Friday’s QOD

Are your goals different now than when you started CrossFit? How so?

Floor PressΒ 
7x3reps @ 75%

4 rounds
10 KBS (70/53#)
10 T2B
200m Run
Rest 30 sec

Cory and Christine have been visiting for the last 2 weeks from BC. Thanks for training with us!
Cory and Christine have been visiting for the last 2 weeks from BC. Thanks for training with us!

67 thoughts on “Friday’s QOD”

  1. Made it in for one last 6am class!
    Floor press: 7×3 @65#

    4 rounds
    10KBS 45#
    10 knee raises (aimed for as high as I could each rep)
    200m run
    30 sec rest

    Fun class today! Thanks Amanda! Oh! Those chocolate zucchini muffins are amazing… Like I’m drooling typing this! Haha

    1. Heather Colleen

      Well…went to bed too late to hit the 6am. And now I’m even more disappointed, that would have been a fun race!!

  2. Floor press: 7Γ—3 @55# (60%, taking it easy today)

    4 rounds
    10KBS 25# ( again, keeping it light)
    10 knee raises
    200m run
    30 sec rest


    Nice to be back, but also can’t wait until I’m back to 100%! Thanks Amanda!

    1. QOD: yes. I started crossfit thinking I would never care how much I lifted. I was looking for general fitness (and an excuse to eat more lol). Now, my general goals are mostly to lift heavier, be able to do pullups, ring dips, HSPU, etc, and run faster. Yes, I want it all πŸ˜‰

  3. Greg Doucette

    Floor Press 7x3reps @ #95/115/135/155/165/155/155

    4 rounds
    10 KBS (#35)
    10 (Hang Knee raises)
    200m Run
    Rest 30 sec\ Time 10:05

    First 5 day week man that is tough! Thanks to all the coaches and work out partners from the 6am squad!

  4. Floor press: 7Γ—3 @85#

    WOD Rx’d

    Time: 8:56

    This was a fun WOD! First 2 rounds unbroken, then T2B were broken after the first 5. First time using a 50#KB! I’ve been struggling with this forever it seems, just a mental block..thanks for the push Amanda!

    QOD: Absolutely! I first joined honestly to look better and get in better shape after having my second son. Wow how things have changed! Becoming a coach has been huge and life changing! And now it’s about goals, getting better and stronger at the gym.

      1. My runs have felt slow so far this year, but they actually felt a bit better today…no idea what was different aside from 7AM class…

  5. Mobility
    WU x 1 + extra mobility
    Group mobility

    Strength: Floor Press
    7x3reps @ 75#

    WOD: 4 rounds
    10 KBS @40#
    10 T2B (first round T2B, then knee raises)
    200m Run
    Rest 30 sec

    Time: 8:26
    Would like to try this next time with 50# and T2B – just to see πŸ™‚

    Thanks Amanda! Great job everyone! Happy Friday πŸ™‚

  6. Till next time, Cory and Christine! Fun meeting/WODing with you! πŸ™‚

    QOD: Oh god yes. I started Crossfit at 22… just looking to get fit. And lose weight, because I’ve been told all my life I need to lose weight. It’s almost second nature to me. Like drinking water … yeah yeah yeah I gotta lose weight (nagging voice in my head).
    About 18 weeks ago, I said F you weightloss goal. I need another goal. Because clearly my life long goal of losing weight is not getting any closer LOL! So I decided I wanted to climb a mountain πŸ™‚ I made sure to eat well and come to the gym to get ready for the mountain. And then magic happened πŸ™‚

    So, after 5.5. years of crossfitting, I found a way to keep me motivated, focused and happy. On to the next goal …10k run, Dobson trail..pullups!!! (yikes) Life’s good πŸ™‚

  7. Squeezed the workout in between classes. Thanks for sticking around Brian.

    WOD Rx’d

    Strength after.
    7 sets x 3 reps at 145#

    QOD: While specific goals have changed (like getting a muscle-up and being able to do a 45# OHS), my general goal has stayed the same: To be as healthy as possible for as long as possible. I want to be doing this until they put me in the ground, so hoping to delay that as long as I can.

  8. Floor press
    7 x 3 @ 35#

    Knee raises

    Thanks for the push Kevin.

    My goals have changed. I first joined to help loose the rest of my baby weight after Declan and to maybe run a faster half-marathon. Now I have found my mindset has shifted to lifting heavier, and getting faster in those mid-distances like 5k instead of 21k.

  9. QOD: Yes! My goals change all the time. My current focus is to be youthful, happy, healthy, and strong. No specific gym-related goal except to make sure I’m still having fun at it. I know, I need some goals. I’ll set a couple in September. πŸ™‚

  10. Sad to miss this one today! Going to enjoy being away and doing some active recovery though.
    It was great meeting Cory and Christine, lots of fun working out with you guys…so glad you chose CFM during your stay!!!

    QOD: yes! It’s been just over a year since I found CFM and I literally cannot imagine life without you guys. Originally my goal was just to get back into a gym routine, feel better about myself and hopefully make some friends. All of that (and SO much more) has happened!! But once the open season came, all of my goals changed and I started focusing on getting better at certain movements like T2B, DUs and pullups…having something like the open was great motivation. Then at some point during/after the open, I fell in love with lifting heavy and completely caught the competition bug. I think my favorite thing in the world right now is hitting a heavy clean. Now in the spirit of keeping myself accountable, here are my current goals:

    Rx HSPU in a wod (and re do 15.4 with a big PR since I only had 2 reps in the open)
    Unassisted dips (need SO much work)
    225# 1RM back squat (Matt has this goal too, might have to get there first )
    Do the oly comp Kevin speaks of in the fall

    ….and I could keep going haha but that last one has a lot of other goals involved with it!

  11. Strength:
    Floor Press 7 x 3 reps @ 75%

    4 Rounds
    10 KBS 50#
    10 T2B
    200m run
    30 sec rest


    QOD: My steady goal is always being ready for whatever life throws at me. Knowing that every day when I wake up, I am fit for anything and I can just get up and go without effort or worry, whether it is a race, a hike, a long day at work or just playing outside. That’s why I love this place, because it does that naturally for everyone. Besides that, my initial goal when I joined last fall was to get stronger, now my goal is to improve my anaerobic conditioning. I love the feeling of going through rounds with max speed and power and maintaining that tempo throughout. But most of the time I start to slow down or rest earlier than I would want to because I am out of breath, not because I don’t have the strength.

  12. Floor press: 7Γ—3 @115#

    4 rounds
    10KBS 60#
    10 T2B (scaled to knee raises)
    200m run
    30 sec rest


    QOD – I honestly would have had no way of knowing how much CF would change my goals and my life. Now my main goal is getting to 500 classes. If a heart attack or big bus is coming, let’s hope it waits until Wednesday.… πŸ˜‰

  13. Tempted Floor press with my buddy @ #85
    Got a couple sets in and had to stop, due to my shoulder $%^$#

    4 rounds
    10KBS (scaled to RKBS) @ #50
    10 Knee Raises
    200m Run
    30 sec rest

    Time: 9:46
    Felt a bit puky, and Kevin helped to increase that feeling by walking around pretending to throw up. He’s fantastic. πŸ˜‰

    QOD – Because the cool kids do it.

    Great job nooners!

    Have a splendid weekend everyone.

  14. Mobility and Wu x 2 plus crossover symmetry
    Strength floor press
    135/185/205/185/185/185/185/185 x 3
    Wod rx’d 8:28 unbroken
    Runs kill me…
    Great class Amanda and great work 6 amer’s!!

      1. Sorry….. It’s my biggest weakness, I think… I even like wallballs more than running!

  15. Floor Press x 3 @ 155#

    WOD as Rx’d

    I need to be able to string more T2B together. Everyone knows every time you come off the bar at 9/10 reps, a butterfly hits a windshield.
    Thanks for the chase Davis!

  16. Goal when I started CF almost six years ago was to get in shape…Mission accomplished! I’m healthier at 50 then I was at 40. As far as specific goals this year — a 400# deadlift & stringing double unders together.

  17. WOD rx’d: 11:03
    That’s my final answer. I’m pretty sure that was the time.

    I had a T2B technique breakthrough on this! Happy!

    Fun nooner, thanks!

  18. Heather Colleen

    QOD: When I started, my goals began and ended with: “do not be noticed. Do not be the last or the first or the weakest or the strongest.” Suffice to say…they’ve changed a bit. And I recently found a note on my phone from last September: “Stuff I Can’t Do But I’m Going To Anyway”, and happily I can say that I’ve completed 6/11 items.

    Floor Press
    7x3reps @ 75%

    4 rounds
    10 KBS 45#
    10 Knee raises
    200m Run
    Rest 30 sec

    Time 8:36

    How can 200m suck SO bad?

    1. Heather Colleen

      Forgot strength:

      Floor Press: 7×3 reps 75%

      These didn’t feel even close to 75%…maybe I’ll retest bench/floor press sometime soon.

      Oh, next time do 50# for KBS.

  19. Qod: when I started my goals were somewhat vain, I wanted a six pack!!! But I also wanted to be healthy enough to play and have fun with my kids for a long time!!
    I do have a few different goals now, I want to improve my mobility and strengthen my weaknesses. One big goal I would like to achieve is make it to regionals as a Masters athlete. Once I get over some current issues, I can start training a little harder towards that goal!
    Another goal that I am currently working on is getting approval from Kevin to start coaching, I never imagined how much I would love coaching. Something I have come to love and brightens my day every time, is when I am able to help someone achieve something they have been working hard for.. Best feeling ever!!

  20. WUx2 plus mobility
    Floor press (7×3) at 75% bench = 125
    Wod: 4 rounds of
    10 KBS (70)
    10 T2B
    200 m run
    30 second rest

    Time : 8:04 rx

    This was a really good wod!

  21. Open gym

    1 Mile Run with Stark πŸ˜‰

    Bench Press:

    4:00 Class

    Floor Press 7×3 @ 60#

    10 KBS @50#
    10 T2B
    200m Run
    30sec rest

    Time: 8:38 Rx

    Thanks Mario!

  22. Warmup
    Floor press up to 75lbs

    -35lbs KBS
    – knee raises

    Morgan, you were flying! Can’t wait to chase you soon.

    QOD – Each season, I have new crossfit goals. Currently, my goals are to be able to WOD with 65lbs, get back my pull-ups, and get my stamina back. I am hoping to accomplish this by the end of July.

  23. wux2
    group wu

    Floor Press
    7x3reps @ 135# low weight because of sore shoulder

    4 rounds
    10 KBS (53#) did first 5 @ 70# but KB kept flopping back at the top
    10 T2B
    200m Run
    Rest 30 sec
    t= 9:35

    QOD: My goal when I started CF was to get in shape which I’ve reached. I’m in the best shape of my life. My goal now is to keep working out and getting PRs on my WODs.

  24. mob wux2
    floor press 7x 3 rep
    WOD 4 round
    10 KBS 53#
    10 T2B
    200 m run
    rest 30 sec between round
    time 9:28

  25. Amanda Harding

    My first crossfit class! I loved it! Thank you everyone for the encouragement and motivation πŸ™‚
    Strength: floor press 7 x 3 reps
    35 x 3
    40 x 3
    40 x 3
    40 x 3
    40 x 3
    40 x 3
    40 x 3
    WOD: 4 rounds
    10 KBS @ 15lbs
    10 Hanging knee raises
    200m run
    Rest 30 sec
    Finish time 8 minutes 41 seconds πŸ™‚

  26. floor press
    7 x 3 reps @75% of bench


    4 rounds
    10 KBS 25#
    10 K2E
    200 m run
    rest 30 sec
    11:08 ran all the runs although slowly

    crossfit was very difficult when i started and i see now that its always gonna be but I want to love it , like really , really love it. I was excited the first time i finished a WOD within the time cap. Today I was super excited that doing knee pull up thingy s was easier than the first time considering i couldnt even lift my body off the floor. I have done alot of things in my life but being athletic was never 1 of them … i guess i want to be athletic …there thats my goal o and i want to live to be 120 πŸ™‚

  27. MOB + WU
    Floor Press 7x3reps
    #65, 95, 95, 115, 115, 135, 135
    4 rounds
    10 KBS (#35)
    10 (Hang Knee Raises)
    200m Run
    Rest 30 sec
    Time: 9:13

  28. My goals are definitely different than day one. Day 1: don’t die, try to pretend you have an athletic bone in your body, and learn how to do that clean thing properly.
    Now: keep my eating in check, get a pull up, get those damn T2B and attend as many classes as my body will let me πŸ™‚

  29. Today Paige and I joined the 8:30 class..
    Floor Press 7X3reps @75%
    Although Paige is stronger than I am we compromised at 55#
    Wod: 4rds
    10 KBS (we both used 35#, next time I use 45#!)
    10 T2B(we both hung from the bar and lifted our as high as possible )
    200m run
    Rest 30 sec
    Paige- 12:13
    Mel- 9:40
    Although I have had some issues with my heel, I chose to do the running.. Poor Paige struggles with running!

    1. Qod: Our goals have definitely changed over time.. I started because I was getting bored doing another exercise program, and I needed a challenge and to learn something new.. Now since my accident I have been trying to regain strength, and learning to do movements properly(not just do them to get them done!)
      Paige’s goals have gone from trying to keep up with me, to working towards getting that Rx beside her name on the board for a wod(any wod really!)

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