Friday’s QOD

If the warm-up says choose to do it 1 OR 2 times, which would you pick? And why? Be honest. 

Today is Change for Change. Bring in $5 to switch up your workout (indoor running wods are excluded).

Tomorrow is our Grand Re-Opening! Tell all of your friends and family to come along! Remember to bring some non-perishable food.

(1+3+5) x 5 sets
Push Press
Push Jerk

Row 1000m

Adam trying out the reverse lunges
Adam trying out the reverse lunges

70 thoughts on “Friday’s QOD”

  1. Change for Change

    OHS x3

    AMRAP 8 min
    Power Snatch
    OHS @ 55#

    Got to the 15s on snatch, finished with 12 of them.

    QOD : For me I like WU x2, I really feel warm after I opt for 2.

    1. 3-6-9…that is, and did the math 72 reps. Thanks Chantal for sparing some change for change for change, really wanted to do this WOD!

  2. Mobility + WU x 1 12 reps
    Group mobility plus color sprint WU

    WOD 5 sets of
    1 x shoulder press
    3 x push press
    5 x push Jerk


    1000M row Time 3:32

  3. WU x 1 – 12 reps + group WU

    1+3 Power Snatch + OHS

    WOD from wednesday with Maria

    AMRAP 8
    3-6-9-12 …
    P. Snatch 65#

    Finished all 12 plus 8 reps p. snatch = 68 reps

    QOD: I sometimes do 1.5 or just 1… not because I’m a slacker… but because I want to do (extra) mobility. I’ve been focusing on that for the last couple of weeks and I feel less…broken? 🙂

  4. QOD: Unfortunately it’s usually time-related for me.
    I like the x 2 though as I often sub in other movements I need to work on like Wall Balls, KBS or skipping in the 2nd set.

  5. Qod: I usually do 1 but I either do more reps and everything strict or weighted. Also usually pressed for time.
    Wu x 1
    Group mobility and Wu activities… Fun as always Marie!
    Change for change
    Wod: mayhem Wod 2
    24 burpees
    3 rounds @ 155#
    12 deadlift
    9 hpc
    6 shoulder to overhead
    Rx’d 7:07
    At the competition I did this in 8:03 so 56 sec pr. I really need to calm my nerves at these competitions. Also need to work on my techniques I am developing bad habits again of just muscle cleaning and pressing everything.. Thanks Marie for bringing this to my attention. I know it will make things easier in the long run.
    Great class Marie! Great work 6 amer’s!

    1. Yes, I think you need to do something for those nerves before competition. You still score ridiculously well, inspite of the nerves, but you knock it out of the park when you are “relaxed”. Crazy time on today’s WOD 🙂

      1. Thanks Lora, I really enjoy the competitions and I will figure out what to do with myself eventually.. On the other side I think I kind of relax too much sometimes at the gym. There was a lot of banks that didn’t need to be there, I looked at the clock on the last round and thought Damn I am not gonna beat my time so I put it in high gear… So I still need some competition to push me… aaahh someday it will come together.. Haha

  6. QOD: Depending on time I usually try and get my 2 in.

    MOB WU X 1
    Group Mob and Marie-No fun activities
    Shoulder Press
    Push Press
    Push Jerk
    Thanks for the push Marie-No!
    Too may rowers to do the row so Marie-No suggested tabata skipping…was fun and tough.

    It was a cold this am and all I wanted to do was stay in bed but knowing one of my favourite coaches was coaching got me up. Not sure how we are going to do without you at the box anymore…I know I will personally miss you to the moon and back and I hope the move isn’t forever and we get you back one day. 🙂
    Great job 6 amer’s! Love my Friday WOD’s with all of you.

    1. Crystal I told myself it would be a tear free Friday.. I had succeeded until your post… You are a true inspiration to me and you keen bunch of 6am’ers are the reason why I haul my behind out of bed every Friday am, even if I don’t have class or anything other than studies, which I could truly only start once the sun is up. The members at CFM are a breath if fresh air or like a sip of red bull! I always finish a class with so much more energy than when I arrive! You’re awesome and I’ll miss ya… A lot … Thanks for letting me in your life crystal, and all other members!

      1. Well I knew u sold your house but I didn’t realize u were moving away.. 6am just won’t be the same without you, or any other class for that matter. You are a big inspiration in your drive and focus. Thanks for all the help and don’t stay away too long.. We will miss you loads!!

      2. Shane… That’s round #2 now of the no tear day… Thanks for being the amazing powerhouse that you are! Makes me research stuff more so I don’t look and sound like a complete fool when coaching you! I still have a few days (weeks) of no repping before I go!

      3. Awwe Marie-No…I’m sorry you teared up. BUT IMAGINE HOW WE FEEL! lol
        You are a true inspiration to me and and I’m sure all of us…You are one amazing gal and I am so happy our paths crossed and I hope they will again. You are seriously an amazing coach and I keep at it because I have people like you in my life. Big hugs buddy and will see you soon and thanks for all you have given me. 🙂

      4. If I am going to be no repped, there is no one I would rather do it Marie No-Rep… Lol
        We also will be sad to see u go.
        Also sorry for upsetting u!!

  7. QOD: Usually pressed for time and do 1. But when this whole choice of Wu rounds started at the Alcock location, I will admit I only did 1 round even with time to do more. It could have been the drastic change from doing more reps/Wu or more rounds then all of a sudden I could choose to only do 1 round @ 10 Reps. I need direction to help push my self, even in a Wu, hence one of the biggest reasons I like Crossfit so much.

  8. QOD: I prefer one round, although I like it when it’s posted to do WUx1 with 12 or 15 reps. If/when I get there early, I prefer to use the time to do mobility or stretching than more warmup more.

  9. Mobility
    WUx1 (12 Reps)

    Group WU/Mob & Game! Fun!

    WOD: 5 sets of
    1 x shoulder press
    3 x push press
    5 x push Jerk

    55-60-65-70-70(5# PR on Shoulder Press)

    1000m Row: 4:21

    Cashout: 3x30sec Hollow Holds

  10. While I’m here, I may as well post!!!
    Impromptu wod with Lora’s 7am crew this am. I must say it was rather quiet without Josh, Darrell and Denis. Poor Dan had no one to wine with!

    That being said, Lora I’m cursing your name right meow as my core is sore… Yay for proper form on Hollie hold but booooo to inflicted pain.

    Heather I want to thank you for sharing the bar with me! It had been way too long… And I’m sure my 7# PR on shoulder press was from all that positive energy and laughs!

    Wod – 1-3-5 x5 (press/pp/pj)
    55-65-75-85-95 (previous pr was87#)

    Qod – I think it’s my first qod… If I could is do 3-4-5 sets… But it’s the time I’m lacking. Like Shane I rather 1 or 2 longer or more challenging sets as a warm up. But if / when I have time I’d go for 2 good sets!

    1. I’m so happy you decided to stay and play with the 7am folks! It was a pleasure to have you there.

      Congrats on your shoulder press PR! WOOHOOO!

      Is it wrong that I am secretly happy your abs are feeling those hollow holds?? If you only knew how much pain I’ve felt after your Oly classes, you would understand 😉

    2. MN….I am going to really miss seeing you at CFM. You are such an awesome person and of course Coach. Transfer back some day!

  11. QOD:
    It too for me, comes down to time…if I hit a 4:15 class (do to children in sports I need to leave my 5:45 crew to get a CF in) I have harldly enough time to get a full warm-up in. Also I’m starting to realize how important Mobility is, and doing a lot more of that….its kinda a 2 fold for me.

  12. Valerie Arseneau

    QOD: I typically do 1.5 or only 1 since I always run out of time. Its hard to come in earlier than 5h50AM to get 2 rounds of WU in. Often I want to do some mobility or practice some ring dips or something.
    In summary, I rarely do 2 due to lack of time.

  13. Mobility + WU x 1 12 reps
    Group mobility plus Musical balls (I won)

    WOD 5 sets of
    1 x shoulder press
    3 x push press
    5 x push Jerk


    1000M row Time 3:47.7

  14. hey guys. i wont be able to make it to the 5:45 class because theres too much traffic and i wont make it on time.

  15. MOB
    WU x 1 (12 reps)
    Group WU + Wacky butt enjoyable Musical Med Balls! ( I do think you’re on to something here Rob!)

    Strength: 1-3-5 x Sets
    Push Press
    Push Jerk

    *Change 4 Change*
    WOD: Marc

    Time: 7:07
    Not my best time, not my worst time.
    Miss you Marc.

    Have a great weekend CFM.

  16. mob wux1 12 rep
    5 min foam rolling

    wod 1-3-5 x 5 set
    push press
    push jerk

    85-95-105-115- 125 push press x3 push jerk x3

    row 1000 m row
    around 4 min rower was not showing time

  17. QOD: I’ll generally pick 2 since I want to get better at pull ups, and I figure doing 2×10 instead of 1×10 will help speed that up. If the WOD features a high number of pull ups though I may opt for just WUx1 since the pull ups are likely to be what slows me down the most in the WOD and I don’t want to start with tired muscles.

    – MOB
    – WUx1 12 reps

    WOD 1-3-5 x5…
    – Shoulder press
    – push press
    – push jerk
    65-85-95-100-95 (on the last set, 1-3-2-Fx3 followed by rest & 3x push jerks separately)

    Row 1000m: 3:35.0 … Feel really good about this, haven’t rowed in a long time and am just getting over a cold 🙂

  18. Did Change for Change from Nov 27

    WU x 1 (strict pullups 7 x 3)
    Group barbell WU
    17 birthday burpees for the lovely Julie D 🙂

    Strength: OHS (from floor) x 3

    WOD @ 65#
    AMRAP in 8 min
    Power Snatch
    Total = 101 reps (got to 11 PS in the round of 18)

    Loved this WOD. Feels like I haven’t done these movements in forever.
    All OHS’s unbroken. Broke PS’s in the rounds of 9-up into 2 sets, stopping to rest on the second set, just before the last one, and then did last PS and right into the OHS’s.

  19. wux1 12 rep

    wod 1-3-5 x 5 set
    push press
    push jerk

    95-115-135-155-155 – tried 165 a few times but failed

    row 1000m
    time = 3:40.2
    QOD: I do wux2 because I feel guilty if I don’t do it twice plus it’s more exercise!

  20. Mobility
    WU x1 (12 reps)
    Mobility and group WU

    WOD: Change for change (did Nov. 8th wod)

    AMRAP 10 minutes

    30 DU’s
    15 Power snatch @ 40#

    4 Rounds + 30 DU’s

  21. mobility+ wux1 12 rep

    wod 1-3-5 x 5 set
    push press
    push jerk


    row 1000m
    time = 3:43

  22. mobility+ wux1 12 rep

    wod 1-3-5 x 5 set
    push press
    push jerk


    row 1000m
    time = 3:24

  23. Mob
    Wu & lots of mobility
    group Wu
    (1+3+5) x 5 sets
    Push Press
    Push Jerk
    35/45/50/55/65 (failed the last press) went on to push & jerk!
    Row 1000m
    Time: 4:10

    Thanks Corinna, great class!

  24. Mob + WU x1
    GHD Situps (full,10#) 2×15
    GHD Extension (10#) 2×15

    EMOTM 10 min – Backsquat 135# x5

    Group WU

    Press Complex (1xPress, 3xPush, 5xJerk) 1-1-1-1-1
    …matched my Press 1RM, couldnt get 170.

    Row 1000m = 3:26.7 (3.7sec PR) … argh ouch…

    Thanks for the push on the rack, Jack! Have a good weekend everyone!!

  25. HSPU strict (4×5)

    Group warm up


    (1-3-5) x 5
    Push press
    Push jerk

    95,115,135,155,165, 170 (1-3)

    1000m row in 3:25.7

  26. change for change

    3 G2O @ 135
    3 MU

    7 rounds

    felt great on both these movements today, well for 5 rounds anyway! 🙂

  27. Mobility
    WU X 1 12 reps
    More mobility
    Group WU

    (1+3+5) X 5
    Push Press
    Push Jerk


    Row 1000m – 3:36.2

  28. WU x1
    50 no-show burpees. Sigh.
    Group WU that included another 17 bday burpees

    1-3-5 x 5 sets
    Push Press
    Push Jerk

    Row 1000m 3:53.7

    QOD- usually once, because I am lazy.

  29. Mobility + WU x 1/2

    WOD 5 sets of

    1 x shoulder press
    3 x push press
    5 x push Jerk

    65-85-95-115-135 failed first attempt @ 135 Press. Took a break and got it.

    1000M row Time 3:50

    QOD – Mostly WU x 1 time constraints

  30. 12 strict pull-ups on bar

    12 strict pull-ups on rings

    Change for Change

    Jodi B from Cross Fit Fredericton posted a WOD last week that caught my attention.

    5 rounds:

    1 minute plank
    2 minutes of double under’s

    165, 125, 125, 130, 110

    Total: 665

  31. WU x 1 + Group WU

    WOD 5 sets of

    1 x shoulder press
    3 x push press
    5 x push Jerk


    1000 m Row @ 4:11.4

  32. QOD: I was doing the wu x1 since the pull ups were bothering my elbow and I needed extra lacrosse ball time, but decided about a week ago to go back to x2 even if I had to add a band for my elbow. I also try to get there earlier to extra mob if I need it.

  33. Mobility
    WU x1

    (1-3-5) x 5
    Push Press
    Push Jerk

    Cleaned from the floor. Went to 125 shoulder wasn’t agreeing with me did a second set dropped weight for last rep.

    1000 m row
    Time : 3.36.8
    Cash out 4 x 30 second hollow hold.

    Thanks for letting me the 3.15 class Rob.

  34. Mobility
    Group WU

    (1+3+5) ×5
    shoulder press
    Push press
    Push jerk
    1000m row time 4:47

  35. Mobility
    Warm up x2
    Shoulder press
    Push press
    Push jerk
    (did not do all reps as left arm still sore)

    1000 meter row: 4:44

  36. Mob + Wup x 1 (12 reps of each)
    Group Mob and Wup games

    WOD: 5 rounds of
    1 shoulder press
    3 push press
    5 push jerks
    55 x 1, 1, 1,
    60 x 1
    70 x 1 (form was poor at this weight for the push jerk)

    1000m row – time = 4:49 🙁

    cashout: 4 x 30 secs hollow holds

  37. Mobility
    WU x1

    (1-3-5) x 5
    Push Press
    Push Jerk

    Cleaned from the floor.

    1000 m row
    Time : 3.38.1 (PR was 3:38 did not record the decimals back in 2010)
    Cash out 4 x 30 second hollow hold.

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