Friday’s QOD

Beach or pool?

Clean & Jerk – 1RM

30 Clean and Jerks (135/95#/60%)

Compare to July 8/14


44 thoughts on “Friday’s QOD”

  1. Mob + WUx1 + Shoulder Mobility + Group WU

    Clean & Jerk 1RM
    155(x3)-185-205-225-245-255 (PR!)

    WOD Grace Rx = 3:42 (not a PR)

    1. Good job on your PR, the 255# looked pretty easy, I think you’ve got a bit more in you πŸ™‚

  2. M+WU
    Group mob

    Clean and Jerk 1RM
    55-75-85-95-105lb(tried 110 twice to no avail)
    5lb PR πŸ™‚

    30 C+Js for time (60%) @ 65lb


    QOD: Beach. I don’t like the lingering smell of chlorine.

  3. WU x 1 + Crossover Symmetry

    (Squat) Clean & (Split) Jerk to 216 x 1 (1# PR)

    30 C+J @ 130#

    A minute slower but #5 heavier. Did not expect anything blazing fast today.
    Looking forward to trying this at 100%!

    — April 13/12, 4:03 @ 95#
    — July 25/12, 3:33 @ 100#
    — July 3/13, 3:15 @ 120#
    — July 8/14, 2:54 @ 125#
    — July 31/15, 3:57 @ 130#

  4. Squat clean and Jerks are not my friend….
    made it to 120#

    Grace RX
    I’ll take that after a week of laying on a beach and drinking beer πŸ™‚

  5. Pool at a cottage at the beach… best of both worlds!

    1RM C &J
    85-85-85-95-105-115 (previous PR) 120 (clean, failed jerk – PR for the Clean)

    Was happy to get the 120 clean. I have been stuck at 115 for over a year. Something crawled into my head and I was finally able to get past it today. I am confident that had I had time to attempt again, I would have had the jerk. I didn’t get my legs wide enough so didn’t get low enough under the bar.

    Grace @ 65#


    This was somehow my first dance with Grace. I am happy with the time, but my biggest accomplishment today was making a plan (5 unbroken reps, step over the bar, turn around and lift again right away – repeat 6 times) and sticking to it from start to finish. I have a bad habit of abandoning my plan when it gets rough. I hit a wall after 15 reps, but dug in and pushed through the remaining 15.

    1. Was it me saying “quit f*cking around and lift it” the thing that crawled into your head? I hope so πŸ™‚

      Great pacing and sticking with it!

  6. Mob
    WU x2

    Group Mob

    Clean & Jerks 1RM

    30 Clean & Jerks
    Time: 4.09

  7. Clean & jerk 1RM
    85×4 125-135-145-150(matched PR)-155#(5# PR!)

    WOD: Grace Rx πŸ™‚
    Time: 4:00
    PR of 20# and 44 seconds!

    July 2014: @ 55# 2:49
    Nov 2014: @ 75# 4:44

    So excited about today, I pretty much had the same feeling I get at competitions with the awesome nooner class and the excitement/anxiousness to do this…and with a class full of coaches it was perfect, thanks Blake, Patrick and Amanda for technique advice!
    Great work by everyone today!!!

    Thanks again Blake.

  8. C&J to 135# (power clean)

    WOD with 85#, 3:58

    31 second PR! Happy!
    Really fun nooner! Have a great long weekend everyone!

  9. C+J 1RM

    135 X5
    165 X 3
    185-20-215-225 X 1

    WOD – Grace Rx’D

    Time = 3:24 (13 second PR, wrote 17 on the board though…oops)

    Finally PR’d from the first time doing this Rx’d in July 2013 which was also my first time doing it Rx’d.

    I’m going to say the PR was cause of the tricep smashing, Thanks for the fun class Blake!!!

  10. Sad to miss grace, but sitting on a patio in beautiful Cheticamp NS so that makes it all worth it! Camping and hikinh in the Highlands park this weekend. Double happy πŸ™‚
    QOD: it depends on my mood lol but beach a timy bit more.. I grew up a beach bum.
    Have a great long weekend folks!

  11. wux2
    group wu
    C+J 1RM
    135-155-185-205-215-220 (5# PR)

    WOD – Grace Rx’D

    Time = 4:19
    No PR best time is 4:17

    QOD: beach by far – I don’t go to beaches from here but love the beaches in Florida and down south.

    1. QOD: Both. Pool for swimming, but beach for everything else. Sunrise over the water. Sitting and listening to the waves crash into the shore. Feeling the sand squish beneath my toes. I could live at the beach πŸ™‚

  12. Warmup
    Clean and Jerks up to 105lbs. Not squatting…catching the bar with wide legs. Hips need help

    Wod @65lbs

    the pool is less prep with kids which is nice, but the beach is where I always want to be.

  13. Clean & Jerk – 1RM

    30 Clean and Jerks

    I’m not posting what weight I did for that WOD, the struggle w Crossfit Math def got me tonight – mortified … I wrote it down, both what I did and should have done… not that I will soon forget.

    Thanks for the class Steph and the comments/help! really appreciate it!

  14. Drop in wod at Crossfit Per Ardua in Sydney, NS.

    Strength : Strict Press
    5×5 reps
    50(5)-55(5)-55(5)-55(4)-55#(2)… All fell apart on the last sets, should have stuck to 50#

    WOD : For Time
    Row 1000m
    50 Walking Lunges (alternating)
    50 Burpees
    Time: 9:42

    25 sit-up getups with 25# plate

    Fun wod, in a great spot. Glad I could squeeze this in after almost a week of vacation.

  15. Open gym

    85-95-105-115-125 and 135(was power clean)

    Rx= 4:22 (24 sec PR)

    Nice to wod with you Steph πŸ˜‰

  16. Mobilityx1 and Warm Upx2

    Clean and Jerk

    WOD Grace
    30 Clean and Jerks
    5:20 time*

    *2nd Class* πŸ™‚

  17. C&J : 55-65-75-85-95-105-110(No PR)

    Grace: @75# 3:50 (No PR)
    *I guess I did this with 85# 4:14 in November oops. Should have checked before my WOD.

    Thanks for joining me Elba love getting to WOD with you!

  18. Clean & Jerk – 1RM
    Took too long and ran out of time to complete the lift I was after.

    30 Clean and Jerks (135/95#/60%)
    Used 65 #
    Time 3:20

    QOD: Beach for entertainment…but pool for swimming:)

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