Friday’s QOD

What was the highlight of the 2015 Hopper for you?

Turkish Getup practice

5 rounds
15 Wall ball 2-fer-1s
30 sec Planks

*option – wall balls

Just a short break
Just a short break

40 thoughts on “Friday’s QOD”

  1. WOD Rx:

    Took about 20 second break in round 1 after taking a wall ball on my pinky and overextending it, so I would say I can improve on the time here. First time doing 2 fer 1s…gonna feel those later!

    QOD: I don’t know how you pick just one highlight….right off the top of my head I’m thinking about how awesome it was having my mom there, as was the fact that Matt was willing to participate! Then seeing Tara take on the wod Rx and face her fears was incredible.. and seeing so many of our athletes do the same! Overall I just love the feeling I get when competing, I’m anxious and have butterflies but in a good way the entire day. I loved every minute of it, thanks again Kevin & Jo!

    1. I’m sure your Mom was thrilled to see you compete as much as you were to have her there! You sure killed the wod! It was great to watch you!

  2. M+WU
    Group mobility

    Turkish Getups

    WOD: 5 rounds
    15 wallballs 10lb, 10′
    30 sec planks


    QOD: My favourite part of the Hopper was having the guts to do it Rx’ed. I have troubles with double unders but decided to do them anyway (and I still have the whip marks). I also almost didn’t use the prescribed weight but ended up doing it anyway, thanks Kevin 🙂 . I generally don’t do things Rx’ed but it felt really nice to do it, especially in front of the super supportive crowd.

    1. We’re really proud of you Hannah, you’re getting so strong! Great job!
      I love reading your posts each day so I get to see how you’re progressing 🙂

  3. Mobility
    WU x 1
    Group Mobility

    Turkish Getup practice

    WOD: 5 rounds
    15 Wall ball 2-fer-1s (scaled to Wall Balls @14#)
    30 sec Planks

    Time: 7:48

    Thanks Amanda. Good job early birds! Have a great weekend everyone 🙂

  4. Turkish Getup practice

    5 rounds
    15 Wall ball 2-fer-1s (scaled to 10# @10′ singles)
    30 sec Planks
    Time 10:45

    QOD: I must agree with Cara…way too many things to count. Personally, I do love not having to count my own stuff, but I think my favourite part was watching Hannah RX her WOD. Such a great day…thanks Kevin and Jo…you certainly do put on a fabulous event!

  5. Mobility + WU x 2
    Group Mobility

    Turkish Getup practice

    WOD: 5 rounds
    15 Wall ball 2-fer-1s (scaled to Wall Balls @12#)
    30 sec Planks

    Time: 11:01

  6. Favorite part of the Hopper… The box jumps fears that the girls plowed through. Paige, Dominique, Tara, etc… You ladies made me proud.

    Heather Proudfoot throwing the RX barbell overhead like a boss 🙂

    And Cara….killed it!! So much fun to watch compete!

  7. W up X 2
    Got 7 unbroken pull ups and 8 ring dips (but one at a time LOL)

    Turkish Getup practice

    5 rounds
    15 Wall ball 2-fer-1s @ 6# (I’ll go heavier next time)
    30 sec Planks
    Time 10:40

    Loved this one! (Although at 14# it might have sucked 🙂 ) And I love TGU so today was awesome!

    QOD: Hands down my highlight was Tracy K doing 20″ box jumps. After listening to her talk herself in, then out, then in, then?? I had no idea what would happen so I was a proud cft sister when I watched from the Paleo Treats table and saw her going for it. I’d pay big money 🙂 for a picture of that if anyone has one! Tracy you’ve achieved so much – keep it going girl!

    As usual this day was a highlight for me. So much fun, so many great people, so much courage and determination – and I loved the WOD (once it was over.) Thanks again to the amazing Kevin and Jo. Love you guys 🙂

  8. M+WU
    Group mobility

    Turkish Getups

    WOD: 5 rounds
    15 wallball 2 fer 1’s (6#)
    30 sec planks


    I really dislike regular wallballs but this was really fun using the 6# ball! Mora about speed than getting the ball over the line (which was the easy part with the lighter ball) 🙂

    QOD: My favourite part of the Hopper was having my daughter there to cheer me on 🙂 Also, that I did it Rx which never happens.

  9. QOD: The highlight of the hopper for me was the feeling I got stepping onto the platform. It was so far out of my comfort zone that it didn’t matter what happened during the heat, I felt like a million bucks the second I walked onto that mat. I was nervous as hell, but happily nervous!

  10. QOD: The hopper was an awesome well run ship to watch! Proud to watch my immediate family Jenna & Kelly do their first hopper. But it was such a thrill to watch all the CFM competitors. I feel somehow they are all part of my extended family. From watching them push through their first hopper, fears of box jumps, Ang’s swearing (while kicking butt)
    other people cheering and being excited for each ones accomplishments. Awesome job everyone! Kevin & Jo, you guys are amazing and so loved and appreciated!

  11. M+WU
    Group mobility

    Turkish Get-ups

    WOD: 5 rounds
    15 wallballs 10lb, 10′ [singles]
    30 sec planks

  12. Love reading all the answers today. Thanks for all the love.

    TGU 1/arm

    WOD Rx’d

    My goal was unbroken for the wall balls. Did the first and last round. Planks are still terrible. I’ll fight a little harder next time.

  13. WUx2

    Turkish Getup practice

    5 rounds as RX’d
    15 Wall ball 2-fer-1s
    30 sec Planks

    One at a time for WB. Need to speed up my squating 😛

    Great work morning peeps!

  14. Mob,WU, extra mob for back/lats
    Group mob

    Turkish getup practice, got to 35# – 15# PR over my previous max TGU

    5 rounds
    – 15 wall balls 20#
    – 30s plank

    Time: 10:00 exactly

    Watching Tara doing her double unders, hit 4 consecutive, and turn to us all to yell “I GOT FOUR!!!!!” with the biggest, most genuine smile in the world. After planning on scaling to singles 🙂

  15. Heather Colleen

    TGE: 20-25
    Left felt wonky (plus I was really cranky) so didn’t go up in weight

    2-1 WBs at 6#


    I’ve been practicing these but…not enough. Took a ball to the face hard enough to make me REALLY happy that I didn’t do the 10# ball.
    Related: I never claimed to be a graceful person.

    QOD: My favourite part was…doing the Hopper. I’ve volunteered the past few years, but this time I actually competed. And I felt like I belonged there with all of the rockstars.
    But two memories will last: 1. Watching Amanda judging Joanna and seeing an intense competitive spirit (that would be Amanda’s), incredible strength, and true friendship. 2. Judging while Tara was competing and hearing the roar of the crowd every time she jumped on the box. I only realized what the cheers were for afterwards…and my heart grew 3 sizes right then.

  16. Had hardly any energy all day today but got a boost around 4:45 so decided to come in for the open gym to hit the WOD

    WOD with wall balls

    Time: 11:00

  17. Practiced turkish get ups to 25#

    5 Rounds
    15 – 2 for 1 wall balls @ 8#
    30 sec. plank
    Time – 12:25

    That was really hard. Pretty sure this is my first attempt at the 2Fer’s

    Favourite Hopper Moments: Drawing for the WOD is always fun. Adding the strength component before the WOD is exciting too. Just the whole atmosphere overall. Lots of cheering & 1st time successes for lots of people makes it awesome. Notably, was Dominique jumping on that box and Heather Steeves snatching those Ground to Overheads like they were nothin’.

  18. mob wux2
    group mob

    Turkish get up
    35 and 40#
    5 round
    15 wall ball 2 for 1 10#
    30 second plank
    time 10:10

  19. Turkish Getups to 70#. Could have probably done 80# with my right arm but my left should is still gimpy. Next time.

    WOD as Rx’d

    Had a head on collision on to my left shoulder which really slowed me down.
    Couldn’t really get much rhythm so I stuck to sets of 5 fast singles.

  20. M+WU

    Turkish Get-ups
    #20… Stayed there. My stylin knee brace was not making this one easy for me….

    WOD: 5 rounds
    15 wallballs #8 -9′-0″( singles)
    30 sec planks

    Great class. Thanks for the tips Marcel!

  21. Mobility+WUx2
    Group Mobility

    Turkish Getups

    5 rounds
    15 2-for-1 (15 Wall balls #14)
    30 sec plank

  22. MOB + WUx2
    Turkish Getup practice

    5 rounds
    15 Wall balls with 8#
    30 sec Planks

    9 minutes exactly

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