Final Event

The last event was a 5k “trail run”. Trail run is in parentheses because there were parts where no trail was visible and parts where running was not physically possible. It reminded me of an adventure race course…and it was AWESOME! I had so much fun jumping from rock to rock, running through streams and dodging trees. Near the end, we had to carry a 60# sandbag up a large incline (a former ski hill). After that, it was a “sprint” to the finish line. It was crazy hard, but super fun! It was a great event to finish off the Eastern Canada CrossFit Qualifiers. 


Pierre and Kevin after the 5k train run
Pierre and Kevin after the 5k train run

14 thoughts on “Final Event”

  1. I was at the top of the hill of the ”Trail Run”, and I was supposed to judge but end up ”cheering” and I have to say that not lot of people was still running after the cliff. But Kevin and Pierre was still running and looked like they had still plenty of energy!! Congrats Pierre and Kevin!! You both did great!! I am so proud to have a trainer like Kevin and a boyfriend like Pierre!! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the support from everyone! I don’t want to name names (I’m sure I’d forget someone). Your encouragement made a world of difference. I had such an awesome time this weekend.

    Here are my results…

    WOD 1 – Max deadlift

    355, 375, 390 (PR by 15#!!)

    WOD 2 – 5 rds of 5 C&J’s (135#) and 5 muscle ups

    Only managed 4 rounds + 4 clean and jerks. This was a really tough event.

    WOD 3 – 21-15-9 reps of Burpees and KBS

    My goal was under 4 minutes and I got 3:59. Pierre and I were neck to neck, but I got him by a few seconds near the end. Thanks for the push buddy!

    WOD 4 – 5k trail run with sandbag carry (60#)

    I pushed hard and finished with 25:24. I looked at the results sheet and there was only 1 guy ahead of me, so I think I came in 2nd at this event. The final results haven’t been posted yet, but I was 32nd at the end of yesterday.

  3. Great job Kevin!! I am happy if I have been able to made you do WOD 3 under 4 minutes.

    As for my result of WOD 4:

    5k trail run with 60# sandbag carry

    Time: 27:17.

    That run was a killer, up, down, mud, water, logs, rocks, name it and it was in the trail. I finished with a good sprint…thanks Kevin for pushing me hard at the end of the run. I looked at the time sheet of WOD 4 and I think I will be in Top 5 for that event. Can’t wait to see the final results….I was 40th yesterday.

  4. The final results are in:

    WOD 4 – I finish 5th.

    Overall, I went from 40th after Day 1 to 34th!!

    I am really happy with my results.

  5. I checked the final results. I finished 1st for the trail run! Couldn’t be happier!

    That took me from 32nd to 19th overall. I am extremely happy with my results! Can Pierre and I now say we’re the 34th and 19th fittest men east of Manitoba?

  6. Well congrats guys – you guys rocked it in Fredericton.
    The Gymnastics cert in PEI just sold out 🙁 while I was looking for my credit card (even worse).
    So I promptly registered for the Olympic Cert in Ottawa (not posted on main site but there is a link from the Crossfit Ottawa site), and email crossfit to see if I can’t get in on the PEI cert.

  7. Joel – Are you sure? I just look at the main site and the gymnastic cert is not sold out! Maybe your email make a difference!

  8. congrats to you both …it was an adrenaline rush watching the event …..we shall have to get you two on a mountain bike to really test your endurance 🙂

    see ya later


  9. Yeah, but when you go to the registration page, it shows it as full. I just emailed crossfit HQ – and got a reply. They can fit a few more people in – but if anyone else wants to go – better hurry and email [email protected] HQ and ask to squeeze you in.

  10. Tracy Allen - CrossFit Fredericton

    It was sooo nice to have all your friendly faces around this weekend! You guys did awesome judging & competing. Can’t wait to get together again sometime!

  11. CF Moncton certainly stepped up to the plate and made us proud. Way to represent guys! You both did a phenomenal job.


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