Field Day

This can also be called ‘test day’. Some of these have been cashouts, member challenges and complete workouts. Compare your results or set new records. Try some that are weaknesses and crush some that are strengths. You’ll have 25 minutes to complete your chosen tasks.

Must do at least at 5 of the following (but no more than 10):

In 3 mins, accumulate as much time as possible in a plank
20 reverse burpees for time
Max distance row in 50 pulls
Max pushups in 2 mins
Max rep shoulder press in 2 mins (65/45)
25 Burpee Box jumps for time
500m Row
10 Curtis P’s for time
Unbroken Muscle-ups
Max Box Jumps in 60 sec
Max Pullups in 60 sec
Max Air Squats in 60 sec
1 Mile Run
Max Double Unders in 2 mins
Max Burpees in 60 sec
Max Wall balls in 2 mins
3 Rope Climbs for time (15′)
100m Farmers Carry (70/53/35 Kb in each hand, DO NOT Drop)
Max L-Sit Hold (on paralettes)
Max Ring Support Hold (top of ring dip)
Max Load Weighted Lunge (6 rep)

Compare to July 9/16


3 thoughts on “Field Day”

  1. Front squats 4 x4

    3 rope climbs ft 35 sec
    Max Lsit 30 sec
    Max burpees 1 minute. 26
    Max wall balls 2 minutes 65
    And a bunch of double unders

  2. 50 pulls for distance in the rower= 574m vs 2015 (619m)
    Max Air Squats in 1 min= 48
    Max shoulder presses 2 min (45lbs)= 51
    500m row= 1:56
    100m farmers carry (50lbs)= 39 sec
    Accumulate time in 3 min – plank= 2 min
    Max burpees 1 min= 16

    Fun class!

  3. 1 mile run 7:57 (need to warm up better the second half felt the best)

    Max Wallballs in 2 min:58 (got 50 unbroken, overall about 4 that probably didn’t make height)

    Max burpees in 60 seconds:31 (2 off my pr)

    Max shoulder press:35 (dumb idea after Friday and the other things I did… Lol)

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