Friday’s QOD

Take a look back through your journals – What was your first CrossFit workout? And when was it?

Strength – Hang Squat Cleans x3 (yes, again)
2 sets @ 65%
3 sets @ 70%


4 min at each station:
Clean and Jerks (135/95#/65%)
Rowing (cal)

Super trainers. Super couple.
Super trainers. Super couple.

59 thoughts on “Friday’s QOD”

  1. My first WOD was May 19, 2010 at the gym on Rideout st. KB swings & weighted lunges. If you put the kb on the floor at all during any of it you had to stop and do 10 burpees. I didn’t do burpees but I remember Pierre Boivin had to. πŸ™‚

    1. I remember Pierre doing those burpees! Never realized we had the very same first WOD.

  2. Vanessa Champion

    My first WOD was last June and it was a grip killer. I don’t remember the specifics but it was a weighted 400m run, weighted burpees and KBS. This WOD was when I learned about scaling as Kevin took to RX weight out of my hands. I was happy about that by the end haha

  3. Valerie Arseneau

    Strength – Hang Squat Cleans x3
    2 sets @ 65% – 65
    3 sets @ 70% – 75


    4 min at each station:
    Clean and Jerks (75#) – 23
    Rowing (cal) – 47
    Burpees – 47

    Total 117. Could of scored more if I would of planned a lil smarter. oh well.

    QOD – Lost my 1st journal πŸ™ Don’t recall the first one but my first Saturday WOD was Fight Gone Bad…. Ouch!

  4. Feb 12, 2010…25-20-15-10-5 virtual shovelling and pushups

    The following day Kevin brought me back to the gym to do fight gone bad (bad idea) I couldn’t move for days. Back then I was super scrawny with absolutely zero muscle…I’ve come a long way I guess πŸ™‚

  5. Strength – Hang Squat Cleans x3
    2 sets @ 65% – 85
    3 sets @ 70% – 95

    Fun sharing the bar with you Chantal!!


    4 min at each station:
    Clean and Jerks (85#) – 25
    Rowing (cal) – 45
    Burpees – 54

    total 124

    First WOD was April 19, 2011 I was 4 min of rowing for calories followed by 3 min of thrusters..gross! lol. I thought I might puke!

    Great picture! Such an awesome couple!

  6. M+WU+ 250m row

    Hang squat clean
    3-3 (@ 65%) 35lb
    3-3-3 (@ 75%) 40lb
    (did an extra set trying to correct form)

    WOD “Fore!”
    4 min each station, for reps

    Clean & Jerk (135/95# or 65%) 35lb
    Reps: 29… about half way through, I realized I was actually doing SQUAT cleans :/ … so yeah… next time I’ll…not do that

    Rowing (cal)
    Cal: 38

    Reps: 31

    TOTAL: 98

    Couch stretch, 3 each leg 20 sec

    QOD: It was about a month ago, March 24th. The WOD was an AMRAP of 21 double unders, 15 air squats and 9 KBS, rest 2 mins then repeat. I made a rookie mistake of eating right before coming and regretted it near the end… needless to say I’ve learned from that one.

  7. WU + 250m row

    Hang squat clean

    WOD Rx’d: 104 reps (20 C+J, 50 cal and 34 Burpees)

    QOD: November 3rd, 2009. 25 squats, pushups, pull up & situps, then 50 of each, then 75 of each. I scaled it down to 20,30 and 40 reps and did not finish in the 25 min timecap. Would love to try this again!

  8. Patrick Arseneau

    My first WOD was in June of 2009. I think it was “Mary”. I only remember the handstand pushups and back then we used a contraption of rubberbands for scaling the handstand pushups. It was just me and Jane Messervier in the class. It was love at first sight (with crossfit, not with Jane LOL)

  9. In Case of Emergency, Break Glass

    Every cft’er should put their first CFT journal behind glass ready to be retrieved in case of a motivation emergency brought about by doubt, fatigue or plateau.

    My first wod was a running wod and it’s a miracle I ever returned

    1. Hi! I signed up for this wordpress thing just so I could press the “Like” button! … I thought you should know!

  10. MOB – WUx1
    Handstand walk – 55 (my goal is to walk from the back garage door and make it through the plastic/rubber flaps at the front of the gym.)

    Strength – Hang Squat Cleans x3
    1 set Warmup – 95#
    2 sets – 110# Felt very light, I miscalculated
    1 sets – 135#
    2 sets – 145#


    4 min at each station:
    Clean and Jerks (110#) – 24
    Rowing (cal) – 57
    Burpees – 50

    total 131

    First WOD was Sept 2012. I don’t remember exactly what it was but I remember there were weighted lunges and they were ugly and Kevin took weight off mid WOD and then they were less ugly.

  11. Strength – Hang Squat Cleans x3
    2 sets – 95#
    3 sets – 115#


    4 min at each station:
    Clean and Jerks (95#) – 23
    Rowing (cal) – 47
    Burpees – 37

    total 107

    20 Wall Balls @ 25#

    August 30, 2012
    “Sled Drag 100m, 45#, 90#

    WOD β€œJack”
    AMRAP in 10 minutes
    10 Push Press (45#)
    10 Kettlebell Swing (25#)
    10 Box Jump (12β€³)
    Score: 4 rounds + 6 push press”

    I still remember the sled pulls vividly. I would completely destroy that workout now with those weights and height on the box jumps but at the time it felt like death. I LOVE CROSSFIT!

  12. Heather (Mum)

    My first WOD was on Oct.10/2008. It was 15 Back Squats, 10 ‘singles, 50 Wallballs. I only got 30 wallballs completed. I wrote in my journal that Kevin gave me a Crossfit Grandma article and it was very motivating. Five years later the Grandma article came true.

  13. Strength – Hang Squat Cleans x3
    2 sets @ 65% – 135#
    3 sets @ 70% – 155#


    4 min at each station:
    Clean and Jerks (135#)
    Rowing (cal)

    total 129 RX

    I loved this workout I really hope there’s more in the future.

    Patrick and Amanda you both are super trainers and are always good at yelling at us when we need it most.

  14. QOD — First WOD was waaaaay back September 23, 2009. It was 3 rounds of max push ups, chin ups, and OHS. Rounds were — 24/9/8, 9/8/4, 8/6/5.

  15. 1st WOD was February 10th, 2011:
    Hang Power Cleans
    Box Jumps (pink box) I didn’t know how scared I was of jumping until that day.

    It was so tough that my next class was on March 3rd; it took me almost a month to come back and an email from Kevin offering my money back LOL!! THANKS COACH!! Glad you sent it πŸ™‚

    1. I remember in the beginning Elba, you didn’t come very often.. didn’t come regularly until Trent joined. I’m SO glad you stuck with it!!!

  16. What a terrific picture of Patrick and Amanda!

    QOD: October 31, 2012.
    40 squats, 5 push press, 30 squats, 10 pp, 20 squats, 15 pp, 10 squats. On all squats, I had to touch my posterior on a 12″ box with a 45 and 10 pound plate.

    Every time I am coached by Patrick and we have squats in the WOD, we laugh about those early squats. It is fun to look back. πŸ™‚

  17. Love this picture. Pat and Amanda, you are a power couple. Happy that crossfit has brought you both in my life. πŸ™‚ Beautiful people inside and out.

    QOD – it was a Tabata style WOD in Kevin’s living room. Pull-ups on the rings, push-ups and something overhead with a pipe filled with water. My arms were dead.

    Hang squat cleans (3) 85-85-100-100-100

    WOD : FORE
    4min each stations
    Clean & Jerk 80lbs= 26 reps
    Rowing for cal = 42
    Burpees = 58
    Total -126

    1. Thanks Gilly, you have no idea how happy I am to have you in my life as well!! I feel very lucky!

  18. Mobility & WU +250m Row

    Group WU/mobility

    Hang Squat Clean
    2 sets @65% — 75#
    3 sets @75% — 85#

    WOD: “Fore!”
    4 Min at each station:
    -Clean & Jerks @ 65# = 28
    -Row (Calories) = 45
    -Burpees = 56

    Total Reps = 129

    Cashout: Couch Stretch

    Great class coach Maria!!! Thanks

  19. My first actual WOD after doing the prep course in May was June 17/13. It was 6x 200m sprints and I thought okay, this isn’t so bad…..then I got to the third round and pulled my hamstring. Kevin suggested heat so I went directly to Shoppers and bought a heat pad and sat on it all the way to Elgin….it hurt so bad I thought I would die. But it worked and the next day it was miraculously fine! I have since worked on my sprints and it has drastically improved my longer distances.

  20. Mob, WUx1 + 250m row

    Strength – Hang Squat Cleans x3
    2 sets @ 80#
    3 sets @ 95#


    4 min at each station:
    Clean and Jerks (80#) – 20
    Rowing (cal) – 52
    Burpees – 31

    Total: 103

    Cashout – couch stretch
    3x farmers carries (40m @ 2×70# KB)

    Awesome class, Maria!!!

    QOD – first WOD was the prep class on February 19, 2013 (burpee sandwich!). First “regular” class was March 25 – amrap 7 mins single unders, with 2x increasing burpees every miss. Ended up with 125 singles and 30 burpees.

  21. Hang Squat Clean
    3x (65,65,75,75,75, 75) did an extra for practice
    4 min. At each station:
    Clean and Jerk at #65
    Rowing for cal.
    Total: 126
    Great job everyone and especially Maria for an awesome first coaching class! Congrats!

  22. mobility
    wu x 1 & 250m row
    group wu

    Strength – Hang Squat Cleans x3
    2 sets – 75#
    3 sets – 85#

    WOD: β€œFORE!”

    4 min at each station:
    Clean and Jerks (70#) – 20
    Rowing (cal) – 43
    Burpees – 42

    total: 105

  23. Only got 3 sets in my strength, got sidetracked. I’ll redo them in Sunday’s lab.

    WOD with 85#: 103 reps (I think)

    Fun class today!! Thanks Maria!!

  24. WUx1 + 250m row

    Strength – Hang Squat Cleans x3
    2 sets @ 115#
    2 sets @ 1355#
    1 set @ 155#


    4 min at each station:
    Clean and Jerks (135#) – 23
    Rowing (cal) – 50 (I couldn’t catch my breath)
    Burpees – 44

    Total: 117

  25. mob wux1
    group mob wu
    hang squat clean

    WOD Fore
    4 min each station
    clean & jerk 105# -25
    rowing (cal)-41
    total 122

    first WOD Nancy
    scale 3 round 200 m run 15 OHS

    nice picture Pat and Amanda
    miss you in the morning Amanda

  26. – Mob
    – WUx1
    – 250m row
    – Group WU

    Hang squat clean x3

    WOD: FORE!!!
    4 min of…
    – Clean & Jerk @ 95# – 18
    – Rowing: 68 cal
    Burpees: 42

    Score: 128 … Disappointed with my C&J, could have kept a faster pace, but happy with everything else! Thanks for the encouragement during the burpees Joey, I’m sure you squeezed a few more reps out of me!

    QOD: First WOD was April 17th 2013. 4x 400m sprints. Given that running was about the only exercise I’d done before crossfit it wasn’t so bad! … My 2nd WOD wiped me out for a few days though :O I love flipping back to the first few pages of my book from time to time, it blows my mind how far I’ve come in the past year!

  27. Hang Squat Cleans 3x (65% and 75%)
    1 set @ 50# – felt too light, so I went up in weight.
    1 set @ 55#
    3 sets @ 65#

    WOD “FORE!”
    4 min each of:
    Clean & Jerk (65% = 50#) – 27
    Calorie Row – 50
    Burpees – 40

    Total 117 reps

    My first WOD was June 23rd, 2013. It was 21 Thrusters and a 400 m run I believe…!

  28. jackiehicks1

    Wu + 500m row
    Group wu

    Strength hang squat cleans
    60×3,60×3,70×5, 75×3
    *then Amanda added weight and I was not allowed to look, won’t lie, scary!!!
    80×3,85×3! 15PR!!!

    Not knowing weight really does work, thanks Amanda you rock, and I love ya!

    4mins each station
    Clean & Jerk @65
    Rowing for cal
    Score 123
    Thanks Maria, great class!

    First WOD
    Dec 19th 2012
    Strength -Front squat 35lbs!
    3rounds of
    15 over head bar lunges @ 15lbs
    15 K2E which I did toes to post!

    Progress… Absolutely. I think I need to look back in my book more often.

    Thanks for having me back for a WOD!
    Miss you all,

    1. Congrats on your PR – you did the work, I just helped you get out of your own way. πŸ˜‰ Happy to see you today I have missed you! And great job on the wod!

  29. Patrick Arseneau

    Mobility and Warm Up

    Hang Squat Clean 5×3

    “Fore!” Rx: 147
    22 C&J
    64 Calories
    61 Burpees.

    That hurt just right πŸ™‚

    Fun class! Always a good energy on Fridays.

  30. Mobility
    WU X 1 + 250m Row

    Hang Squat Clean X 3


    WOD – Fore Rx’d

    C&J = 22
    Row = 42 calories
    Burpees = 26

    Total = 92

    Pulled something in my back on first C&J that wasn’t painful just more of an annoyance.

    First WOD back after 11 days off.

    QOD – First WOD on January 25/2012

    7 rounds
    3 Cleans @ 85#
    4 HSPU scaled to 12 pushups

    Cleans were fun but push ups were brutal, last 4 rounds done from knees.

    Thanks for the great class tonight Chantal!!

  31. Great picture of two super coaches/athletes/crossfitters!!
    Mobility and Wu x 1
    Group mobility and Wu
    Strength hang squat cleans x 3
    Felt great tonight, still going a little wide on the landing.. Sorry Chantal! Still working on hip Mobility..
    Wod: ”FORE”
    4 min each station
    Clean and jerk @ 135
    Row for calories
    May have overpaced the burpees a bit. Clean jerks went perfect, row sucked…
    Great class Chantal, and great work everybody!

    1. My first prep class Wod was July 24, 2012
      3 rounds
      5 push ups
      5 sit ups
      5 squats
      Run 400m
      Repeat first 3 rounds
      Time was 6:06, I actually puked on my way back from the 400m run, ran into the washroom washed my face and hands and finished the Wod… I was hooked! Amanda was coaching and Pat was there they made sure I got to sign the wall!
      Also I miss having coach Amanda for some of my classes!

    2. Patrick Arseneau

      Nice score! Did you note the time on your 30th C$J? That would be a good “Grace” score πŸ™‚

  32. 1.2km run

    WU x1 (‘attempting’ toes to ring in wu now)
    Group mobility

    Hang squat clean (3 x5)

    4 min at each station

    Clean & Jerk @ 75#
    Row (cal)

    Total: 115

  33. Mobility and Warm Up

    Hang Squat Clean 5Γ—3

    β€œFore!” Rx:
    23 C&J
    33 Calories( counter stopped at 15 2 times)
    60 Burpees.

    Score–> 116 reps

  34. Mob + Wup x 1 + 250m row
    Group Wup
    Hang Squat Cleans:
    3-3 @ 65% = 55lbs
    3-3-3 @ 75% = 65, but went back down to 60lbs

    WOD: Fore!
    4 min each station for reps
    clean and jerks (65%) 55lbs = 19
    Rowing for Cal = 43
    Burpees = 46 (need to pace these better)
    Total = 108 (wish I hadn’t squat clean the first two reps of the clean and jerks πŸ™

    QOD: I consider my first WOD my drop in session. Made the mistake of haviunf oatmeal about an hour before – things went well until I had about 3 ring rows left – nearly lost my lunch. Was ready to join up right there and had no cash on me. It took over a year and Julie Silliker to surprise me with the down payment on a prep course for Christmas (I guess I talked a lot about CF) – best gift ever from my best friend. After the prep course, my first WOD with a regular class was on Feb 11/13 and was Death by Clean and Jerk which I did using 35lbs. 1 rep max for CL is now 85lbs and I am happy with the gains I have made and happier that each class is still a challenge for me.

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