Friday’s QOD

What’s your favourite holiday?

Speaking of holidays, mark your calendar for Nov.1 – CrossFit Moncton’s Halloween party! It’s always a blast, so start planning your costumes. More details to come next month.

Running Drills

“Cement Mixer”
7 rounds, on the 3 minutes:
400m Run
12 T2B

*Rest for the remainder of the time (if you have any)


29 thoughts on “Friday’s QOD”

  1. Mobility
    WU x 2
    Group Mobility

    Running Drills

    “Cement Mixer”
    7 rounds, on the 3 minutes:
    400m Run
    12 T2B (toes to pole)


    Thanks Amanda. Great job everyone. Happy Friday 🙂

  2. QOD: One that I don’t have to work 😛

    Running Drills

    “Cement Mixer” as Rx’d
    7 rounds, on the 3 minutes:
    400m Run
    12 T2B

    Kept a 2min Run and almost all T2B unbroken. Had 11 reps on the last round and for #12 I needed bozo the clown feet. So close.

    Great job morning peeps!

  3. QOD: I can’t decide between the Victoria Day and Labour day. For Labour day – I love the weather that time of year, and I love what that holiday represents. For Victoria day, it’s a nice way to start the warm weather season… Like kicking winter in the ass on it’s way out – bye bye!

  4. Weee Halloween party!!!

    QOD: Can’t pick. I enjoy them all as a great way to relax and spend time with loved ones!

  5. QOD:
    Boxing Day

    Honestly it’s the most chill day of the year for me. The leftovers from XMas, no responsibilities, just me and the fam taking it easy and soaking in the relaxed minutes with the kids that before I know it will be just really good memories.

    Any chance to really “pause” life and allow you to really look around and appreciate what you have is a perfect ‘holiday’ for me.

  6. Mobility

    Running drills

    7 rounds
    200m runs
    T2B/ leg lifts
    I started each round with T2B, sometimes I got it sometimes I didn’t. Then finished each round with leg lifts. Exited to get some in a WOD. Now to do more than one at a time 🙂

  7. QOD: It has to be Christmas right now. I have 2 little boys who still believe in the “magic” of Christmas. It’s really special and it won’t be like this forever.

  8. M+WUx2
    Running drills: groups

    WOD: “Cement Mixer”
    Every three mins:
    200m run
    12 leg raises (T2B progression)


    Thanks Anthony and Bill for the encouragement, running with you was fun 😉

    I’m going to say the week of Christmas… no school! Besides, I love the snow and there’s always hockey on. And now that I’m old enough to buy gifts for others, there’s a new excitement 🙂 . ALSO… a certain aunt of mine has a Christmas Eve family get-together. Gotta love family time and good food! 🙂

  9. WU × 2 & MOB

    Pose running practice

    WOD: Cement Mixer
    7 R
    400m run
    12 hanging leg raises

    QOD: Christmas is my favourite holiday. I love to decorate, cook and entertain..what a magical time of year! At 27 and 22, my kids still expect Lego in their stocking. Santa never disappoints! 🙂

    Thanks for a great class Amanda. Happy Friday!

  10. WOD: “Cement Mixer”
    400m row

    Thanks for the company on the rower, sis 😉

    QOD: It’s a toss-up between Christmas Eve and Boxing Day. I think the thing I like most is that things seems to come to a stop; nothing left to do but enjoy family.

  11. Mob + WUx1

    WOD Cement Mixer
    7 rounds, every 3 mins:
    – 400m Run (switched to 200m)
    – 12 T2B

    Breakdown: total round times & T2B sets
    1- 1:15, 12(unbroken)
    2- 1:12, 8+4
    3- 1:28, 6+3+3
    4- 1:38, 4-4-4
    5- 1:44, 9*+3
    6- 1:50, 4+2+4*+2*
    7- 1:38, 5+2+5*
    *sets done unbroken but stopped in hang position between reps
    ** all 200m runs between 45-48sec

    Played around with pullups after….

    Weighted Pullups 1RM
    BWx3 – 15# – 25# – 35# – 45# – 50# – 60#(PR) – 65#(PR) 70#(PR) !!

  12. WU x 2
    Group Mobility

    Running Drills

    “Cement Mixer”
    7 rounds, on the 3 minutes:
    scaled to 200m Run
    12 T2B

    glad I scaled to 200m. Will do 300m next time
    I had 1:30 min rest for first 3 rounds and 1 min rest for remainder

  13. Mobility
    WU x 2
    Group Mobility

    Running Drills

    “Cement Mixer”
    7 rounds, on the 3 minutes:
    200m Run
    12 T2B

  14. Mobility and Wu x 2
    Running drills
    Wod cement mixer
    First two rounds went good, third round had to stop at the 200m leg was starting to lock up. Finished that round then rowed (bad idea)
    500m, that seemed like too much for me to keep up so rowed 2 mins each round after which was always around 450. This made the T2B quite hard.
    Great class Amanda, great work 6 amer’s!!

  15. – Mob
    – WUx2
    – Group mob
    – Running drills

    – Rowing instead of running since my leg’s been acting up… 500m first round, 250m rounds after that
    – Started with toes to bar first round and finished with 3 seconds left, K2E round 2 and finished just at the 3 minute mark, switched to knee raises for the remaining rounds

    T2B are definitely one of my bigger weaknesses, they’re coming along though 🙂

    QOD: I tend to like the minor holidays that don’t have prescribed activities, gives you the chance to take a mini-vacation (assuming 3 day weekend) and do what you feel like doing with it 🙂

  16. 2:30 WOD before Coaching


    WOD: “Cement Mixer”

    7 Rounds:
    Every 3 Min

    -200m Run
    -12 T2B

    All Rounds between 1:30- 1:40

    Good WOD!!

  17. Mob
    WU X 2

    WOD :Cement Mixer

    7 Rounds;
    200 m run
    12 Hanging Knee raises

    Great Wod!
    Thanks Steph for all the tips and encouragement. 🙂

  18. WOD:

    7 Rounds:
    run to 200 m.
    12 Toes to Bar

    Rest time between rounds ranged on average fro :15 to :30 seconds.
    T2B were tough!

  19. mob wux1
    group mob
    running drill

    WOD ciment mixer
    7 rounds every 3 min.
    400 m run (scale – 200 m)
    12 toes to bar ( scale – leg raise)

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