Friday’s QOD

Lifestyle Challengers – sound off! How were the past 5 weeks? Did you see improvements? Are you going to continue eating Paleo?

Today is the last Change for Change. Bring in $5 if you’d like to switch up your workout from one this month. Bring $10 if you’d like to switch it to ANY workout you’ve ever done before. 

Shoulder Press x6

100m Walking Lunges
Run 800m
100 Air Squats


51 thoughts on “Friday’s QOD”

    1. What a touching video! I loved your reaction Amanda 🙂
      Such a great community of people <3

      Re. Lifestyle Challenge: I will absolutely continue eating like a caveman. It's almost my 7 month "Paleoversary".
      Give it a try for those who are on the fence. It's not as hard as you think and most importantly, you'll feel terrific!!

  1. Francis Lavoie

    Mob + WU
    Group musical med ball

    Shoulder press x6


    60M walking lunges
    400M run
    60 Air squats

    forgot to mark down my time I think it was 6:08??

  2. Valerie Arseneau

    Mob + WU
    Group musical med ball
    Made it to Top 3 until Chantal’s booty booted me out. lol!

    Shoulder press x6 @75%

    Change for Change!!
    AMRAP 10
    8 DL @ 60% -> 105%
    16 burpee over bar (lateral)

    5 rounds on the dot.
    Had to tie my shoes twice dammit!

    Cashout: sweaty hugs. Ganna miss my 6am crew!! xox

    1. haha, Chantal hip-checking you off that ball was the highlight of the warmup!

      Safe travels Val and good luck with your move. We’ll miss you!

    2. Val, I didn’t know this was your last workout with us. I will miss your enthusiasm and your dedication to making constant improvement. You are an inspiration. Best wishes! ♥

      1. Valerie Arseneau

        My last day is tomorrow. The hugs were from those not there tomorrow. Sad I missed your hug 🙁

  3. Mob + WU
    Group musical med ball

    Shoulder press x6

    Change for Change for ANY workout

    5 Rounds
    400m run
    15 OHS @ 65#

    time= 18:33

    Just felt like doing some running and OHS today. Big class today lots of fun!

  4. Amanda it was nice seeing you this morning

    wu x 1
    Group musical med ball (15 Burpees)

    Shoulder press x6

    35(wu) 40-40-40-40

    WOD: scale
    60 walking lunges
    400m run
    60 air squats

    Time = 8:38
    cash out – legs stretch

  5. WU x 1 and Muscial med ball champ! (With Gab)

    Shoulder press 4 sets x 6 @ 75%
    45 & 65 as a warmp up
    75# (only able to press 3 reps)
    75# (Got 4 reps)

    WOD with 800m row instead of run: 13:33 Whew! I predict some wobbly legs tomorrow!

  6. WUx1
    Group musical med ball

    Shoulder press x6


    100M walking lunges
    800M run
    100 Air squats

    Time–> 8:28

    Great job 6:00 am peeps!

  7. WUx1
    Group musical med ball

    Shoulder press x6


    60m walking lunges
    800M run
    100 Air squats

    Time–> 14:09

    Thanks Baukje for pushing me! Great to meet you! 🙂

  8. Mob

    Group musical med ball

    Shoulder press x6 with dumbbell-right shoulder

    QOD – Do I do the last change for change or the first wod I could do rx since wrist brace?

    Heads – I do today’s wod with 20# vest.
    Tails – I do Mondays’ 3k run under 12:10 or I do an extra 50 reverse burpees.

    Winner was Tails @ 11:59 (PR of 41 sec from Monday.)

    No Burpees WooHoo….

  9. The Paleo Challenge is over but I plan on continuing as I feel great! No more bloating, I have more energy. I have lost 5.5 inches so far,,,yippee! My post test WOD saw and improvement, I was 12 sec faster on my 2000m row and managed to do 5 more burpees in WOD #2. Overall, I loved the challenge, my new challenge will be to try different recipes as I find myself eating the same 3-4 meals all the time.

    1. Lots and lots of good recipes out there, I’m always searching Paleo recipes and finding great stuff – even when company comes and they don’t care what they eat! Also you’ll find some useful stuff if you search gluten free – you may have to adjust what you find to make it paleo but that’s half the fun!

    2. Are you on Facebook? We have a paleo page with lots of recipes that have been tried and loved!

  10. Vanessa Champion

    Wow today’s WOD looks like a leg killer!! Have fun today everyone!

    I for one will be attempting to continue with paleo, at least weekdays. I feel less bloated, have lost some weight and improved my baseline WOD’s. It feels nice. I needed something to get me out of the funk I was in with my food. It’s definitely helped my expand my recipes! 🙂
    Happy I signed up for sure!

  11. Shoulder Press x 6
    (30# for wu) 45#-45#-45#-45#

    100m walking lunges
    800m run
    100 air squats

    Time: 10:50

  12. WU × 1 & MOB
    Musical med balls (out on the second round, so 16 burpees)

    Shoulder press
    4×6 reps

    Warmup sets @ 15, 25
    6 reps @
    40, 40, 40, 40

    100m walking lunges (ooh, leg burner)
    800 m run on same wobbly legs
    100 air squats to finish me off

    Time- 13:27 🙂

    1. Yup to the leg burning lunges. I’m walking home from work today in hopes of stretching some of that out 🙂

  13. M+WU

    Group Mobility

    Strength: Shoulder Press (6 reps)
    75% @ 35lb
    Tried 40lb, wasn’t happy with form
    75% @ 35lb
    75% @ 35lb

    100m walking lunge
    800m run
    100m squats

    Time: 13:40

    Took two 40lb kettle bells for a walk (about 120m)

  14. Musical med balls

    Strength: Shoulder press @ 75% X 6 reps

    WU @ 35#, 55#
    Then 65-65-65-65


    100m walking lunge
    800m run
    100m squats

    Time: 12:42

    Tried to remember some of what we learned at the running clinic. Amanda, you should share all of the notes you were taking!! Working on one thing at a time starting with my feet and not heel striking like a freaking wholly mammoth. Now I’ll be able to sneak up on people 🙂

      1. Thanks! The instructor was awesome so I’d like to work on all the drills if I can remember them!

  15. Amanda’s video made me cry!

    WU x1
    Group wu

    Shoulder press x6

    35-45-65 (6reps x5)

    Change 4 change (with Bachmann)

    One partner working at a time – 10 min time cap, if complete before time cap rest…

    18 Pushups
    9 HPC @ 75#
    9 Burpees

    6 HPC
    6 burpees

    9 Pushps
    3 HPC
    3 Burpees


    Rest additional 3 min


    Box jumps @ 20′
    Deadlifts @ 100#


    The paleo challenge was a success for me and I actually really enjoyed it! I lost a total of 12lbs and 7 inches. The ‘real’ challenge start now as I have to keep it up. I’ve set myself some new goals for the summer and will re-evaluate these in August. This paleo/crossfit combo is the bomb!!

  16. Press x6

    Snatch x1
    100-115-135-155(F)-155-165-175-185 (Fx3)-got pissed, so did 135×2

    WOD Rx’d

    What a burner! Run was slow, but the lunges were fast. Did squats in quick sets of 10.

  17. Mob, WUx1

    C4C – double strength

    Deadlift 1RM
    115×8 – 165×5 – 195×3 – 225×1 – 255×1 – 270×1 – 285×1 (10# PR)

    Split Jerk 1RM
    65×3 – 85×2 – 105×1 – 115×1 – 125×1 (prev PR) – 130×1 (failed – no PR)

    Cashout – musical med balls with the 4:15 class since I had been the only one in 3:15 🙂

  18. Mob + WUx1 + Group WU

    Row 2k = 7:13.3 (PR)

    Rest ~20 mins

    AMRAP 7 min – 3-6-9-12…
    – Burpees
    – Wallballs 10’/20#
    = 13 of 18 wallballs (PR)

    Deadlift 5-5-5-5-Max

    Row 1k (recovery, ~2:20/500m pace)

    Calf Smashing

    Burpees to AC/DC’s Thunderstruck
    – Every time you hear “thunder”, do a burpee

  19. Mobility
    WU x1
    Group wu

    Shoulder press x6

    100m walking lunges
    800m run
    100 air squats

    Time: 10:43

  20. mob wux1
    group wu
    shoulder press @ 75%
    95×6 95×6 95×6 95×6
    100 m walking lunge
    800 m run
    100 air squat
    forget to mark mine time it was under 10:00 min
    good seeing this morning Amanda

  21. Fun group wu

    Shoulder press 6 rm

    Wod rx’d: 10:25
    Surprisingly enjoyed this one… Butt a little sore though

  22. Mobility and Wu x 1
    Strength shoulder press @75%
    Scaled down a bit as shoulder is still not 100%
    45/95/115/125/125/125 Kevin thought I was too narrow a grip widened it out (felt much better on bottom I was actually able to test it on my shoulders, but much harder angle for my press) got 3. Will continue to work on the wider grip.
    Did change for change (Rocky Gorge) 18:35rx du’s killed me!!!
    Great class Kevin, great work 6 amer’s.
    Good luck Val, I missed out on the hugs 🙁 good luck with your new venture!

  23. WU x 1 + Musical Med Ball


    My Paleo Challenge Bench Mark WOD (modified)

    1 mile (+/-) run: 8:30.74 compare to 9:00.86

    Stationary lunges
    Push Ups

    Finished 18 reps of each + 21 lunges + 8 push ups. Compare to Finished 18 reps of each + 14 lunges.

    I really enjoyed the paleo challenge. I found some really great new recipes, so it really wasn’t that hard to follow….except on weekends. Entertaining & socializing = lots of cheats. Even so, I still consider this a success, as I succeeded in cleaning up my diet a lot. My goal going forward is to keep it paleo during the week, with minor weekend deviations.

  24. Decided to do change for change

    5 Rounds (15min cap)
    200m Run
    40 Double under
    15 Russian KBS #53

    Time: 12:33

    Thanks to everyone who cheered at the end.

  25. WUx1
    Group musical med ball- I won!

    Shoulder press x6


    100m walking lunges
    800M run
    100 Air squats

    Time–> 10:47

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