legs this weekend as a reminder of your accomplishment. 🙂

  9. QOD:
    – Some of the gym go’ers are familiar with our dog Stark, he really likes everyone and really likes Crossfit Moncton. Goes nuts when we say “gym”. Phobia of power cords.
    – Cat #1, Cuddles, which Steph got when she was very young. Possibly the oldest cat alive on the planet. Fiercely independent, except with Steph. Likes Rich Froning.
    – Cat #2, Moka, has a weird love/annoyed relationship with the dog. Possibly broken everything in the house at least once. Likes long 5-day escapades in the neighborhood. Eats like 3 pigs.

  10. 5k run
    Pr of 1:11

    It’s been awhile. I think I could have pushed a little harder ( now that I’m sitting on my couch) but have to say it’s been a pretty tough week so I’ll save the push for next time.

    Have a great weekend everyone. I’ll be enjoying a couple of rest days 🙂

  11. QOD:
    We currently have three dogs!

    Dog #1, a black terripoo named “Lady”. She was our first family dog and is extremely friendly.
    Dog #2, a 6lb Shorkie named “Pippy”. I rescued Pippy from an animal hoarder who had more than 50 cats and dogs in her trailer. Charges were brought against her when she went on vacation to Florida and left the animals alone for two weeks to starve to death. Pippy was 4 months old and had never seen the outdoors before she came to live with us. She was physically sick and an emotionally damaged little being. She had another name when she lived at the trailer, but I refuse to call her by that name. That was her prison name.
    Dog #3, a German Shepherd named “Nova”. GSD’s tend to be “one person dogs” and I am her “person”. She served as my PTSD companion dog for several years and helped to give me my life back. She is a devoted and faithful protector.

    I love dogs so much, I could have a entire house full of them 🙂

  12. 3km run 23:23

    Was 23:18 in June

    I have 1 kitten who is wired for sound half the time and a big sook lap cat the other half.
    We had to put out Boxer Dakota down in July it was awful and still breaks my heart she was 12 years old and we had her since she was 8 weeks.

  13. Mob + Wup x 1 + more mob for the legs.

    Wod: run 5km for time

    Time = 24:56

    So pumped about this. The last time I remember completing a 5km was back at Alcock (maybe 2 1/2 to 3 years ago) when Mari No was yelling at me to push hard at the finish. I had my IPod, had to stop and walk at times, and pushed too hard resulting in almost meeting pukie. Time then was 28:48 and I was super happy then.
    Today I ran the 5km with no music, no walking breaks, and no water breaks (another crutch). I managed to shave time off which is exciting, but I am most proud of not stopping to walk and no music. I just ran. I even felt that I could have tackled another loop or two. My new overall goals are to increase my mental toughness and increase water intake during the day to avoid the crutch in the WOD. Today was a step in that direction.

    Thank you to CFM and the fabulous coaches and CFM peeps that help and inspire me each time I walk in the gym.

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