Friday’s QOD

Did you—or do you—have a nickname? What’s the story behind it?

Front Squats x2

150 Wall Balls

*10 min cap

Compare to July 14/14

What a great looking Oly class
What a great looking Oly class

61 thoughts on “Friday’s QOD”

  1. Front Squats x2

    WOD Rx:

    First time meeting Karen, annnnd my legs are jello 🙂

    Thanks Amanda!

  2. QOD: CK (which used to get run together to sound like “seek”) and Care Bear, both have been around my entire life and through different friend groups. Funny how that happens.

  3. Front Squats x2
    Up to 135#
    150 Wall Balls 14# /10′
    9:25 RX

    *10 min cap
    Legs are jello !!! My first time doing karen !

  4. Heather Touchie

    Front Squats x 2




    Reps: 97

    For a whole baseball season I had to wear a jersey with “Touche-bag” written on the back because my team didn’t think I was creative enough with my nickname.

    It eventually weened down to Touche.

    Thems the days ;). haha

    mannnn I got to work on my wall balls. Thanks for the tips Amanda!!!

  5. M+WUx2
    Group mob

    Front squat x2

    WOD: Karen
    150 wallballs
    **10 min cap

    8lb, 9′
    113 reps
    PR of 2lb and 3 reps

    QOD: I am a girl of many names, though many are unappreciated.
    -Han: because the entire name is too long?
    -Hannah-Banana: (Fee-Fy-Fo-Fana is optional). I never really questioned it but just Googled it now. Apparently children’s entertainers Sharon, Lois and Bram did a song The Name Game, and if you insert Hannah into it you get the above.
    -Hannah Montana: Because I’m talented?
    -HK/ Kinnie: there are two Hannahs within my circle of friends and it’s just easier. It was also used during hockey season because my defence partner’s name was also Hannah.

  6. QOD: I have an older sister her name is Melissa and we looked almost identical in our younger years. A few of our close friends would refer to us as “Big M” and “Little M”. Most recently..I’m referred to as “the short one” or ” the little one” explanation needed on that one 🙂

  7. Did Karen in between classes this am by my lonesome…

    141 reps at 10 mins

    That’s definitely a PR but I don’t know by how much and verdict is I still dislike wall balls but I voluntarily went in and worked on a weakness so yay for me.

  8. MOB + WU x 2

    Front Squats x 2

    Karen – 10 min cap
    150 Wall Balls

    Count: 120

    When I was 15 I pulled the fire alarm at school…to this day I don’t know why. I was waiting for a drive home and there it was so I gave it a try…work perfectly. In about 3 sec I realized what I did and stood there waiting for the fallout. The 12 little girls that had to evacuate the pool in January…in their bathing suits and towels were not happy. Fortunately the VP was the one who showed up. I told him my story and he just shook his head at my stupidity. He waled away and turned off the alarm. My friends started with “Sparky the Fire Dog”…then Sparky…now it is just Spark 30 years later. Now it feels strange when someone uses my actual name.

  9. Went in for OG this morning to work on weaknesses.

    Bench x2
    135-155-165-175-185 (I think it’s a PR for reps)

    Press x3

    EMOM for 5 min
    5 HSPU (abmat)

    QOD: From 1999-2004, I pretty much forgot my name. My frosh year of university, I was out front of residence playing hacky sack. One of the frosh leaders saw me from his window and yelled “Holy sh*t, that guy is all limbs”. And from that day forward, I was forever know as Limbs.

    Looking forward to hearing more nickname stories. They are killing me today!!

  10. QOD: I have two nicknames and a common mistake that I will respond too

    Nicknames thanks to many years of hockey:

    Juls: because Julia is clearly to long
    Steevie: thanks to an old hockey coach

    I will 100% respond to you if you call me Julie….. but common people is replacing the e with an a really that hard 😛

  11. Front Squats x 2
    Lifting light today.

    Karen Rx’d = 101 reps.
    My PR on this Rx’d is 127, so missed it by a long shot. Still happy with this though, as I almost didn’t show up cuz Karen is such a bitch I try to avoid her. Decided to save the kittens though & not cherry pick my WOD 🙂

    This was my first 8:30 a.m. class. Lots of familiar faces I haven’t WODed with in a while. Fun class

  12. Front Squats x 2

    Karen – 10 min cap
    150 Wall Balls 20#

    Count: 96 That’’s a PR of 7 from July 2013.

    QOD – Back in grade 7 I was short. Really short! So I was referred to as Shorty. Thankfully I moved away in grade 10 and it was forgotten. Then a couple of years ago I ran into a guy at the grocery store and the first thing he says is “SHORTY! I haven’t seen you in forever.”

    The kids now refer to me as the “Handsome Fixer”.

  13. Heather Colleen

    Front Squats x2
    66-85-90-100-105-110 (I think? We for sure started at 65 and ended at 110. Knees stayed over toes the whole time=happy!!)

    135 Rx

    That’s the same number of reps as I did at 10#…so I’m happy. But I really thought I had a chance this time. My plan was solid. Then it all went to hell at 7:33. No idea why.

    QOD: I’m not a big nickname person, but the one I had that stuck the longest was with one specific group of friends: “Zuli” (zoo-lee.) Weird story how it started, but it stuck because it’s fun to say!

  14. 8:30am Class
    Front Squats x2

    Karen Rx
    120 reps

    Once upon a time I finished 150 wall balls in under 10 mins. Today I was far from it. However, I signed up, showed up and moved for those 10 mins(without crying). That is a win in my books!

    9:30 Open Gym
    First 20 mins I sat and recovered (while eating Paleo treats)
    Knee raises
    Tabata planks w/Tara
    30 Burpees w/Tara

    QOD: I have always had nickname. My first one was at age 4 when my baby bro modified Kimberly to Blee. Major ones were Kimmy, Kimmer, KP(for Kim Possible).
    My mother is honestly the only person that uses my full name.

  15. Front squat x2


    “Karen” @8#

    120 reps at the time cap. Happy with this. It was my first time doing it and I wanted to stay home because I hate wallballs but sometimes a kind word or encouragement from another member is all it takes to motivate you to try. Thank you Robyn <3

    QOD: My maiden name is "Bell", so when I was a kid until I graduated from high school, EVERYONE called me either "Terrible" or "Terrible Tara Bell". Why? Because Tara Bell is a horrible combination and phonetically it sounds like "Terrible" 😛

  16. WUx2
    Group mob

    Front Squats x2

    WOD ‘Karen’ as Rx’d
    PR of 11 second from July 2013.

    Great job morning peeps!

  17. QOD: I have a few nicknames. I will start with the most recent…. One particularly hilarious co-worker of mine has taken to calling me “Hamburger” or “Hamburgirl” in the past couple months because he has discovered that Amber and Hamburger kind of sound similar.

    “Ambergeddon” is a nickname my friends have given my birthday and my tough-as-nails alter ego.

    I am rarely called Amber by my friends. It is usually “Ambah,” which is pronounced in a really bad Boston accent. No idea of its origin, everyone seems to do it.

    My friends Brian and Mel and their children call me “Amberlamps” because of some youtube video that I have yet to see that has something to do with somebody calling for an ambulance. I hear it’s hilarious.

  18. WUx2
    Group mob

    Front Squats x2

    WOD ‘Karen’ as Rx’d
    135 @ cap
    12 Rep PR from July 2014

    Coppertop – when I had hair
    Shawn the Braun – Nice way of saying I was chubby
    Shawn the Pawn – I worked at a pawn shop
    Junior – Had a job as a ‘Junior network administrator’ a while back and everyone at work called me Junior

  19. QOD:

    Mine’s pretty boring. A bunch of people here and there call me Mandy. I like it. The only gym people that do are Cam and Kevin though.

    And my dad has called me Hosie for as long as I can remember. 🙂

  20. I really was looking forward to doing this Wod….weird eh! But my poor legs need a break.
    Qod.. I had quite a few Nick names as a kid.. Some relatives still use them.
    Hurricane Shane, Bam Bam, Popeye… Apparently I was always kind of strong and a bit destructive. ☺

  21. QOD: When I was a kid my babysitter called me Trentyrannosaurus Rex but now I’m more commonly known as Trencho thanks to my nephew in Mexico. I tried Trentitanium but it didn’t catch..haha.

  22. – Mob
    – WUx1
    – Group mob

    Front squat x2…

    WOD Rx = 137 wall balls at the time cap

  23. Front squat x2

    10 lb ball – 10′ height – 117

    July of 2014 – 8 lb ball – 100

  24. wux2
    group wu
    Front Squats x2

    WOD Rx:
    t= 120 PR of 2 reps from last year
    started with rounds of 10 reps but that stopped after 60 reps. Will try doing sets of 5 reps next time.

    1. QOD: my old school friends call me Frenchy. They started calling me that as I was the only French kid in my neighborhood when I moved to Moncton back in 1987.

  25. W-U/ Mobility

    Front squat x 2

    WOD: “Karen”
    Rx’d – 6:59

    First time meeting Karen and man I sure don’t like her!!

  26. WU x 1 – 15 reps

    Front Squat x 2 reps WU @ 95# x 5 reps



    Scaled to 16#

    Time: 8:46

    Thanks Mario it was a sweaty one! Nice sharing the bar with you Larry.

  27. Open Gym



    Back Squats x3

    Bench Press x5

    WOD: 3 Rounds
    12 T2B
    21 Hang Power Snatch @35#
    400m Run

    Time: 12:25

  28. QOD – Wayyyy back when I was a kid they called me Moose. A few people over the years have called me Marce. Jo & Chantal call me Marcel the Shell and a select few call me Marcellus Wallace.

  29. mob wux2
    group mob
    front squat x 2
    135×5 wu
    WOD Karen
    150 wall ball 16#
    time 8:58

  30. Front squats x2

    Karen rx 14# at 10 feet : 105 reps. Last year did 9 feet and got 129 reps. In 2013 did at 10 feet and got 59 reps, so either way a PR for me!

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