It’s everyone’s favorite lady! Ya, right! Do you have a favorite “Lady WOD”? Post to comments.

21-15-9 reps of:
Thrusters (95/65#)

Compare to July 13/10

On the bar

42 thoughts on ““Fran””

    1. Whoops, it was Monday when I did that. And, OMG, I just realized that those pull ups were combined with Front Squats, Thruster’s evil younger sister. GOOD GOLLY, who said Christmas can’t come early!!

  1. Favorite Lady? Hmmm. I missed a few, Isabel, Karen but have done Nancy. Will see how Fran treats me tonight!

  2. Push Jerk 5-5-5-5-5
    95-115-135-145-155×1 (was only suppose to go up to 140lbs today)



    NOT good. Missed my PR by over a minute. As I reflected on this workout on my drive home, I think the 95lbs weight is the biggest factor for me. I do fairly good on all workouts that are less than 95lbs. If I want to do well at 95lbs I have to be in TOP shape and well rested. Anything with 95 and above is just over the edge for my strength level.

    I’m not making excuses, I’m just telling myself that I should look forward to those heavy workouts because they are the ones that I need to make me stronger.

  3. Wu

    Push jerk
    135-145-155 wanted to get to 170 but I ran out of time

    Thrusters 95

    3:45 pr by 1:13 and I reached my sub 4 fran goal that I wanted to get before next games!

    Next is Grace… I’m coming for you!

    Nice job this morning guys and gals 🙂

  4. CFWU x 3

    Deadlift x 1




    95# Thrusters
    Pull Ups

    Time: 9:59

    First time doing this “lovely lady” as Rx’d. Great job everyone. Ed you were fast man!

  5. WU x 3

    Push Jerk x 3 Reps.

    Just realized I really meant to do push presses this a.m. I guess I’ll have to go back for those..still sleepy I guess.

    Thruster 65#
    Pull ups (Red band)
    Time: 8:54

    First time I’ve done Fran at 65# Thrusters(and it was not pretty), now I have to work on getting off the red band.

  6. WU x 3

    Strength: Deadlifts
    1x 90-105-115-130-145-155

    WOD: ‘Fran’
    Thrusters (55#)
    Pullups (yellow band)

    T = 10:25

    Great job this morning Ed! Fast!

  7. WU x 2

    Strenght: Deadlifts x 1

    WOD: Fran
    Thrusters (65#)
    Pull ups (yellow band)
    Time: 7:14

    Last time I used the green band and my time was 7:24 so I am happy with my performance. It will be awesome to do this work out in the future without the band.

    Great job Joanna!

  8. WU x3
    Strength – cleans x1
    70 80 95 105 115 (matched PR which was only set last saturday doing the abc wod so happy with that)

    FRAN @ #65

    PR of 1:50 from July wanted under 7 but had nothing left for grip by the end. Next time!

    Awesome job this morning Ed, I knew you’d get your goal and thanks for the push! Corrina when you start doing pullups as rx with no bands in wods (which will be soon I’m sure!) you’re going to be a force… Great job girl!
    Fav lady…..Maybe Nasty Girls

  9. If a 4:15pm spot becomes available I’ll take it. Right now I’m the only person registered at 5:30pm. 🙁

  10. Kein I am not sure if I can make it in time for 3:15, still no one to look after my boys. Brian not home yet. Sorry for the late notice.

  11. CFWU x 3

    Strength – Front Squat x 3

    WOD – “Fran”
    Thrusters 95#

    Time: 7:32PR
    Was 9:25 last time

  12. 11 strict HSPU

    “Fran” (Rx’d) —> 8:18

    PR! I did this in February and basically quit finishing only 4 of 9 thrusters in 12 minutes. Still not a fan of thrusters but feel much better about Fran right now. I wouldn’t go steady with her but we could meet for a few casual dates. 😛

  13. WU x 3
    Strength: Push press 3’s

    WOD: “Fran” 21-15-9
    Thruster: 95 lbs.
    Pull ups

    Time: 3:02

  14. WU x 3

    45×10, 65×5, 95×5, 115×5, 130×3, 145×9(amrap)

    “Fran” as Rx – 12:03 😀

    Thank you for all the encouragement everyone! Ha ha, I’m just looking at Jeff’s post and I didn’t know there was a 12 minute time limit. Oh well, as Coach knows, I don’t like limits! Hee hee!

  15. WUX3
    Push Press: (3’s) 60-65-70-75
    Ran out of time to try one more, but think maybe I could have done it 🙂

    WOD: “FRAN” 21-15-9
    Thrusters (45#)
    Pull-ups (red)
    Struggled with the pull-ups but got it done in 9:17.
    Was my first encounter with FRAN, and well… I don’t think we can be friends.

  16. Warm up times 3

    Strength cleans (practice is more what I’d call this one)


    WOD Fran

    thrusters (65#)
    kipping pullups (yellow band)

    Time: 10:36 every second of that one felt absolutely disgusting… Still not feeling 100%, but I’m happy to be back at it and hope that I’ll be back to healthy myself soon.

    Great job to everyone today!
    Special shout out to Heather and Kerry for their big PRs tonight on the back squat and push jerk 🙂 Gerry and Gabriel, you guys impressed tonight too 😀

  17. WUx3

    Strenght -Clean x3

    Thrusters 85#
    Pullups green+yellow bands


    Great work evening crew!
    Have a great weekend everyone!

  18. Warm up x 2
    Press 1 RM: 45-55-65-75-80(f)

    FRAN as rx’d: 6:38 min PR from last year.
    Thrusters went well. Pullups..not so good!!

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