Friday’s QOD

Who is the most famous person you have ever met?

Back Squat OR Front Squat x5

AMRAP in 10 min
10 Triple Unders (30 DU/60 SU)
15 KBS (50/35#)
20 Lunges

Remember running? Good times.
Remember running? Good times.

93 thoughts on “Friday’s QOD”

  1. Mobility
    Warm up x2
    Group mobility….thanks Alaina! πŸ™‚
    Strength: back squats x5 reps : 70%, 70%, 70%, 75%, 75%: 55#, 55#, 55#, 65#, 65# (nice sharing the bar with Erika and Jackie! ) πŸ™‚

    WOD: AMRAP in 10 minutes of:

    -60 singles (scaled)
    -15 KBS @ #30
    -20 lunges
    Completed 4 rounds and 12 lunges!

    Great work 6 amers and great coaching Mario
    Have great weekend everyone….happy Friday! πŸ™‚

  2. Mob. and WUx2
    Group Mob.
    Strength: Front Squat x 5
    (45, 75, 95, 95, 95, 100, 100)
    Great sharing the bar Natacha and Claire!!
    WOD: Amrap 10 min.
    60 singles
    15 KBS # 35
    20 Lunges
    Score: 5 rounds plus 5 KBS
    Thanks Mario!!

  3. Strength front squats x 5 Nice to see you this am Heather!

    WOD: AMRAP in 10 minutes of:

    -30 Doubles
    -15 KBS @ #35
    -20 lunges (kiss the ground with your back leg, smashing is for mobility!)

    5 rounds

    Cashout hamstring stretch

    and 2k Row= time 9:16

    I need to get better at doubles for the Mayhem. I kept a few things on top of mind. Keep body straight, relax shoulders, quick wrists, and the second you lose sight of your hands in front of you, bring your arms in! Seemed to help.

    Great job 6amers!

  4. QOD: Nobody famous per se, but I think it’s cool that I talked to Joe Nieuwendyk’s dad when I was doing internet support for Sympatico. πŸ™‚

    Other than that… I consider the elite CrossFitters somewhat famous, and I had a few bunch of them teaching me at my L1 cert in Toronto – Austin Malleolo being my fav. πŸ™‚

  5. I ran into Kiefer Sutherland after watching him in “The Glass Menagerie” in TO when I was in high school. Like, right into him. I collided with him coming around a corner because I wasn’t looking where I was going. Then I felt so stupid that I ran in the other direction.

    Strength: Back Squat x 5
    # – 45, 105, 105, 105, 115, 115

    Thanks for sharing the bar, Maria, and thanks for the push to do 115#!

    WOD: AMRAP 10 min.

    15 KBS # 35
    20 Lunges

    Score: 5 rounds plus 30 DUs

    Lunges are not my thing…and I swear kettlebells are heavier in the morning. Still a pretty fun workout.

  6. QOD: Stuart McLean. I was working at a tourist office in the little town of Brighton, Ontario and was just about to close for the day. Stuart and his assisstant had been boating down from Kingston and stopped by for some directions and ideas about what they could see/do in the next few small towns over. I didn’t even recognize him at first and when we introduced ourselves I think he was surprised that I didn’t have a reaction. Afterwards, when I put two-and-two together I felt like a complete idiot. NIce guy though and he sounds the same in real life as he does on the radio.

  7. QOD: When I worked at Fairmont reservations, Molly Shannon (Saturday Night Live- Mary Katherine Gallagher!) called to book a room for herself at the Plaza in NY. That was pretty cool. And I did get to meet Camille LeBlanc-Bazinet at my cert, that was awesome!

    1. ‘Maria Maria omg omg is that Camille? OMG that’s Camille!’ … so starstruck lol!! Fun times πŸ™‚

  8. Mob + WUx2
    Strength back squats
    worked up to 110# and that still felt fine but on the 3rd rep of 5th set I felt something pull/hurt in my back so stopped it there. πŸ™ Didn’t want to make it worse so didn’t do the WOD. Took some advil instead. lol

  9. QOD: I got to meet Pitbull, Mike Holmes (didn’t know who he was), arcade fire, nickelback and a bunch I don’t remember!! But definitely my favorite has been Pierce Brosnan!! I felt like a bond girl hahaha!! Sorry Trent but no one has said my name the way he did :)!!

  10. LOVE that boy in the picture! πŸ™‚

    Met the Queen back in the day when I was a Brownie. We’re super tight now. πŸ˜‰

  11. Mob
    Group Mob

    Strength: Front Squats x 5

    WOD: AMRAP in 10 minutes of:

    -10 Triple Unders
    -15 KBS @ #50
    -20 lunges

    3 Rnds +10 Triples

  12. QOD: Most famous person(s) i met were Zakk Wylde & Ozzy Osbourne. That moment will go down in history for me. Met them @ my hotel before the concert, got autographs and Zakk spent 20 mins just talking with us.

  13. Mob
    Group Mob

    Strength: Back Squats x 5

    WOD: AMRAP in 10 minutes of:

    10 Triple Unders (scaled to 60 singles)
    15 KBS @ #50
    20 lunges

    5 rounds + 7 KBS

    Great work 6 am crew!

    1. HAHA I meant to say Kevin Wood but didn’t know how to tie it to ‘famous person’ … somehow I’d forgot about this.

  14. Back Squats x5

    WOD Rx’d
    5+3 KBS

    Good race Steph!

    QOD: As Patrick already mentioned, Bob Barker would be my answer.

  15. The most famous person I’ve ever met was probably either Adam West, who played Batman and voices someone on Family Guy(the mayor maybe?) or Peter Mansbridge, the former news anchor for CTV National news.

    I have a friend who’s quasi famous though, Stuart Reardon, he’s a professional rugby player in the UK and a fitness model

  16. Mobiity

    Front Squats x5

    WOD: AMRAP 10min

    -10 Triple Unders
    -15 KBS @ 35#
    -20 Lunges

    = 5 Rounds + 2 TU Rx

    Fun trying to keep up with Kevin!!

    QOD: Gene Simons When I managed Pastalli Restaurant! Really nice Man!

  17. Front Squats X 5


    Fun sharing the bar with you Kevin and Denis!!


    AMRAP 10 Mins

    60 Singles
    15 KBS @ 50#
    20 Lunges

    Total – 3 Rounds + 15 KBS

  18. Mob / WU

    Back Squats x 5
    195 – 195 – 195 – 210 – 210

    AMRAP in 10 min of:
    — 20 Double Unders
    — 15 KBS @ 53#
    — 20 Lunges

    Score: 4 + 11 DU

  19. QOD – The first famous person I ever met was a professional wrestler named Lex Luger in the summer of 93. I met some UFC fighters during the fan expo and the 2 that I remember the most were Dan Hardy and Joe Lauzon cause they were super friendly. And, similar to Heather and running into Keifer Sutherland, I ran into Shane Carwin at the same expo and fell flat on my ass. I turned around from buying a shirt and he was right there, I fell and he didn’t move…..

    1. Joe Lauzon? Now I’m jealous πŸ˜› I love UFC!! I like the heavy hitters but one of my favourite fights of all time was two lightweights. Clay Guida vs Roger Huerta. Really great fight!

  20. Please cancel CAM and I, CAM has unexpected work commitments and we won’t be able to make it in time. Sorry for late notice πŸ™

  21. WU Γ— 2
    Group mobility

    Strength: Back Squat ( fun with Ginette and Erika)
    70, 70, 70, 75, 75

    WOD – 10 min AMRAP
    60 skips
    15 KBS @ 30
    20 lunges

    5 R

    QOD: Jian Ghomeshi. Met him at the ECMAs in Moncton…also met Jenn Grant there as well. Last year, had dinner with Lynden MacIntyre at an event. He was so funny and had a very dry wit. Not as special as The Price is Right, but good times just the same. πŸ˜‰

  22. mob wux1
    group wu
    back squat
    185×5 185×5 185×5 200×5 200×5
    WOD AMRAP in 10min
    10 TU ( 60 single)
    15 KBS 50#
    20 lunge

    total 5 round 60 single

  23. WU x2
    Group mobility
    Strength: back squats x5 : 215-215-215-215-215 kept it at the same weight, knees were too sore

    WOD: AMRAP in 10 minutes of:

    -60 singles (scaled)
    -15 KBS @ #50
    -20 lunges
    Completed 4 rounds and 13 KBS

    QOD: I met Ron Maclean at the Bell Centre and Robert Maillet aka Acadian Giant/Kurrgan on a flight to Halifax and tubing on the Miramichi.

  24. Front squats:
    5x 110-110…
    5x 115…oops, I had an extra 5# on the left side. Then then I figured out that these were all too heavy, oops I did a math error.
    5x 100
    5x 100
    That wasn’t very smart but oh well, I got some squats in. Good way to end the week. πŸ™‚

    Then, I did the wod. And I decided to try triple unders. They were uuuuugly but whatever. Got them done.

    So, I did it RX, and got 2 rounds + 8 kbs. I new I’d get a low score but I wanted to try the triples. And I knew I’d still be really gassed – was I ever. Good workout. I had a hard time getting up off the floor after. πŸ™‚

    1. I was really happy to see you there tonight, knew you needed to get in. Helps clear the head. πŸ™‚ Good job!

  25. Mobility + WU x2
    Group mobility – I enjoyed the ‘zen’ music Maria!

    Front squat x5 (70%-75%)

    WOD: AMRAP 10 min

    30 DU
    15 KBS @ 35#
    20 lunges

    4 rounds + 10 KBS

    Never met anyone famous, but I do ‘plan’ on marrying Ed Sheeran…Does that count?! πŸ™‚

  26. Mobility
    Warm up x1
    Group mobility
    Strength: back squats x5 reps : #35, #35, #35, #45, #45

    WOD: AMRAP in 10 minutes of:

    -30 singles
    -15 KBS @ #15
    -20 lunges
    Completed 4 rounds and 30 skips!

    2nd class after finishing prep!! πŸ™‚ Thanks for the guidance Maria. Really enjoyed it. Next time I will try the full 60 Singles & #20 or 25 for KBS

  27. Mobility
    WU x 2
    Group Mobility

    Strength: Back Squat x 5
    45# warm-up (110-110-110-115-115)

    AMRAP in 10 min
    10 Triple Unders (scaled to 60 SU)
    15 KBS @35#
    20 Lunges

    Total: 5 rounds, 6 lunges

    Great class Maria, thanks!

  28. QOD Sidney Crosby graduated from Trimble. I had a chat with him before he made the big league and look at him today.

  29. M+WUx2
    Group WU

    Back squat x5

    WOD: AMRAP 10 mins
    60 single skips
    15 KBS 30lb
    20 lunges (10 per leg)

    Completed 4 rounds+37 singles

    QOD: I went to Sidney Crosby’s Stanley Cup parade and I’ve seen Robert Maillet at Costco and Superstore but talked to neither. Still fangirled a bit though πŸ˜‰

  30. WU x 2

    Front Squats x 5:

    30 DU’s
    15 KBS @ 25#
    20 Lunges

    5 Rounds + 13 DU’s. The DU’s Gods were working with me tonight.

    A small but fun all girl class with Mel, Tara, & coach Maria.

  31. Strength: Front Squats x5
    70% (@90#) – 70% – 70% – 75% (@100#)- 75%
    (focused on elbows up. Steph also pointed out butt back first and engage the core muscles all the way down. Thanks for the help Steph!)

    WOD: AMRAP in 10 min
    60 Single Unders
    15 KBS @ 35#
    20 lunges

    Rounds: 5 and 54 skips

  32. For the QOD: I met Joss Stone after going to see her concert! When we were about to leave the venue, there was a group of people waiting by a side door. We asked them why and they claimed Joss Stone was going to come out! She did! In her pj’s. Got her autograph and a hug.

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