Friday’s QOD

Have you ever had any broken bones? Cool stories about how it happened?

Alternate every 30s for 5 min
1) 2 Power Snatch
2) 2 OHS

5 rounds
400m Run
15 OHS (95/65#/60%)

*20 min time cap

Compare to July 17/14

Option 1 – 3 full rounds

Option 2 – 5 rounds with 200m Runs

Our Obstacle Course class having a blast!
Our Obstacle Course class having a blast!

79 thoughts on “Friday’s QOD”

  1. Great 6am crew this morning with coach Amanda!

    Every 30 sec for 5 mins
    2 power snatch
    2 OHS
    Did first couple rounds @ 55# then went up to 65#

    WOD: Nancy as Rx
    Time: 16:48

    PR for Rx!
    July 17/14 I scaled to 50# back squats and my time was 15:50

    Sooo excited for repeat WODs πŸ™‚
    Thanks Amanda and great work everyone

    1. QOD: yes. I’ve broken my wrist 3 times, fractured my jaw once and nose twice. Also have separated my shoulder, been on crutches multiple times and had a couple shiners. But have never had stitches! (Knock on wood)
      Wrist was a playground incident the first time, running into a counter the second (I know, ridiculous) and falling off an army tank the third time (yes, slightly more ridiculous).
      A hockey puck under the side of my cage was how I fractured my jaw and then my nose the first time was another playground incident (someone threw an ice ball down the tube slide while I was looking up the slide….) and then that summer my dad and I were playing catch and the baseball hit me in the face. I blamed him and he told me that’s why you don’t hold your glove in front of your face….
      These all sound even more embarrassing written out like that haha. Anyway, another reason why when people tell me crossfit induces injury I laugh…just getting out of bed puts me at risk of injury πŸ™‚

      1. Oh my…I have never broken a bone and the only stiches were getting my wisdom teeth out…I’m speechless. You are one tough chick!!!

    2. There’s a whole summer of repeats coming up, I’m excited for them too! Great job this morning!

  2. Strength
    Every 30 sec for 5 mins
    2 power snatch
    2 OHS
    Did first couple rounds @ 35# then went up to 40# then 45#

    WOD: Nancy at 40#
    Time: 17:30

    Nice to see so many “new” faces in the 6am class ! Thanks Amanda great class πŸ™‚

    1. Forgot the QOD: I broke my ankle as a kid… I sat on the edge of a folding table that wasn’t set up properly. The end collapsed with my foot under it and me on top of it. It was so embarrassing to tell the story at the time but pretty funny now πŸ˜‰

  3. Greg Doucette

    Alternate every 30s for 5 min
    1) 2 Power Snatch
    2) 2 OHS

    β€œNancy” ( I always did Liked Nancy!)
    5 rounds (Option 2 – 5 rounds with 200m Runs)
    400m Run
    15 OHS (35#)
    *20 min time cap (15:50)

    First week of Crossfit many thanks to Kevin, Amanda and Shane for all the coaching.

    Special thanks to Kelly Black for the push to find it in myself to get off my butt again!

    Awesome group of people in the 6am class thanks for your support this week. Looking forward to the next! πŸ™‚

    1. So happy you’ve joined us, Greg! You’re doing really great, you had a great time this morning and your OHS are solid! Nice work!

  4. QOD: 20years into my life and never broken a bone!!! (I know kind of lame)

    Alternate every 30s for 5 min
    1) 2 Power Snatch
    2) 2 OHS
    made it to 45lbs

    5 rounds
    400m Run
    15 OHS (25lbs)

    time: 18:57

  5. QOD: I’ve never broken a bone, I think my bones must be strong cause I’ve been a bit reckless at times.. And there are a couple times I should have broken something but didn’t… I crashed my motorbike in 2008 and didn’t break anything, and I got hit with a line drive on my ankle bone a couple years ago and although I couldn’t walk on it for 2 weeks, it didn’t break.

  6. QOD: Apparently I broke my little toe playing rugby on the beach, but didn’t realize it till years later… My nose looks like it may have been broken, but I think I’d know this! lol

    Every 30s for 5 min:
    2 Snatches
    2 OHS

    (started with 20# worked up to 35#)

    WOD: “Nancy”
    400 m run
    15 OHS (60% @ 40#) – had to switch to front squats for the last 2 rounds, because my right hand went numb. Still is numb… πŸ™ sad)

    Time: 17:00

  7. Mobility
    WU x 1 + 200m run
    Group Mobility

    Alternate every 30s for 5 min (35-45#)
    1) 2 Power Snatch
    2) 2 OHS

    WOD: β€œNancy”
    5 rounds
    400m Run
    15 OHS @ 45#

    Time: 17:18 (appears this is my first time meeting Nancy)

    Great class Amanda. Good job 6 am’ers! Happy long weekend πŸ™‚

  8. QOD:
    Broken toe (smashed a rock)
    Broken ribs twice (punched once, sneezed too hard once)
    Broken wrist twice (jumped off a slide, punched the knockout game at Crystal Palace)
    Broken nose twice (punched once, kicked once)

      1. All were separate incidents. Mainly arguments over games we were playing as kids πŸ™‚

  9. Alternate every 30 sec for 5 minutes
    1) 2 x power snatch
    2) 2 x OHS

    65# for first then 95#

    “Nancy” 95#
    Rx 14:19

    Toes and nose a few times…I think it might be cause of my bad habit of looking upwards instead of straight ahead!!

  10. QOD: Broken finger: Jumped off the top middle span of the Rexton Bridge not because life was too hard but because I saw someone else do it and it looked awesome! The pressure of the water snapped my pinky back a bit
    Broken ankle: Everyone knows this story and it’s not as cool as my broken pinky finger


    Alternate every 30s for 5 min @95 (Did a warmup set at 65#)
    1) 2 Power Snatch
    2) 2 OHS

    β€œNancy” Rx
    Time = 19:17
    Runs were sloooowww…

  11. WUx1 and 200m run

    Alternate every 30 sec for 5 minutes
    1) 2 x power snatch
    2) 2 x OHS

    65# all the wat to 95#

    β€œNancy” as Rx’d

    First time as RX’d so very happy.

    Only my nose a few times playing hockey but only found out once i had breating problems through my nose yeasr after.

    great work morning peeps!

  12. Awe Injuries where do I star;

    1. Broken Collar bone “in hockey the board are tougher than you!”,
    2. Separated shoulder “same comment as the collar bone”,
    3. broken right leg “hockey again, got kneed tried to pass out but no luck!”,
    4. Torn left ACL “soccer do not use cleats on a dry day”

    I think that is all I can remember I will not bore you with my wrestling injuries!

  13. QOD:
    Nose – hockey stick in the face
    Nose – headbutt to the face when my son was a baby
    Left Thumb – dislocated and tore ligaments in my mp joint showing off my tackling skills at my 30th birthday party.
    Right Thumb – dislocated, but luckily didn’t tear any ligaments while playing flag football 3 weeks after I had messed up my other thumb. Told my dad the reason both of my thumbs were in braces was because I owed money to the mob.

  14. I’ve never broken anything and thank god because I might expire from the freaking out alone.

    I absolutely loathe anything and everything to do with Orthopedics. On a good day, “bones” freak me out. But throw in a BROKEN bone or god forbid a compound fracture piercing through the skin and I’m completely useless. You might as well find another health professional to assist you πŸ˜›

  15. Alternate every 30s for 5 min (first 2 rounds @ 55# remaining @ 65#)
    1) 2 Power Snatch
    2) 2 OHS

    “Nancy: Rx

    time= 15:04

    PR of 2min 53 sec compared to last July! Happy! Thanks for the push Kevin. This is one of my fav WODs πŸ™‚

    QOD: I think I broke my toe last summer at the gym, flip flops in the gym area..bad idea. That was my first, which is surprising. I’m quite clumsy at times.

  16. wod rx’d: 18:13

    PR of 1:17 from last July! I’m so happy!!

    SUCH a nice day to be out running! Great job nooners!

  17. Strength
    Up to 65# for power snatches and 55# for ohs

    Wod @ 45#
    17:34 (50 sec more… 5 pounds more)

    Collar bone @ age 4: fell out of car (front passenger seat., no belt) as my Mom was backing out of the driveway… My sister who was standing at the back of the car yelled just before the wheel got to my head and saved my life… I just realised this might be why I’m a pediatrician pretty uptight about injury prevention…

  18. Alternate every 30s for 5 min @65 (Did a warmup set at 35#)
    1) 2 Power Snatch
    2) 2 OHS

    β€œNancy” at 65#

    Time = 18:55

    36 seconds slower than last time but 10# heavier. All OHS were unbroken.

  19. M+WU
    Group Mobility

    Strength/WU: (5 mins)
    Every 30 sec, alternate between:
    2 power snatches
    2 OHS
    Built up to 40lb

    WOD: Nancy
    5 rounds of:
    500m row
    15 OHS @ 30lb

    Calf still iffy so swapped running for rowing.

    Time: 19:45

    Thanks for the support at the end, especially the counting πŸ™‚

    QOD: Surprisingly no, I have never broken anything. I HAVE split my forehead open by sneezing and hitting my head on a stainless steel corner. Almost needed stitches but got to miss school for the morning πŸ˜‰

  20. Mob + WUx1 + 42 Bday Burpees

    WOD – AMRAP 15:
    200m Sandbag Run (40#)
    5 Burpee Over Wall (7′)
    1 Rope Climb (15′)
    = 3+1 Burpee

  21. Open gym

    42 birthday burpees

    Baseline WOD
    500m row
    40 squats
    30 Sit-ups
    20 push-ups
    10 ring rows

    Time: 7:31

    Which is actually 20 seconds slower than I did it in December, but this time I did all the push-ups from my toes. Last time they were all from the knees. So, I wish my time would have been faster but I’m okay with those extra 20 seconds πŸ™‚

    Hung out upside down and did a few HSPU negatives. Then grabbed a bar and practiced the hang snatch. Thanks for the tips Steph!

    Cashout: 800m run (22/30)

  22. mobility
    wu x 1 200m run
    group wu
    Every 30 sec, for 5 min.
    2 power snatch 20#
    2 OHS

    WOD : NANCY 20 min cap
    5 rounds
    scale 200m run
    15 OHS 25#

    Time = 14:12
    cash out – couch stretch

  23. – Mob
    – WUx1

    Every 30 seconds thing @ 75# (I like the “every 30 seconds for x minutes” scheme, neat!)

    WOD @ 65# = 17:39 … 50 seconds faster than July, I’m OK with that given that I feel like my cardio has gone down hill a bit since then (for most of the winter I’ve been away and less active for 2-3 weeks per month and I’m paying for it, I have some catching up to do)

    QOD: My left leg a couple times… Most recently my tibia in a skiing accident like 4 years ago, about 4 years before that my fibula in a tequila/graduation/climbing related incident. The surgeon had to remove some of the metal bits from the first incident to make room for the hardware needed as a result of incident 2 :O I’m pretty lucky my leg still sorta works πŸ™‚

  24. Every 30 sec. for 5 minutes, alternating Power Snatches and OHS

    5 Rounds 400 m. run + 5 OHS @ 65#
    Time = 17:58

    First running WOD of the season for me. Woot! Woot! I actually don’t know why I am so excited, because the running really sucked for me this morning. Last 3 runs were really tough & I was sucking air, but in some sort of strange CrossFit way, I still liked it….. WEIRD! OHS felt great. Last couple of rounds fought to hold on, but did all unbroken.
    No PR today. I’ve done this WOD several times and I am slower every time I do it. I’d like to try it again when we’ve got more running WOD’s under our belt.

    Loved reading everyone’s injury stories. Happy to report, I don’t really have any of my own πŸ™‚

  25. mob wux1 + 25 cal row
    strength wu
    every 30 sec for 5 min
    2 power snatch 65 # 75#
    2 OHS (front squat)
    WOD Nancy
    5 round
    400 m run (200 m)
    15 OHS(front squat 95#)
    time 12:10 min
    QOD broken elbow bicycle
    broken left leg motor bike

  26. Did a little wod at Crossfit Las Vegas. We went with the wedding group, some crossfitters some not, so all body weight and it was fun

    Started with 400m med ball run 14#
    Then did max of: dips (4 with red band), pull ups (4 with red band), push-ups (16), 1 min sit ups with ab mat and butterfly legs (28), then tabata squats (15-18 each round).
    Fun overall! Happy with how I did considering the bachelorette party was last night! Had 2 pukers there and one in the limo on the way to the box! Haha

  27. Mob + WUx1

    Alternate every 30s for 5 min 65#
    1) 2 Power Snatch
    2) 2 OHS

    WOD: β€œNancy”
    5 rounds
    400m Run
    15 OHS @ 65# (All Sets Unbroken!)

    Time: 17:28Rx (PR of 1:32!!)

    Thanks Mario!

  28. WU x 1 + 200m Run

    Strength WU
    every 30 sec for 5 min @ 35#
    2 power snatch
    2 OHS

    Should have gone heavier but really worked on form.

    WOD ‘Nancy’ 20 min cap
    5 rounds
    400 m run
    15 OHS @ 45#

    4 full rounds at 17:02 *Thanks so much for the push Steph, Mario and Maria–all lifts unbroken*

    800m run 9/30 with Pete. So happy for the partner on this run!

    QOD is ironic given the amount of running I did today. Had a stress fracture in my tibia 2 years ago that sidelined me from running a 1/2 marathon to sitting in a wheelchair with a ‘boot’ for 9 months.

  29. Today I joined the Nooner class..
    Mobility and wu X 1 and run 200 m
    Strength wu @ 30#
    Every 30s for 5 min
    -2 power snatch
    -2 OHS -30#
    Wod –
    Nancy with 20 min cap
    Row 500m
    15 OHS
    I managed 4 rounds, rowed 500 m, and only got 10 OHS
    . I was actually considering only doing 3 rounds!! The OHS have always been my nemesis but I think I am finally getting it! I probably took more time doing the OHS than I should, but they felt good and I did them unbroken As for rowing, I injured my heel jogging( with a heel strike) lesson learned!
    I have no glamorous broken anything story, except I broke a toe doing kickboxing.. It wasn’t when I kicked anything, It actually curled under my foot and I stepped on it when I was getting ready to practice a kick! Embarrassing!

  30. Mob + WUx1

    Alternate every 30s for 5 min
    1) 2 Power Snatch
    2) 2 OHS
    Started with 95# then upped it to 115# 2 min in.

    β€œNancy” as Rx’d

    First time Rx! All OHS unbroken (but a bit slow)

  31. every 30 sec for 5 mins

    2 Power snatch
    2 OHS 10#

    WOD Nancy

    5 rounds
    400 m run
    15 OHS 10#
    *20 min
    option3- 200m runs for 5 rounds ….


  32. MOB + WU x 1
    every 30 sec for 5 min
    2 power snatch 35 #
    2 OHS

    WOD Nancy
    5 rounds
    400 m run (200 m)
    15 OHS (front squat 65#)
    time 15:32

    arm – King of the Hill is a tough game
    foot – hard slide into 2nd base…I was safe btw
    hand – Man vs. Wall…Wall won…learned a life lesson

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