Friday’s QOD

What was your favourite Paleo treat from the last few weeks?

Strength/Skill – Snatch Balance 10 x 1 rep

This can be done as either a strength or a skill. Drill it into your body to land quickly under the bar. That doesn’t require much weight to do so. Some of you will stick with a bar the whole time, while others may increase as they go. It all depends on your goal.

3 x 800m

*Rest exactly 2 minutes between rounds. Score is total time to complete all runs.
*There’s a 14 min cut-off after the 2nd run. Stay under 14 to attempt the 3rd.

Compare to May 28/14


53 thoughts on “Friday’s QOD”

  1. Funny how the two who were guessing about Gilles’ bday didn’t make it…… haha just kidding, missed you guys this morning!

    57 bday burpees, happy birthday Gilles!

    Snatch balance 10×1

    85# is my 5RM, focused more on improving my dip and getting under the bar quicker…still need to get a lot faster!

    800m run x3
    2 min rest between rounds

    Total time: 15:03
    (Note to self: don’t save so much for the last round next time, pick it up sooner!)

    Almost didn’t get out of bed for this but so happy I did! Keeping weight light and running are great morning work outs πŸ™‚

    Thanks Kevin!

  2. Mob + 57 Birthday Burpees. Have a great one Gilles!

    Strength/Skill – Snatch Balance 10 x 1 rep
    to 95#
    Tried to focus mainly on my squat stance, still wide.

    Time–>13:51 (PR)

    Great work morning peeps!

  3. Snatch Balance

    3x800m 2min rest between


  4. Strength/Skill – Snatch Balance 10 x 1 rep to 30#
    Focused on technique

    Time–>15:04 (PR by 21 seconds)

    Not as consistent as last time, legs felt like jello this morning. Thanks for class Kevin!

  5. WUx1 + 400 m run

    Snatch Balance
    45-65-75-85-95-105-115-125-125-135 (PR)

    3x800m 2min rest between
    Total = 15:33 (40 secs slower than last time.. I blame it on lack of sleep)

    1. You could also blame it on the fact that you broken & healed your leg since then? πŸ™‚
      Still a great time!

  6. WU + 400 m run

    Snatch Balance
    Focused on footing (not landing too wide) and punching the bar.

    3x800m run with 2 min rest between each
    Total = 17:22

  7. Mobility x 1
    57 Birthday Burpees for Gilles…you sneaky guy!

    Snatch Balance 10 x 1
    5 @ 15
    5 @ 20

    These are great to practice.

    3 x 800M (rest 2 minutes between)
    Total: 17:05 (15 seconds slower than last year, due to massive amounts of burpees at the start of class!)

    See everyone tomorrow at the Haiti fundraiser…10 AM. Leslie and I plan to kill the workout. πŸ™‚

  8. CrossFit for Kenya

    Hope to see everyone tomorrow morning for the fundraiser. If you haven’t signed up or don’t have a partner, no worries, none of that matters. We just really want to see you there. There are so many good reasons to come, but here are the Top 10:

    10. This is a really great cause: Giving Kenyan kids who live in orphanages a chance to do what we think is “normal” kid stuff is probably reason enough!
    9. If you haven’t got a partner, here’s a chance to make a new buddy (I hear misery loves company πŸ™‚ )
    8. Standing shoulder to shoulder with a Crossfit buddy for a good cause is what the CFT community is all about.
    7. All the cool kids will be there. (Sorry Anthony…)
    6. There’s an entire table of great prizes that the survivors will draw for after the WOD. (Anyone who wants to bring something to add to the table, please feel free!)
    5. It’s a Kevin-approved killer wod you’ve just got to try (although I hear that Jackie and Leslie are going to dominate.)
    4. It’s going to be a gorgeous day so the big Cft door will be open (just like in the cool CFT YouTube videos).
    3. My partner abandoned me today (jerk) so we can be partners so I won’t be standing there by myself πŸ™ .
    2. Rest days are for babies.

    And the Number 1 reason for participating in the Crossfit for Kenya WOD… There’s going to be a TON of PALEO Treats!!

    1. Looking forward to the Kenyan Fundraiser tomorrow… The Tracy/Tracie team is ready to have a blast !!! Hope to see everyone there tomorrow:)

  9. Snatch balance
    First time doing this lift! Also, I’m awful for looking at the ground during the lift πŸ˜›
    Things to work on!

    3x800m(rest 2mins in between)
    Time: 21:05? I think. I didn’t write it down. I was just happy that I actually finished. I didn’t think I could do it, but I did all three rounds.

    Cashout: 30 burpees that I really didn’t want to do after that WOD. But I still did πŸ™‚

    Great job everyone! Thanks for coming back for me Kevin. It meant a lot to me. I almost cried when I saw you coming around the corner πŸ™‚

    1. Great job Tara!

      I’d like to do whatever challenge or regime you are following. What is it exactly?

      1. Yes!! Awesome!!
        I pick out something that I hate or would like to get better at and commit to doing it after every WOD for 30 classes. No excuses. Even if I’m exhausted and don’t want to, I still do it. Right now I’m doing burpees. 30 burpees after every class.

        1. I love this! Thanks for sharing, I am going to start this next week. First one will be effin running lol! I seen you were doing running, what were you doing for that one?

          1. I really hate running, so I started with that. I ran 400m after the first 15 WODs. Then I started doing 800m until I reached my 30th WOD. It took me about a month and a half, but by the time I was done, I had run 18km. It’s just crazy!

            Good luck to you! I’m so excited for you to start this. It was a huge sense of accomplishment for me. I wish the same for you <3

  10. QOD: Not that I remember turning down any of the paleo treats…but my favourite would have been a toss-up between the bundt cake and the super-yummy-extra gooey pecan pie:)

  11. Wasn’t able to do the snatch balance so worked on lots of mobility and some extra warm up.


    3x800m runs (2min rest in between)

    I did 2 and I’m still living to talk about it, but was questionable for a bit.

    Thanks for the class Mario and great job nooners!

    Have a great weekend everyone!

  12. Snatch balance up to 85#. I failed them a bunch of times but I’m blaming it on Josh & Daniel.

    WOD: 15:46
    23 second PR from a year ago. I’ll take it πŸ™‚


    1. OH and as for the QOD… I ate so many different ones and I loved most of them. The banana bread today was delicious (and I think it’s not the first time it was brought in?). There was one that had a cheesecake-like consistency, it was delicious too. I don’t remember what it was called.

  13. Mobility
    Group warm up

    Snatch balance 10Γ—1

    800m run x3
    2 min rest between rounds

    Total time: 16:12 (Pr of 1:34)

  14. WU + 400 m row

    Snatch Balance

    3x1000m row with 2 min rest between each
    Total = 18:56

    Thanks to Steph for pushing me during the last few meters of my row….

  15. 57 B Day Burpees. Happy to have done them for ya Gilles. (Sort of).

    Snatch Balance

    3 – 800 m. runs with 2 min rest between each:

    Round 1. 3:54
    Round 2: 9:58 (4:04)
    Round: 16:04 (4:06)
    Total time = 16:04

    Fun one. My goal was 4 min. for each round. Just missed slightly, but I’ll take it.

  16. Wanted to tackle this workout but could not resist yesterday’s WOD!

    30 Muscle Ups
    Old PR was 15:41 so, PR of… 7:50???

    What a difference a few years of CrossFit can do!
    My non-Paleo beer will be extra tasty tonight!

  17. Snatch Balance x1

    3x800m Runs
    Total – 12:32

    First run was only 9 sec off my PR (which was on a flat road with no turnaround. Pretty happy about that!)

    Great job today by all!!


  18. Snatch Balance x 1


    WOD – 15:37

    1st 3:36
    2nd 4:00
    3rd 4:01

    Great class tonight and good race Frank. Watched the 6 o’clock class push hard on their final runs – great efforts all around.

  19. WUx1 + 400m run
    Group WU
    Snatch Balances 10 x1 rep
    kept weight at 65#

    WOD 3 x 800m run
    *2min rest between rounds

    Time–> 15:47
    1- 3:30
    2- 4:04
    3 – 4:13

    My time was 15:21 last year but I got a 5 sec PR on a 800m run.

  20. mob wux1
    snatch balance
    pratice with 15#
    3×800 m run rest 2 min each round
    only did 2 round ankle still not 100%yet
    5:04 first round
    4:46 second round
    thank for all the B burpees

  21. Snatch balance – 10 x 1 rep
    I wanted to go for PR, but realized quickly I still had to focus on technique!! My squat (hip) is my limiting factor here. I wasn’t happy with my landing (too wide and my right foot keeps pointing out), so that became my focus.

    3 x 15# WU – 3 x 20# – 1 x 25# – 1 x 25# – 1 x 30# – 1 x 30# – 1 x 30# – 2 x 30#

    3 x 800m run
    *2 min rest between rounds

    Time: 14:45
    -I had to stop and pause on my last run because a truck decided to turn and blocked the road right as I got there… must run faster πŸ˜‰

  22. Mob + WU + 400m run

    Snatch Balance up to 55#

    3–800m runs with 2 minute rest between runs

    Only finished 2 runs before time cap: 12:44
    *48 seconds slower than last year.

    16/30 800m run

  23. Mob + WU + 400m run

    Snatch Balance to 35#

    2–800m runs with 2 minute rest between runs hit time cap πŸ™


  24. mobility + 57 Bday burpees for Gilles have a nice day
    group wu
    strength – Snatch balance 10 x 1 rep
    15, 20, 25, 30

    Wod : 3 x 800m run
    1 – 5:14
    2 – 5:26
    3 – 400m = 2:91

    Time = 13:31

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