Friday’s QOD

What are the top 3 qualities of a coach?

Build up to Power Clean weight


30 rounds
5 Wall Balls
1 Power Clean (225/155# or 90-95%)

*30 minute cap
*Option – 15 rounds (it’s a good option)

Compare to Mar.4/14


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  1. Power clean – build up to wod weight
    2x 105-125-145#

    WOD: Holleyman ….Holley fuck..
    Used abmat for HSPU and 145# for PC

    22 rounds

    Thanks Shane, great 6am class!

    QOD: this is a tough one! 3 top coaching qualities to me are…
    1) being a strong leader, especially in crossfit…we put so much trust in our coaches
    2) ability to give constructive being able to break down the movements to see where the improvement/fix is needed (and of course good students need to be able to receive the advice)
    3) being able to delegate your attention/time across the entire class (which is no doubt a very hard thing) but even the best of the best still need coaching

  2. M+ 400m run+ WU
    Group mob

    Build up to Power Clean WOD weight

    Holleyman: 30 min cap
    15 rounds of
    5 wallballs 10lb @ 10′
    3 HRPU
    1 PC 90%, 90lb


    – Not being intimidating and making everyone feel comfortable asking questions.
    – Being nitpicky with movements, thereby setting everyone up for success and making sure everyone is safe.
    – Treating everyone like equals. As a teenager, this is one of the reasons why I enjoy Crossfit Moncton so much; it is one of the few places where adults don’t treat me like a child.

  3. Build up to Power Clean WOD weight

    Holleyman: 30 min time cap
    30 rounds of:
    5 wallballs @ 14# @ 10β€²
    3 HRPU
    1 PC started with 125# and for some reason it wasn’t working out – dropped to 105# Should’ve used 115# instead

    Time: 29:26

  4. Mobility + 400m run
    WU x 1
    Group Mobility

    Build up to Power Clean weight
    55-85-95-105# x 2

    WOD: Holleyman
    30 rounds
    5 Wall Balls @ 10#, 10′
    3 HSPU scaled to HRPU
    1 Power Clean @ 95#

    Time: 23:39

    Wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be πŸ˜‰

    Great job 6 am’ers! Thanks Shane!

    1. Ability to convey their passion for the sport to inspire and get the most out of their athletes. Continually challenge their athletes to do better and push their limits.
    2. Know their athletes – the ability to tailor communication and motivation based on athletes personalities, strengths and weaknesses.
    3. Communication Skills – setting defined goals, expressing these goals and ideas clearly, giving direct feedback, reinforcing key messages and acknowledging success. As well, listening to their athletes, welcoming comments, feedback and questions.

  5. 1/2 Holleyman (15 Rounds) – with Kevin at Open gym yesterday
    5 Wallball 14#
    3 HSPU
    1 P Clean 125#

    PR of 2:21 from 2014 also did full HSPU (abmat last year) and 10# more on cleans. I wrote last year that I do not want to attempt 30 rounds of that EVER, I change that to I never want to attempt 30 rounds in the heat and humidity like we did yesterday with hands sliding all over the place on HSPU and no amount of chalk would have helped grip the cleans. Will re-try in winter to see the difference.

  6. QOD

    A good coach is a MOTIVATOR. They’re enthusiastic about what they do. They yell out things like “Come on, one more rep!” and “I guess I’m going to have to call the Wahhhhmbulance. Now get on that rope!!”(Kevin πŸ˜› ) A good coach encourages you to reach just a little bit further than you think you can.

    A good coach is KNOWLEDGEABLE. They have done their homework and are confident of their abilities. They know their stuff and aren’t afraid to correct you when you’re getting it wrong. Tell me when my form is bad or I’m not landing right. I won’t bite! I promise. However, I may groan and complain when you tell me that my push-ups aren’t right because push-ups are really hard!! But secretly, I’m glad that it matters enough to you that you would bother to correct it in the first place πŸ™‚

    But above all else, a good coach is TRUSTWORTHY. They inspire confidence because they don’t just take their own advice, they live it. You see them in the gym, practicing their lifts and giving their all during WODs. You’d follow them through Fire (or a Spartan race πŸ˜‰ ) because they’ve never steered you wrong. You trust them and share your CrossFit insecurities with them because they listen without judgement. A good coach is there for you 100%.

  7. 400M run + WUx1
    Build up to Heavy Power Clean

    1/2 Holleyman (15 Rounds)
    5 Wallballs 20#/10β€²
    3 HSPU
    1 P. Clean 155#

    time = 16:37 (42 sec +10# PR)

  8. WOD: Holleyman
    30 rounds
    5 Wall Balls @ 10#
    3 HSPU scaled to HRPU
    1 Power Clean @ 135#

    Time: 25:19

    Thanks for the encouragement at the end Baukje & Heather. One of my favourite WODs.

  9. Heather Colleen

    Strength: work up to WOD weight

    WOD: Holleyman 1/2
    15 rounds

    5 Wall Balls @ 10#
    3 HSPU scaled to HRPU
    1 Power Clean @ 100#

    Time – 12:12

    The best coaches believe in the potential of every single athlete, no matter their beginning level. They spend as much time with their weakest athlete as they do with their strongest/elite.

    The best coaches focus on fundamentals. They don’t allow athletes to perform crap movements just to get a number on a whiteboard.

    The best coaches practice what they preach, and know that their actions speak louder than their words. For better or for worse, athletes are constantly learning from their coaches (both during and outside class.)

    I see every one of these at CFM daily, and it’s made me a better coach as well as a better athlete.

  10. 400m run +WUx1

    WOD “Holleyman”
    30 rounds
    5 Wall Balls @ 20#
    3 HSPU (scaled to HRPU)
    1 Power Clean @ 175#


    Great work morning peeps!

  11. Strength: Build up to WOD Power Clean weight
    55# – 70# – 80# – 85#

    WOD: “Holleyman” (scaled to 1/2 – 15 rounds)
    5 wallballs (10#/ 10′)
    3 HRPU (all from the toes! But, I have to work on keeping my hips up from the floor)
    1 Power clean (90 – 95% @ 85#)

    Time: 13:16

    #1: Knowledge (you gotta know your stuff!)
    #2: Motivation (yelling at me is the best way to motivate me :p)
    #3: Inspiration – leading by example! Each of our coaches are an inspiration to me. They not only give it their all when coaching, but also when WOD’ing. Very important and inspiring πŸ™‚

  12. Mob+ WU
    Group mob

    Build up to Power Clean WOD weight

    Holleyman: 30 min cap
    30 rounds of
    5 wallballs 6lb @ 10β€²
    3 HRPU
    1 PC 90%, 85lb


    I still say the wallballs were the worst part for me. Lots of air balls. This was a super fun WOD though, thanks for class Kevin!

  13. MOD + WU x 1

    Build up to Power Clean weight

    *30 minute cap
    *Option – 15 rounds
    30 rounds
    5 Wall Balls (14 #)
    3 HSPU (HRPUs)
    1 Power Clean (225/155# or 90-95%) (135#)

    20 rounds in 30 min.

    – Patience…Coaches generally should know more about strategy/skills, they may not have done more, than their athletes. Passing this knowledge on takes patience and communication skills.
    – Motivation…Coaches need to know what makes individuals and teams push for success…and when to turn on/off the “step on their throat” mentality when enough has been done to ensure victory. Being a good winner is just as important as being a good loser.
    – Planning…Coaches need to have a plan for each individual/team going into a season or event. The ability to adjust the plan on the fly is also needed to make the necessary adjustments for success.

  14. Build up to Power Clean weight
    55, 55, 60, 60, 60, 65, 65, 70, 70 (working on keeping the bar close)


    30 rounds
    5 Wall Balls @ 6# and 10′
    3 HSPU
    1 Power Clean @ 65#


    Just had to keep moving with this one. Everyone went for it this morning, which was really great!

    QOD:What are the top 3 qualities of a coach?
    I didn’t ready any responses before writing this so here are my three, although picking just three is tough:

    1) Must be knowledgeable and able to transfer knowledge to the student in a way they can understand/learn/grow.
    2) Must walk the talk…coaches are leaders. We will follow your example.
    3) Must respect all individuals no matter where they are in their journey. Authenticity is easy to spot.

    I am happy to say, as we all know, how fortunate we are at CFM. Our coaches are top drawer and always there to help us be all that we can be. Thank you, thank you!

    Now…going back up to read the other comments… πŸ™‚

  15. WOD: Holleyman
    Scaled to 15rounds
    5 Wall Balls @ 14#
    3 HSPU
    1 Power Clean @ 105# (80%)

    time = 21:26

    I felt some progress with my HSPUs today thanks Kevin! Wall balls..not so much still feels like I’m launching my entire body in the air to get above the orange πŸ™‚
    Looking forward to a few rest days!

  16. I’m going to be a bit late for class as my babysitter just informed me that they are arriving later!

  17. WOD

    Did the half version with a 155lbs clean. HSPU’s fell apart after the second round, a little surprised and disappointed by that. Switched to HRPU for the remainder.



    1. Knowledge
    2. Ability to articulate and transfer knowledge
    3. Multi-tasker. Someone who can keep an eye on everyone during strength and the WOD.

  18. 400M run + WUx1
    Build up to Heavy Power Clean

    WOD Holleyman
    5 Wallballs 20#/10β€²
    3 HRPU
    1 P. Clean 185#

    time = 13:08 @ 15 rounds PR of 2:47
    completed 30 rounds in 29:41
    pretty happy with my result because I felt like quitting at 15 rounds!

  19. Mobility+WUx1+400m run

    Group Mobility
    Strength build up to wod weight for power cleans
    45lbs, 55lbs

    WOD “Holleyman”
    30 rounds
    5 Wall Balls
    3 HSPU
    1 Power Clean
    30 min time cap
    (option 1= 15 rounds)

    I chose option 1 with 8lb wall ball and 55# as my power clean weight. Finished in 20:58. Happy with my time that was killer. Thanks Blake for your help and motivation πŸ™‚

  20. Group Mob
    Wod Rx’d
    just finished round 21
    Tips for future:
    A. Don’t do this wod.
    B. When you inevitably do it. rest after HSPU’s from the start. You’ll go into the pcleans more confident.

    Thanks Maria!

  21. M+ 400m run+ WU
    Group mob

    Holleyman: 30 min cap

    30 rounds

    5 wallballs scaled 14#
    3 HSPU scaled HRPU
    1 Power Clean scaled 155#

    Time: 29:18

  22. Mobility + 400m run
    WU x 1
    Group Mobility

    Build up to Power Clean weight

    WOD: Holleyman
    30 rounds
    5 Wall Balls @ 10#, 10β€²
    3 HRPU
    1 Power Clean @ 65#

    Time: 29:03

  23. mob wux1
    strength power clean
    135×2 155×2 155×2
    WOD 30 round
    5 wall ball 20#
    3 HSPU(HRPU)
    1 powerclean 155#
    first 6 round 155# drop to 135# for the rest
    time 29:17

  24. Did this yesterday at OG.

    Rx’d for 15 rounds

    Cleans were brutal. Everything was sweaty and wet. Kept slipping. Will try again when it’s not a billion degrees.

  25. Build up to heavy clean 55, 75, 85


    30 rounds
    5 Wall Balls 10#
    3 HRPU
    1 Power Clean (85#)


    *Option – 15 rounds

  26. Mobility
    WU x 1
    Group Mobility

    Build up to Power Clean weight

    WOD: 1/2 Holleyman
    15 rounds
    5 Wall Balls @ 14#, 10β€²
    3 HSPU scaled to HRPU
    1 Power Clean @ 115#

    Time: 14:54

  27. Build up to Power Clean weight

    30 rounds:
    5 Wall Balls (10″ @ 10#)
    3 HSPU (scaled to knees)
    1 Power Clean (225/155# or 90-95%) (scaled to 90#)
    Scaled to 15 rounds…20 rounds would have been a good scale for me as well…30 would be tooooo much)

    *30 minute cap
    *Option – 15 rounds (it’s a good option)
    Time 14:50

    QOD: Top 3 qualities of a good coach.
    1. Knowing your stuff.
    2. The ability to communicate with all levels of athletes and cue them specific to the way they can understand.
    3. Being able to scale the workouts so that you always leave with a great workout without making a person feel like their effort is less important than the RXed version.

  28. Open gym

    Power clean 1’s

    5 wallballs 14 lbs @10
    3 HRPU
    1 Power clean @130lbs

    23 rds

    Thanks Marcel, CAM & Maria for the support through the WOD, is not so fun doing it alone πŸ™‚ Ahhh and Trent too hehe!

    For the Future:
    Go faster πŸ™‚

    Wallballs felt really good!!

  29. Worked up to 105# power cleans
    Started with squat cleans. Oops

    10# WB
    18″ box for pushups
    105# cleans

    Originally was going to do 15 rounds. When I got to 15 I decided to keep going. Finished 24 rounds at time cap.

  30. MOB + 400m run + WUx1
    Group MOB
    Strength: Build up to heavy clean


    30 rounds
    5 Wall Balls 4#
    5 HRPU
    1 Power Clean (45#)


    Hey lookey Kevin, I actually checked my time when I finished!!

    *Option – 15 rounds

  31. – Mob
    – WUx1
    – 400m run

    WOD: 30 rounds….
    – 5 wall balls 20#
    – 3 HRPU
    – 1x clean 135#

    Half = 13:12 (last time I did 1/2 with 20 less lbs and was 15s slower)
    full = 27:12

    Really liked this one, although should have gone a bit heavier on the cleans

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