Friday’s QOD

Now that we’re all settled in and cozy, what’s your favourite part of the new gym?

Also, today is the last day to post a picture with the new sign. Get it on FB before noon today!

“Open WOD 11.1”

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 10 minutes of:

30 Double-unders
15 Power snatches (75/55#)

Compare to June 14/12

Our first classes at 359 Baig!
Our first classes at 359 Baig!

64 thoughts on “Friday’s QOD”

  1. Mobility + Wux1

    Group Mobility

    2min skip and plank

    WOD: Amrap 10 Min

    30 DU (90 singles)
    15 Power snatch (75/55#) or 50% 1RM (Done at 55)

    4 rounds + 51 single unders

    Cashout : rope climb x 2 & calf stretches

  2. Valerie Arseneau

    QOD: I LOVE the new spot! Hard to say what my favourite part is. I think I would have to say the WU area. You can come early to WU / work on MOB while a class is still going and you can see whats up though the lounge. Got loads of room to do it too. πŸ™‚

    In a close 2nd, WOD area. I like the lay out of the pull up bars. Makes its easy to go from Weight to bar without crossing path too much with other peeps.

    Oh and the new 35 Bella bars are pretty sweet too!

  3. QOD: Personnaly, I like how the extra space can allow for variation or new movements in WODs, i.e. longer stretches of walking lunges, shuttle sprints, team WOD stuff, etc.

  4. My favorite part is all the space.

    I love all the babies in the picture of the 8:30 class!
    Masters class is looking good too, last time I saw it there were only 2 people in it. I’m happy to see it growing!

  5. MOB WUX1
    Skipping for 2mins then plank for 2mins
    Group WU/Strength
    WOD AMRAP 10mins
    90 Skips
    15 Power Cleans @ #35
    Tough one…it hurt my feet more than anything.
    Cashout Calf stretches
    Thanks for the great class Marie-No!
    Great job 6am er’s.
    QOD: I love everything about it! Very blessed to be a part of CFM.
    Happy long weekend everyone!
    4 Rounds

  6. Qod: I love the flat floor and the room, especially the room for personal improvement! πŸ™‚
    Wu x 1
    Group Wu and mobility
    Wod: 11.1
    Amrap in 10 minutes
    30 du’s
    15 power snatches
    Rx’d 4 rounds 14 snatches
    Du’s were killing me on this one… Boo practice, practice
    Great class Marie
    Great work 6 amer’s.
    Cash out rope climb, all arms.

  7. QOD: Where to begin? The flat floors, the space, the lovely hot water heater between the TWO showers, the way the bars and weights are organized… it’s all awesome!

    Quick Mob / semi-warmup
    Group foam roller and lacrosse ball
    Evil barbell calf smashing

    Open WOD 11.1
    AMRAP in 10 min of:
    — 30 DUs (scaled to 10 DUs & 60 singles)
    — 15 Clean & Jerks
    Score: 3 rounds + 12 C+J

    Apparently last time I did all doubles and got 1 frustrating round + change. I like the half & half blend a little better but as winter approaches I know I REALLY need to nail those doubles!

    HIGHLIGHT: Managed 6 unbroken DUs in the 2nd round. 2 shy of my all-time PR and definitely the most consecutive I have ever done in a WOD so we’ll call that progress!

    Great coaching Lora!

    1. Great job Blake. Especially since you were up at the crack of dawn today. Maybe next time you’ll actually WOD with us at 6 a.m. & put it on the new PR Board πŸ™‚

  8. Wu x1

    group Mob & Wu

    Open WOD 11.1
    AMRAP in 10 min of:
    – 30 DUs – all unbroken
    – 15 Power Snatches (scaled to 70#)

    Snatches were basically broken up in sets of 5.

    Really happy with my DUs today. Getting some good wrist action on the rope.. πŸ˜‰

    QOD: SPACE SPACE SPACE. Having the pull up bars on one side creates more equal opportunity for wods when they are needed. The old set up it felt like drawing straws sometimes to see who gets to set up close to the bars.

    Over all its my new favorite CF Box.

  9. WOD rx’d
    6 rounds + 5 G2OH

    No pr, but happy with results.

    QOD: Indoor running! And it’s insulated (I’m the only one that will be excited about that)!

    1. Oh I’m a fan of the insulation. For different reasons, but I still appreciate it πŸ™‚
      Great job on the WOD this morning.

  10. MOB WUX1

    Skipping for 2mins (263) then plank for 2mins
    Group WU/Strength Snatch practice 4×5

    WOD AMRAP 10mins
    30 Double Unders
    15 Power Cleans @ #65

    4rnds +12DUs

    Cashout Calf stretches

  11. WOD 11.1 Rx
    AMRAP in 10 min
    30 DU
    15 snatches 55#

    3 rounds + 7 snatches
    Yay for double unders!!! So excited to do the in a WOD! Thanks for the pug Amanda and thanks for the great coaching as always Marie noelle!

  12. Mobility
    Warm up x1
    Plank hold for 2 minutes (unbroken)
    2 minute skipping
    Snatch practice

    WOD: open wod11:01

    30 double unders scaled to 90 singles
    15 snatches#25
    Total: 4 rounds minus 1 snatch….so close!

    Great class Marie Noelle and have a great long weekend everyone!

    QOD: Love the space and love the fact that it is not as cold as the other box….with winter fast approching it’s a bonus!

  13. Wux1
    Group wu
    Practice power snatch
    WOD. 11.1. Amrap 10 min
    30 du’s
    15 power snatches. (75/55). Did 65lbs
    3rounds 13 power snatches

  14. Just couldn’t say away. Had the urge to squat something so I stopped in at the Nooner and used the sweet rig in the warmup area!

    Back Squat x 5
    200 – 225 – 235 – 245 – 255(1) 1RM PR!

    I have to admit it took some getting used to the new format but I can’t deny the mobility has been SUPER beneficial and I am still getting PRs so I am sold!!

  15. Mob + WUx1

    Worked on Power Snatches up to 105#, donkey kicks on 115#

    3 Rounds + 2 Muscle Snatches Rx

  16. Practiced snatch with 55# for form, made some progress. Thanks Kevin

    WOD @ 50% = 45#

    3 rounds + 9 g2o, I believe?
    Did first found + part of second round with snatches, the rest were clean & jerks

    Fun class, thanks

  17. Hello guys!

    Just a little reminder for the beautiful show Galaxie happening tonight from 7:30 pm at the Lions Club on 55 Mark Ave., free entry! I will be representing Romania in this amazing visual project, which gathers music, video projections, lots of colours and lights, dresses from around the world and beautiful women who will present them! Hope you can make it for an hour of good quality entertainment and also to support me. Thanks πŸ™‚

  18. WOD. 11.1. Amrap 10 min
    30 du’s
    15 power snatches.

    4 rounds – 17 DU
    Damn DU screwed me.

    Good class Robert

  19. What I love about the new gym is all of the space, and seeing new faces. Love it!

    WU x1
    Group warm up
    2min skipping
    2min plank
    Calf smash

    90 skips
    15 snatches @ 20lbs (light for the right shoulder) and focus on form


    Rope climb 5ft approx.
    Calf stretch

    Thanks for the excellent class M-N

    Good luck tomorrow at the grand opening!

  20. mob wux1
    group activity

    wod open 11.1

    AMRAP in 10 min

    30 DU ( 90 single)
    15 power snacth 60#

    total= 5 round 85 single

    I like every thing about the new gym

  21. Mob
    Wu x 1
    WOD 11.1
    Amrap in 10min.
    90 singles
    15 power snatch at 35 lbs., really focused on my form, thanks Rob, next time I will try 45
    Total. 5 rounds plus 90 skips
    I love the new gym but mostly I love the amazing coaches and members who are so encouraging and inspiring! Thanks Stephanie for the circus coaching!
    PR today was my first ever rope climb!! yah! Nice sharing the moment with you Corinna! Great job overcoming your fear!

  22. Mobility
    WU X 1
    Group WU/Mobility

    WOD – Open 11.1

    10 Min AMRAP
    30 DU’s – 90 SIngles
    15 Power Snatches 75#

    Total – 3 Rounds and 60 Singles

  23. wu x1
    group wu

    WOD 11.1 Rx
    AMRAP in 10 min
    30 DUs
    15 snatches 75#

    2 rounds + 6 snatches
    Double unders were all broken – good practice πŸ™‚

    I love the new gym and especially the warm up area as it’s spacious and the pullups bars are awesome!

    1. Great job sticking with DUs Frankie. That’s your first step toward getting better at them πŸ˜€

  24. WU x 1 + 2 min. skipping + 1:30 plank

    WOD as Rx’d
    4 Rounds

    DU’s went really well today. Only messed up once in the 1st round and last 3 rounds were unbroken. All snatches (no clean & jerks). Felt heavy, but do-able. Goal was 4 4ounds, so just managed to finish.

    Fun one!

    1. nice job on the wod! especially those DU’s… I swear I was sure those were singles how smooth they looked!

  25. Mob
    Group warm up

    35,40,45 sets of 3
    WOD amrap
    15 Power snatches @35
    3 rounds & 4snatches

    Thanks rob great class! Thanks Amanda for the tips on the snatches
    Sorry Corinna for all the pain I put you through!
    Great class 4:15!

  26. Mobility + WU

    Group mobility – lats with foam roller; lev scap with lax ball and calf smash with barbell
    Group Bergener
    Group Snatch progressions
    Power snatch practice (3 X 5) all @ 55#

    WOD “Games 11.1” @ Rx

    AMRAP 10 min of:
    30 DUs
    15 Power Snatch @ 55#

    Total = 6 rounds + 8 power snatches

    Had 5 rds + 30 DU last time really happy with that.

    Thanks for the push Marie-No πŸ™‚ Great job 5:45 crew!!! Thanks Coach Corinna.

  27. WUx1
    Got 9 consecutive BMU. PR of 3 :). Thanks for the push Jeremy!

    group mob+wu

    Practiced Snatches

    WOD as Rx’d

    3 rounds +1 snatch
    PR of over 1 round. Last time I done this was the original 11.1 on March 19th 2011.

    Cashout: 1 L-rope climb
    Calf stretch.

    Have a great weekend fella CrossFitters!

  28. Wu x1

    Mob & Wu x 1

    Foam roller & lacrosse on lats & calf smashing…Painful thanks Frank I think.

    Open WOD 11.1 Rx’d

    AMRAP in 10 min of:
    – 30 DUs
    – 15 Power Snatches 75#

    2 rounds + 30 doubles + 11 power snatch

    Last time I did this WOD was for the open and I completed one round only, so as bad as my doubles are now they’ve come a hell of a long way; next step stringing them together.

  29. Mob + WUx1

    Snatch 95# (6 sets x 3 reps)

    Group WU + Snatch Practice

    WOD Rx = 5 + 14 DUs (PR from 3 + 5 Snatch)

    Good way to end the week. Good job everyone!

  30. Mobility
    WU x1 (10 wb, 10 body blasters, 10 MU progression)

    WOD rx : 3rds + 10 du.
    1st rd went really well DU went to crap rd 2 and 3. All 3 rds snatches unbroken.

    Tried a MU need to work on my kip.

    Thanks Jeff S for the tips.

    Fun class Corinna!

  31. Mob
    Group wu
    Wod 10 min amrap
    15 PSnatch 75#

    Great job 5:45 everyone was working hard.

  32. Mobility
    Group Mobility

    Practiced Snatch:

    WOD: “11.1”

    30 Double Unders
    15 Power Snatch

    Total: 5 Rounds + 2 Power Snatch

    Cash Out: Rope Climbs!!

  33. Happy Friday.
    Mob Wu and lots of Snatch lift practice. Calf smashing with Cam was painfully fun.

    Wod: 11.1 Amrap
    90 single skips
    15 Snatch @ 30lbs
    4 rounds & 40 skips

    Thanks Corinna for fine tuning my lifts. It is slowly sinking in.
    QOD: running space, flat floors, warmth for winter & Carley is still there.

  34. WU x 1

    Muscle up Progressions

    Group WU and Mobility

    Loved doing the calf smash with you Jackie!

    Snatch Practice

    WOD: 6 rounds + 6 Snatches. Not a PR but still happy with my score

    Cash out: Rope climb. Thank you so much StΓ©phanie L for helping me do my first ever rope climb. You made my night !

    Muscle Up Progressions

    QOD: Insulation, insulation, insulation!!!!!!

  35. Mobility
    WU X 1

    Calf Smashing with Laura = fun times πŸ˜€

    Snatch Practice:
    WOD: 11.1

    5 Rounds.

    Thanks Corinna Those efficiency tips were bang on helpful!

  36. Mobility
    WU X 1
    Group WU/Mobility

    WOD – Open 11.1

    10 Min AMRAP
    30 DU’s – (scaled to 90 Singles)
    15 Power Snatches 45#

    Total – 3 Rounds and 14 snatches

    800m Run

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