Farewell 2009

2009…what a year! It’s been filled with lots of ups and downs, but it was quite a ride! I firmly believe that taking CrossFit full-time was one of the best decisions I’ve made this year. And I want to thank everyone for their support. You’re encouragement and positivity have helped make this one of the best years of my life. The gym on its own is just a big space filled with steel and rubber. It’s YOU that make it a great place to be.

Thank you to Pierre for being my right-hand man! The gym could not run without your help.

Thank you to Mom, Dad and my brother Tim for believing in my dream and helping to make it a reality.

Thank you to all those that lent a hand in the renovations. The gym is slowly growing and it’s great that you were a part of it.

And finally, thank you to all of the members, both current and past. If it wasn’t for you, there would be no CrossFit Moncton. You make getting up at 5am worth it! Being able to spend 4 hours a day with friends is the farthest thing from work, and that’s why I love it so much.

Thank you for your continued support and here’s to an outstanding 2010!

“Death by Deadlifts”
Using 70% of you max deadlift, with a continuously running clock do one deadlift the first minute, two deadlifts the second minute, three deadlifts the third minute… continuing as long as you are able.


21 thoughts on “Farewell 2009”

  1. Too cute. I had no idea you were such a softy! All this time I thought you had no heart. Weak moment I guess. Actually it was really nice to see that you are human. Happy New Year to you too.

  2. So, my turn:

    2009 what a great year for me. If I look up my resolutions from 2009, I reached all my goals and even exceeded some of them….. I trained hard, ate well, did a few Crossfit Certs but the best of all, I met a bunch a GREAT people and made new friends (it wasn’t on my list, but sure would have made it a the beginning!!!) Sometimes, I hang out before/after the WOD…. it is not because I have nothing to do nor that I am weird or that I need a ride (thx Pat for this one yesterday), but just that I want to see people that I haven’t seen or talk to in a while! I can say that ALL members of Crossfit Moncton are great and friendly people, that is what makes the gym such a good place.

    Kevin – It was my pleasure to help you out with the gym and outside the gym this year! Crossfit is my passion and hobby. I am been Crossfitting since Aug. 13th 2008 and I have seen how much it grown, man you have to be proud of that! That is quite an achievement and I know you are working hard for your dream! Keep it up man, you are doing what you love! And I want to thank you for letting me used the knowledge I learned throughout my different certs. It helped me grow in the big world of Crossfit! Like I said 1 year ago, I will always be there for Crossfit Moncton as long as we live in Moncton! A big thank you!

    To all the other members, thank you so much for your hard work at the gym. I have seen so much improvement in each and everyone of you and I am proud that I could have help a little little bit some of you to achieve fitness! Like Kevin said, it is all of you that makes the CF Moncton such a nice place to train.

    1. Pierre man, You have had unbelievable progress. I remember when you started in the park with me and I could keep up with you, you have become a real fire breather!

      Thanks for the fun times and all your help,

      Hopefully there will be lots more!

      1. I still remember the park too and every time I think about it, it is painful! 🙂

        For sure, I came a long way… thanks Ed! And there is still a longer way ahead of me of progress!

        Hopefully, we will see you around longer this time! You are a strong dude and you will kick my ass on a LOT of WOD pretty fast!

  3. Great morning at the gym…

    “Death by Deadlifts” with 185#.
    11 rounds + 1.

    Wow! After reading those comments I’m tearing up… 😉 hehe!

    Really, CrossFit is the most important change I’ve made in my life in 2009. I have only been CrossFitting for 3 months but my personal improvement both physically and mentally far exceed my expectations. A big thanks to Pierre for convincing me to give it a try. He worked hard on that for many months. Now I’m hooked! Thanks Kevin for your dedication to the gym and all of the members. It is truly appreciated. Thanks to my fellow CrossFitters for being supportive and so much fun to be around. The social aspect of the gym is important too and a big part of why we go each day!
    I’m looking forward to 2010!

    Happy New Year!

  4. CFWUx2
    warm up on deadlift
    “Death by deadlifts” 70% of your max

    13+10 using 115lbs.

    Happy New Year everyone. Pierre, that was really nice. Proof of the kind of people that come to this gym. Great job everyone this morning. Jane thanks for coming even though you were up late. Great job on the pullups!

  5. CFWU x 2

    “Death by Deadlifts”

    9 rounds + 6 (105#) 🙂

    Way to put your backs into it this morning everyone!
    Happy New Year!

  6. Tony5 (Crossfit Fredericton)

    Kevin, todays WOD should be labelled

    “Death by hugs and kisses”… 😉

    Such a softy. Congrats Kevin and look forward seeing you in the new year.

  7. “Death by Deadlifts”
    12 rounds + 12 reps

    If someone told me last year that I could be in this kind of shape today, I would have laughed at them. I started Crossfit in June and it has been the the biggest highlight of 2009. Oh wait, I did get married in October so I guess Crossfit should the second biggest higlight 🙂

    Getting in good shape is just one of many aspects that I like about the club. Like Pierre said, I made some good friends and I enjoy everybody’s company while I’m there. I enjoy pushing other people as much as I like pushing myself. I like seeing other people’s progress.

    I’d like to thank Kevin for building the club the way it is. I think that anybody could start a Crossfit club, but not everybody could make it as fun and motivating as you did. We can tell how proud you are when someone gets a PR or when someone gets a first pull up or a first muscle up, etc. That’s motivation. Your excitement and commitment to everybody’s success is something we thrive on.

    Hoping that 2010 will bring good things to the club. I’m sure it will.

    Happy New Year Everyone!

  8. we should all get the drill sargent a teddy bear for opening up his little heart

    you also is what makes it worth while going to crossfit Kevin …we are all thankful that you opened our eyes to these great workouts

    all the best in the future

    Thank you

    Sean :o)

  9. If someone told me I would be going to the gym 5 times a week doing these crazy workouts and lifting weights this time last year, I would be still laughing. I have lost a bunch of weight this past year, but owe the last 25lbs and inches lost to CrossFit. I have been to the gym off and on since university, but never seen the results I have in the last four months. I remember seeing Patrick’s beginning to 6 months pictures and couldn’t believe the change. I contacted Kevin the next day, not knowing what I was in store for, but determined and commented to give his program a try. The program has reminded me you can do anything with a lot of hard work.

    Thanks for everything Kevin and all the members. Looking forward to working on my form in the New Year and to lose the last few inches on my stomach.

    Happy New Year Everyone!

  10. Thank you Kevin for taking me from a size 14 down to a size 7. I am grateful. Forgive me for all the times I swore at you and sometimes threw med balls at you. I sometimes still can’t believe that I am doing this. Convincing me to do my certification was definetly a highlight for 2009. Thank you to everyone who gives me such support. The ecncourgament of others helps keep me motivated. Crossfit Moncton is more than a gym- it is a Crossfit family and I am proud to be the Mom of it. May you all have a healthy and happy New Year!! I look forward to working out with you in 2010.

    1. you are an inspiration to us all! You are proof this stuff works!

      I still remember meeting you on day one 🙂

  11. I started Crossfit full time exactly a year ago. Most of you know me for only a couple months and have no ideas how far I came. I used to play sport in Highschool, but University keep me too busy to hit 2 hours of gym every day. So I could say that I have no special athletic backround. I started my pullups with the blue band, and managed my first unassisted pullup less than 2 months later. Here are my other highlights of the year:

    Push Press began at 60 lbs and is now 105 lbs
    Deadlift- 115 to 200
    Squat Clean- 65 to 115
    Overhead Squat- 65 to 125
    Crossfit Total- 275 to 435
    Angie- 29:37 as rx’d to 19:53 as rx’d
    Cindy- 15 rounds with blue band to 17.5 rounds as rx’d

    Did I lost some pounds? Not really, I weight the same on the scale but look different (specially my bum lol). I lost 3% of fat and gained muscle mass.
    But the best things are that I found something that I like and make me meet great people!
    I am sure 2010 will be another year full of PR and new friends at Crossfit Moncton!!!

    1. It’s all about the ‘crossfit butt’ isn’t it 🙂

      You’re right, when I first met you I assumed you had been into fitness for a long time. You made everything look so easy so I had no idea you only joined a few months earlier. Awesome results!!

      1. Janine- Cft Bathurst

        damn right it’s all about the crossfit butt! And MC.. I am not ashame to say your crossfit butt looks great! good job! 😉


        Congratulations Kevin for a successfull year. Here’s to an even better one in 2010 🙂

        see you next year

  12. Warm up
    “Death by Deadlifts”

    225 lbs

    10 rounds even.

    row 500 meters cool down


    Kevin man, I know it has been said enough but I still remember the first ever crossfit moncton workout. Walking in with high hopes thinking “maybe I will do well at this”, I finished DEAD last. Crossfit has been a humbling experience for me and has taught me a lot of really good lessons, and will continue to teach! Everyone has said it, You have done amazing! You have created a place to come and become so fit and so healthy but it’s more then that! It’s a center for new friendship and Ideas, human development of the mind and the body! If I hadn’t have started crossfit I would be a very different person… Crossfit is my sport it’s my lifestyle, I don’t think I would want to live without it. THANK YOU so much for being there as a Coach and helping me improve. Thank you for supplying my addiction. But thank you the most for being a friend

    I know it’s only going to get better and I hope to be around to help anyway I can!

    Thanks for all the friendships everyone! I know its hard to put up with me!

  13. Sonia and I were to lazy to wake up for 6AM class.

    So we did “You just have a rower and #35 kettlebell” workout

    Warm up: 3 x (10 squats, 10 one hand deadlift with #35 KBS, 10 pushups)

    wod: tabata row
    20 sec ON, 10 sec REST x 8
    Distance row= 786m

    5 x 5 assist Handstand pushups

    1min plank

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