Friday’s QOD

Here are some comments I see posted often – “I need to work on _____” or “Gotta practice _____ more”. Many times, those are just hopes and dreams. Rarely do those comments turn into action. Maybe it’s because you don’t know where to start. Or maybe there are just SO many things you need to work on that it’s overwhelming.

Talk to a coach. We can help you narrow down your goals and come up with an action plan. We can provide tips and tricks during class, but if you want to really nail down a weakness, you have to spend extra time doing it. Let us help you focus that time on useful practice.

What are your goals for 2015?

AMRAP in 20 min:
10Β C2B Pullups
20 Back Squats (95/65#/40%)
30 double-unders


62 thoughts on “Friday’s QOD”

  1. M+WUx2
    Group WU+Mob
    Movement prep

    AMRAP: 20 mins
    10 ring rows
    20 back squats (40%) 45lb
    90 singles

    5 rounds + 33 singles

    QOD: To get my drivers license, hopefully on my first try…

  2. Group Mobility
    15 Burpees

    AMRAP in 20 min:
    10 C2B Pullups (scaled to ring rows)
    20 Back Squats (95#)
    30 double-unders (scaled to 75 singles and 5 DU’s)

    4 rounds & 5 Ring rows

    Thanks, Kevin.

    Goal for 2015: Attend 175 classes

  3. WUΓ—2
    Group MOB

    Movement prep

    WOD: AMRAP 20 min.
    10 pullups (ring rows)
    20 back squats @ 40#
    30 DU’s

    4R, 7 DU’s (first WOD, all DU’s. Yay!)

    QOD: Master DU’s, starting today! Toes to rings.

    1. Valerie Arseneau

      nice goals πŸ˜‰
      Also, thanks for the shoe advice! Just came back from a wod and they are perfect!

  4. Mobility
    Group mobility
    Movement prep

    WOD: AMRAP 20 min
    10 ring rows
    20 back squat @ 55#
    90 singles

    4 rounds + 58 skips

    Goal: 2 consecutive pull-ups
    I’d also like to increase my clean, been stuck at 95/100# since the 2013 open πŸ™

    Congrats Jamie on your first class!

  5. QOD:
    Muscle-up by end of Lifestyle challenge
    Better cardio.
    RX Fran

    The wheels are already in motion. πŸ™‚

  6. Mob + WUx2 + Group WU

    WOD Rx = 5 rds + 10 C2B

    – C2B were very easy, did 5+5 all the way and managed 10 unbroken before clock ran out. Practice works.
    – Back squats were not so much fun, going too low pulls on low back. Need to fix that.
    – Skipping was decent.

  7. WOD Rx

    6 rounds +1 DU

    Kevin your DU tips were great! I could instantly feel when my shoulders would tighten up. Thanks! Great job nooners, tough WOD.

    Some of my goals for 2015: butterfly pullups, 300# deadlift, HSPU as Rx.

  8. WOD Rx
    7 + 6 C2B

    Thanks for being my WOD buddy today Darrell πŸ™‚

    QOD – 135# snatch. That’s all. If anything else spectacular happens it’ll just be sprinkles on top.

  9. M+WUx2
    Group WU+Mob
    Movement prep

    AMRAP: 20 mins
    10 ring rows
    20 back squats (40%) 50#
    90 singles

    6 rounds + 9 Ring Rows

    Goals for 2015:
    -master double unders
    -20″ box jumps
    -master handstands
    -3K in less than 20 minutes
    -toes to bar

  10. Mobility
    WU X2 and quickly!
    Group mobility
    Movement prep which was great btw!

    WOD: AMRAP 20 min
    10 ring rows
    20 back squat @ 20# (ugh)
    90 singles

    4 rounds + 63 skips

  11. Wod with ring rows and singles

    Total – 4 rounds and 4 Back Squats

    Thanks for the class Steph!!


    – run my first, and probably last, half marathon in October
    – pull-ups
    – 1 HSPU
    – 185# OHS

  12. – Mob
    – WUx2
    – Group WU

    DU PR πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ (9 consecutive, old PR 8)

    WOD scaled to (took it easy since I’ve been pretty fragile lately)…
    – 10 ring rows
    – 20 back squats @ 75#
    – 90 singles (tried DU in the WOD but consistently failed them so switched to singles πŸ™ πŸ™ )

    – 1/2 marathon in October
    – sub 1:30 500m row
    – Get slightly better at all the things

  13. WOD Rx’d
    8 rounds flat

    With a higher grip, I was able to do C2B with a double overhand grip. Didn’t tear, so it’s a win!

  14. – Mob
    – WUx2
    – Group WU

    Also DU pr, 12 consecutive, old pr was 9

    – 10 ring rows
    – 20 back squats @ 40#
    – 30 Doubles

    – 1/2 marathon
    – 10 consecutive pull ups without too much struggle
    – Go on more multiple day hikes
    – Find a winter outdoor activity I don’t hate

    1. I hate winter and a few years ago I discovered that I love snowshoeing. In the woods, where there’s no shitty wind. πŸ™‚

  15. 3pm open gym:

    DU practice…was getting 10-11 unbroken but no pr (pr is 15 unbroken)

    3000m row
    time: 13:07.8

    only my 2nd time doing 3000m for time and got a PR of 48 seconds (Nov 1st/14 was 13:55.8)
    Thanks for pushing me and for the tips Patrick!

    4pm class:

    AMRAP in 20 min: aka “detox” 2.0 for me..
    10 C2B Pullups – scaled to ring rows
    20 Back Squats (95/65#/40%) @ 65#
    30 double-unders – scaled to 10 DU and 60 singles

    7 + 17 back squats

    *part of me is concerned this seems high and maybe I really did 6 + 17 bs…..there was 7 pennies but I’m not convinced…?

    QOD/ CF goals for 2015:
    -be able to do DUs as Rx in work outs (today was my first step towards this)
    -progress from the rings to pull ups (I’m getting close to 10 horizontal rr’s with feet on box)
    -HSPU (kipping) in a WOD (can only do 3 with 25# plate/ab mat now)

  16. QOD: My 2015 cf goals..
    My primary goal is to increase my cardio and to continue my gain on upper body strength .. I realize that includes a lot of movements, my immediate goal will be push ups not on my knees, and working towards a strict pull up.. I am enjoying working on my strengths each class I go to, and that will help on the rest of my upper body strength! Thanks for all your encouragement in the few months since I’ve joined!

  17. MOB.
    Group WU

    WOD: Rx’d
    6 rds 15-Squats.

    Never thought i’d say this, but I was acatully looking forward to the DU’s in this WOD. my little palms are destroyed πŸ˜€

    Mini short term Goal: Strict Muscle Up’s

    Long term: Be Positive and Log/Post All The Things!

    Awesome instructions and coaching tonight Steph!

  18. Mobility + WUx1 + group mobility

    WOD: 20 min AMRAP

    10 Ring rows
    20 Back squats @ 65#
    30 DU’s

    7 rounds + 1 Ring row


    Crossfit goal – I really, really, really want to do a pull up! And maybe, HSPU by the end of the year.
    Personal goal – To not work as much! I haven’t figured out how to ‘take a break’ yet!

  19. QOD –
    – sub-30 minute 5km run (more than once, preferably)
    – sub-1:30 500m row
    – 325# 1RM deadlift

    I can do it, I know I can πŸ˜€

  20. AMRAP in 20 min:
    10 C2B Pullups (scaled to ring rows)
    20 Back Squats (50#)
    30 DU/ 90 Singles (scaled to 10 DU – 1 skip in between each + 60 Singles) I surprised myself when I started. I had told myself 5 DU, but they went so well in the first round, I kept going and did 10. I actually got 10 each round (I did have to put single skips between and tripped a few times, but I’m happy I did 10!)

    6 rounds + 8 Ring Rows

    QOD: 10 DU in a row!

  21. WOD: 20 min AMRAP

    10 C2B (First Time in a WOD!)
    20 Back squats @ 95#
    30 DU’s

    6 rounds – 3 Back Squats – RX. Was going for 1min per station, got pretty close.

    Q.O.D: 100 doubles unbroken… 1:30 – 500m row… 400# deadlift… Build my house ; )

  22. Mob + Wup x 2
    WOD: AMRAP 20 min time cap

    10 C2B
    20 Backsquats @ 40lbs
    30 Double Unders (so excited – had these unbroken for the first 4 rounds with just a few singles at the start of each to get in the groove – yippy)

    Total = 5 rounds and 11 backsquats

    QOD = proper hydration and to get beyond my brain (stop over-thinking everything)

  23. QOD:

    – Attend CrossFit 3+ times/week and not over-think my schedule like a bomb tech trying to choose between the green and red wires…

    – Run toward, instead of away from, things that scare/challenge me.

    – Be more positive and focus on the things I CAN do instead of all the things I can’t do yet.

    – Graduate to 18″ Box Jumps. I’m stuck on the 12″ box partly because I’m scared to get hurt (face plant and/or shred my shins on the box)

    – Get a DU – not even plural…just ONE (if this could be expedited, preferably in time for the CF Open, that’d be swell…)

    – Eat clean, get more sleep (~8 hrs/night), drink more water (~3L/day)

  24. I love reading about everyone’s goals!! If any of you ever want help with them when I’m at the gym just grab me and I’ll give you a hand!

  25. Warmup + Mobility

    WOD: 20 min AMRAP

    10 ring rows (one step out)
    20 Back squats @ 55lbs
    30 DUs

    5 rounds + 6 ring rows
    Great coaching and tips on gymnastic movements, Steph. Thank you for the regular check-ins.

    QOD: Pullups (post-baby) by July 2015

    * Jo, just for the record…Kevin screamed out mid-wod, “How many rounds did Jo get?” Next time, make him WOD first and be the chaser. πŸ˜‰

  26. Wod-4 rounds 20 squats Rx
    QOD- drink more……. water.
    – eat fewer sticky buns
    – master the Snatch!

  27. Mobility
    Group mobility
    Movement prep

    WOD: AMRAP 20 min
    10 pull-ups
    20 back squat @ 55#
    10 double under +60 singles

    5 rounds + 7 pull-ups

  28. QOD: 50 consecutive DU

    10 C2B pull-ups (ring rows-2 feet out)
    20 back squats 60#
    30 DU
    5 rounds even

  29. Mob and WUx2

    group wu and mobility

    WOD: AMRAP 20 min.
    10 Ring Rows
    20 Back Squats @35#
    90 Singles

    Total: 5 rounds and 5 Back Squats

    My goals
    CARDIO!!! Learn to run… i am not a natural runner
    ONE pull up

  30. QOD
    Bench press 2 plates
    Squat 3 plates
    Dead lift 4 plates
    Sub 6 Fran
    All on or before my 50 th in Sept.

  31. Wod rx’d
    5 + 9 back squats


    Many goals:
    Strict pullups (3)
    More consistent on DU
    Better at ring dips
    Thinking of a half marathon
    Drink more water…

  32. M+WUx2
    Group WU+Mob
    Movement prep

    AMRAP: 20 mins
    10 ring rows
    20 back squats (40%) 45lb
    90 singles

    5 rounds + 1 ring row

    QOD: Push myself harder and be consistant in my weight loss goal.

  33. WU x 2


    10 pull ups
    20 back squats (20#)…first back squats in this amount of reps in a really really long time.
    30 double unders

    5 rounds + 2 pull ups

    Back squats were taken really slow, paying close attention to a tight core and keeping good squat form and they felt great. The pull ups…sucked! Hence my goal for 2015 to improve my kipping pull ups and be able to consistently complete 10 in a row.

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