Friday’s QOD

What’s your biggest pet-peeve?

40 Pullups
50 KBS (50/35#)
60 Situps
70 Burpees

*30 min cap

Feels good to row with the doors up
Feels good to row with the doors up

68 thoughts on “Friday’s QOD”

  1. This is actually an old Main Site WOD I did back in 2008. I remember doing it at Beaverbrook School playground. Found my post from the site…

    Why, oh why, do these brutal workouts have to end with burpees?!

    30 1/4 depth HSPUs
    40 Pull-ups
    50 1 pood KB Swings
    60 Sit-ups (hands to ankles)
    70 Burpees


    Comment #395 – Posted by: KWood (27/m/173#/6’3) at August 27, 2008 3:53 PM

  2. Valerie Arseneau

    Whatโ€™s your biggest pet-peeve?
    When people don’t do what they say they’re going to do.

    30 HSPU (with ab mat and 2 10 plants on the side. Last 8 were with just the ab mat)
    40 Pullups
    50 KBS (35#)
    60 Situps
    70 Burpees

    Almost Rx

    Loved this WOD! I didn’t do HSPU in a while and they were hard this AM! So much time spent there! My abs were smoked from yesterday’s WOD and made kipping difficult. I did roughly my expected time on everything else tho so that went well.

    I was happy when I saw this WOD posted even if I knew it was going to be a hard one. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. That is a BIG pet peeve for me too – sooo important! And great job on the WOD especially at 6 a.m..

  3. Mobility plus WU x2
    Group Warm up

    -30 HSPU scaled to push ups
    -40pull ups scaled to ring rows
    -50 KBS #30
    -60 situps
    -70 burpees

    Time: 20 minutes even!

    Now that it is done I can say….great workout! Have a great weekend everyone! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Can’t wait to try this wod. I’m working late today so I’ll see ya’s at 6:45! I can’t remember last time I did a 6:45 class and I’m looking forward to it!

  5. Patrick Arseneau

    QOD: when people leave a vague status on facebook like “OMG BEST NEWS EVER!!!” and when someone asks, they say they can’t tell anyone yet.

  6. QOD- people who don’t use signal lights when turning – signaling should be a reflex action that you don’t have to think about while driving. Pet peeve #2 – Trinity Drive, Wheeler exit- when people give those coming off the highway a turn. They get a turn when your light turns red so stop letting them in and jamming up the intersection behind you! I’m all for courteous driving but not if it causes a traffic jam behind me. lol I feel my blood pressure rising

    30 HSPU (sets of 5 mostly except for the last 5)
    40 Pullups (sets of 5)
    50 KBS 50# (2 sets of 15 then 2 of 10)
    60 Situps (unbroken)
    70 Burpees (sets of 10)

    time – 19:55 Rx

  7. wu x1 +400m run

    group wu

    30 HSPU with 25# and ab mat = 1/2 depth (sets of 10)
    40 Pullups (sets of 10)
    50 KBS 50# (2 sets of 15 then 20)
    60 Situps (unbroken)
    70 Burpees (sets of 10, very quick breaks to flick pennies)

    time โ€“ 14:37

    need to use just ab mat or go rx for next hspu wod.

    Good job everyone! Now for some well needed rest days.

  8. QOD: That’s easy…people who chew with their mouth open. Ugh, gross. I don’t want to see your food or hear it ๐Ÿ™‚

    Also, rude people at the movies….talking, chair kicking, etc.

  9. After getting hit with a nasty cold (thanks recirculated airplane air) I finally could breathe enough to do something here, but decided to avoid the humid over-warm hotel gym and headed outside for a run ๐Ÿ™‚ 3km in 21:45

    Definitely looking forward to getting back next week, looks like I’ve missed some fun WODs this week haha

    QOD – people who use the exit to Baig Blvd to skip around traffic coming off Wheeler into the traffic circle. You’re just making the traffic even worse for everyone else, jerks!

  10. QOD: Kevin, John, and Shawn have me mostly covered… ALL THE CAR THINGS!!! I’ll add one more though: When people in the roundabout between Main St./Sailusbury Rd./Wheeler/Riverview STOP to let people trying to merge onto the roundabout. That’s not how it works!!! You’re slowing things down and risk causing an accident since the person behind doesn’t expect you to stop abruptly! Arggg!!!

  11. QOD: ALL of the driving ones plus people who leave their signal light on when they aren’t turning (maybe they should marry Shawn’s pet peeves who don’t use their signal light!)
    Also people who leave cupboard doors open…I’m just tall enough for that to be painful ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. After a hectic two weeks at work and absence from Crossfit, I was quite proud of running almost the entire 800m (although we were only supposed to do 400m)
    WU + Mobility x 2 + 400m run
    15 Push Ups Hand Release
    25 Pullups
    35 KBS 25#
    45 Situps
    55 Burpees <—- killer!

    Pet Peeve: People who don't know how to drive on traffic circles! Google it, and stop letting people in!!!

  13. WOD

    30 HSPU (w/abmat)
    40 Pullups
    50 KBS (35#)
    60 Situps w/abmat
    70 Burpees

    time 16:53

    WOW my HSPUs need lots of work! My kip is off I think? Good WOD. Nice job nooners!
    Pet peeve- bad customer service..drives me crazy.

    1. Especially clerks who gripe about the boss to each other when they’re serving you. Urgggh!

      1. Yes! Nevermind how much of an arse your boss is and come help me get this thing off the top shelf! Short people problems.

  14. QOD: When drivers STOP when they’re suppose to MERGE or when drivers MERGE when they should YIELD!

    WUx1 + 400 m run
    Group wu

    WOD: (30min time cap)

    30 HR push ups
    40 ring rows
    50 KBS @ 35#
    60 sit ups
    70 Burpees


    Great nooner!

  15. Wux1 + 400m run
    Group WU

    30 HR Push Ups
    40 Pull ups (blue band)
    50 KBS #35
    60 Sit ups
    70 Burpees

    Time= 18:51

  16. QOD: People who tuck their shirts into pants with belt loops but no belt. I hate seeing that! ๐Ÿ˜€

  17. Wu + 400 run

    30 push-ups
    40 pull-ups (blue)
    50 Kbs 35#
    60 sit-ups
    70 burpees

    Time: 16:41

    Great work this morning on a BIG wod 7 a.m. Class!

  18. Mobility
    WUx1 + 400m run

    Group mobility

    -30 HSPU w ABMAT
    -40 Pull-ups
    -50 KBS @ 35#
    -60 Sit-ups
    -70 Burpees

    Time: 16:09

    Great class thanks Jo!!

  19. M+ WU+ 400m run

    WOD 30 min cap

    30 Hand release push ups
    40 Ring rows
    50 KBS (25lb)
    60 Sit ups
    70 Burpees

    Took 18:59 mins

    Cross legged forward lean

    QOD: When someone nearby listens to music through their phone speakers without asking if it would bother you. Especially irksome when you’re listening to music with your headphones in like a good girl!

  20. WU ร— 1 & 400m run
    Group WU

    30 HRPU
    40 Pullups (green band for 25, green & purple for 15)
    50 KBS @ 30
    60 Situps
    70 Burpees (not too pretty either)


    QOD: Lineups at the store cash. I especially get peeved when a couple of employees are milling about but they don’t jump in to help until their supervisor comes along and tells them to. Has this ever happened to you? ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Patrick Arseneau


    Run 400m

    Got in early so I did some back squats up to 90%

    Group mob and wu

    WOD Rx’d: 16:17
    – Forearms were burning from pull ups and the kbs suffered from that.
    – Situps were slow as usual
    – Burpees were unbroken which is where I made up my time for a good score.
    – Pretty happy with that

    Have a nice weekend CF friends!!!

  22. WU x1
    400m run
    Group Warm up

    -30 HSPU scaled to HR push ups
    -40 pull ups
    -50 KBS @ 50#
    -60 situps
    -70 burpees

    Time: 19:52
    QOD: It’s hard to pick just one pet peeve but I’ll go with bad drivers. I get road rage all the time, lol. Examples: slow drivers, drivers not using their turn signals, drivers going through red lights, drivers waiting to turn left at the traffic light and they turn on a red light (they think because they waited too long to turn, they have the right to turn on a red light), drivers turning left at a traffic light, but they are too stupid or scared to turn in the inside lane because there’s opposite traffic turning right. Man, I can go on and on…have a great weekend everyone and watch out for those bad drivers, lol!

  23. Shoulder Press x5 during the Lab this morning

    WOD Rx’d

    A little bit of a PR ๐Ÿ˜‰

  24. Mobility
    WUx1 + 400 m run
    Group wu

    WOD: (30min time cap)

    30 HR push ups
    40 pull-ups
    50 KBS @ 35#
    60 sit ups
    70 Burpees

    Time: 18:10

  25. Mobility and Wu x 1
    Some prescribed Mobility!
    Group mobility and Wu
    30 hspu’s
    40 Pullups
    50 kbs @ 50#
    60 situps
    70 f#$&ING burpees
    13:31 rx
    Great class tonight Chantal, great work 6:45 crew!

  26. – mob
    – WUx1
    – 400m run
    – Group wu

    – 30 HRPU
    – 40 pull up
    – 50 KBS 50#
    – 60 sit up
    – 70 burpees

    Time: 22:46

  27. Warmup
    400m run

    WOD almost rx’d ๐Ÿ™
    Had to grab an abmat after 11 HSPU. My kip was all messed up. Thanks Jo for the tips.
    17:17…. I think
    Fun class. Loved chasing Kevin and Steph.

    QOD –
    1) gum smackers and poppers
    2) when people are rude to cashiers and servers.
    3) when people don’t use turn signals

  28. Did the first 14 HSPU’s with the Abmat+45# plates, the rest with 25#. Now I’m second-guessing my decision, but it’s done now. That would have been a fun workout if it hadn’t been for the burpees from HELL.


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