Friday’s QOD

Of all the places you’ve been to, which is your favourite? Why?

We started with a Canadian Hero. We will end with a Canadian Hero. Thank you all for honoring the fallen.


9 rounds for time of:
7 Squat cleans (185/120# or heavy)
8 Burpee box jumps (36/24″)

*25 min cap

Compare to Aug.29/13

Canadian Forces Sergeant Prescott Shipway, 36, of Esterhazy, Saskatchewan, Canada, assigned to the 2nd Battalion, Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry, based in Shilo, Manitoba, Canada, was killed on September 7, 2008 by a roadside bomb in Kandahar province, Afghanistan.


69 thoughts on “Friday’s QOD”

  1. Sorry for the short notice but can you please cancel my 6 am class… :-(. Really wanted to do this

  2. Thanks Chantal for all the smashing!


    9 rounds for time of:
    7 Squat cleans (85#)
    8 Burpee box jumps (24″)

    time= 24:27

    Used same weight last time but finished with 8 rounds + 1 Squat clean. Very happy to finish today that was my goal. Great job everyone! Gabe you were flying 🙂 Note to self speed up your box jumps.

    1. Was trying to keep a good pace ahead of you but you where catching up really fast. Great job Maria!

  3. WUx1

    WOD “Ship”

    9 rounds for time of:
    7 Squat cleans (135#)
    8 Burpee box jumps (30in)


    Pacing by taking 4 breaths between each reps of each movements.

    Great work 6am folks!

  4. Mobility
    WU x 1
    Group mobility

    WOD: Ship
    9 rounds for time of:
    7 Squat cleans @55#
    8 Burpee box jumps @20″
    Time: 19:07
    Last time 22:05 and 10# lighter 🙂

    Happy long weekend everyone!
    Great job 6am’ers! Thanks Mario!

  5. WOD: Ship
    9 rounds for time of:
    7 Squat cleans @125#
    8 Burpee box jumps @30″

    stopped after round 6 @ 19:43.

    Lower back was fatigued, tried a rep at 95 but no dice. Since I still cant really land the squat clean in the proper rack position, I was probably leaning forward a bit before standing up. The fatigue felt much the same when doing deadlifts.

    On the plus side the Box Jumps felt great, thanks to the weighted box jumps while wrist was the brace.

  6. WOD: Ship

    9 rounds:
    7 Squat clean (95#)
    8 Burpee box jumps @ 20′

    7 rounds and 3 burpee Box Jump in the 25 min cap. 1 rep PR… I’ll take it… wasn’t expecting a PR today, actually thought I would be way off!

  7. QOD: This is a hard QOD, been to many places, seen some amazing scenery. But my favourite place is the family camp. Its aprox 2k off a side road, quite, cozy, no power. Great times and memories. The place has that much more meaning now, some of the funnest stories about my late brother originated at the camp.

  8. QOD… that’s a tough one, I haven’t been to many places. I can’t really pick my favorite, but my most memorable was back in 2007 I went to Mexico to study for 6 weeks. 4 Canadians, 8 Americans, paired up in an apartment complex with a pool, living in the city, being bused around to campus, having food prepared for us, hanging out with locals, going out to explore almost every night. What a great experience! There is something about exploring a city as a local that makes it that much more memorable!

    I guess it makes it easy now to pick a favorite place: Mom and Dad’s place, huge yard, friendly neighbors, happy go lucky little town 🙂

  9. QOD: St. Lucia in 2009, beautiful place with amazing locals…..would love to retire there 🙂
    Mob. And WUx1
    Group Mob.
    WOD: 9 rounds
    7 squat cleans
    8 burpee box jumps
    Time: 20:19
    Started out at #70 then switched to #55 in third round
    Box at 18″
    Thanks Mario!
    That was tough! Great job everyone……we even had a puker on this one 🙁

  10. QOD: I need to go more places! I really loved the Cabot Trail because of the scenery, I love being in nature and the outdoors. Cap Breton is beautiful! I got to hike some pretty incredible trails, went whale watching, stayed an an amazing resort..

  11. Mobility
    WU x 1
    Some extra calf mobility with lacrosse ball

    Group mobility

    WOD: Ship (25 min cap)
    9 rounds
    7 squat cleans @ 60#
    8 burpee box jumps

    7 rds + 1 burpee

    QOD: I’ve been a lot of places….but I lived in London for a year and loved living there. So much to do and see. I’ve been to the Tower of London probably 5-6 times and would go back in a heartbeat. I also did an Alaskan cruise that was pretty amazing. The views were great, kayaking at the mouth of a glacier with bald eagles flying overhead…awesome. I’d recommend both to everyone 🙂

  12. Wod with 75# (65%)… Felt heavy enough today
    And 20″ box
    20:12 (42 sec pr)

    QOD: anywhere by the ocean with my family

  13. QOD – Edinburgh and really just all of Scotland. It’s my world’s happy place. Closely followed by the Swiss Alps.

  14. QOD: A rather opportune question for me… I’m going to say the rockies- or more specifically Waterton Lakes (a small town nestled between mountains). Although home is pretty great too..not to mention my box 🙂 .

    Coming home tonight, can’t wait to see you all. To all those tackling todays wod; good luck, looks like a toughie!

  15. “Ship”

    9 rounds for time of:
    7 Squat cleans (35#)
    8 Burpee box jumps (18″)

    Time: 20:28

    Great class today!

  16. I did an amazing trip backpacking through Guatemala with my little sister back in 2009. I can’t pick just one location in the country, there’s such a wide variety of landscapes and I was in awe just about every day. Marshmallows were roasted over volcanoes, Mayan ruins were climbed, monkeys threw branches at me, and the most beautiful natural landscapes I’ve seen in my lifetime were seen daily. Now I want to go back (side note, after the 3+ week trip my sister immediately went back for another month if that tells you anything, I would have done the same if I had the time off).

  17. Mobility
    WU x 1
    Group mobility

    WOD: Ship
    9 rounds for time of:
    7 Squat cleans @75#
    8 Burpee box jumps @20″
    Time: 21:24

    Last time I had 1 burpee left and 40# lighter

  18. WOD: “Ship”

    9 rounds for time:
    7 squat cleans @ 65#
    8 burpee box jumps @ 24″

    Time: 22:09

    What a battle that was, glad I stuck with 65#.
    Great class! Thanks Mario

    QOD: I don’t consider myself to be well traveled…just a few all inclusive trips down south and they’ve all been amazing…but I think my 3 day road trip across Vancouver Island from Victoria to Tofino were some of my favourite sights to see. My ball hockey team was going to Nationals in Vancouver and half of us decided to go early to take advantage of the trip. Stepping in the Pacific ocean and everything else along the way were amazing. One of the highlights: bungee jumping into a canyon in Nanaimo:)

      1. Thanks guys! Blake I can’t imagine what 36″ was like…24″ added a lot to the mental part of each jump…somehow got through without damaging the shins at all.

  19. WOD: “Ship”
    9 rounds of:
    — 7 Squat Cleans @ 135#
    — 8 Burpee Box Jumps @ 36″
    * 25 min cap

    Score: 8 rounds + 6 BBJs

    (Last year – 7 rounds + 5 Cleans)

    PR 23 reps. So close to finishing this bad boy but the Burpee Box Jumps were a little slow.

  20. Mobility

    Group Mob/Smashing

    WOD: “Ship”
    9 Rounds:

    -7 Squat Cleans @ 85#
    -8 Burpee Box Jump @ 24″

    Time: 20:30 Big PR for me today! (Last Year was 7 Rounds + 5 Burpee Box Jumps @ 75#)

    Very Happy with this Thanks Gillyon for pushing me to do 85#!!

    Great Class Nooners! Thanks Mario

    1. HUGE PR! Wow that’s really awesome Steph! I don’t know how you had any breath left to cheer the rest of us on!

    2. Way to go Steph!! Loved hearing your strategy after the wod…I need to learn to think it through like that!

  21. QOD: I worked in Malawi for a few weeks and it was a real eye opener for me…beautiful people and beautiful landscapes.
    I still want to travel more when I grow up.

  22. Did open gym today, went for Wednesday’s WOD.

    Mob, WUx1

    Split jerks – working heavy for form
    65×5, 90×3, 110×1, 120×1 (3 sets at this weight, was a bit wobbly and working on stability on landing it)

    WOD – Death by What?! @ 215#
    Score: 9 rounds + 9 burpees

    Last time was 10R + 9B @ 150#. Fewer reps but 65# more on the lifts – my 1RM was only 200# last time!!

    1. QOD – Panama is absolutely beautiful. The city is an awesome place, friendly people, and the canal region is awesome. Spent hours watching ships go through the locks.

  23. WU x 2
    Group mobility

    WOD: Ship (25 min cap)
    9 rounds
    7 squat cleans @ 135#
    8 burpee box jumps 30″

    7 rds + 3 squat cleans
    very though WOD!

  24. Heather Colleen

    WU (15 scapula pullups, 10 unbroken ring rows on grey box. Almost ready to graduate to 12″ box…but not quite.)


    9 rounds for time of:
    7 Squat cleans (65#)
    8 Burpee box jumps (20″)

    time= 21:36

    That’s a 20#PR over last year and I only got 8 rounds + 1 clean last time.
    Future Heather: do same weight, 24# box (if back will hold up) and go for sub 21.

    Side note: Weighed myself yesterday. 30# loss since February…holy moly. I guess this whole “don’t eat crap and do work hard” thing actually works.

    QOD: I’ve never really been anywhere exotic, but I absolutely LOVE Montreal. My favourite city in all of Canada.

  25. WU x 2

    WOD: Ship
    – 7 Squat Clean #115
    – 8 Burpee box jumps 36″

    Time: Cap, Got 7rds + 5 burpees

  26. Warmup

    Mini WOD with Lydia in the warmup room.
    Did squat cleans and burped box jumps. She also did a round or two on the rings.

    Thank you, Mario for being so accommodating!

    HUGE PR, heather and Steph! Just AWESOME,

  27. Open Gym


    Kevin’s oly homework:

    OHS with 3s hold x 5 @ 75%
    35-55-75 x5

    Hang snatch 2RM

    35-55-75-80-85 (25#PR)

    WOD: 25 min cap


    9 rounds:

    7 squat cleans @ 85#
    8 Burpee box jump @ 20′


  28. WOD – 9 Rounds
    7 Squat cleans #45
    8 Burpee box jumps 24″

    Time 18:20

    Cashout – 3 Pullups (kip)
    Could not do 1 or even get 1/2 of one in June

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