“Does it count?”

You just squatted 200 pounds. It was tough. You look at the coach and ask, “Does it count?”

I know what you mean. You want the coach to tell you it was low enough. That is what we call a movement standard. For the squat, it’s hip below parallel. For a pushup, it’s chest to the floor.

But I want to you change your thinking. Instead of asking if it counted, why not ask, “How was my form?” or “Did my knees cave in that time?”

When you change your mindset from chasing the numbers on the board to chasing form, everything will fall into line. With great form, you’re lifts will improve over the long run. That might mean you have to take a step back and lower the weight. But that one step back will translate into two steps forward down the road.

AMRAP in 10min
12 Burpees
12 Pullups

Look at the curve in the back. Too heavy for the workout? You bet!

33 thoughts on “Form”

  1. Deadlift 1x
    185-225-245-245-245 (working on form)

    AMRAP in 10min
    12 Burpees
    12 Ring Rows (bad shoulder again)

    7 rounds + 1 burpee

  2. WU x 2
    Strength 3’s Front Squat
    105 x 3
    120 x 3
    135 x 3
    145 x 3
    145 x 1+2….trying to get lower

    WOD AMRAP 10 Min
    12 Burpees
    12 Pull ups

    4 Rnds + 4 Burpees

  3. WU x 2

    Back Squat x 5

    WOD: AMRAP 10 minutes
    12 burpees
    12 pull ups

    3 rounds and 2 pull ups. This WOD was a tough one for me, but I was happy that I did all my pull ups with out the band.

    Good work a.m. crew!

  4. Strength
    Deadlift (deload) wu with 135, 5×155, 5×170, 5×180

    Amrap in 10 min
    12 burpees
    12 pullups

    6 rounds + 8 burpees

    Not really satisfied this morning, felt exhausted before the wod even started (I’ll blame it on multiple nights of bad sleep!!). My burpees were slower than usual and my pullups weren’t all that great (it really shows when you haven’t done them in about 2 months, wow they were tough today!) But hey, still gave it all I had so that’s all I can do… I still worked out!!!!

  5. CFWU x2

    Strength: OHS
    5x 40-45-50-55-60

    WOD without water: 🙂 (I’m sorry everyone!)
    – 12 burpees
    – 12 pullups (yellow band)

    = 4 rounds + 6 burpees

  6. CW x 2

    Clean -45-65-95-110 (failed)
    My groin is hurting pretty bad…so I was quite timid on the cleans. Hoping for better results next time

    WOD on the rings
    5 rounds + 9 burpees

    Burpees felt great. First time they have felt great since the summer. woo hoo.
    Great work ladies and Pierre. 🙂

  7. WU

    Strength Deads 3rm
    135-225-245-275-315-345 back rounded a bit but its getting better.


    AMRAP in 10 min of

    12 Burpees
    12 pullups (Rings)

    6 and 8 pullups

    Rough workout but I enjoyed it!

  8. Warm up x 2
    Split Jerk 1RM: 65-95-115(f)-115-125(f)-125(f)
    Haven’t done split for a while!! Need more practice

    WOD: AMRAP in 10 min
    -12 burpees
    -12 pullups
    5 rounds +4 burpees

    Pullups were hard!!
    Great job Ed for trying the workout on rings!!
    Good to see you Elissa!! Welcome back!! 🙂

  9. WUX2
    Strength: Overhead Squats
    (5’s) 45-50-55-60-65 (PR!!) 🙂

    WOD: AMRAP in 10min
    12 Burpees
    12 Pull-Ups (Red)
    RESULTS: 4 rounds + 7 Pull-Ups

    Cashout: good hip stretch

  10. WUx2
    Strength – Push Press X1
    Kevin noticed on my 145 I was getting into a push Jerk and Marc noticed I was going to low. Lowered weights and practiced proper movement. Much better.

    AMRAP in 10min of:
    12 Burpees
    12 Pullups (green band)

    4 rounds 9 Pullups

    Great job everyone!

  11. WUx2
    Strength – shoulder press x 5
    45-55-60-65 (x3) – 60

    AMRAP in 10min of:
    12 Burpees
    12 Pullups (red band)

    4 rounds + 7burpees

    great workout!! 🙂 🙂

    1. Look at his hand positioning, pointing out 90 degrees. Things to experiment with! Pretty impressive! I think I just picked up a few pointers to work on!

      1. That’s a crazy time for Diane! I’m not sure but his hands could be set a little wide as well. Maybe it’s just his speed but his range of motion seems short. I’d like to see my HSPUs on video.

  12. WU x 2

    Front Squats x 1 Rep.

    WOD: Amraps in 10 minutes
    12 burpees
    12 pull ups (green band)
    4 Rounds + 10 pull ups.

    I was really trying to get 5 rounds in. I had 1 full minute left in the WOD to complete 12 PU for the round…but the pull up gods weren’t working in my favour. Such a goat for me. GRRR!

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