Friday’s QOD

What are you doing to beat the heat?

*Reminder – chalk is not a towel. If your hands are sweaty, a towel is very effective.

“Modified Lynne”

Five rounds for max reps of:

Post reps for both exercises in all rounds. Rest as needed between movements.

Compare to Apr.22/13


39 thoughts on “Friday’s QOD”

  1. Mob. and WUx 1
    Row 1250m Time: 5:30
    WOD: Modified Lynne
    5 rounds
    Max pushups blue band
    Max pullups green band
    Reps: 21, 13
    14, 12
    13, 13
    15, 16 ( better after Heidi reminded me to rest longer 🙂 Thanks Heidi
    16, 16
    Cashout: Squat Holds……really painful after yesterdays WOD
    Row: 1250m Time: 6:00
    Yay!! 5k rowing done for TEAM ThruSTARS!!!!
    Thanks Mario!!

  2. M+WU

    Group Mobility

    WOD: “Modified Lynne”
    5 round of:
    Max pushups
    Max pullups (ring rows)

    Pushups: Ring rows:
    17 15
    18 15
    16 16
    20 15
    20 16

    Total: 91 77

    Cashout: “Musical democracy”… Sally

    QOD: Two things- the first is letting it know it’s not wanted. Some may call this complaining but I’m just doing my part.
    The second is letting my friends know how much I love them. Especially the ones with AC.

  3. Vanessa Champion

    QOD: drinking lots of water! I’m actually getting my 2+litres of water.. Now that the challenge is finished haha

    Great pic Kim! Definitely screams Power

    Side note: have already been asked twice today by patients if I was ok due to my old lady moves when getting out of a chair. Thanks Oly back squats and yesterdays med ball cleans! Hahaha feels great 🙂

  4. Lab:
    Finished last 2k of the 5k row.

    5 rounds of
    Max pushups – right arm
    Max pullups (mod to ring rows)

    22-15-16-13-12 = 78
    32-45-40-25-41 = 183 (was standing aprox one foot from being under the bar)

    I got my one-arm grove on today. Feeling grateful that I can do most of the movements as I know there are/ have been people in far more difficult situations than me.

    Crossfit, getting me out of my comfort zone.

  5. M+WU
    Group Mobility

    WOD: “Modified Lynne”
    5 round of:
    Max pushups (scaled to knees)
    Max pullups (scaled to black band)

    Pushups- Pullups
    Total: 104-58

    Cashout: “Musical democracy”… Sally

    QOD: AC + Pool/beach days!

  6. Mob + WU x 1
    group WU

    Modified Lynne
    5 round
    max push ups (scaled to knees)
    max pullups (scaled to ring rows)

    84 + 104

    Total reps 108

    QOD: picking up extra shifts cause the hospital has AC. It’s a win-win-win-win i get to cool off and my coworkers aren’t short, I get extra money and my managers loves me!

  7. Mobility
    Group Mobility

    WOD: “Modified Lynne”
    5 round of:
    Max pushups
    Max pullups (purple band)

    Pushups- Pullups
    Total: 121-104

    Cashout: “Musical democracy”

  8. Wod
    5 rounds of
    Max pushups
    Max pullups

    26-27-28-24-17 = 122
    16-16-17-13-14 = 76

    total 198 reps (PR of 35 reps!) super happy with that!

    cashout Roxanne

    sorry guys! lol

  9. Mob / WU

    Group Lat/Pec WU

    “Modified Lynne”
    Five rounds for max reps of:
    — Pushups
    — Pull-ups

    100 Pushups /110 Pull-Ups

    Should have tried to squeak out a few more push-ups in the beginning. Always a goat for me.
    Hands ripped up pretty good during 3rd round, made the last 2 pretty rough.

    Did this back in November 2011 and had a total of 81 Push-ups and 47 Pull-ups (w/ med. purple band). It’s awesome looking back and seeing just how much CrossFit works!

    Castro Cashout (everyone votes then one person picks the winner)

  10. WU × 1
    Group WU

    WOD:Modified Lynne
    5 rounds
    Max pushups
    Max pullups

    R1-35/19 (blue band, green band)
    R2-25/13 (changed to pink band, and kept green for pullups)

    Total pushups 118, pullups 59 = 177 reps

    Cashout Democracy- Sally Up squats, sorry Alaina!

    QOD: A dip in the pool, like this morning’s – post WOD. Also, I am not a beer drinker, but a cold Stella in a frosty glass is oh, so refreshing in the heat. 🙂

  11. Mobility

    Shoulder Press: 5-5-3-3-Max

    2K Row for Summer League

    Group Mob/WU

    WOD: “Modified Lynne”
    * 5 Rounds of Max reps in each set
    -Push-ups 20-21-20-20-18
    -Pull-ups 18-17-15-10-10

    Cashout: “Sally”

    Fun class Mario! Thanks

  12. WOD: “Modified Lynne”

    21/20 (Thanks for the push Steph and Mario :))

    140 + 91 = 231

    Cashout: Sally. Man, that song was awesome, I’m sure I’ve heard it somewhere’s before. That’s the first time I’ve ever listened to it in its entirety.

    Great class! Thanks Mario

  13. mob wux1
    group mob wu
    modified Lynne
    5 round
    max push up
    max pull up
    push up 40-25-22-20-15
    pull up 19-14-14-14-10
    total 193
    45 less push up were not good this morning

  14. Group WU

    Modified Lynne

    Push ups 22-20-16-15-12 = 85
    Pull Ups (blue band) 20-12-12-12-8 = 64
    Total reps = 149

    Disappointed in my push ups. Pull ups were crap, but went as expected

  15. Butterfly Pullup Drills:
    – 6×20 standing leg swings, alt
    – 5×20 hanging leg swings, no pull
    – 5×10 hanging leg swings, 3″ pull

    Back Squat 5-5-3-3-Max

    WOD: “Modified Lynne” Rx
    – Pushups = 35-32-27-20-22 = 136 (PR)
    – Pullups = 25-21-23-21-20 = 110 (PR)

    Cashout: “Bring Sally Up” w/ squat holds

  16. WUx1
    Group Mobility

    WOD: “Modified Lynne”
    5 round of:
    Max pushups
    Max pullups

    Pushups- Pullups
    Total: 109-67= 176
    PR of 2 reps

    Cashout: “Musical democracy”… Sally

  17. Went in to try some deadlifts after my afternoon physio appointment with Vanessa. (worked on some shoulder/forearm mobility since I was having issues with mixed grip in sumo stance)

    145 X 8
    185 X 5
    225 X 5
    275 X 3
    315-335-355-365-385 X 1

    These felt amazing today so decided to try a new PR since 365 was previous and got 385 for a 20# PR.

    5K summer league row done in 3 sets of 1K and 1 set of 2K with walking breaks in between

    Thanks for letting me in the 6:45 Mario!!

  18. WUx2
    Group WU

    WOD Modified Lynne

    Push ups – 41-20-21-13-13 = 108
    Pull ups – 23-16-13-10-8 =70

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