Friday’s QOD

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve ever overcome?

Overhead Squat x 5

Partner Diane

With each partner completing 3 reps at a time, do 2 rounds of:

21-15-9 reps
Deadlifts (225/155#)

Compare to July 13/13

Amber takes flight
Amber takes flight

39 thoughts on “Friday’s QOD”

  1. WU × 1
    Group MOB

    OHS ×5
    15, 20, 25, 30, 35 (fun with Ginette)

    Partner Diane
    Deadlifts @ 100 (my partner Jacob did 200 lbs)


    Thanks for partnering Jacob. Fun WOD!

    QOD: Losing my Mom was really hard. I think of her everyday…she was a great Mom. ♥

  2. M+WU

    OHS 5 reps
    65% @ 25lb
    70% @ 30lb
    75% @ 30lb
    80% @ 30lb
    85% @ 35lb

    WOD: Partner Diane (x2) with Faith
    Deadlift (225/155lb or 70%) 85lb
    HSPU (hand release pushups instead)
    *Partners alternate every 3 reps

    Took 8:33…Had fun, thanks Faith!

    QOD: The biggest thing I’ve overcome has been deciding that no, I don’t want to hang out with people that were negative and rude. The biggest thing I’ve done? Stopping hanging out with them.

  3. Warmup
    Worked on rowing technique instead of OHS (groin)

    WOD with Ang
    155lbs and ab mat
    14:34 (I think)

    Great work Ang. Sorry I slowed you down. 🙂

    QOD – being a single, full time working mom this year. Trying to find that balance of being a good mom, a good dog owner, a good teacher and being healthy.

    1. You did not slow me down – I was impressed with your HSPU!!! I still think I should’ve done twice as many push ups to be fair. Can’t wait to be strong like you one day 🙂

  4. Lab-Bench Press x5
    95-115-155-175-195×2 Thanks for letting me join in Mario and Darrell

    WU x1
    Group MOB

    OHS ×5
    110-120-130-135-150 -My last set was very shaky

    Partner Diane RX

    Time-15:15 Nice work Dan!

  5. WU × 1
    Group MOB

    Finally decided to try the banded pullups, I was able to do 15 with the black and blue bands. Thanks Mario! 🙂

    OHS ×5

    Partner Diane with Lora
    Deadlifts @ 85#
    HR modified PU (Lora did the Pike Pushups though)

    Great Job Partner!

    I’m terrified of exercise, getting hurt and meeting new people. But I decided that enough was enough. I could have gone to X-fit Response or X-Fit Dieppe, where I knew people, but I chose Crossfit Moncton where I knew no one, forcing me WAY out of my comfort zone.
    I’m slowly meeting people and conversing/networking and every week I’m doing things I swore I never would – 1 mile run/walk, pull-ups albeit with bands for now, push ups, BOX JUMPS! This is the proudest I’ve ever been of any of my achievements!

    1. Wow Louise! That is awesome, and we’re happy to have you part of our family 🙂

    2. Great post Louise! I love following your progress and reading your posts, you’re doing really great!

  6. WU x 2
    10 WB @16lbs
    Work on negatives
    Lots of mobility
    Group WU

    OHS x5

    WOD with Trent
    HR push ups

    Great job babe!!
    Fun WODing at 8:30am 🙂

  7. Mobility plus WU x1
    Group mobility

    Strength: overhead squats X5: 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 (×5)
    Thanks for sharing the bar Jackie 🙂

    WOD: partner Diane with Julie
    21-15-9 (2 rounds)
    -deadlifts @85
    -hrpu scaled to HR push ups

    Time: 7:40…..great job Julie!!!

  8. Ohs 5rm
    Didn’t get past 45#(2reps)… My wrists don’t like me when i do ohs

    Wod with Heather
    135# ( she did 155#)
    And ab mat

    QOD: loosing my Mom to cancer

  9. WU × 1
    Group MOB

    OHS ×5

    Partner Diane with Keith!
    Deadlifts @ 200

    Time: 6:19

  10. Open Gym


    OHS x5 (From the Floor)
    65% – 60×5
    70% – 65×5
    75% – 70×5
    80% – 75×5
    85% – 80×5

    WOD: “Diane” alone
    -Deadlift @155#
    -HSPU (21’s as RX, changed 15-9 with ABMAT)
    Time: 10:42

  11. – Mob
    – WUx1

    OHS x5

    WOD: Partner Diane with Amy

    2 rounds of…
    – Deadlifts @ 185#
    – Pike push ups

    Time: 8:19

    First partner WOD, this was super fun!

  12. WOD: Partner Diane with Justin
    DL @ 225
    HSPU with ab-mat
    Time: 11:20

    QOD: Probably leaving my Mother and family in Belize to come study in Canada.

  13. Mobility
    WU x1
    Group mobility

    OHS x5


    Partner Diane (with Andrea)

    With each partner completing 3 reps at a time

    2 Rounds


    Deadlifts @ 135#
    HSPU (with 45# + abmat)


    Sorry for slowing you down Andrea…I have HSPU envy!!

    QOD: Quitting smoking! Smoked 1+ pack/day since I’ve been 15yrs old. (Attempted) to quit many times in the past 19 years. Happy to say that I will be 1 year smoke free on July 22nd…longest time ‘smoke free’ yet! (CFM has a huge part in this..Thank you!)

    1. Awesome! That’s great! I was a smoker for 10 years, quitting was the best thing I could have done for my health.

    2. You worked hard and pushed yourself! Your deadlifts were awesome!!! It was a great WOD with you!

  14. Mobility
    Group mobility

    OHS x5

    WOD: Partner Diane with Ryan

    2 rounds of…
    – Deadlifts @ 135#
    – Pike push ups

    Time: 8:19

  15. Today looked like fun!

    QOD: I can’t think of one “single” challenge I’ve overcome but I feel I overcome challenges everytime I’m at the gym and push myself, I’m challenged everyday by my kids, and my job is very challenging. I like the little successes I have everyday.

  16. Mobility

    OHS x5
    Deadlifts #225

    Time: 4:47 RX

    Went to the open class and did the regular Diane wod
    last time i did this was april 1 2013 with a time of 7:34 for a PR of 2:47

  17. mob wux1
    group mob wu
    over head squat x 5
    45×5 65×3 65×5 70×5
    WOD partener Diane with Gab
    2 round
    deadlift @ 185#
    HSPU (pike push up)
    time 12:43

  18. WU × 1
    Group MOB

    OHS ×5
    45, 50, 52.5, 55, 60#

    Partner Diane with Jill
    Deadlifts @ 120
    HR Pushups


    Thanks for partnering Jill!

  19. WU x 1

    Over Head Lunges x 5


    Diana (sort of)


    Subbed Dead Lifts for Over Head Lunges @ 45# for 21 and 35# for 15 & 9’s
    Hand Stand Push Ups: 10# Plate + Ab Mat
    Time= 12:16

    That was brutal…..thought that over head lunges would be a good substitute for dead lifts, since it uses legs, right??? WRONG. I guess I forgot about the shoulder action. Over head lunges with HSPU…not a good combo.

  20. mob wux1
    group mob wu
    over head squat x 5

    WOD partener Diane with Gilles
    2 round
    deadlift @ 185#
    HSPU Ab Mat + 25# plate+10# Plate
    time 12:43

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