Friday’s QOD

What was your best Halloween costume ever?

If you have a costume, wear it today. It’ll be awesome!

And our Halloween Party is tomorrow night. Be there!

Push Press – 2RM

AMRAP 20 min
5 Burpees
10 Squats
15 Situps

Happy Halloween!
Happy Halloween!

76 thoughts on “Friday’s QOD”

  1. – Mob
    – WUx1
    – 20 KBS 45#

    Push press x2:

    WOD: 19 rounds + 3 sit ups.

    Nice sharing the bar with you Chantal, and thanks for tackling the WOD with me Crystal!

      1. Thanks Gabe! I’m sure I’ll make a few more morning appearances from time to time πŸ™‚ … Although pull ups are A LOT harder at 6:00am for some reason πŸ˜›

    1. Oh, missed last set of PP at 135# and also the QOD: Maybe not “best costume” but most fun… Last year Claire & I went as “an elderly couple” (Cyril & Mavis). Wandering around a party handing out Werther’s Original & pink peppermints while telling stories about “back in my day” and pretending to not understand technology, etc. was super fun πŸ˜€

      1. That sounds like fun! I enjoy people that really get into their roles!!! Hope to see you and Claire tomorrow! πŸ™‚

  2. Mobility
    Warm up plus 20 KBS #25
    Group mobility
    Group warm up (was pooped after that!)

    Strength: push press: 35, 45, 55, 60 (2rep max)
    WOD: AMRAP for 20 minutes:
    -5 burpees
    -10 squats
    -15 sit ups

    Total 20 rounds and 3 burpees!
    Great doing a partner work out with you Heidi! πŸ™‚

    Excellent work 6 amers, great class Kevin and have a safe and Happy Halloween everyone!

    1. You were a great partner Ginette. That was great fun. I must correct though….it was 20 rounds + 4 burpees…..1 rep is 1 rep πŸ™‚

      Best Halloween costume….tough one, but I think it had the be the Fairy Tale Marathoners that made an appearance at the CrossFit Moncton party a couple of years ago. Marcel was the Tortoise and I was the Hare. Can’t wait to see the costumes at tomorrow night’s Bash. Hope to see y’all there. It’s always super fun!

  3. Cute little bees!

    Strength Push Press x 2

    WOD with Bob! Great job Bob!

    total 20 rounds and 5 boopies

    Big class, lots of fun. Happy Halloween!

  4. Mobility
    WU x 1 + 20KBS @ 35#
    Group Mobility
    Group WU

    Strength: Push Press – 2RM – great sharing the bar with you Crystal and Claire πŸ™‚

    AMRAP 20 min
    5 Burpees
    10 Squats
    15 Sit-ups

    Total: 22 rounds + 4 squats. You were a great partner Claire – thanks!

    Fun class Kevin πŸ™‚

  5. Happy Halloween
    Push press 2x 35,45,55,60,65,70,75

    AMRAP 20 min with Rachel
    5 burpees
    10 squats
    15 sit-ups ( my goat now… So challenging)

    Total: 19 rounds

    You were a great partner Rachel!!! Way to push hard!

  6. Push Press
    5×65, 2×85, 2×95, 2×105, 110(f), 105 (f) .. grrrr. 2×105

    So far from my 1 rep max… I guess thats what inconsistent crossfit gives you πŸ™

    AMRAP 20 min with Gabe the machine
    5 Boo-pies
    10 scary squats
    15 sit ups

    21 rounds + 5 squats. TWENTY ONE ROUNDS!!! Gabe is a machine. He just kept getting more reps on every minute!!! πŸ™‚

  7. OMG The Bees!!! LOL

    WU X 1 20 KBS #25

    Push Press #90 tried #105 but nope!
    Fun times sharing the bar with Kelly and Claire

    AMRAP 20min with Ryan! πŸ™‚
    5 Boopies
    10 Squats
    10 Sit Ups
    Total: 19 rounds and 3 situps

    Cashout: Highfive with a foot shake (taught Chantal how to do it…silly girl) and gave Uncle P a big old sweaty hug!

    So much fun and so happy Mr.Wood was coaching!

    Happy Halloween!

  8. WUx1 + 20 KBS 53#

    Push Pressx2

    WOD with Chantal
    Total–>21 rounds and 5 squats.

    Awesome job Chantal!
    Great work 6am peeps!

    1. Could be. Maybe it’s all a trick πŸ™‚

      No issue with no sneaks. As long as your feet don’t smell too bad.

  9. Mobility
    WU x 1 + 20KBS @ 30#
    Group Mobility
    Group WU

    Strength: Push Press – 2RM (fun with Tania, Ginette and Rachel)
    35, 45, 55. 60, 65

    AMRAP 20 min – With Gilles…no swearing this morning either!
    5 Burpees
    10 Squats
    15 Sit-ups

    18R and 2 burpees. Really fun WOD. πŸ™‚

    A big shout out to all the coaches this morning as I celebrate my second year at CrossFit Moncton. Truly, this has been one of the best decisions I have made. I love this place, the people and the care that is given to us.

    1. 2 years already? Congrats. It’s been great having you as part of the 6 a.m. crew. You’re always such a positive energy at an ungodly hour and you give it all every time….such a bad ass πŸ™‚

    2. Happy Anniversary Jackie πŸ™‚ You are a blast to WOD with and so positive all the time. Glad you are a part of CFM!

  10. Group warmup

    Push Press x 2
    75(5)-95-115-135-145# (10# PR)

    AMRAP 20min with Lisa πŸ™‚
    5 Boopies
    10 Squats
    10 Sit Ups
    Total: 17 rounds and 13 situps

    Fun WOD. Thanks for coaching, Kevin.

  11. I always made my costumes, so they were pretty valuable to me (and always took a ton of Bristol board.) Two of my favourites were Canadian flag and the two of spades. But the very best was constructing a monstrously huge pepper shaker costume for my sister’s wheelchair so we could be salt and pepper shakers together!

    PP x2


    WOD w Scott

    21 rounds + 5 burpees

    I had a glitch that cost us some time, but we still managed 1+ rounds/minute! So fun and a great partner!!

  12. Happy Halloween
    wu x 1 + 20 KBS @ 20#
    group wu
    strength – Push press 2RM

    WOD : AMRAP 20 min with Tania
    5 boopies
    10 spooky squats
    15 scary sit-ups

    Total: 19 rounds

    Nice to partner with you Tania my first partner wod,

  13. Nooner
    Dressed as the loneliest CrossFitter…

    Push Press x 2
    95 – 115 – 140 – 155 – 170 (1)

    WOD as Rx’d with Coach Kevin
    23 + 13 Situps.

    Two shy of 24 even, but the abs were already burning.
    I think if Kevin applied himself we probably could have gotten a few more reps, but I’m still happy with the result.

  14. WU + Mob x 1
    20 KBS 35#

    Push Press 2 RM

    AMRAP 20 min
    5 Burpees
    10 Squats
    15 Situps

    22 Rds + 3 Sit ups

    Great to partner up with you Angela!

  15. M+WU+20 KBS
    Group WU

    Push press- 2RM

    AMRAP in 20 mins: with Dan
    5 boopies
    10 spooky squats
    15 scary situps

    Total: 17 rounds+4 burpees…awesome WODing!!

    QOD: Well, I’ve been Darth Vader and Batman…but when I was little I had this fuzzy unicorn/pegusus costume with a rainbow mane and iridescent wings…pretty adorable.

  16. Open gym

    WU x1
    Group mobility

    Strength: push press 2RM

    WOD:4 rounds
    25 burpees
    1 min rest
    time: 8:56

  17. Great to be back at CFM! been away for a few months and felt good to be back! thanks to everyone for sharing my 100th class today

  18. Mobility and Wu x 1 + 20 KBS @ 80#
    Strength 2rm push press. Did from floor squat clean first rep.
    95/ 135/ 155/ 175/”185/”205/”225f didn’t have it in me this morning.
    Wod with my ghost partner, he didn’t count his reps…
    12 rounds 8 squats

  19. QOD: I was Two-Face from Batman in Grade 12. Won best costume πŸ™‚ In a close 2nd would be a member of the Fallopian Swim Team. Basically dressed all in white with a bathing cap and goggles.

  20. WUx1 + 20 KBS 53#

    Push Pressx2
    95-135-155-175(1)-155 shoulder still to sore

    WOD with Cara
    Total–>20 rounds and 5 squats.

  21. 20 KBS 35# unbroken

    Push Press 2RM

    felt good and can go heavier, happy about that

    WOD with Frankie
    AMRAP 20 mins
    5 burpees
    10 sqauts
    15 sit ups

    Score: 20 + 5 squats? I thought you got to 5 sit ups?

    Either way, awesome job!
    I loved that work out because I’m normally so bad at pacing AMRAPs but the 1min on/1min off let the pace stay fast and made you push to help your partner

  22. Mobility, WU x 1, 20 KBS @ 20#

    Strength – Push Press (still figuring out my max since we only did 30# in the prep course)
    2 x 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75# (could try heavier next time, but not much more). Thanks for the tips, Steph!

    WOD with Vanessa (an awesome angry bird)
    AMRAP in 20mins
    5 burpees (mine modified to ‘flop down, get up’)
    10 squats
    15 sit-ups

    16 rounds + 4 squats – Vanessa was amazing; super speedy and didn’t even care that I was holding her back πŸ˜‰ Thanks for putting up with me! πŸ™‚

  23. At RHS
    MoB + Wup x 1

    Strength – Push Press (2 rep max) – cleaning from the floor – 1 rep max is 80lbs
    5 x 45lb
    4 x 60
    5 x 65
    3 x 70
    3 x 75
    2 x 80
    2 failed x 85 (couldn’t clean it from the floor – need to get my elbows up faster)

    WOD: AMRAP in 20 min (my ghost partner must have been on break with Shanes)
    5 burpees
    10 squats
    15 situps

    total = 13 rounds + 5 burpees

  24. mob wux1 +20 KBS 14#
    group mob wu
    push press 2 rm
    AMRAP in 20 min
    with a partner
    5 boopees
    10 spooky squat
    15 scary sit up
    partner with Jackie
    total 18 round +3 burpees

  25. WU x 1 + 20 KBS one-arm 30#

    Push Press x 2 one arm


    AMRAP 20min with Pete

    5 Boopies
    10 Squats
    10 Sit Ups

    Total: 21 rounds and 3 burpees

    Fun WOD great job tonight Pete.

  26. QOD: Darth Vader. (Borrowed from a friend a voice changer helmet and as real as it gets light saber) No one knew who I was.

    Mobility, WU x1, KBS (30#)

    Push press 2RM

    Partners AMRAP of
    10 spooky squats
    15 scary situps

    Total rounds: 22 + 5 burpees +4 squats

    Awesome working with you Kelly!! πŸ™‚ Great 6 am class!!

    1. Mine too! I just went to reach for another mini chocolate bar…I gave up, it’s too far. I’ve had enough anyway.

  27. Mobility Wu

    Push Press 1RM


    WOD solo version

    12 Rounds 1 Situp

  28. Mob + WUx2

    AMRAP 5 mins C2B Pullups = 50

    AMRAP 5 mins T2B = 60

    Group WU

    Push Press 2RM

    WOD (solo: 1min work/1min rest, 10 rounds) = 12 rounds

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