Field Day

This can also be called ‘test day’. Some of these have been cashouts, member challenges and complete workouts. Compare your results or set new records. Try some that are weaknesses and crush some that are strengths. You’ll have 25 minutes to complete your chosen tasks.

Must do at least at 5 of the following (but no more than 10):

In 3 mins, accumulate as much time as possible in a plank
20 reverse burpees for time
Max distance row in 50 pulls
Max pushups in 2 mins
Max rep shoulder press in 2 mins (65/45)
25 Burpee Box jumps for time
500m Row
10 Curtis P’s for time
Unbroken Muscle-ups
Max Box Jumps in 60 sec
Max Pullups in 60 sec
Max Air Squats in 60 sec
1 Mile Run
Max Double Unders in 2 mins
Max Burpees in 60 sec
Max Wall balls in 2 mins
3 Rope Climbs for time (15β€²)
100m Farmers Carry (70/53/35 Kb in each hand, DO NOT Drop)
Max L-Sit Hold (on paralettes)
Max Ring Support Hold (top of ring dip)
Max Load Weighted Lunge (6 rep)

Justin Baxter - last seen June 12, 2013
Justin Baxter – last seen June 12, 2013

76 thoughts on “Field Day”

  1. Holly moley… How is it possible that I’m missing this wod?! Don’t worry my fellow CrossFitters I am sweating it up here!

    Thus far I’ve made it to the first team on defense as the safety, which can change at any time but I gotta keep the intensity and aggressively playing. Also I’m getting lots of field time on the starting line ups for special teams (all but punt)

    This is the first day that we did not have 2 practices a day… It’s awesome! Missing my Crossfit family though… Not gonna lie!!!

    Go hard on this one guys!!! Make em count!!!

    Coach Charlie!

    1. Thanks for the update “Coach Charlie”. Your Crossfit peeps are missing you too! Keep up the hard work. You make us all very proud πŸ™‚

    2. The place feels different without Coach Charlie. We miss you, but in the mean time enjoy your adventure.

    3. Hi Marie Noelle, really nice to hear from you…..nice article in the paper…….soooo proud of you!!! Say hi to G!

  2. Love the “missing persons pic” today.
    Come back, Justin “Homogenized” Baxter. We miss you. πŸ™‚

  3. Max Pullups in 60 sec = 34(same as pr)
    20 reverse burpees for time = 1:02 (3 sec slower than Pr)
    Unbroken Muscle-ups = 1 (BooYeah lol)
    Max rep shoulder press in 2 mins 65# = 38
    Max pushups in 2 mins = 32(probably should have done this before shoulder press)

    First time in a long time doing 4 days in a row, with Sunday not much of a rest day, so a little tired but today was pretty fun.

    Kevin, you could easily post Field Day anytime and ask we do different movements than what was completed today.

    Field Day was a great idea!

    1. You should note that you would have had a pr on your pullups had you not had a 25 second warmup round. πŸ™‚

      1. I’m going to blame Marie-Noelle because she’s not here and if she was, it would have been her class. lol

  4. WU + 400m Row

    Hang (Squat) Cleans
    Slowly working on getting to my Power Clean PR, but technique is feeling much better than is was.

    “Field Day!”
    — 2 min Double Unders – 31
    (had a good run of single/doubles)

    — 100m Farmer’s Carry @ 2×70 – 39s

    — Max. 24″ Box Jumps (60s) – 41

    — 3 x 15′ rope climbs – 38s

    — Unbroken Muscle Ups – 4
    (not a PR but I should have done these first!)

    — Max. Burpees (60s) – 22

    — 3 min. Max. Plank – 2:41

    Would love to do this again and tackle some different ones like Trent mentioned.
    Fun morning!

    1. Your technique on the cleans looked great this morning Blake. πŸ™‚

      You did really well on all your “field day” choices. Even the double unders are coming right along. πŸ™‚

      1. Thanks! I am hoping to smash through my current little Clean plateau and get under the damn bar!

  5. Press x 2

    Deadlift x2

    I chose 4 things I hate/don’t like/I’m not good at
    And 2 things I’m good at. I’ll let you decide which is which.

    In order of completion:
    Max L-sit = 35 sec (PR)
    Max Burpees in 1 min = 24 reps
    20 Reverse Burpees = 1:04
    3 Rope Climbs = 26 sec
    3 min in a plank = 2:16
    2 min of wall balls = 58

    1. After seeing your wallball score I am not sure I will post mine lol. Great work Kevin.

  6. Chantal GuΓ©rette

    OMG I loveeee these “Missing people” pictures more and more every day !!!

  7. Mobility
    Strength Front Squat x5
    115-130-150-170-190(F) no PR today but my legs felt tired so I will go with it.
    Field Day
    In order of completion:
    Max shoulder press in 2 mins 45#- 52 reps (PR of either 1 or 3…)
    Max box jumps 20″ – 7 ( I fell twice and then actually got scared and spent at least 30 seconds freaking out…managed to get one in the last second)
    100m Farmers carry 70# – 1:01
    10 Curtis P’s for time- 2:17
    Max distance row 50 pulls- 439m ( I did not pace myself well on this. I can do better)
    Max burpees in 60 sec- 15 ( because I didn’t do enough yesterday…)

    1. YAY!!! You did the 70# Farmer’s Carry! I totally knew you could!!
      Nice job on the shoulder press too! WOW!
      And burpees? Really? I may have to agree with Jeff and say your “no shows” are on purpose because you secretly love burpees….weirdo πŸ˜›

    2. Sorry about your box jump incident, very happy you got another in before the buzzer though, to reset the fear in your brain. πŸ™‚

      70# farmer’s carry!! You’re my hero, Kimmy!!!

    3. I probably wouldn’t have done the 70# if Lora hadn’t have suggested it haha. I almost cried during e box jumps but people were watching me. I don’t know what happened, all mental. I DO NOT. Secretly love burpees. They were a last minute add because I had done is challenge and wanted to see if I improved πŸ™‚ since I have had so much practice and all…

  8. Mobility
    WU x 1
    400m row

    Strength: shoulder Press x 5

    “Field Day”

    500m row 1:58.4 (25 sec PR)
    Max tuck sit on paralettes 31 sec (3 sec PR)
    Max Wall Balls 14# (2min) – 20
    Max Air Squats 60 sec – 28
    Max Box Jumps 20″ 60 sec – 16

    Fun one today.

  9. Mobility
    WU x 1
    400m run

    Strength: Deadlifts x 5

    β€œField Day”

    500m row 1:56
    Max Pushups 2 minutes – 37
    100m Farmer Carry 70# – 57 seconds
    Max Burpees 60 seconds – 16
    Max Wall Balls 20# (2min) – 4 (did 12 but Kevin told me the first 8 weren’t legal.…*sigh*)
    Max Air Squats 60 sec – 50
    Max Box Jumps 24β€³ 60 sec – 18

    800m Run

  10. Heather Colleen

    WU x1 – shoulder was bad today, left out ring rows and did wall push-ups

    400m row – 1 arm

    Strength – Push Jerk 1 arm dumbbell

    Field Day

    1. 50 pull row (2 arms) – 496m It was nice to not worry about time and take a longer recovery period…helped my distance too!
    2. Max Shoulder Press in 2 minutes (1 arm 20#) – 23
    3. Max Air Squats in 60 seconds – 46…which is DOUBLE what I did last Field Day. WOOHOO!
    4. 3 min plank – 1:50 total plank time. I was aiming for 2 minutes. Next time!!
    5. Max Box Jumps in 60 seconds 20″ – 18
    6. 100m Farmer’s Carry 40# – :54

    This WOD felt like playtime…although I’m more sore from this week than I’ve been in a LOOOONG time. πŸ™‚

  11. Wux1 and 400 m run
    Strength. MU’s
    – 3 rope climbs 15′ – 55 sec
    – max distance row 50 pulls -701m
    – unbroken MU’s -4 strait
    – 100m farmers walk 70lbs per Hand -49sec
    – max push-ups in 2 min -32
    – max air squats in 60 sec – 44
    – max pull ups in 60 sec -24
    – max burpees in 60 sec -15
    -max ring support hold – 34 sec
    Rob Brydges

  12. No Strength

    In 3 mins, accumulate as much time as possible in a plank (unbroken)
    Max rep shoulder press in 2 mins (/45) : 20
    500m Row : 2:09
    Max Box Jumps in 60 sec : 19
    Max Air Squats in 60 sec : 50
    Max Burpees in 60 sec : 22
    Max Wall balls in 2 mins 14lb @ 10 feet) : 20
    100m Farmers Carry (35 Kb in each hand) : 55 sec
    Max Ring Support Hold (top of ring dip) 36 seconds

    This was fun. It’s like “choose your own adventure” πŸ™‚

    1. Nice air squat and burpee numbers Maria! Way to go!
      And I wasn’t one bit surprised to see the 3min unbroken plank! πŸ˜€

  13. Mob WU X1
    400m Run
    Strength Back Squats…ran out of time no PR. #90
    Fun WOD
    100m Farmers Carry (35KB in each had) 56 sec
    500m Row 2:07
    Wall Balls in 2 mins 14lb epic fail 10lb got in 13
    Max Burpees in 60 sec: 12
    Max Air Squates 60 sec: 34
    Box Jumps 16
    Max PushUps 2 mins: 24
    Push Press 60 #45: 13
    Planks…yah wasn’t happening…30 on 30 off 30 on 30 off and way too dizzy for that!
    Side note..don’t take Buckley’s before a WOD…Makes you feel very funny! lol

      1. Yah I sure did! Felt like I was going to pass out! Couldn’t even change my clothes or nothing to come back to work…hung out outside for a bit before I came up to the offce. LOL Almost had to sign the wall!

      2. You should have come to my class, you know you like Amanda Fun more than Maria fun. lol

  14. Mobility
    WU x 1 + 400m run
    Front squats 5x 75,85,95,100,105
    I really liked field day. I am going to keep the list an try and add some into cashouts and home.

    Max hold tuck – 28 sec (not a PR and normally I can extend at least one leg πŸ™ )
    Max air squats in 60 sec – 53
    Max shoulder press 45# – 34 (18 unbroken / that was hard!)
    Max push ups in 2 min. -38 ( probably not the best thing to do after push press oops!)
    Farmers run 35# in each hand – 39 sec

  15. Wu x 1 Coach Corinna has helped me with some extra mobility in my WU. is helping.
    Wod: Field days

    Max pull ups blue band in one min:21
    3 min plank unbroken
    Max burpees in one min: 15
    500 m row: 2:14
    Du’s in two mins: a staggering 17 lol
    2min Push ups from toes..slight sag: 22
    2 min Wall balls 10lbs @ 9 feet:22

    I loved this Wod. Thanks Kevin.
    It was fun doing the same exercises as Corinna….even though she held me back lol.

  16. Mobility
    400m run

    Strength: Deadlift: 5x 55-65-65-70-70

    In the order:

    1 mile run : 11 minutes PR πŸ™‚ (last time I ran a mile in the wod it took 11:26min)
    Max air squats in one minute: 34
    Max burpees in one minute : 10
    500 m Row : 2:19 minutes (forgot to check my last time on the white board)
    Max DU in 2 mins: 20

    Good Job Everyone!

  17. Had to cancel tonight so I tried some at home with the kids.

    WU (without pullups)

    No strength

    Max air squats in 1 min- 27
    Max burpees in 1 min- 11( I so need to get faster on these)
    3 min plank- 1:30 ( this was a challenge with Ewan trying to crawl under Declan & I and Alina trying to crawl on me)
    Max pushups in 2 min- 26 (1st 10 strict until Alina sat on my feet. Then they were from the knees) Declan felt the need to rub it in that he did way more than Mommy.

    1. haha, I loved reading this! I think you worked harder than the rest of us, especially on your plank! πŸ™‚

  18. mob
    wu x 1
    Run 400 m

    Wod: Field Day

    3 minute plan hold – 220 total
    max burpees 60 sec – 20 reps –
    max wall balls 2 mins @ 14# – 27 reps
    max box jumps 60 secs – 25 reps
    farmer carry @ 53# – 49 sec
    500 m row – 210

    Since I was bullied into the 53# KBS for farmer’s I did it lol But it was fun!

    Had fun tonight Taylor

  19. mob wux1 400 m row
    no strength
    max distance row in 50 pull 478 m
    max shoulder press in 2 min 65 # :40 rep
    100 m farmer carry 70# : 48 sec
    max pull up 60 sec : 30 rep
    max push up 2 min :64 rep
    fun work out

  20. mobility

    Max box jumps 60 secs last time 36 this time 35 (3 no reps)
    Max Burpees 60 secs last time 22 this time 29
    100m Farmer Carry #70 last time 37.5 this time 34.5
    max wallballs #20 90 secs last time 21 this time 39
    Max Double Unders 2 mins last time 83 this time 140

  21. mob
    wu x 1
    run 400 m x 2

    WOD Field Day with my momma

    Plank 3 mins – 2:15
    Max box jumps in 60 secs – 21 reps
    Max air squats in 60 secs – 36 reps
    max wall balls @ 8# in 2 mins – 37
    Max pullups in 60 secs (blue band) – 22
    Farmer carry 100 m with 35# kbs in each hand – 45 sec
    1 mile run – 7:34 – 17 sec PR

  22. WU x 1

    1. Max rep shoulder press in 2 min
    Score: 47 RX’d
    2. Max box jumps in 60 sec
    Score: 32 RX’d
    3. Max double unders in 2 min
    Score: 46
    4. 3 rope climbs for time
    Score: 1:11
    5. 100m farmers carry @ 70#
    Score: 28.84 seconds
    6. Run 1 mile
    Score: 6:24

    Super fun. Great work everyone.

  23. Strength: Front Squats
    5x 85-95-105-110-120
    Fun sharing the bar with you Gerry!

    Today was fun! I had 7 things on my list but I didn’t see how fast the time was going and I didn’t get them all in

    500m row – because I haven’t done it for time in a couple years: 1:50.2

    Farmer’s carry – because it’s fun – time = 47 seconds with 2×53#

    Max pushups in 2 minutes – because they need work – 34

    Plank – because I HATE it: Accumulated 2 minutes

    Max pullups in a minute: 18. Last time: 26. Oops.

    Great class Jeff! Thanks

  24. – MOB
    – WUx1
    – 400M run

    WOD: Field Day (decided to make it “sorta cardio day!”)
    – 500m row: 1:57
    – 200m Farmer’s Carry @ 53#: 39s
    – Max Burpees in 60s: 15
    – 3 Min Plank (to catch my breath a bit): 1:13 longest unbroken… that’s hard!
    – 1 mile run: 7:55 –> Could have done better, paced myself too much for the first like 60%
    – Max air squats in 60s: 32

    Started a bit late and the timer was at like 23:40 when I got back from the run, so picked the first thing from the list I saw that looked like it didn’t require any setup for the squats πŸ˜›

  25. Alaina Singer

    Warm up x 1 + 400m run
    WOD: Field Day
    – 3 min. plank: 2:03
    – 25 Burpee Box Jumps in 3:49
    – Max pullups in 60 sec. : 17
    – Max Dbl. Unders in 2 min. : 25
    – Max Wall Balls 6lb. : 32
    – 100m Farmers Carry 25lb. KB in ea. hand: 44sec….oops, and I ran past the 50m mark by a bit
    – 500m row: 2:20
    – pushups in 2 min.: 33
    Thanks Jeff, that was a fun workout!! Nice meeting Lisa and Stephanie too!!

  26. Alaina Singer

    Amy, I love your post…….way to go with 3 kids at home……made me smile πŸ™‚

  27. Mobility: 20 minutes

    WU x 1

    Max Pull-ups in one minute: 23
    3 minute plank: Took 4 breaks which added up to 35 secs = 2:25
    Max burpees in 1 minute1: 18
    500m row: 1:57
    Max double under’s in 2 minutes: 155
    Max HR push-ups in 2 minutes: 35
    Max wall balls in 2 minutes: 27

    It was fun doing this WOD side by side with you today Laura! I did hold you back! lol.. My body felt super tired today and I never would have even finished 5 exercises, let alone 7, if you had not pushed me!

    On a side note, I went to see a massage therapist today who did some amazing stripping of my tight muscles…aka myofascial release. His name is Brian LeBlanc and I highly recommend him to any of my fellow crossfitters. Thank you Christine B for the referral….smiles..

  28. This was a rough one…

    Mobility/WU X 1 + 400m run

    Strength: Push Jerks 45/50/55 (ran out of time)

    “Field Day”

    I sucked at recording my times today.

    – Max Burpees in 60 secs – 24
    – Max Box Jumps in 60 secs – 20
    – 3 X Rope Climb (Got up there 1 full time and allllmost the 2nd time…wasn’t attempting a 3rd…I got so shaky and scared up there. lol I have no idea how long this took…)
    – Max Push Ups in 2 mins – 30
    – 500m row – 2:17
    – Accumulate as much plank time in 3 mins – 2:10
    – 100m farmer carry 35 x 2 – :55 (farmers work hard for the money…!)
    – 1 Mile run – 7:22 (PR)

    Thanks for your help today Jeff! πŸ™‚

  29. Mob wux1
    400m run


    WOD “field day”
    max push ups 2 mins 23reps rx after soulder press
    Shoulder press 65# 2min 23 reps
    500m row 1:43.4
    max box jumps 60 sec 24″ 24 reps
    Max air squats 60 sec 44reps
    100m farmers carry 70# 45 sec
    Max weighted lunge
    65,85,115,135,145,155pr on lunge and clean.

  30. 1 Mile Run: 8.26
    Max rep shoulder press in 2 mins (45): 31
    100m Farmers Carry (53): 42 sec
    Max distance row in 50 pulls: 568m
    Max Air Squats in 60 sec: 45

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