Free mom workout

We are welcoming moms for a free workout today at 10am.

It’s a great workout for beginners, but can challenge the most experienced CrossFitter.

Hope to see lots of smiling faces today.

Jackie – one of our badass moms!

3 thoughts on “Free mom workout”

  1. WU + MOB x 1
    Group WU + MOB

    Partner WOD with my buddy Heidi. ❤️

    Run 800 M (400 M each)
    100 Russian KBS (45 for me)-sets of 10
    75 Jumping C2B Pull-ups-sets of 10
    50 Synchronized Lunges
    25 Synchronized Burpees
    800 M Run as a team


    That was a gasser all the way…the Burpees always get me!

    Happy Mother’s Day to all! Taking care of ourselves is important in doing the work of a parent.

    Thanks for a fun class Janelle and for partnering up Heidi.

    1. 50# KB for me. Fun one Jackie, you saved me on the jumping C2B pull ups….they always gas me.

  2. Heather Skeard

    WOD with my mom!

    Rx for me.

    I did all 800 m run at the beginning, mom did 400.

    100kbs I used Rx she used 35#, we broke up 25-25-20-20-5-5

    75 chest to bar – me Rx, she did some jumping pull ups, and some ring rows for Sets of 5

    50 synchro lunges

    25 burpees
    5 together at first then another 5, then I did the last 15 alone cause she was dizzy.

    Last 800 m we walked and jogged and Audrey joined us for the last 400 🙂

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